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>> No. 21335 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 3:07 pm
21335 "eSPORTS"
Can someone please explain the appeal in watching other people play video games? My Facebook feed is exploding with people going to massive arenas to do this? Isn't the point of a video game A) that you play it and B) it's something that can be done without leaving your room?
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>> No. 21336 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 3:52 pm
21336 spacer
One reason I can think of is not having a computer powerful enough to run those games. Not to mention console games unavailable for the PC.

I did so with Deus Ex: The Fall because I had heard that the PC port was crap and I just couldn't be arsed to install it myself. Watching proved to be quite boring to me, so unless there is a really solid reason I won't be 'gaming on YouTube' again.

Another reason — I shit you not — is being lazy to play the damn game yourself.
>> No. 21337 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 3:54 pm
21337 spacer
Oh shit, lad, haven't noticed the title of your post. Sorry.
>> No. 21338 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 3:58 pm
21338 spacer
Same reason people watch other people play football, or snooker, or poker, or chess I would imagine.
>> No. 21348 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 6:40 pm
21348 spacer

Why watch football when you can buy a ball and go down the park with some mates and play it yourself?
>> No. 21353 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 1:42 am
21353 spacer
My kids fucking love it. I don't.
>> No. 21354 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 8:13 am
21354 spacer
I had to remove YouTube off the TV or they'd just spend all the time watching Stampy's videos.
>> No. 21357 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 8:48 am
21357 spacer
I just wrote out a massive fucking post about all the different kinds of gameplay video I watch, and why, then my fucking browser crashed. Now I'm angry and swearing and angry.

I might do it again later though, but now I need breakfast.
>> No. 21362 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 10:55 am
21362 spacer

I like watching longplays in which no one talks because it effectively turns the computer games into films, many of which are very absorbing and watchable.
>> No. 21363 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 3:23 pm
21363 spacer
Not OP but this has been very true to me. I'd rather play than watch.
>> No. 21364 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 5:14 pm
21364 spacer
One: I'I don't know.
Two: I somehow ended up watching hours of supreme commander 2 videos the other day.
>> No. 21366 Anonymous
18th October 2015
Sunday 8:28 pm
21366 spacer
It's all about DanTDM now. Stampy is OVAH.
>> No. 21374 Anonymous
19th October 2015
Monday 12:11 am
21374 spacer
Alright, I've had breakfast and I'm ready to post.

So usually the gameplay videos I'm watching are games that don't have very big audiences, or for videos of games I don't play it's usually because the people playing them are interesting. Those second lot are probably more akin to radio shows I guess. Also have you seen most TV? It's usually boring and being repeated for the 4th time that week, and/or full of ads.


Because Amnesia was scary and isn't narrated by a man with a nice accent, I watched this instead. Thinking about it, it is narrated by a man with a nice accent, just not a nice Shefield accent.


This is clearly bibble to anyone not familiar with this game/the inner workings of late 20th century combined arms warfare. But because not many people play this game, this is one of the few places to pick up strategies and discuss things.


Arma videos are popular for a few reasons. One reason's that not many people can actually run the game, another's that the videos tend to the generate their own little plots, so it's kind of like a new movie each time you watch, with the same characters too, admittedly with most of the dialogue replaced by machine gun noises.

I feel like this is just a pale imitation of my original post, but I tried.

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