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>> No. 18688 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 8:20 pm
18688 McDonalds customers
If you ever go into a McDonalds, please treat the workers like they're human beings

don't say 'well I'm taking out so OBVIOUSLY I need a bag' before rolling your eyes and sighing - I have to charge you for a bag, I have to ask you if you want one, some people do not want one

don't roll up to the drive through window, swipe your card and drive on without so much as a glance my way. you're not going to get your food any faster. I only have to shout you down and get you to reverse back when your card didn't go through

don't drive past the payment window because you were waiting there for 20 seconds longer than usual and then ignore me and wave a £20 in my face after I told you you have to drive around again. also that person didn't get to the window in record time because he's elbow deep in dishwater while simultaneously taking someone else's order

if your order is huge and filled with custom items, don't scream at me when you've been waiting 4 minutes to get your food. it's fast food, not instant food. also don't lie to me and pretend you've been waiting 10, because there's a timer on the till

many different people work many different stations as a team and we serve hundreds of customers an hour. even working at the fastest pace possible, 90% of the time we get everything right. unfortunately that still means it's not an unlikely scenario that you get one of your sandwiches with mayo on it when you asked for no mayo. it's just a mistake. be polite, bring it to us, we will replace it, no problem. don't shout at the little 16 year old foreign girl on the till who didn't even serve you.

sometimes the milkshake machine isn't working. don't threaten to fight me because I can't serve you a milkshake.

if you've got your engine revving, and you're mumbling into the drivethrough machine from the PASSENGER SEAT, I cannot hear what you are saying. If I have to ask you to repeat yourself, don't shout at me obnoxiously. also don't throw your hands up in the air in distress or give me the finger - I can see you on the camera.

don't go in if you're a shitty 13 year old girl with your shitty friends. and if you have to, don't slam your hand down on the counter and open with 'RIGHT, I want.... uhhhhhh....hmm......', it's rude (and I already know what you want to order - a mayo chicken and a tap water). don't roll your eyes and look at your mate with your mouth hanging open in utter disbelief just because I thought you wanted a chocolate doughnut instead of a sugar doughnut.

don't THROW YOUR BURGER IN MY FACE BECAUSE YOU ASK FOR IT PLAIN AND IT WASN'T PLAIN. I did not take your order, I did not make your order, I did not serve your order. I have never met you before in my life and I have only just come on shift.

even seemingly normal people go into mcdonalds just to take out their aggression and treat the workers like shit. I've never known anywhere else on earth where people are such consistent shit heads. my job is not very exciting, and one shitty bit of rudeness from a customer stays with me all day. I want you to have your food as fast as possible, enjoy it, and get the fuck out with no complaints so my shift goes smoothly. stop trying to make our lives worse.

my favourite customers are those that work/have worked minimum wage service jobs before, because they understand exactly what it's like to work one. 'my order is wrong - but it's okay, because I understand how easily it can happen'. 'this apple pie is out of time, but it's okay I'm not complaining, I'm just letting you know'. 'I would like to order this - and I am aware of how much time it will take to prepare so I will patiently wait for it'.

every single person should have a minimum wage service job to teach them some respect and humility

also it's called 'lettuce', not 'gunk', and it isn't going to kill you
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>> No. 18689 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 8:50 pm
18689 spacer
I can see why you're stuck in a minimum wage job.
>> No. 18690 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 8:59 pm
18690 spacer
>sometimes the milkshake machine isn't working.

What would you recommend in place of a milkshake? As it ruins the feng shui of my order.
>> No. 18691 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 9:05 pm
18691 spacer
I thought McDonalds staff were paid over minimum wage.
>> No. 18692 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 9:09 pm
18692 spacer
Not much. When I worked there as a teenager the only time I ever got a pay rise was when I turned 18, as their 16-17 pay rate was below NMW. Their 18-21 rate of the time was about 10p above the minimum.
>> No. 18693 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 9:13 pm
18693 spacer
>sometimes the milkshake machine isn't working. don't threaten to fight me because I can't serve you a milkshake.
Fuck off.
>> No. 18694 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 9:25 pm
18694 spacer
>this apple pie is out of time
What on earth does this mean? Is it a threat to the pie?
>> No. 18695 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 9:47 pm
18695 spacer
Just sounds like McDonald's mate. I'm not surprised you get treated this way. It's not like it attracts classy clientèle.

