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>> No. 25832 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 10:16 pm
25832 BRITFA.GS /101/ MARK VII
The old thread is well over 30MB, so I think we're due a new one.

Some cunt threw a firecracker in front of my bike today. If I hadn't seen the little scrote and his little scrote mates running I wouldn't have noticed until it was too late.
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>> No. 26014 Anonymous
2nd November 2017
Thursday 11:01 am
26014 spacer
The Amazon app on my phone generates notifications but they don't trigger a sound or vibration.
>> No. 26015 Anonymous
3rd November 2017
Friday 5:57 pm
26015 spacer
The "radio" in the restaurant playing what I assume was an '80s playlist. I don't mind being passively rickrolled but You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) is not appropriate for listening to while eating.
>> No. 26016 Anonymous
3rd November 2017
Friday 6:23 pm
26016 spacer
What, because of meatspin? That's not the restaurant's fault, it's your own dirty mind.
>> No. 26017 Anonymous
3rd November 2017
Friday 6:33 pm
26017 spacer
It's pavlovian, it's not my fault.
>> No. 26018 Anonymous
4th November 2017
Saturday 6:30 pm
26018 spacer
Supermarket substitutions can be odd, but I've just had a crazy one from Amazon. I've just taken delivery of a package that should have contained, among other things, a USB power supply, but apparently they didn't have any so they've sent some "Natural Liquid Serum" instead.
>> No. 26019 Anonymous
4th November 2017
Saturday 7:19 pm
26019 spacer
Possibly their way of telling you to go outside more?
>> No. 26020 Anonymous
4th November 2017
Saturday 8:02 pm
26020 spacer
Going outside only made me cry when Icame back inside.
>> No. 26021 Anonymous
4th November 2017
Saturday 8:22 pm
26021 spacer
Asda keep giving me free samples with my online supermarket orders.

Today's was rice pudding. I don't like rice pudding.
>> No. 26022 Anonymous
4th November 2017
Saturday 10:43 pm
26022 spacer
Can I have your rice pudding?

Free rice pudding sounds pretty good.
>> No. 26023 Anonymous
5th November 2017
Sunday 5:08 am
26023 spacer
I woke up not long ago and thought "you know what, I'm just going for a run, I don't care if the sun isn't even up". Of course by the time I'd got my trackies on the heavens haven't so much opened as collapsed into a watery heap. What a load of balls.
>> No. 26024 Anonymous
5th November 2017
Sunday 8:26 am
26024 spacer
It's got blueberries on it.
>> No. 26025 Anonymous
7th November 2017
Tuesday 5:41 pm
26025 spacer
>Modern fast personal computation had arrived.

I just read that sentence, and I am missing something or is the writer; two commas? He's listing things about computation, surely?
>> No. 26026 Anonymous
7th November 2017
Tuesday 6:48 pm
26026 spacer
I suspect in their head it was hyphened "fast-personal-computation".
>> No. 26027 Anonymous
9th November 2017
Thursday 10:14 pm
26027 spacer
I've just watched one of those landlord programmes on BBC One.

The wife of someone who had built up a property empire pissed me off no end. Unbearably smug. Made her own hummus. Believes other people aren't successful because they haven't tried hard enough, despite the fact she is freeloading off her husband and their success is down to benefitting from rising property prices and leeching money off people rather than actually adding value. Is a firm believer in vision boards. Spouts bollocks about if you can conceive you can believe and you can achieve.
>> No. 26028 Anonymous
9th November 2017
Thursday 10:46 pm
26028 spacer
>if you can conceive you can believe and you can achieve.
She's not entirely wrong. I can certainly get on board with the CBA principle, and regularly apply it at work.
>> No. 26029 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 4:16 pm
26029 spacer

That's probably because you're a wanker.
>> No. 26030 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 4:55 pm
26030 spacer

Whooo ... oooosh!
>> No. 26031 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 5:21 pm
26031 spacer
Overly friendly shopkeepers. You' know the situations where you just want to complete the transaction and leave but as this is their hobby (I decided to start vaping on my road to quitting) they have to talk your ear off and do that little laugh after every sentence.

I mean fair play for the enthusiasm, I could never do sales, but fuck me I was already struggling to maintain my facade of normality after bumping into my ex and her new girlfriend. Then there was the fact that the place was full of fruity smoke but some samples of the working class were sitting in there chatting away with a baby in the pram to agitate me.

