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>> No. 5414 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 1:30 am
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hello /art/ would it be frowned upon to post some clips of city I've filmed and editing together in to 2-3 minute videos? Or would that be a bit self indulgent?

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>> No. 5415 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 7:17 am
5415 spacer
I'd like to see it.
>> No. 5416 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 11:33 am
5416 spacer
Considering this board hasn't been posted on since Queen Victoria was alive then absolutely not, how dare you even propose breathing some much-needed life into the place.
>> No. 5417 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 11:57 am
5417 spacer





Currently editing together one of Potsdam, London and Lancaster. Lemme know what you think. Tah lads.
>> No. 5418 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 12:38 pm
5418 spacer
Liverpool: Very nice, almost meditative to watch this. I really like the shots of the Albert Docks. I think it would have been nice to see a little of the pretty suburbia - maybe a bit of Crosby Beach with the Gormley statues. I also think a timelapse of a ferry/ship leaving port might have been nice and relevant to the history of the city.
>> No. 5419 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 12:57 pm
5419 spacer
>>5418 Thanks mate, What I was going for was the busy city center then going around the out skirts and finishing in those lovely peaceful docks. Crosby Beach is a good shout though, Will have to film there next time I'm up that way.
>> No. 5420 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 12:58 pm
5420 spacer
It's all very nice footage but lacks the narrative and explanation you'd expect from a travel video.

Both, particularly the Berlin one, reminded me of BBC footage where Rosie and Jim or someone have just gone to a new place and it's showing you around before they go to the factory where they show you how something is made. I think the music didn't help.
>> No. 5421 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 7:10 pm
5421 spacer
Very nice, almost therapeutic. Made me want to be there. Also, the music choice is a really good fit for the videos. Keep them coming.

Please don't do anything this lad says >>5420
>> No. 5422 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 9:08 pm
5422 spacer
Shame you obscured the punning shop name in the Liverpool video. Otherwise a nice enough clip. Watching the bit in the Albert Dock I found myself imagining ARE FRED and his floating map.
>> No. 5423 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 11:07 pm
5423 spacer

I think they gave the weather map a viking funeral after Fred got convicted of noncery.

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