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>> No. 15956 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 11:20 pm
15956 Rent-hunting
I fucking hate this. It's the fucking 21st century, why the fuck can't it be easier to browse potential lets with plenty of images and video? Why do all the landlords have to be complete fucking cunts? Why do they all have stupid and unreasonable requirements?

I should just fucking give up and live in my parents house and survive on the dole until I die.
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>> No. 15957 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 11:23 pm
15957 spacer
Have you considered arranging visits to potential accommodations? I know this is /101/ and solutions to problems are discouraged, but people have been finding and viewing properties for hundreds of years. It's not fucking hard.
>> No. 15958 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 11:24 pm
15958 spacer
I might have laughed, if I had remembered how.
>> No. 15959 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 11:29 pm
15959 spacer
The properties available are shit, so the lack of photos (or useful photos) is to disguise this. If they can get you to actually view it in person (along with dozens of other people also looking) then they can pressure you into making a bid for fear of losing out.

Sorry, renting is just shit. I'd live with my parents if they lived in London and not in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. It would be better quality accommodation and cheaper.
>> No. 15960 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 11:31 pm
15960 spacer
>Have you considered arranging visits to potential accommodations?

It's what I've been doing all fucking day. I arranged five viewings, they were all shite and that was several hours of my life wasted just because some greedy cunts are too dishonest to give a full profile of what they want to let out. Twats. Makes you want to become a communist so at least you don't have to put up buy-to-let shitpumps while you're queuing for potatoes and millet.
>> No. 15961 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 11:31 pm
15961 spacer
>*put up with
>> No. 15962 Anonymous
26th July 2014
Saturday 11:35 pm
15962 spacer
What they want to let out probably wouldn't meet health and safety standards. They could be done if they posted the evidence online.
>> No. 15963 Anonymous
27th July 2014
Sunday 12:03 am
15963 spacer
Not him, but I've been trying to view properties for the last fortnights, and the viewings keep getting cancelled. On the upside, yesterday evening I somehow found myself viewing a flat described as "spacious" which actually was.
>> No. 15968 Anonymous
27th July 2014
Sunday 12:56 am
15968 spacer
Arrange for a viewing, and if you feel the landlord had lied in the ad, take a quick shit in one of the rooms when nobody is looking, and quickly get out. Make sure you taunt them and call them from payphones, telling them that you will be back to make sure you diarrhoea all over the place the next time they lie.
>> No. 15969 Anonymous
27th July 2014
Sunday 1:20 am
15969 spacer
I had someone try and persuade me a flat was worth £530/month of my money last week. I'm fairly sure the room I stayed in at a Travelodge was bigger. Where the fuck does the landlord think he is, London?
>> No. 15976 Anonymous
27th July 2014
Sunday 9:00 am
15976 spacer
Have you tried talking to them over phone and asking for more pictures?

It might be better going through a letting agent, but it would be slightly more expensive.

I've had a good experience from spareroom.co.uk if you're just looking for a single room.
>> No. 15979 Anonymous
27th July 2014
Sunday 1:06 pm
15979 spacer

If you respond to that kind of snake oil tactic you deserve everything you get.

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