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>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 32425 Anonymous
3rd October 2021
Sunday 11:42 pm
32425 spacer
Admittedly my familiarity with the JS stack system is poor, but I do know about threading in C++ and there's no reason you can't block any operation whilst waiting for another thread to finish.

Again, why can I not do this?
>> No. 32426 Anonymous
3rd October 2021
Sunday 11:55 pm
32426 spacer
The JS stack is not threading, it's doing coopertative multitasking. I don't know C++ but Perl, Python, Forth, heck even Bash (and a dash of APL) I'll do, but all of these have issues arond multitasking but I think it's what used to be called a "bondage and constraint" language. That used to refer to syntacticaly picky langauages, now it's languages that make your work harder.

Doing two things at a time has been hard since forever, doing more things takes work. There are no shortcuts, it should be clear that having to use frame works built buy a team of people that lets you skip the grunt work.

I'm an old fart, the websites I host have no JS (because no one cares).
>> No. 32427 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 12:16 am
32427 spacer
If, theoretically, every function you had down the stack was declared async, and all the way from the top you called the next one down with await (creating synchronous behaviour), the behaviour I want would be perfectly acceptable. There's clearly something I'm missing here but I've been Googling it for hours and have yet to find an explanation.
>> No. 32428 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 2:06 am
32428 spacer
This being JavaScript, the way forward is to figure out exactly what it is you were trying to achieve and why it is objectively wrong.

JavaScript is what happens when you outlaw abortion. It is the cancerous fungating tumour of programming languages.
>> No. 32429 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 2:16 am
32429 spacer
It took me a while to get it. My (possibly very wrong) understanding is that's it not for your benefit at all. It's about maximizing the utilization of your servers if you're a busy cloudy company handling 10 gazillion requests/s.

So with normal threading, there's only so many threads the OS will allow - So lots of blocking i/o means lots of unutilized cycles, meaning you need more hardware to handle requests. Here's where the async comes in - It allows blocked threads to be reused by other tasks until the blocking operation has finished.

Which all sounds very nice if it could've been implemented at the OS or language or framework level and be completely hidden, but unfortunatey it's not been. So yes we have to suffer with it.

Your key focus now should be on how to wait for a task (Promise in javascript?) to complete in a non-async function. I know how to do that in C# so I'm golden.
>> No. 32430 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 2:56 am
32430 spacer

> My (possibly very wrong) understanding is that's it not for your benefit at all. It's about maximizing the utilization of your servers if you're a busy cloudy company handling 10 gazillion requests/s.

Also JS was born as a browser scripting language, so it was designed to be constrained and has evolved with sandboxing to avoid giving any random website the keys to the kingdom. We take it for granted that we can just execute any old bit of JS in a browser without worrying about what it might do to our computer, but that's actually sort of miraculous if you think about it.

That's the key thing to understand with JS (along with the fact that the OG language was written by one guy in a month-long caffeine bender) - the interpreter has to treat every line of every program as if it were malicious. The browser is not a normal execution environment and things that are totally reasonable in a normal execution environment are suicidally awful in the browser.


Async/await and promises only became part of the spec in 2017. If you need asynchronous events in old code then you probably need to use callbacks, which have essentially the same functionality but are syntatically messy. If you truly need a separate thread, you want a Worker.
>> No. 32431 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 6:32 pm
32431 spacer
My girlfriend will do things like try and be helpful by getting the ingredients for a meal but forgetting several key components and doing things like buying certain brands of mince or whatever we both agree are awful and pointless buying as we don't like it.

When I inevitably sigh because we start to cook and I realise she's done this she then makes me out to be a bad person because 'she was trying to do the right thing' even though it's just stupid to do things like go 'well this was the only mince left so I bought this' instead of just leaving it or getting another meal or letting me pick things up.

Am I the arsehole? I don't know why it winds me up so much but why the fuck would you buy something you know neither you nor the person you're buying it for like it?
>> No. 32432 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 6:46 pm
32432 spacer

Just sounds like you view the shopping priority differently. If she's doing the shopping, it's her job to do, so getting the slightly wrong thing comes before giving up on it and making work for you. Maybe. I don't know.
I can't see into either of your heads but it does seem like something you should be able to talk through.
>> No. 32433 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 7:30 pm
32433 spacer
You're right, I probably over egged it saying it winds me up so much, it's mildly annoying at best.

I just don't get it.
>> No. 32434 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 9:21 pm
32434 spacer
Well, I've never felt more like a spacker in my life.

