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>> No. 22699 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 5:35 pm
22699 spacer
So I gave the fingers of thanks to this young woman waiting on the other side of a single lane arch as I drove past.

She looked at me with either total confusion or antipathy, I'm not good at judging women's emotions as they're not my thing. It's left me questioning, did the young today never learn proper driving etiquette or am I a proper ugly cunt.
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>> No. 22700 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 6:43 pm
22700 spacer

I'm not sure there's an amenable way to react to such a nonverbal signal.
>> No. 22705 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:02 pm
22705 spacer
Really mate? Do you need a hug and cuddle every time you wave at someone? How about don't wave next time, seeing as you are so entitled.
>> No. 22707 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:05 pm
22707 spacer


Oh right. When I wrote my reply I thought 'fingers of thanks' was a euphemism for giving someone the V.

I sincerely thought the OP was upset that someone looked uncomfortable after he flipped them off. Since ambulancelad I don't doubt anything from you lot, I'm sorry.
>> No. 22708 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:08 pm
22708 spacer

One of my all-time favourite driving moments was an old biddy completely disregarding the give way sign which was telling her to yield to me, causing me to have to slam on the brakes (partially, anyway, she was showing no signs of slowing down so I was already mostly stopped). She gave me the little thank you wave and I gave her two fingers, it took her a few seconds to realise that I wasn't just waving back and then she started bouncing around the inside of her car in disbelief and swore back at me.
>> No. 22709 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:10 pm
22709 spacer

This was my thinking.

What the fuck is "the fingers of thanks"?
>> No. 22710 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:15 pm
22710 spacer
I assume he means just lifting up two or three fingers from his steering wheel as a very half-arsed wave. She was probably disgusted with him that her kind gesture in letting him pass didn't even return a proper wave.
>> No. 22711 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:15 pm
22711 spacer
To be honest, I only thought he meant "waving" because I work with a guy with a server disability and has only two fingers on each hand. So when he waves, he basically just gives us the "fingers of thanks."

Olutayo mate, I didn't know you could drive. Good on you, mate.
>> No. 22712 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:17 pm
22712 spacer

What the fuck is a single lane arch too?

Do you mean a chicane? Or a narrow bridge?
>> No. 22713 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:27 pm
22713 spacer

Oh, okay, so he waved. Just not a particularly energetic wave.

OP you're confusing and I'm unsure why you care about this lady's non-reaction to this non-event.
>> No. 22714 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 10:04 pm
22714 spacer
I never make eye-contact with other drivers. It seems easier that way.
>> No. 22715 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 11:11 pm
22715 spacer
When I have to cross the road, I stare at the cars headlights (because in my head, that's the cars eyes) and wait for it to alert me to cross. It takes a long time to realise that I should be looking at the driver, and not the car, but by then the driver flashes the lights (the cars eyes tells me to cross), and I cross.
>> No. 22716 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 11:20 pm
22716 spacer
I'm a bit autistic when crossing a zebra crossing, I have to make sure the car has actually stopped before I cross. I've stopped looking at the driver because they are usually pissed that I slowed them down. Sorry mate, you're in a metal box, I'm a bag of flesh - I'd rather take my chances of pissing you off than being a part of the road.
>> No. 22717 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 1:03 am
22717 spacer

Hollins Lane.jpg
One presumes something like this.
>> No. 22718 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 2:34 am
22718 spacer

That's not even close to autistic, there are plenty of drivers that will kill out of sheer nonchalance if you're not careful.
>> No. 22719 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 3:32 am
22719 spacer
I wish she'd give me the finger.

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