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>> No. 4428 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 9:19 pm
4428 Tarot
I've vaguely interested in learning to interpret tarot but I haven't a clue where to start. Various sources advise developing your own understanding of the different cards and suits, essentially "how do they make you feel?", but I can't help but feel you could assign any meaning to any card and essentially have your own deck of personal divination tools. You might as well use pokemon trading cards and say Hypno is representative of this or that and interacts with Beedrill because Psychic is strong against Poison (although i guess there is some significance in the pokemon I chose to example, in fact I'm finding meaning in it quite easily). But you get what I mean. Or maybe I don't.

I suppose what I'm really asking is; is there a classic text on tarot, where would I go to learn the intended meaning behind the elements within the cards, etc.
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>> No. 4429 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 9:25 pm
4429 spacer
As an after thought, it'd be entertaining to share stories of tarot experiences and the like.

This one time, a 'witch' told me she performed a reading and 'future influence' for someone. The person asked for heat, lots and lots of heat. The next day the kitchen below his flat caught fire. Whoa!
>> No. 4430 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 9:49 pm
4430 spacer
Not a /boo/man myself but I thought I would give one of the online tarot readings a whirl to see what happens.

It seemed pretty accurate for me in what I'm going through and provided some hope. Now I'm not a magician but I can see that what matters is the interpretation you attach to the reading (like dream analysis) so I don't see why the card type will matter. If you get a Beedrill and realise that you need to get to the point then it is all good.

Sageru ticked because I don't know what I'm talking about.
>> No. 4431 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 10:50 pm
4431 spacer

It is random. Cards. Game of chance.

We might as well start a horoscope thread.
>> No. 4432 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 11:14 pm
4432 spacer
Welcome to /boo/.
>> No. 4433 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 12:18 am
4433 spacer
The cynic in me dismiss it all without a second thought. But my misses bought a book on tarot based on the art, and it fascinates me how many little bits of symbolism and quirks there are when i started reading what the cards 'meant'. You hit the nail on the head about it being vague and vapid, that is by design, like all of those 'not meant to be taken literally' passages in the bible. The whole thing is cold reading really, it paints in broad brush strokes and you assign what you want to it all. As far as I'm aware it was never originally meant to have mystical powers but that was added later to add spice to it. Much like wigia boards were original a paker bros board game and all of the negative association is purely a result of 'the exorcist'. Funny how these things start off more mundane but society makes them supernatural.
>> No. 4434 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 3:25 pm
4434 spacer

I laughed. I clicked the link. I got a reading that arguably contradicted itself.

Shrugged my shoulders, started taking some crockery downstairs. I fell over and smashed a cup.

What have I done?
>> No. 4435 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 4:05 pm
4435 spacer

You're not cursed, you're just a clumsy fucker.
>> No. 4436 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 4:50 pm
4436 spacer

Rachael or Lynn?

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