Eh, she is playing to the target audience of people who watch daytime television. Horny housewives, retirees, and the people too incompetent to be allowed out the house on weekdays won't take to such aggressive judgements on being productive.
>> No. 26032 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 5:28 pm
26032 spacer
Probably one for the vape thread wherever that is, but what is this trend for higher and higher wattages on vapes these days? It's been a few years since I had one of my own but back then the coils were >1ohm in most cases and you were looking at 30-50W max for most. These days people are pushing 0.1ohm and 200W on their ULTRA CLOUD BEAST MASTER KING. Is it just a MORE WATTS = BETTER BECAUSE BIGGER NUMBER mentality or is there another reason behind it? It can't be good to push the batteries that hard, even with voltage regulators.
>> No. 26033 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 5:29 pm
26033 spacer
> ex and her new girlfriend
Cor blimey, did you turn her ?
>> No. 26034 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 5:45 pm
26034 spacer

I think a lot of people just like clouds. I admit it's quite fun, but 65W subohm is enough for me.
>> No. 26035 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 5:49 pm
26035 spacer
I had a go on my mate's 150W monstrosity and I do have to admit that puffing massive clouds is fun but it's not fun when you're in the smoking area and some cunt is making it feel like there's a malfunctioning smoke machine out there. I've found it you puff directly up then it's not too bad, but if you puff at mouth-level and the wind catches it you end up making everyone near you feel like they're playing Silent Hill.
>> No. 26036 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 5:58 pm
26036 spacer
Judging by the fact that I was sold an 'S' model of what I wanted I'd wager it is smartphones all over again.

Also, you can't just buy a plain flavour liquid which I remember existing from the last time I tried. Now I have to live smelling of vanilla like a posh shitter or the linen at mums house.

More that I turned her the other way for a bit. I seem to be a lesbian trapped in a mans body which has its pluses even if I end up looking like a bit of a wrong'un.

That said I was doing my best not to ask "hey love, do you still take cock?" so who knows.
>> No. 26037 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 6:05 pm
26037 spacer
The bloke that I used back in the day was https://www.cloudatlasvaping.com/collections/nicotine-concentrates-pg-and-vg

Where you can buy the components of vape liquid and mix your own. If you just buy PG/VG and nicotine then you can create flavourless liquid to your own throatfeel/cloud taste.
>> No. 26038 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 9:21 pm
26038 spacer
>It can't be good to push the batteries that hard, even with voltage regulators.
Batteries have an amperage limit and exceeding this will, at best, drain them more quickly and decrease the number of charge cycles before they need replacing. At worst they'll explode, though anyone with any sense is running a box mod with a specially designed protection circuit to mitigate against overloading. Modern 18650 batteries recommended for vaping can provide sustained ~20-30A at ~3-4V; put two of those in series and you're still pushing your luck to hit 200W. Additionally, you're going to be 1/ ripping through juice, and 2/ draining the batteries in no time. Honestly I doubt many people vape 200W all day long, it's just for bragging rights and showing off. Predictably, the Yanks have a crass "scene" around it with competitions and similar embarrassing shite.

Not that we're much better, apparently, given that there are evidently daft cunts here who decide to come into the (in my experience, steadily decreasing) number of pubs that allow vaping and decide to chase up a fucking storm. Half the time when I go into a pub and ask if vaping is permitted, if it's a "yes" it's provisional on me not producing huge billows of vape, presumably because some inconsiderate twat has gone in previously and gassed everyone else out. I have no issue with people messing around chasing 200W in their front room, but I do wish they'd show a bit of restraint when out in public, or it'll get banned everywhere.
>> No. 26039 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 11:20 pm
26039 spacer

It's cheaper at LubriSolve.

>> No. 26040 Anonymous
10th November 2017
Friday 11:55 pm
26040 spacer
Is this where we play "vape shop or sex shop" again?
>> No. 26041 Anonymous
11th November 2017
Saturday 6:39 am
26041 spacer
You've hit the nail on the fucking head actually about vape shoes, that is a very sound observation. There is always something I find unsettling about them compared to normal shops and I don't know why.
>> No. 26042 Anonymous
11th November 2017
Saturday 10:48 am
26042 spacer
I think they are more like mobile phone outlets. Cheap, gaudy, downmarket wastes of a commercial letting.
>> No. 26043 Anonymous
11th November 2017
Saturday 3:47 pm
26043 spacer
I think they meant the joke someone made about picking out the names of vape juices vs sex toys/lubes in the vape thread on /g/ a while back. Vape shops have a sort of Games Workshop clique-ness to them, though, I agree.
>> No. 26044 Anonymous
11th November 2017
Saturday 6:52 pm
26044 spacer
I hate visiting my mum. She's fine, but Saturday night TV is too shit to be real. Sage for making this exact post every time I visit.
>> No. 26045 Anonymous
11th November 2017
Saturday 10:45 pm
26045 spacer

>> No. 26047 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 10:27 pm
26047 spacer
People who try to start conversation with me at the bus stop. I don't mind getting asked if a bus has went past but I don't want to know about your siblings and your plan for the day.

