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fuck you BBC.png
>> No. 18034 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 1:18 am
18034 The fuck do I pay you people for.

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>> No. 18035 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 1:23 am
18035 spacer
Blame the BBC Trust. BBC content for an international audience often carries advertising, but it would be a breach of the Charter to show advertising to a British audience.
>> No. 18036 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 1:28 am
18036 spacer
Just torrent it. This is one of the reasons I have no respect for media corporations crying about "illegal downloads."

Like how we have to wait months for a film to be released here, after the Americans have seen it.
>> No. 18037 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 1:48 am
18037 spacer
I just finished writing my letter of complaint.


This isn't about just a regional blocker.
This is about this being a British public body and something I paid to have made, for solely for the enterainment of the people who paid for the licence fee, that it won't provide to those people but will sell abroad. That is the BBC's job, providing content to me takes precident over foreign markets. It isn't a normal business it is an arm of the state.
>> No. 18038 Anonymous
12th February 2015
Thursday 4:07 am
18038 spacer

Normal businesses are arms of the state.
>> No. 18484 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 1:11 am
18484 spacer

I mean really?
>> No. 18486 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 1:25 am
18486 spacer

I don't think I've ever seen the generic you used online like this before. Why on earth have they labelled "what the public likes" as "what you like love"? That's insane.
>> No. 18487 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 1:32 am
18487 spacer
You just know the thing is run by a niece of some BBC higher-up. Overall I like the BBC but there's no denying it's a complete fucking shower in many regards.
>> No. 18488 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 1:52 am
18488 spacer

It might be the iPlayer team. They have always been given a fairly long leash, hence the whimsical "it goes up to eleven" volume control.

In their defence, the BBC have ongoing problems with tracking user engagement, because they don't require a login to use iPlayer services. They have been experimenting with a variety of things to try and get better data on the kinds of programmes people want to watch without being overly intrusive. The "love" button might be annoyingly twee but it might also help improve the quality of TV, by helping to make the case for programmes with a small but loyal audience. I hate all that social media bullshit, but if the BBC Three commissioners had paid more attention to Twitter we might have got a third series of In The Flesh rather than yet another crap sitcom.
>> No. 18940 Anonymous
8th April 2015
Wednesday 11:13 am
18940 spacer

All the time. We mustn't allow British people to see this.
>> No. 18941 Anonymous
8th April 2015
Wednesday 12:08 pm
18941 spacer
It's inane.

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