I'm on a minimum wage job too and I can sympathise. Virtually all my customers are pretty decent but that's probably because it's difficult to get the ol' scan and bag wrong.
>> No. 18700 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 10:33 pm
18700 spacer
Hot food is only supposed to sit around for so long.
>> No. 18702 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 11:32 pm
18702 spacer
I'm not sure "preaching to the choir" is appropriate here but I'd like to assume most gs posters have better manners and than you seem to be implying. Maybe you're just venting though and that's okay.

When you've had a craving for McDonald's cheeseburgers and you get to the front of the queue only to be met by the only attractive person behind the tills and have to decide whether to change your order or admit to this shapely young Asian beauty that yes, you would like five cheeseburgers and a small sprite.
>> No. 18704 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 12:07 am
18704 spacer
I was courting this scouse bird last year that worked in McDonald's, and it seemed like every other day that she got sexually harassed by a customer. I remember her telling me she took someone's order out to their car at night and he asked her to get in, and then as she was walking away coasted next to her with his window down and cash in his hand and saying "You'll make more money in this car with me and my mates than you will going back in there, luv". She's not alone in this, either, practically every girl I know that's worked at McDonald's has had similar stories.

There does seem to be an exception for McDonald's where people lose their usual boundaries and inhibitions and treat their workers like complete shit. I don't think it's just a case of the clientele being more dicey than elsewhere, either, because as the OP says, your normal, everyday, non-pikey customers go in there and turn into complete cunts towards people that are just trying to do their job.
>> No. 18705 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 12:12 am
18705 spacer
McDonalds workers don't seem like real workers. When you step inside a McDonald's, you realise that it is like walking into a different world. It is overwhelming, in a sense, like the workers aren't real people, and you are not a real person. You try to fight and make it happen that you exist. You don't want your light to go out. You don't want to go extinct.
>> No. 18708 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 12:28 am
18708 spacer

I was in there recently and there was 3 of them mopping the same bit of floor while a massive, seriously it was out the door, cue formed and I said "You missed a bit, luv." and smiled. The girl smiled back and said "Where?" and I point at the cue and said "It doesn't take three people to mop a floor, sweetheart. Why aren't you serving people?" and got the most horrible death stare.

It was at this point my chubby, McDonald's loving, autistic support client lost the plot big time stylee and started calling the staff cuntburgers which put the fear up them and they dispersed like startled deer.

I've never been so proud.
>> No. 18709 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 12:31 am
18709 spacer
I am so glad I don't live in a place where people say 'luv' to each other, if I were a woman I'd probably struggle to stop myself spitting in everyone's lunch out of irritation.
>> No. 18710 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 12:32 am
18710 spacer
Calm down, dear.
>> No. 18711 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 12:35 am
18711 spacer
Yeah, that would escalate me to shitting in your fizzy drink. You're not my mate, you're just some dim shit angling for a fast food lunch and a fleeting, momentary feeling of superiority.
>> No. 18712 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 12:36 am
18712 spacer
>> No. 18713 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 12:42 am
18713 spacer

If you did grow up somewhere that uses it, you wouldn't care. It's not as if it's some vestigial, conversational penis from yesteryear that I'm beating people about the head with everytime I say it. Women use it more than men anyway.
>> No. 18714 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 12:58 am
18714 spacer
I appreciate that working a minimum wage job isn't easy (I've worked a few myself) but my God some of them can be useless mardy cunts at times. I mean, I'm very sorry to have interrupted your intellectually stimulating discussion about the football but there's no need to be a rude cunt just because I would rather pay now and not 10 minutes later when you've finished nattering.
>> No. 18715 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 1:44 am
18715 spacer

It's easy to forget that there are cunts in every job and every walk of life. Chances are that that sort of person would be a useless bellend whatever it was they were being paid to do.

In any case, I am generally more supportive of a slave drone on £7 an hour socialising on company time than I am somebody on £70k who should really have more important things to do- But nevertheless, people will still do it.
>> No. 18807 Anonymous
4th April 2015
Saturday 9:50 pm
18807 spacer
Correct, this happens everywhere. The standards you are supposed to exhibit and are demanded from you in a job interview generally speaking (experience) fall to pieces once in the workplace when you see the shop-floor/office culture of the business.
>> No. 18809 Anonymous
4th April 2015
Saturday 11:42 pm
18809 spacer
Next you'll bring us the revelation that people don't drive like they did during their tests.

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