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>> No. 15569 Anonymous
24th June 2014
Tuesday 11:06 pm
15569 spacer
Bollocks to whoever made this shite. I've just chased two flies around the bedroom for five minutes using half a fucking bottle in the process, spraying both of them excessively and at close range. I'm choking to death even with every window and door in the house open. The flies however, seem immune.
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>> No. 15574 Anonymous
25th June 2014
Wednesday 12:36 am
15574 spacer
I find cheap deodorant works eventually.
>> No. 15575 Anonymous
25th June 2014
Wednesday 1:59 am
15575 spacer
Use it with a lighter, it works much better.
>> No. 15576 Anonymous
25th June 2014
Wednesday 4:24 am
15576 spacer
Ha, I've got a bottle of that shit at home. It really is almost totally useless. I end up using the pressure of the spray coming out to literally push the fuckers through my open french windows.

The flies that wander into my house have taken to spinning in endless circles around an unlit ceiling lamp. What the fuck is the attraction to it? Is there something essential to the air in the middle of my dining room to their mating ritual? I swear I never saw flies do this when I were a nipper.
>> No. 15577 Anonymous
25th June 2014
Wednesday 4:42 am
15577 spacer
>French windows
Are you a posho?
>> No. 15582 Anonymous
25th June 2014
Wednesday 3:43 pm
15582 spacer
The easiest think is to just chase them out of the window. Shut the room's door, open the window as far as possible then every time the fly flies towards you, stick your hand in front of it to scare it back towards the window. It will be out in two minutes tops.
>> No. 15677 Anonymous
2nd July 2014
Wednesday 5:43 pm
15677 spacer

I've noticed this too. They congregate under the lamp in my living room, and underneath one of the CCTV monitors at work.

I'm presuming that in their tiny insect guidance systems, such features protruding from an otherwise blank ceiling present the only navigational anchor and they get stuck there. Total guess mind.
>> No. 15682 Anonymous
2nd July 2014
Wednesday 11:43 pm
15682 spacer
Always worked for me, but maybe I'm patient enough not to expect the little bastards to drop dead immediately on contact.
>> No. 15686 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 11:46 am
15686 spacer

M8s you want to get yourselves one of these. Even if you're not swatting them out of the air, just picking up the stunned ones and grilling them on the surface is incredibly satisfying as they burn and twitch.

I'm not a psychopath, honestly.
>> No. 15688 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 1:25 pm
15688 spacer
That one pictured is a cheap one, it's worth the couple of quid extra investing in the better ones if you can find them solely because the higher voltage means they can fry wasps. The cheaper ones just stun them.
>> No. 15690 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 2:56 pm
15690 spacer
Yes, after I posted that I realised I wanted one for my new house, so I've now purchased 'The Exterminator' which the Amazon reviews say is worth the money as you state.

Bought it direct though, fuck the tax-dodging scum.
>> No. 15691 Anonymous
3rd July 2014
Thursday 4:50 pm
15691 spacer

You can just get the cheap one and bodge a 9v battery in there instead of the AAs it comes with. They pack a nasty punch after that.
>> No. 15695 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 11:50 pm
15695 spacer

I touched one of those once, a wasp-killer. Hurt.

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