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>> No. 4409 Anonymous
5th January 2017
Thursday 2:00 pm
4409 Occult influence in politics?
Any book/website/film recommendations for occult stuff I politics that isn't NWP/Illuminati stuff?

I know there is a Tantric (Buddhist) element in the Japanese Emperors coronation, but I'm interested in more weird secret rather than just symbolic.
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>> No. 4410 Anonymous
5th January 2017
Thursday 3:24 pm
4410 spacer
Robert Anton Wilson is always worth a look if you're into this stuff.

This is quite an entertaining video where he touches on a lot of things, the propaganda due (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda_Due) stuff being particularly interesting in my opinion.


Might not be "weird" enough though. Still falls sort of falls under masonic/illuminati type stuff I guess. Wilson is a great speaker regardless.

Only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is all the oddness surrounding the recently impeached South Korean president. Weird cult stuff, 8 Goddesses and whatnot. Should be enough to send you down a rabbit hole for a bit at least.
>> No. 4411 Anonymous
5th January 2017
Thursday 5:23 pm
4411 spacer

Anything Korean and religious will be odd. My evening is looking up.
>> No. 4412 Anonymous
6th January 2017
Friday 3:45 pm
4412 spacer

The Sinister Forces trilogy and Unholy Alliance, all by Peter Levenda are pretty much exactly what you're looking for.
>> No. 4413 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 2:21 am
4413 spacer
It's all nonsense, gothlads.
>> No. 4414 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 2:31 am
4414 spacer
Once I did a ouija board and woke up covered in piss.

Another time I smoked a huge hit of DMT, met Vishnu who granted me a wish, and came back with magical powers. That one's a true story.
>> No. 4415 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 2:36 am
4415 spacer
I met Lilith and she scared the shit out of me and I don't think I did DMT since.
>> No. 4416 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 12:12 pm
4416 spacer

Hmm. Maybe I met lilith, not Vishnu. Whoever it was, they had three faces, presumably a fourth on the back, and they were blue and yellow.

I don't think all DMT experiences are as profound as this, plenty of my friends have done it and just had minor dreams. It could be that if there's something ready within you, you have the sort of experiences we're talking about.
>> No. 4417 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 12:34 pm
4417 spacer
The strange thing about DMT is that people report having seen the exact same things, machine elves. It's so consistent that it potentially gives credence to the idea that the hallucination isn't just an invention of the mind, an illusion, but that DMT opens the mind up to some dimension we can't normally witness.
>> No. 4418 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 12:38 pm
4418 spacer
I have heard this about DMT too - that many people report seeing the same thing, the same characters.

Would love to try it.
>> No. 4419 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 1:55 pm
4419 spacer

She looked like this to me. A vast wall of it. The scariest part wasn't her perceived malevolence, but later, realising here was a drug that could instantly change your entire belief system, no matter how rational you felt you were before you could instantly be made to believe in various (presumably Jungian) entities.

I still give a little salute to the moon whenever I see it, to pay her my respects.
>> No. 4420 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 1:59 pm
4420 spacer
Or maybe, just maybe, a significant proportion of people who take DMT have done their research and heard the stories of the "machine elves", planting the idea deep in their subconscious to be unearthed by a large dose of a mind-altering drug. Occam's razor and all that.
>> No. 4421 Anonymous
9th January 2017
Monday 9:40 pm
4421 spacer

alex gray dmt 2.jpg

I saw this chap. When I was trying to describe it later to some friends, one of them told me about Alex Gray''s artwork. I looked him up and found this picture. The background was different, and it had a body, but that's what I saw, same colours as well. The only way I could describe the colours would be if you look directly at a light, and then look away - you get that imprint on your eye, which you can see clearer when you close your eyes. It's a colour that doesn't really exist in reality. The colours were like that, but with the contrast turned up, that's the closest way I can think of describing it. It was like nothing else I have ever seen.
>> No. 4422 Anonymous
14th January 2017
Saturday 12:28 am
4422 spacer

I call it the colour of darkness. I found that AMT was especially good at bringing it out, because we always sat in darkness to ease the transition into the dream realm. I would start seeing shades of that uniquely hallucinogenic pink/purple/green tone spreading from the edges of objects and the usually pitch black night sky was always burning bright with that colour.
>> No. 4423 Anonymous
14th January 2017
Saturday 8:57 pm
4423 spacer
There's a game about the occult called 'The Black Watchmen'. You might like it.
>> No. 4424 Anonymous
14th January 2017
Saturday 8:58 pm
4424 spacer
Hah. Are you a player?

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