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>> No. 19923 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 11:58 am
19923 spacer
Not sure if this warrants it's own thread, but I have a neighbour problem and it's turned into a rather serious one.

Basically, I live in a nice apartment complex, it's quiet, secluded and generally all the people living there are pleasant.

However, across from me lives a strange couple. A man, probably in his late 50s, maybe early 60s, with what appears his "wife" - a woman probably in her early 30s, young enough to be his daughter basically. She is Spanish speaking and I guess he can speak it too - and I only know this because of the frequent shouting fights the woman has with her husband. I sort of pick up bits here and there, and it sounds like nonsense, but the volume is ludicrous, to the point where if you have windows closed, you can easily pick up the screaming.

This has gone on and off for a about a year, and since it's summer, my windows are open constantly, and I have to listen to this bollox daily. But not only during the day, but night as well. For 3 days in a row, around 4 am, the bitch can be heard wailing like some kind of demented banshee, and last night was no exception, which her wailing some weird song.

I got fed up with it, and planned to write a strongly worded letter to them, I'm a pussy and I don't want confrontations, so anonymity is key. But I needed the apartment number to get it right. As I walked up to their side of the building, I bumped into one of their neighbours, a nice Columbian girl, whose expression dropped when I asked her about the noise.

Things are far more complicated than I first assumed, and it seems this crazy bitch is legitimately demented, when the Columbian girl had friends over, crazy bitch shouted curses at them, to which one of the Columbian girl's friends responded. Within 30 seconds, the crazy bitch ran down and tried to smash the door down. Obviously not letting her in the Columbian girl was reasonably shook up, but there have been several incidents where she would have the crazy bitch banging on her door at 6am.

So tl;dr, crazy neighbour bitch is disturbing the peace and threatening other people - is there a swift, permanent solution to this issue?

Cheers in advance.
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>> No. 19924 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 12:41 pm
19924 spacer
>is there a swift, permanent solution to this issue?

No, but there are things you can do that might work. You're probably best off getting the council or the police involved, because they don't sound like the sort of people who would respond to a polite letter.

If you complain to the council about the noise, they'll ask you to fill in a log sheet to record the noise activity; If it's significant, then they can warn your neighbours, and if that doesn't work issue a noise abatement order.

If she starts causing a nuisance outside of her flat (like the incident with the Columbian girl), you can call the police, as that sort of behaviour constitutes a public order offence. She could get nicked for doing anything "likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress". If you don't think it's serious enough to warrant a 999 call, use 101 instead.

If it's a rented block, your best chance of getting things resolved might be the landlord. You might not be the only person to complain, and a landlord would far rather evict one problem tenant than have half the block move out. If it's a housing association property, then they should have an antisocial behaviour team to deal with things like this.

>> No. 19925 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 12:47 pm
19925 spacer
This is a good post.

If you think you are going to take this further, I'd emphasize the importance of keeping a log. Start now.
>> No. 19926 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 1:01 pm
19926 spacer
Sex the Columbian girl?
>> No. 19927 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 2:03 pm
19927 spacer
>>19924 Superb advice.

I was surprised how easy it is to get the police/council involved, there are apps that can do the business, but I will follow your advice on keeping logs.

I was shocked that the Colombian girl didn't immediately phone the police after that harassment incident, nevermind the repeated morning incidents.

My next step is to write short notes to the surrounding neighbours and asking if they have experienced similar behaviour, and if so, we can file a complaint together as I know it'll be more effective than one person going about it.

After I have gathered the necessary information, I will write something and send it to the council and police.

m8, she was a stunner I'll give you that.
>> No. 19928 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 2:49 pm
19928 spacer
Curses, as in swearing or witchcraft? Careful, lad. Don't cross a witch.
>> No. 19930 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 3:09 pm
19930 spacer
Probably both after what Colombian girl said, she mentioned she was bladdered on numerous occasions when confronted. Christ, a real witch in the housing complex, doubt councils have specific regulations for that.
>> No. 19931 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 3:23 pm
19931 spacer

If she is a witchy type just post a pic of her here, I can reverse black magic and stuff now. Certified m8.
>> No. 19935 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 10:00 pm
19935 spacer

Britfa.gs for all your auntiefucking and exorcism needs!
>> No. 19936 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 10:54 pm
19936 spacer
I just hope the council know witch girl to evict!
>> No. 19937 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 2:04 am
19937 spacer
Most nice apartment buildings have rules about this sort of thing, particularly if there's freehold properties there. Have a look at your contract, and talk to the building management.
>> No. 19938 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 4:54 am
19938 spacer
Put down a line of salt in front of her door.
>> No. 19951 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 12:11 pm
19951 spacer
Why haven't you shopped them to the police?
>> No. 19955 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 12:23 pm
19955 spacer

