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>> No. 18370 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 6:03 pm
18370 Marketing
You know what boils my piss. Marketing.

Products or services whose names begin with the prefix "The People's...", generally accompanied by a shite advertisement only seen past 2am on ITV4+1.

In fact, marketing in general boils my piss, but particularly shit marketing really gets me. Especially with social media, if I see another "hilarious" baby singing classic pop song/twee Mumford-esque phone advert/pink bingo advert with a hashtag, I might be forced to detatch my own retinas.

I feel sorry for the poor intern getting paid £4 an hour to pretend to be the fuzzy Argos aliens on Twitter. I feel even sorrier for the members of the public who spend their time actually interacting with such drivel.
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>> No. 18371 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 6:39 pm
18371 spacer
>twee Mumford-esque phone advert

Anything with a ukelele and cutesy graphics vapourises my piss.
>> No. 18372 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 6:40 pm
18372 spacer
Mate, twee adverts are the only thing keeping people whose only professional skills are ukulele playing and whistling in employment. They're keeping this economy afloat.
>> No. 18373 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 7:15 pm
18373 spacer
The really disturbing bit is that such drivel actually works. The great unwashed really do like tweeting aliens and sub-Mumford faux-folk. Advertising is the last remaining industry where it's acceptable to come back from lunch tipsy and coked up, because that's the only way to dull the pain. When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you, and the abyss of human stupidity is deep and dark indeed.
>> No. 18374 Anonymous
9th March 2015
Monday 7:44 pm
18374 spacer
It's really not difficult to avoid though. Install an adblocker, watch tv shows online, don't follow shitheads on facebook/twitter and you're set really.
>> No. 18378 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 7:29 am
18378 spacer

Don't get me fucking started.

>> No. 18379 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 7:52 am
18379 spacer

Try working in a shop with a POS display that played that song all day.
>> No. 18381 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 11:45 am
18381 spacer
>POS display
I'd probably be calling it that as well.
>> No. 18382 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 12:02 pm
18382 spacer
On the topic of Mumford-eqsue shite, what is with all these cookie-cutter folk-rock bands, with their banjos and beards and utterly pissant, folksy, sentimentalist shite? This lad at work insists to have them on the office spotify all day; Lumineers, The National, Bon Iver, its endless, grey, happy happy land-fill fodder that fills every ad, elevator, reception, office. Fuck off.
>> No. 18383 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 12:07 pm
18383 spacer

I agree, it's awful and offensively saccharine. The National are ace and don't sound anything like the others, they're pretty roundly depressing, they're what Joy Division would have sounded like if they'd grown up in the American Midwest. (unless they've taken a wrong turn since the last time I heard them).
>> No. 18384 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 12:25 pm
18384 spacer

Maritime folk is the only folk for me.
>> No. 18387 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 12:48 pm
18387 spacer

My nigga.

>> No. 18388 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 1:01 pm
18388 spacer
I note the OP's picture depicts what appears to be The Sun Bingo. The People's Bingo, then? They try much harder to seem like a newspaper of the working class than other papers don't they? I wonder why.
>> No. 18389 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 1:14 pm
18389 spacer


Share if u cry evrytym, he told those fucking kids, man.
>> No. 18391 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 2:57 pm
18391 spacer

It's part of a broad cultural reaction to alienation. In the modern economy, most young people don't really do anything. We work in call centres and shops, we sit in offices and shuffle meaningless paperwork around. We have spending money, but no security and limited prospects. Young men are especially vulnerable, because the decline of heavy industry, the growth of emotional labour in the service industry and a lack of job security has undermined traditional masculine roles. When you feel adrift, it's natural to hark back to something more 'authentic', even if you don't really know what that is.

Middle-class young men grow beards, get sailor tattoos, dress like a lumberjack and drink out of vintage jam jars. Working-class young men take steroids and wax themselves hairless from the neck down to look like Action Man. Marketers use ukulele music and write cutesy sales copy on the back of smoothie bottles. TV producers shoehorn the words "Great British" into every title and fetishise the twee parochialism of Downton Abbey. Young women put their iPhones in Cath Kidston cases, dream of a country cottage furnished in Laura Ashley and take up crocheting. It's all a desperate effort to grasp on to something real in a very unreal world.
>> No. 18393 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 4:39 pm
18393 spacer
This is written so succinctly and better than I ever could, that I might steal it.

I'd buy you a pint.
>> No. 18394 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 4:48 pm
18394 spacer
>better than I ever could
Nah, m8, the twist at the end of the film is you and him have been the same person all along.
>> No. 18398 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 7:19 pm
18398 spacer
I completely agree, modern Britain is quite depressing. I think the nig-nogs and the pakis probably have a better time of it though, they don't have the same stupid ideals to live up to.

Meanwhile in Europe, people live in the real world and spend their free hours actually enjoying life and doing things purely for the sake of it instead of wanking around clutching on to dying ideals, it's pretty great.

>> No. 18400 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 7:38 pm
18400 spacer

> clutching on to dying ideals

I'll agree that the dutch have generally got it sorted when it comes to life, but last time I was there I was beset by a bunch of protesting UVA students whinging on about wanting free education and a free society, so I'm pretty sure they're just as adept at holding onto dying ideals as the rest of us.
>> No. 18401 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 7:40 pm
18401 spacer
Nice to see this pop up as I'm browsing /*/
I'd not heard of this bloke until a few months back when someone posted his song "The Idiot". Been listening to loads of his stuff since, and already knew the song you've posted and was happy to press play.
>> No. 18403 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 8:03 pm
18403 spacer

Well in any society you're going to have a few idealists, be they commies or Geert (pictured, him an Nige would be great pals. He got done for inciting racial hatred for chanting "less morrocans! less morrocans! less morrocans" at a meeting), but the general point is that here most people really couldn't give that much of a flying fuck, and even if they do, they keep it to themselves.

C.f. the British, where we love adorning our homes in Union Jack cushions and watching bake-off in some sort of pretentious collective self-aggrandizement.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 18404 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 8:09 pm
18404 spacer
>> No. 18405 Anonymous
10th March 2015
Tuesday 8:22 pm
18405 spacer

> C.f. the British, where we love adorning our homes in Union Jack cushions and watching bake-off in some sort of pretentious collective self-aggrandizement.

Speak for yourself lad. Also wait until the next Euro or World up comes around and you'll see the Dutch aren't that much different to us. Koningsdaag might come as a surprise too. Orange, lad. Orange as far as the eye can see. Fucking proddies

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