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>> No. 9214 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 5:37 pm
9214 Post stuff that you made
Here is a dumb cover thing that I did, unfinished but I stopped working on it and figured that this wouldn't set the bar too high for the rest of you lads.

Expand all images.
>> No. 9215 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 6:03 pm
9215 spacer
I wish to summon Ciderbeard Joe to this thread to share with us any further strokes of genius he's had in recent years. "I Am Joe's Wasted Life" has been a fairly constant feature in my playlist.
>> No. 9216 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 9:06 pm
9216 spacer
He's not uploaded anything new in two years, sadly.
>> No. 9217 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 9:40 pm
9217 spacer

Best of a bad bunch, from when I wanted to be the next deadmau5.

What really gets me is that I know a lot more about both music theory and production now, and play the piano much better, but I haven't actually finished a track in a year or more.
>> No. 9218 Anonymous
22nd April 2015
Wednesday 3:57 am
9218 spacer

>What really gets me is that I know a lot more about both music theory and production now, and play the piano much better, but I haven't actually finished a track in a year or more.

I know that one. For me the more I learn, the more I'm convinced everything I make is trite and worthless. I think the key is to just keep going anyway though. As a famous photographer said, your first 10,000 photographs are your worst. I'm sure that applies to our first 100 or so tracks.
>> No. 9219 Anonymous
22nd April 2015
Wednesday 12:55 pm
9219 spacer
I used to enjoy a bit of music dabbling, but it was an escapism. Putting in the energy now to actually finish a song and not just potter around with an 8 bars loop of ideas seems like a real graft.
>> No. 9221 Anonymous
22nd April 2015
Wednesday 3:57 pm
9221 spacer
I didn't make this - I wish I could've, but it only has 62 plays so I'm going to link it anyway.
>> No. 9242 Anonymous
1st May 2015
Friday 8:03 pm
9242 spacer

I need to get an electric drumkit or something.
>> No. 9596 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 2:43 am
9596 spacer
Just got in from the pub and felt like a little bowie.


Sorry for the shit quality.
>> No. 9597 Anonymous
17th October 2015
Saturday 3:06 am
9597 spacer
Nice. I like this one. I'm going to download it.
>> No. 10214 Anonymous
18th September 2016
Sunday 8:08 pm
10214 spacer
I felt like resurrecting this thread, so I made a nice psychedelic little jam for you all.


>> No. 10215 Anonymous
18th September 2016
Sunday 8:43 pm
10215 spacer
This sounds like it could be the intro music to one of those "for women" vids on PornHub with the soft lighting and a 5 minute cunnilingus closeup.
>> No. 10219 Anonymous
19th September 2016
Monday 1:23 am
10219 spacer
This is great.
>> No. 10221 Anonymous
19th September 2016
Monday 8:45 am
10221 spacer
I like it. Quite Hendrix-esque.
>> No. 10442 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 12:01 am
10442 spacer
A couple of chaps here liked it the last time I did this sort of thing, so here you are.


I've been working on my production techniques, with the goal of finding effective ways to capture polished guitar tone for lazy artists who can't really be bothered.
>> No. 10691 Anonymous
30th July 2017
Sunday 9:53 pm
10691 spacer

A mate and I made this using an old, broken clock from the 20s. The chimes in it make really nice sounds.
>> No. 10692 Anonymous
31st July 2017
Monday 2:28 am
10692 spacer
http://picosong.com/vmFu - any comments welcome
>> No. 10693 Anonymous
31st July 2017
Monday 10:32 am
10693 spacer
I know several of these are old now but I'm in need of a diversion this morning so I thought I'd give some feedback. Obviously this is all just my taste and the production suggestions are not meant to be taken as objective feedback, they're just what would work for me.

Most of the lead on this sounds more like a Pink Floyd, Dave Gilmour solo than Hendrix to me. I like it, anyway, tight recording. Possibly a little over-polished, hence the other lad/lass comment about it sounding like porn music. >>10442 is much better in this regard - a good combination of things in the mix and all well-levelled, and properly processed without sounding plastic. The work you've put into your production techniques between the two is evident.

Vocals are too clean; could possibly benefit from some reverb, and then compressor/EQing. The guitar is slightly out of tune and isn't particularly well-captured, which can be endearing for this kind of music, but at least needs some more treble to give it some more definition to bring it back into the mix (this has probably been lost in recording, so something to work on next time), and definitely less clipping. For this kind of thing, ideally you'd mic different parts of the guitar from a reasonable distance (neck for the higher frequencies, body for the lower, and not necessarily the sound hole, counter-intuitively - you'll get booming, like a mic without a baffle) and play around with the resulting tracks afterwards, but even if you continue using what you've got, turn it down some to get a cleaner output and adjust it back up in the mix. Bottom line, remember that you can generally make a cleanly-recorded acoustic guitar sound more "raw" with a bit of post-processing, but a bad recording is basically stuck like that. The clock chimes are also too piercing for my taste -they contrast sharply with the muffled guitar- but that at least is easily fixed.

Excellent bit of punk. Appropriately grungy, short, and offensive with a bit of self-aware wit; not much to add. (You're doing the opposite of refuting post-modernism, though, incidentally. Maybe I'm missing the joke.)
>> No. 10746 Anonymous
8th August 2017
Tuesday 8:39 pm
10746 spacer

Thanks for the feedback lad, even if it has been so long that I forgot about posting either track. I'm glad you picked up the Gilmour vibe too, that's pretty much exactly what I was going for.

>The work you've put into your production techniques between the two is evident.

What you're hearing there is actually a stark demonstration of the difference between digital amp modelling, and a real valve amp properly mic'd up. I've been at this for years, but I live in a first floor flat, so sometimes "silent recording" is my only option.


I got a decent chuckle out of this one. Very nice gritty vocals I must say. Do I detect perhaps a touch of Half Man Half Biscuit?
>> No. 10765 Anonymous
14th August 2017
Monday 11:32 am
10765 spacer
Something I made years ago.

>> No. 10857 Anonymous
22nd October 2017
Sunday 6:50 pm
10857 spacer
I know it's been a couple of months, but the thing was recorded on, then hastily mastered on, a cheap Aldi headset in an echoey loft.

The guitar is tuned to the chimes, hence why it's out of tune.

I've finally got time to sit down with my monitors and have another go.

Here's a (more, I'm not an audio expert) properly mastered version:
>> No. 10898 Anonymous
16th November 2017
Thursday 11:23 pm
10898 spacer
I sometimes get carried away with really daft ideas.

>> No. 11006 Anonymous
27th April 2018
Friday 2:14 am
11006 sorry for being a yank
album art.png
Just finished this track today. I'm not very good at mixing and still trying to find my original sound/niche. Really appreciate any listens or feedback though.

>trap rap with death metal/black metal screams, super edgy lyrics, and a few samples of dialog from The Sopranos

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