48 hours since I started I'm still here trying to resolve what should be a simple problem, and every time I do something something else breaks. Everything I thought I knew about the satan-spawn that in Node.js is apparently wrong, and I feel with every random debugger break in some module 70000000 calls of <anonymous> down the stack I can hear it cackling in my ears louder, as my IQ drops a point every time.

My day job is programming, but maybe I should quit since I'm clearly a fucking retard.
>> No. 32435 Anonymous
4th October 2021
Monday 9:43 pm
32435 spacer
Do the shopping yourself then. The missus is anal about this sort of thing, while I do the exact same thing your girlfriend does. She does more or less all the shopping now.
>> No. 32436 Anonymous
5th October 2021
Tuesday 4:13 pm
32436 spacer

It's not about who the arsehole is, just be forgiving and try to come up with a better arrangement. Maybe make a list; write down whenever you run out of something, stick it to the fridge so it's ready for her to take whenever she goes shopping.
>> No. 32437 Anonymous
5th October 2021
Tuesday 6:43 pm
32437 spacer
>It's not about who the arsehole is
This but >>32431 is definitely the arsehole
>> No. 32438 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 11:03 am
32438 spacer
I’m quite amazed by the number of websites I visit on my phone that are essentially non-functional. It’s usually as a result of cookie and GDPR windows not responding which means the entire page is obscured. Perhaps it’s my own fault for having a little, old, smart phone, but no, it isn’t, because even the highest resolution phones are going to have this problem and if it’s one of the windows that greys out the web page then you’re done for too.
>> No. 32439 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 5:52 pm
32439 spacer
My biggest gripe with mobile website is that there are so many with auto-play videos that pop up and eat my data. Or pages that have so much extra crap to load the text keeps jumping farther and farther down the page each time something else finally loads so it takes about 20 seconds before I can even start reading.
>> No. 32440 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 8:25 pm
32440 spacer
I've got a screenshot from a while ago of a story headlined something like "How the web became unreadable" obscured by a cookie popup, a newsletter subscription, and a video ad.
>> No. 32441 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 8:30 pm
32441 spacer
I've been spending more and more time on Rudgwick these days, because 4chan is just intolerable, this place is slow as hell, and most of the forums I visit from back in the day have slowly died too. It's as though Rudgwick is the last refuge for me.

Anyway, it's not that I really dislike the place, you've just got to be selective about the communities you participate in, but some of the shit you see on there is infuriating. Even as someone who grew up posting on /b/ at it's height I'm viscerally annoyed by the level of retardation you see displayed, particularly by the more conservative wing of the younger generation.

I've noticed there are a load of these fucking weirdo puritan zoomers these days who appear to be pushing some kind of 1920s Quakerism revival. They talk about porn addiction and abstaining from wanking being healthy for you, which can in some cases be true, but they're absolutely off their rockers. Watching porn at all is degenerate, wanking once a day as a teenager is too much, all the things they do in porn nowadays are corrupting people and preventing them from having healthy relationships etc.

It's just infuriating. And I even say that as the same person who was mildly trolling the other week about how sex for financial gain is inherently immoral- I have values, but this lot are just fucking mad. Properly. I'm flummoxed.
>> No. 32442 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 8:37 pm
32442 spacer


My first reaction is to point out that there were plenty of nofap ideas floating around /b/ even way back when, but you're not the first person I've seen complaining about zoomers and their conspiracy theories. Not the first person today.
>> No. 32443 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 8:50 pm
32443 spacer
I went on 4chan a couple of months ago, /sp/ to be specific, which must have been the first time in several years and it was just so... tiresome. There's always been that undercurrent of racism, but the sheer obsession with black men was ubiquitous. I can only really describe it with indifference.

Rudgwick has always struck me as being incredibly fake, full of insincere politeness. Sort of like you're dealing with a wildly grinning American shop worker telling you to have a nice day.

I made a thread on /g/ about something similar a few years back, >>/g/26838, because I'm conscious that the number of websites I'm visiting and actively engaging with has been dwindling for some time.
>> No. 32444 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 8:53 pm
32444 spacer

The nofap stuff back in the day was more of a half-serious joke challenge. It seems to have morphed into a quasi-religion, though.

I have encountered people who are not as versed in the history of the internet as I am, and depending where they learned about it they tend to assume it was always inherently linked with the chronic crowd.

It's always been trendy throughout history to say the next generation on is fucked in the head and all that, and people will always trot out this line as a trueism about how they'll turn out fine in the end like we did.

