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>> No. 24866 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 11:43 am
24866 spacer
Putting Satanists into 101.

Garbage mainstream music (rock is crap, metal is worse).
Black clothes and pentagrams look very silly.
They only think about themselves, 'god complex'.
Neurotic routines and victim mentality.
They fiddle kids and than throw them into the sea.
Very little self control or ambition, destroy culture without replacing it with something of value or substance.
Control most global politics with blackmail and violence.
Pump this shit ideology into our children's heads via schools and multimedia.
Think they are the rebels when they are pretty much the 1%.
Probably controlled by the Pope.
They think they are so clever, they are just ignorant and void of logic or thoughts outside of there feelings, which are pre-programmed by the next satanist up.
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>> No. 24867 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 11:55 am
24867 spacer
What the fuck have you been smoking, lad?
>> No. 24868 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 12:48 pm
24868 spacer
I honestly haven't seen anyone talk about Satanism since I was 14.
>> No. 24869 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 1:01 pm
24869 spacer

Is satanist a word filter for catholic now?
>> No. 24870 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 2:11 pm
24870 spacer
Do they still exist as a thing?
>> No. 24871 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 3:05 pm
24871 spacer
I've met two or three in the past ten years, all men aged 35+ who are jobless and technically homeless.
>> No. 24872 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 9:33 pm
24872 spacer
I quite enjoy the Anton La Vey writings for their sense of mischief, I remember being very impressed as a young man by the ideas and the way they were expressed. Like most people who have read this material, I am an underachieving counterculture-obsessed wimp and actually OP is completely delusional if they think Satanists rule the world or are in positions of power.

(From memory:) "Was not your Christ merely an emasculated milksop? Turn the other cheek is the despicable philosophy of a spaniel that rolls on its back when it is kicked! Smite your enemy on the other cheek! Yay, thricefold!" That was a good funny bit.
>> No. 24873 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 9:45 pm
24873 spacer
Metalheads/rock enthusiasts/goths are by and large not satanists, lad. And they're either students, poor, or both.

Seriously, are you mentally ill?
>> No. 24874 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 9:46 pm
24874 spacer
I'm not claiming this following text is anything more than one of a number of interpretations, but
>at the time of Jesus, striking someone deemed to be of a lower class with the back of the hand was used to assert authority and dominance. If the persecuted person "turned the other cheek," the discipliner was faced with a dilemma. The left hand was used for unclean purposes, so a back-hand strike on the opposite cheek would not be performed. An alternative would be a slap with the open hand as a challenge or to punch the person, but this was seen as a statement of equality. Thus, by turning the other cheek the persecuted was demanding equality.
>> No. 24875 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 10:08 pm
24875 spacer
Never heard of that, interesting tale.

OP, please come back and start ranting incoherently.
>> No. 24876 Anonymous
30th January 2017
Monday 10:36 am
24876 spacer

I'm talking about the elite secret societies not the lesser common satanist.

If I had to list Satanists in order of magnitude of power it would be something like this.

Jesuit Order


Ninth Circle

Order of the Golden Dawn

Knights of Malta

Church of Thelema

Order Templi Orientis

Tell me which of these societies you think have no position of power?
>> No. 24877 Anonymous
30th January 2017
Monday 10:43 am
24877 spacer

To be honest mate, most students are satanists.

They mimic the behaviour perfectly. They commit usury, the state is the father to them, they are materialistic. They have no respect for other life, they vote on the left and they only know how to function on emotion (like beasts).
>> No. 24878 Anonymous
30th January 2017
Monday 11:34 am
24878 spacer
Never heard of the Ninth Circle, but Golden Dawn, Thelemites and the OTO have very little representation in the corridors of power. The others do have some. None of them are 'satanic'.
>> No. 24887 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 8:59 am
24887 spacer


All Satanic, all have power, local, national and international.
>> No. 24888 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 9:27 am
24888 spacer
I believe the appropriate phrase is, as Caesar said of Cato's second filibuster, "fake and gay".
>> No. 24889 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 11:05 am
24889 spacer

Unless you define a 'satanist' as 'anyone who isn't as much of an swivel-eyed bible-basher as I am', these people just don't exist. Go outside. Meet people. Open your mind. Be more tolerant, for goodness' sake.
>> No. 24892 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 12:02 pm
24892 spacer
This really ought to be in /boo/ but I will continue to debate with either an idiot or troll. I looked up the 'Ninth Circle' and it is a fictitious organisation invented by a lunatic called Kevin Annett who thinks that children who were abused in Irish care homes were part of a huge secret sacrificial mission. Now if you had said Le Cercle I may have had a bit more respect for your background reading.

I have met some members of the OTO and they are pleasant enough geeks and it's a bit of a hobby for them, like record collecting. These 'sex magicians' don't even manage to get laid much never mind run the world.

Freemasonry, Knights of Malta and Jesuits - yeah, they are organisations which can facilitate corrupt power and conspiratorial acts. Same as being in the police, judiciary, major political parties, business organisations. You really should get out and meet people more and stop chucking the word 'Satanist' around.
>> No. 24903 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 9:55 pm
24903 spacer

I understand your ignorance on this issue as it equates to the average level of awareness of today's society but I will as requested continue my argument and elaborate.

It is not just Ireland, it stems back to the German intelligence services playing the honey trap on foreign officials, but with little kids and a camera.

