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>> No. 10794 Anonymous
23rd September 2017
Saturday 9:14 pm
10794 spacer
I like listening to podcasts in the car. Trouble is they get drowned out when I do 70 mph. So I crank up the volume to compensate which is that unfortunate side effect of amplifying some low frequency reverberation as people talk which I think is the bass.

In the manual the radio does have have settings, which may be able to be tweaked so that this noise goes away. I have already selected the 'vocal' equalizer preset which has helped a little bit.

I'll put the stuff I think might be more relevant in bold.
Network mode - 2-way + SW MULTI-AMP reproduction of bands (high/middle/low)
Standard mode:4 or 6 speaker system
Cut-off frequency/Slope (this may be useful...)
Equalizer band:50Hz to 12.5KHz
EQ level -6 to +6
EQ Setting - super bass, powerful, natural, vocal, custom, flat
Subwoofer (I don't think i have one)
Loudness - compensate for clear sound at low volume

Expand all images.
>> No. 10795 Anonymous
23rd September 2017
Saturday 10:15 pm
10795 spacer
The critical frequencies for speech intelligibility are between 250Hz and 4kHz. The "vocal" preset on your EQ will probably boost these frequencies, but you might want to experiment with the graphical EQ bands yourself. Cutting the EQ bands below 250Hz will help to take out some of the boominess in male voices.

Most podcast apps have a setting to enable dynamic range compression; this will increase the volume of the quieter parts, without affecting the louder parts. This can significantly improve intelligibility in noisy environments, particularly for podcasts with less-than-perfect audio quality. This setting is called "volume boost" in Pocket Casts and "voice boost" in Overcast.
>> No. 10797 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 10:17 am
10797 spacer
Thanks this is really helpful, I will try fiddling with the EQ settings. It is especially the male voices that make listening hard.

I use Antennapod which unfortunately doesn't have 'volume boost'. I'll see if I can find an app that does, on f-droid.
>> No. 10798 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 1:13 pm
10798 spacer
Have you considered buying a Bentley? I hear there offer excellent isolation from road noise, so that you could listen to your podcasts at a normal volume.
>> No. 10799 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 1:25 pm
10799 spacer
Never go faster than 69MPH.
>> No. 10800 Anonymous
25th September 2017
Monday 8:19 pm
10800 spacer

Thanks. I've also heard private jets offer excellent isolation too. So I'll consider getting one of those too.

Alas I fear that the noise to volume ratio is linear not exponential, especially so at the 69 mph threshold.
>> No. 10801 Anonymous
25th September 2017
Monday 8:51 pm
10801 spacer
How about not driving at all? Then you could plug some earbuds into a phone with the bonus of not being hassled by the various hassling cunts on the street.
>> No. 10802 Anonymous
25th September 2017
Monday 9:38 pm
10802 spacer
How are your speakers? Stock and low end car speakers are, in my professional opinion, complete dog spunk in terms of clarity. Road noise can be hugely reduced with a bit of acoustic foam in the doors, but depending on the car that can be simple or almost impossible.
>> No. 10803 Anonymous
27th September 2017
Wednesday 2:43 pm
10803 spacer
They are the stock and low end car speakers.

I have a Toyota Corolla.
>> No. 10804 Anonymous
27th September 2017
Wednesday 3:07 pm
10804 spacer

I would recommend replacing them. It's relatively easy to do yourself, and cheap enough to pay someone else to do it. If it's an older car your existing speakers are probably already ripped or damaged.

What year is the car?
>> No. 10805 Anonymous
27th September 2017
Wednesday 4:14 pm
10805 spacer
Are your wheel bearings ok? If you put your car in neutral at 70 if its still noisy you should get some indication.
>> No. 10806 Anonymous
27th September 2017
Wednesday 5:26 pm
10806 spacer
>> No. 10810 Anonymous
30th September 2017
Saturday 8:56 pm
10810 spacer
Recommended podcasts, anyone?

I've been listening to:
Talos cyber Intelligence podcasts. Most of the time I don't know what they're talking about but I'm hoping something will rub off if I listen long enough - https://www.talosintelligence.com/podcasts

joe Rogan talking shit with other dudeds - http://podcasts.joerogan.net/

Theres a BBC one on polotics that should be starting soon -

The best part is I can leave them playing while I do other things and it feels like I have friends.
>> No. 10811 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 1:47 pm
10811 spacer

>> No. 10812 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 6:14 pm
10812 spacer
>Recommended podcasts, anyone?

The history of Rome podcast. It is 189 episodes long the first couple are a bit dry, but once it gets going it is good.
>> No. 10813 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 7:01 pm
10813 spacer
His Revolutions one is better I think.
>> No. 10814 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 8:40 pm
10814 spacer

Athletico Mince.

If you like Bob Mortimer talking nonsense with another bloke.
>> No. 10815 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 8:41 pm
10815 spacer
Wasn't that one of the teams named by the sports desk on Chanel 9 Neus?
>> No. 10816 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 8:49 pm
10816 spacer

No idea, possibly? The podcast is seriously good though if it clicks. It might not. I have to be in the right mood for it but when I am it's just pure joy pouring forth from headphones into my brain.

I love Bob Mortimer more than is healthy though.
>> No. 10817 Anonymous
2nd October 2017
Monday 3:56 pm
10817 spacer

I'll probably move on to it once I've finished the Rome one.

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