But I'm not so sure this time. They really have been exposed to heavy electricity, quadraspazzed on a life glug, smelling of hammers, and all that.
>> No. 32445 Anonymous
6th October 2021
Wednesday 10:53 pm
32445 spacer
I think a mistake some people might have made is to assume the only people susceptible to internet-insanity were old fogies who still remembered Britain's car industry and beef dripping sandwiches. In reality the ubiquity of technology hasn't fostered an inherent technological literacy, leaving large portions of society ready to believe the most hastily edited footage of bigfoot bunging Donald Trump $1,000,000 in a strip club CNN doesn't want you to see. How large is "large" I don't know, but it seems we're still as far away as ever from getting out act together and being contacted by the rest of the galaxy's sexy, bipedal, FTL capable aliens as ever.
>> No. 32446 Anonymous
7th October 2021
Thursday 12:40 am
32446 spacer
I go on 4chan every day, and I must say /sp/ can be good. In my opinion, it's actually getting better than it was a couple of years ago, but I might just be finding places I can rely on (I know a number of threads on 4chan which are like here, and that's a good thing, however unbearable you utter bellends can sometimes be).

If you want somewhere really awful, try 4chan's /g/. It reeks of insecurity. Everyone is trying to belittle and ruin everyone else, while boasting desperately about how much money they get paid, and how the only technology is programming (coincidentally, a form of technology which is a hobby for students; there are never threads about web hosting or virtualisation because those are jobs, and therefore alien to most of /g/). That and brand wars over absolutely everything. It's hideous. There's also /qa/, originally set up as a board for discussing the state of 4chan as a whole, but now used as a battlefield between various mentally ill spammers trying to outspam each other, resulting in a completely unusable board.

I have no-fapped a couple of times (in the past 12 months, I did not wank at all throughout either November 2020 or May 2021) and it's a great feeling to know you're not addicted to it and really do have the mental fortitude to just stop. But I didn't get any cool other hobbies to fill the void; I just posted on 4chan more. And I certainly didn't get any special magic powers.
>> No. 32447 Anonymous
7th October 2021
Thursday 12:55 am
32447 spacer

I've got a theory that 4chan actually just varies dramatically according to the time of day. European morning hours when all the Americans are asleep are much more civilised. For example the 40k thread on /tg/ is pleasant and enjoyable by day, but as soon as the Yanks start waking up it invariably devolves into the typical identity politics obsessed shit flinging. And that's not just my own projection, I mean it's observable, like clockwork.
>> No. 32448 Anonymous
7th October 2021
Thursday 1:33 am
32448 spacer
In my experience, anything with fewer posters is better. The smaller boards are good (try /diy/), and /sp/'s Paralympics threads were some of the most fun I've ever had there, because the four or five posters were all knowledgeable, passionate, interested, and positive. Anyone who went there during the Euro 2020 final will have seen a much worse side of /sp/, because it takes no effort, and requires no knowledge or involvement, to point out that certain players are BLACK LMAO and to make 70 different identical threads about this fact with no other information, contribution or effort.
>> No. 32449 Anonymous
7th October 2021
Thursday 11:01 pm
32449 spacer
I wish I could grow a beard. I don't actually want a beard, but I do want stubble.
>> No. 32450 Anonymous
8th October 2021
Friday 12:13 am
32450 spacer
Bread transplant. Maybe do it in a former USSR country or Turkey - they are way cheaper. I have a mate who done it, along with his head.
>> No. 32451 Anonymous
8th October 2021
Friday 12:14 am
32451 spacer
I can't delete - I meant Beard, not BREAD.
>> No. 32452 Anonymous
8th October 2021
Friday 12:27 am
32452 spacer
Bread transplants sounds like something I could get behind. Imagine having a loaf that was made up of different slices of bread* that would give you some variation and introduce this goddamn backwards hovel of a country to proper breads again.

*In pairs of course; I'm not an animal.
>> No. 32453 Anonymous
8th October 2021
Friday 2:27 am
32453 spacer
I would love that actually. Imagine having some sort of loaf going from all white to the artsy shit at then end?
>> No. 32454 Anonymous
8th October 2021
Friday 4:33 pm
32454 spacer
I booked a flu-jab and now Boots won't stop texting and emailing reminders for it. It's being paid for so they shouldn't care and my employer is the one paying for it so I'm pretty ambivalent myself.
>> No. 32455 Anonymous
8th October 2021
Friday 5:06 pm
32455 spacer
I have to shave every 12 hours to stay clean shaven which makes my femboy aesthetic hard work so I'd gladly trade with you.
>> No. 32456 Anonymous
9th October 2021
Saturday 4:42 am
32456 spacer
Had this cold for a week now. Just as it was clearing up, sore throat is back with a vengeance. Feels like there is razor blades and broken glass in my throat every time I swallow.
>> No. 32457 Anonymous
9th October 2021
Saturday 9:20 am
32457 spacer
Yeah I think everyone's had the double or treble summer cold.
>> No. 32458 Anonymous
9th October 2021
Saturday 8:24 pm
32458 spacer
I apparently look like somebody on a shitty Netflix tv show so everytime there's a new season there's a spike in people saying 'you remind me of the guy from that show.'

