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>> No. 2577 Anonymous
25th April 2016
Monday 6:10 pm
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I'm planning to try my hand at growing some velvet beans this year. Anyone have experience with this before? Perhaps someone has found a variety without the obnoxious itchy hairs?
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>> No. 2578 Anonymous
25th April 2016
Monday 11:54 pm
2578 spacer
Never seen them before but they look great.
>> No. 2579 Anonymous
25th April 2016
Monday 11:56 pm
2579 spacer
I don't think he's growing them for their looks.
>> No. 2580 Anonymous
26th April 2016
Tuesday 1:15 am
2580 spacer
the stigma and anther etc. just seemed so sexual and the petals so delicate... it's also worth mentioning that the digital images failed to convey the touch of the flower, just like with a real sexual partner, so I had to do this in public as I had no flowers of my own.
>> No. 2581 Anonymous
26th April 2016
Tuesday 2:06 am
2581 spacer

Jesus christ, we really are plumbing new depths.
>> No. 2583 Anonymous
26th April 2016
Tuesday 8:33 pm
2583 spacer

OP here. He is just taking the piss.

Velvet beans contain large amounts of dopamine precursors. I already have a legal prescription for Levodopa, but it is a hassle, and I would like to see if the plants can hold me over at times when I can't fill my prescription. I wouldn't want to eat them all the time, because they seem like quite a witches' brew of neurotransmitters, and I prefer to know what I'm putting in my bloodstream.
>> No. 2584 Anonymous
26th April 2016
Tuesday 10:45 pm
2584 spacer

Can I ask what you're prescribed Levodopa for? I've consumed a fair few bottles of a supplement with velvet bean extract in it for up to a month at a time with no ill effects that I'm aware of. Then again I'm not sure if it really had any positive effects either.
>> No. 2586 Anonymous
27th April 2016
Wednesday 5:51 pm
2586 spacer

Supplements are poorly-regulated, and even with reputable brands there's no great guarantee of potency, especially not if it's been sat on a shelf in a hot warehouse for a month.
With a lot of supplements the dose in a single tablet tends to be too low too, simply because packing enough into a single capsule would make it quite hard to swallow.
>> No. 2587 Anonymous
28th April 2016
Thursday 7:03 am
2587 spacer

Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. It is not a common illness or treatment, which is why it's difficult to maintain a prescription.

I heard about velvet beans during some research and assumed they would be quite popular, but it appears they're almost unknown to the DUDE WEED LMAO crowd.

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