Over 60 years it built into an international game of supply of demand for young children and is prevalent in most nations today, Jimmy Seville was the ringleader in the UK.

As for the OTO this was founded by none other than Alistair Crowley, who was a heroin abusing paedophile who managed to get half the people he knew to kill themselves, go crazy or try to kill him.

Its cousin the Church of Scientology is involved in allot of the same political games in the states, there are several copy-cat churches of OTO, Thelema and similiar esoteric based satanic offshoots but the originals are generally reserved for the super elite and you would have to be royal or super rich and have been to the right schools to meet those people. They stick with the same cliche from university to the grave.

What you have to see is that the control of these people, the police, those magistrates, customs, asylums and such are bound through blackmail and form a global network of pedophiles.

In Australia it was prevalent in Queensland and Tazmania, in the UK it was going on in Wales, Northern England, the South West etc

It's extremely common in continental politics and there has been many storys coming out of Japan and Korea too.

Most of the stories disapear, get ridiculed by calling the people involved insane, or people point towards scapegoats like the lesser common satanist or media paedophile hysteria, describing paedophiles as everything BUT suit wearing power mongers.
>> No. 24904 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 10:27 pm
24904 spacer
>Jimmy Seville
Along with Gary Granada and Rolf Huelva?

Also Gollum, is this you?
>> No. 24905 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 10:40 pm
24905 spacer

>> No. 24906 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 10:43 pm
24906 spacer
Stop being so silly. It's Rolf Jerez. You're thinking of Stuart Huelva.
>> No. 24907 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 10:45 pm
24907 spacer
>Was Jimmy Savile a Wizard?
How on earth does it take 46 minutes and 59 seconds to say "no"?
>> No. 24909 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 10:56 pm
24909 spacer

>> No. 24910 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 11:00 pm
24910 spacer

It is pretty obvious he was a wizard, it is the link to those societies why I posted the video.
>> No. 24911 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 11:12 pm
24911 spacer
Mate, he clearly wasn't a wizard, as he began his career well before 40.
>> No. 24913 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 11:13 pm
24913 spacer
Kids and a camera and honey traps: yes this was/is true for reasons of leverage among power-struggling elites, disgusting human condition stuff.

You sound like a loony calling people 'satanists' when the honeytrappers would describe themselves as patriots, and most of those involved are probably upstanding hard-working capitalists who pay lip service or more to Christianity.

You are way offbase on Crowley - he was a sad case in some ways and most of the things you say although no paedo, but his posthumous acolytes really are powerless. Scientology is a strange and corrupt organisation but I will venture has a lot of good people involved as well as the bad apples.

What are you doing about any of this beyond signalling your imaginary virtue on an anonymous board? Are you really above this quagmire, morally or spiritually? And I take exception at you calling me ignorant about this stuff. I know a fuck of a lot more than you think.
>> No. 24914 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 11:32 pm
24914 spacer

I'm not a Christian and its typical of satanists like you to think everyone in the know about such behaviour must be a born again nutter. The game is to remove god from our mentality yes, so Christians have always been a large scapegoat in the media.

The fact that you are using the same defence for there actions as a BBC drone, confirms to me that you must be either dyslexic or a social justice warrior, possibly both. Both have shameful amounts of erudite arguments that mirror your own.

Alistair Crowley was a court wizard like John Dee and Saville, they filled the same role. Scare tactics and neuro linguistic programming techniques to control society, the Rock music which followed did pretty much the same thing in the 60's, (attack the idea of a god, preach for people to follow emotion and not logic).

Your average lesser common satanist is merely a drone to these emotional influences, fashion trends and heavy emotional music, most have problems with Dyslexia or have father issues.
>> No. 24915 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 11:46 pm
24915 spacer

Dropped your pen, m7.
>> No. 24916 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 11:48 pm
24916 spacer
You were doing "well" up until that post, now you're not really responding to anything t'other lad said, just ranting at right-angles.
>> No. 24926 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 5:09 pm
24926 spacer
Emily's syntax has come on leaps and bounds.
>> No. 24937 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 10:49 am
24937 spacer


And you are a drone, like most of the cunts on this island you worship whichever man-god charms you.
>> No. 24938 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 10:55 am
24938 spacer

I use fine-line black pens on graph paper actually, only satanists would use lesser stationary.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 24939 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 11:53 am
24939 spacer
Are you calling me gay?
>> No. 24940 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 1:01 pm
24940 spacer

Don't underestimate the human desire to punish the smug when they make primary school spelling mistakes.
>> No. 24942 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 1:55 pm
24942 spacer
That depends. Are you gay?
>> No. 24943 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:04 pm
24943 spacer
I'm gay. But I'm not the person you quoted. Hail Eris.
>> No. 24944 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:17 pm
24944 spacer
Is it contagious? I'd hate to catch the gay in this political climate.
>> No. 24945 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:19 pm
24945 spacer
By very common law, it's sexually-transmitted.
>> No. 24948 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 1:29 pm
24948 spacer

Many studies have been conducted but most researchers believe it is hereditary from an Iron age Irish Tribe.

It spread to Caledonia and Wales during the migration period, followed by a thorough colonising of Brighton, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.
>> No. 24949 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 2:14 pm
24949 spacer

>Many studies have been conducted but most researchers believe it is hereditary from an Iron age Irish Tribe.


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