I know that some people, especially old people might just be lonely and want to have a small chat with someone but doesn't the thought ever occur to them that they the reciplicant might not want the conversation? I'm hardly an Introvert but I prefer to wait in silence rather than pass the time talking to strangers. Worst still, I then have to fake an interest in what they're saying since I don't want to come off as a straight up cunt.
>> No. 26048 Anonymous
18th November 2017
Saturday 12:13 am
26048 spacer

Loneliness is painful and a little bit of selfishness smalltalk helps ease the pain once in a while.
>> No. 26049 Anonymous
18th November 2017
Saturday 12:28 am
26049 spacer
Older extroverts in particular get their happiness in life by engaging with others, and any stranger will do. I'm pretty introverted but I'll make small talk with an older gent or lady if they are obviously making the effort. If it brightens their day then it's worth it, even if it's dull and tedious.
>> No. 26050 Anonymous
19th November 2017
Sunday 9:57 pm
26050 spacer
You don't have to fake any interest, and it's a mischaracterisation to say that most people who start conversations with strangers at bus stops talk about their grandchildren. More annoying are those people too dim to find an interesting middleground who dislike being forced to acknowledge their dimness so describe themselves as introverted. You're chat isn't shit, you're just ***introverted***. We get it.
>> No. 26051 Anonymous
19th November 2017
Sunday 10:16 pm
26051 spacer

I can't be arsed finding the link but there was definitely a study or some shit proving people who are less intelligent are more likely to find the need to fill silence with small-talk.

It's not that their chat is shit, it's that people who insist on rambling on about the weather or the sports are tiresome cunts.
>> No. 26052 Anonymous
19th November 2017
Sunday 10:29 pm
26052 spacer

People who are less intelligent live life on easy mode. They aren't afflicted by depression nearly as much, they are more social because of exactly what you just mentioned and are happier in general because they don't think about the world as much. They can also go and watch a comic book film and not feel like they've just been raped in front of their comic book collection (because they can't read).
>> No. 26053 Anonymous
19th November 2017
Sunday 11:58 pm
26053 spacer

I feel like if this is true, then I'm intelligent enough to suffer the pitfalls, but not intelligent enough to be useful.
>> No. 26054 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 12:34 am
26054 spacer

That's a self-esteem issue, another pitfall of thinking too much. I'm sure you would be useful in many ways, but I suspect unless someone galvanises your confidence with praise then you'll always feel inferior because I'm that way too. If I don't get praise for my efforts I just stop trying as hard, because the quality of my work appears irrelevant. It's about perspective and focus. If I'm motivated it's because I feel my time is rewarded.

Less intelligent people don't need positive reinforcement as much, but I'm generalising obviously. Recognising that someone is probably better leading than you and being a good team player is a "social" intelligence higher IQ individuals sometimes lack, which breeds resentment and depression. it's the difference between being happy to contribute vs having your contribution praised and validated. That is why you don't feel useful.

With everything, it's tackled by using mindfulness. If you're depressed though, I understand that might just seem like fucking bollocks.
>> No. 26055 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 6:10 pm
26055 spacer
Firefox updated, none of my add-ons work, and the documented method to enable them again doesn't work.
>> No. 26056 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 6:20 pm
26056 spacer

Which addons? I'm curious as to what you might need other than Smart HTTPS and Adblock, which btw are both working fine.
>> No. 26057 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 6:28 pm
26057 spacer

People that aren't you have different needs shocker.
>> No. 26059 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 6:32 pm
26059 spacer
NoScript, FlashGot, Tab Counter, Tab Groups, User Agent Switcher. I had my tabs separated into four groups and my session has restored to be only the group I happened to be looking at last.
>> No. 26060 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 6:43 pm
26060 spacer
I've no problem paying volunteers the going rate for voluntary work
>> No. 26061 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 6:44 pm
26061 spacer

Ah, OK. I wasn't being a dick, I was just genuinely curious what other people might be up to with Firefox. Why do you have so many tabs open? Firefox has pretty infamous memory leakage, how did you avoid that or was it something you just had to live with?
>> No. 26062 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 6:48 pm
26062 spacer
Or complaining about volunteers deciding to move on?
>> No. 26063 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 6:52 pm
26063 spacer
Feel better?
>> No. 26064 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 6:52 pm
26064 spacer
I bet you tried searching for updates and called it a day. You can have your extensions back for another seven months if you install Firefox ESR 52.
>> No. 26065 Anonymous
20th November 2017
Monday 7:26 pm
26065 spacer
Not him but I use Firefox and it has been annoying for all my extensions to stop working but I can understand why they have had to do this - by switching to an API, in the long run they will virtually never become incompatible because of an update again.

As for the memory issues, yes, but Quantum really is blazing fast and light on the RAM now.

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