This has happened at parties, in work, with family, somebody working in M and S stopped me to tell me, somebody I haven't seen in 5 years told me they were thinking of me because they were watching the show. Somebody even pointed at me the other day in the pub and said 'hey he looks like that guy'.

It's actually quite awkward. What do I say? Thank them? Say 'oh I know?' say 'oh really?'.

If it was a more flattering lookalike I might not actually mind it...
>> No. 32459 Anonymous
9th October 2021
Saturday 9:47 pm
32459 spacer

Well, go on, who?

And just grow a moustache or something. Facial hair does a lot for your appearance.
>> No. 32460 Anonymous
9th October 2021
Saturday 11:15 pm
32460 spacer
Once got told I look like Mark E. Smith. I was 18 at the time and it's only becoming truer as I age. There aren't enough post-punk aficionados around for it to come up again, but it's never left me.

I hope you've gone ball as fuck, Alex, you guitar pedal bothering sod.
>> No. 32461 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 12:36 am
32461 spacer
Just saw Baroness Warsi on The Last Leg. I was unreasonably aroused.
>> No. 32462 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 3:03 am
32462 spacer

I used to get Zach Galifianakis, which I think just meant I was a bit fat and had a beard, not that I had a similar face or anything.
>> No. 32463 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 4:55 am
32463 spacer
I really want her to sit on my face, which is weird because I never wanted anyone to do that to me.
>> No. 32464 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 8:29 am
32464 spacer
I've had Seth Rogen for similar reasons, but if I wear glasses I get Ed Sheeran.
>> No. 32465 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 1:10 pm
32465 spacer

I think it's a combination of her firm-but-fair demeanour and the natural curvaceousness of a middle-aged Asian woman.
>> No. 32466 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 1:47 pm
32466 spacer
I am very frequently compared to Andy Serkis. Unfortunately age has agreed with opinion, and now I look just as tired as he does. Fortunately he's known for more than just Golum now. Also Rowan Atkinson.
>> No. 32467 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 2:01 pm
32467 spacer

I've also been compared to Seth Rogen, even though I wear glasses all the time. Are you a bungy? That may explain the Sheeran comparison.
>> No. 32468 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 2:24 pm
32468 spacer
The Sheeran one is because my beard is a little ginger.
>> No. 32469 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 11:21 pm
32469 spacer
I've long thought all advertising ought to be banned from public places as it constitutes little more than brain-polluting, ugly, nonsense. However, the genre of TV ad that is "old person doing modern thing, ain't it crazy!" should also be banned and punishible by... castration. Women we'll wall into a tiny room like in the middle ages and wait until they starve.
>> No. 32470 Anonymous
11th October 2021
Monday 12:27 am
32470 spacer

I consume nearly all of my media through adblock-enabled devices. When I happen to be using someone else's computer or watching someone else's TV, I'm always shocked at how crass, vulgar and manipulative advertising is. A lot of TV adverts seem to just be an "inspirational" montage of diverse people doing photogenic things to a plinky-plonky soundtrack, with the brand tacked on at the end. I miss the old days when adverts at least had the good grace to try and sell you something.
>> No. 32471 Anonymous
11th October 2021
Monday 8:27 am
32471 spacer

I agree and also here's a little guide to opening those "bus stop" size adverts that are everywhere (not just in bus stops).
They expect you to replace it with art but you don't need to, you can just roll up the advert.
>> No. 32472 Anonymous
11th October 2021
Monday 12:49 pm
32472 spacer
Aren't most adverts still social engineering stuff from the government about covid and Brexit? Aside from the underground which lives in a parallel universe of bad novels and theatre.
>> No. 32473 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 10:47 pm
32473 spacer
4od was such a superior name to All-Four, but 4od was barely usuable crap so I guess it's an improvement overall.
>> No. 32478 Anonymous
19th October 2021
Tuesday 1:55 pm
32478 spacer
There are too many kinds of beans. It’s little wonder few in the UK cook regularly with anything other than the baked kind.

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