Because I need to gather the essential information to make a high-impact statement. There is literally no point in coming in with a half baked, half arse whine just coming from me, when it'll be ignored - and subsequent complaints ignored - when I can make a knockout statement in one swoop.
>> No. 19956 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 1:18 pm
19956 spacer
Is that how it works? I'm not sure I can conceive of the practical difference between an ignorable whine and a knockout statement. What evidence are you trying to gather beyond 'my neighbours are consistently loud'?
>> No. 19959 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 2:56 pm
19959 spacer
That there is a comprehensive list of outrageous shit she has done. Note that I only hear the screaming, my Colombian neighbour has been verbally harassed, who knows what the other people have experienced.
>> No. 19960 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 4:38 pm
19960 spacer
I want to fuck a Latina chick so badly.
>> No. 19961 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 7:12 pm
19961 spacer
I'm sure the lucky lady you do end up getting wet with would feel really gratified about being your fetish.
>> No. 19963 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 7:41 pm
19963 spacer
There's every chance she would. Step away from tumblr and its tributaries.
>> No. 19964 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 7:43 pm
19964 spacer

I want to fuck an MRA so badly.

Said literally nobody ever.

Does the word "Latina" get used outside of porn? I sort of thought it was like "ebony".
>> No. 19965 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 7:50 pm
19965 spacer
>Does the word "Latina" get used outside of porn?
Erm, yes. Yes, it does. Apparently some prefer it to "Hispanic" because it's a word that people of Latin American extraction actually use, rather than referring to historic imperialist conquest. Or something like that.
>> No. 19966 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 8:49 pm
19966 spacer
Because of course the term "Latin" has no connotations of Southern European imperialism whatsoever.
>> No. 19967 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 9:42 pm
19967 spacer
As far as we're aware, the Roman Empire didn't quite extend that far, big as it was.
>> No. 19968 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 9:47 pm
19968 spacer
That's precisely my point. The Aztecs weren't exactly a fucking Latin culture, so how do these "people of Latin American extraction" imagine the label came to be applied to that region, if not by way of historic imperialist conquest?
>> No. 19969 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 9:51 pm
19969 spacer
You might want to take it up with said people. The question was asked and answered.
>> No. 19973 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 12:49 am
19973 spacer
I make one comment about fucking "Latina chickas" and you lot already had a cunt off. Have a word with yourselves, especially the lad talking about fetishes or whatever.

I want her to call me Papi. Do we have a Latina thread on /x/?
>> No. 19974 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 1:22 am
19974 spacer
There's a lot of people calling themselves fisherpersons these days. I'd be very surprised if not one of them had ever expressed an interest in fucking an MRA. Though why you raise the issue of MRAs is a little concerning. It's like you think we're in the middle of a gender war or something. Step away from the computer.
>> No. 19975 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 1:37 am
19975 spacer
Step away from the mousse.
>> No. 19976 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 1:43 am
19976 spacer

Because the word ebony never gets used outside of porn either.
>> No. 19978 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 1:52 am
19978 spacer
Apples and oranges, tumblrlad, Apples and oranges.
>> No. 19979 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 1:53 am
19979 spacer
It is used heavily in USA. Can you stop getting pissed on behalf of others? Thanks.
>> No. 19980 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 6:33 am
19980 spacer

I like how in your mind anyone who doesn't get behind your world view is MRA, it's a bit like when the young version of Dave Lister calls everything crypto fascist.
>> No. 19981 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 9:22 am
19981 spacer
I make one comment about how it's not appropriate to fetishise a racial identity and you lads are falling all over yourselves to dismiss these concerns.
>Step away from tumblr and its tributaries.
>Have a word with yourselves
>Step away from the computer

What's next, 'calm down dear'?
>> No. 19982 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 9:27 am
19982 spacer

michael winner Esure[1].jpg
We're not falling over ourselves. We're just dismissing your concerns.
>> No. 19983 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 9:41 am
19983 spacer
If you really didn't care you wouldn't comment at all.
>> No. 19984 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 9:51 am
19984 spacer

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron addres.jpg
I didn't say I didn't care. I do care. I dismissed your dire gender-driven drivel because I care. Now it seems like you want a competition to see who can dismiss the other the hardest. You needn't trouble yourself; I already won when I broke out the Winster.
>> No. 19987 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 4:07 pm
19987 spacer
I'm pretty sure it's the same guy who calls everyone fascist/racist. I do believe he is the biggest cunt I have ever seen posting anywhere on the net.

*checks which board this is*

Ok,l this comment is fair game. Please sodomise yourself to death extreme-leftylad.

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