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>> No. 31305 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 2:50 pm
31305 spacer
As a 30 year old male, should I not be using Discord?
Recently I took to exploring Discord community servers in hope of finding a group that's active enough to warrant casual participation - simulate some social context and maybe even physically talk to people, learn some skills, etc. But each server I've found seems to be full of teenagers discovering their identities and I feel like I really shouldn't interact with these people.
We've all heard of the estrogen hidden in drugs, sold outside the school gate, Discord story (or perhaps not) but I've just found a server that explicitly allows discussion of child abuse, fostering and cult activity. What's worse is that the community apparently acts behind a soft and colourful front of making the internet a more nostalgic place - which appear to actually attract members, including vulnerable young people. No doubt this particular server is full of undercover agents, thank god.

It troubles me that every fucking time I try to develop my social life this horror of child abuse rears its head.
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>> No. 31306 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 2:51 pm
31306 spacer

I read this collection of studies some time ago - it's very interesting, take a look. Collected, the studies go some way to explain that pornography is one of the significant drivers of technology and the internet. Sexuality manifests itself everywhere, sort of thing. It makes sense that taboo would thrive on the internet, where everyones

How the fuck do we go forward? Pedophillia is surely a logical step along the LGBT+ trajectory, divorced from actual sexual offence. But we know from humanity that enough people will do what they want. Is this considered progress?

I'm losing my train of thought, though the notion of this thread is a long time coming from me. What're your thoughts on the subject, and where do you think such a thread might go?
>> No. 31307 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 2:52 pm
31307 spacer
>It makes sense that taboo would thrive on the internet, where everyones ..
Oh would you look at that. Got ahead of myself, still haven't learned to proof read.
>> No. 31308 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 2:54 pm
31308 spacer
You shouldn't not not be using Discord, it's basically the modern equivalent of IRC or whatever.

I don't fully get it myself, and I'm especially hesitant to join in with some of the groups related to my actual interests because of how dodgy I'm sure they probably (definitely) are; but still. In principle it's the main socialising tool for today's age of terminally online nerds, as far as I can tell; as opposed to TikTok or Snapchat for the normies I guess.

I'd say probably just don't go joining in random channels unless you're prepared to witness some depravity. Treat it like the old days of exploring random -chan boards after a few joints.
>> No. 31309 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 2:55 pm
31309 spacer
>Pedophillia is surely a logical step along the LGBT+ trajectory, divorced from actual sexual offence.

You know, I was starting to think it's been a while since we've had paedolad posting his "scientific proof" that paedophilia is normal and the optimum breeding age is 13-14.
>> No. 31310 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 3:00 pm
31310 spacer
I'm in a number of discord servers that primarily consist of people aged 20+, it's not very hard to notice very quickly if a place is full of kids and leave. Is it possible it's to do with your interests? Not to imply you're a carpet-bagger or have children's interests but it may just be that the grownups in your niche don't advertise their communities as widely.
You should really report the server you just described.
>> No. 31311 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 3:54 pm
31311 spacer
>Pedophillia is surely a logical step along the LGBT+ trajectory, divorced from actual sexual offence. But we know from humanity that enough people will do what they want. Is this considered progress?

There's a very hard line in my mind, here, which is the ability to consent. Recognising the many manifestations of human sexuality among those with the ability to consent is progress. Allowing anything that humans are capable of doing within their "nature" is not progress.
>> No. 31312 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 5:12 pm
31312 spacer

It seems otherlad was coming at it from a rather unsavoury angle, one of paedophilia being inevitable and a logical progression from legbuttiyay plus plus. That's not a perspective I would condone, however I have certainly noticed there are elements with in the fringe communities (particularly the T-ish parts of the rainbow) who appear to want to promote that; this really isn't the thread for it though.

I'm not sure if this second post was still the OP trying to steer the direction of the thread onto something more alike what he was really thinking, but I do remember us having a struggling paedolad here before who frankly acknowledged that his urges were wrong and wanted to seek help. I can imagine that causing a great amount of distress and if I knew I was that sort, I would definitely want to stay the fuck off Discord, because it would only inevitably lead to me getting arrested. I've a suspicion that's what was being hinted at here.

Bit like if I was an ex-resting actor I'd refrain from spending my weekends down the pub, it's probably for the best. Unfortunate that fate has dealt you that hand, but there are other ways to socialise, where you can be pretty safely assured that only other adults are present.
>> No. 31313 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 5:43 pm
31313 spacer

I've always been used to using IRC with a wide age range of people in servers and honestly I don't see what the problem would be if you're gathering over shared interests. But then again somehow I've managed to avoid weird sexual shit past humour.
>> No. 31314 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 7:06 pm
31314 spacer
I think that's how most people feel. But if there is no other party to consent or not, for example if you're reading a made-up story or buying some drawings online, is that still bad?
>> No. 31320 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 9:25 pm
31320 spacer

Yo WTF 2.jpg
>It seems otherlad was coming at it from a rather unsavoury angle
The unsavory angle wasn't intended - I don't mean to pomote or justify these themes - but otherwise your post is spot on. I didn't realise how much I projected into the thread.
As I mentioned, it troubles me just how often I encounter this complex in my daily life. I very much would like to talk to a professional about it but the times I did seem to have produced nothing but a reluctance to try again.

My concern is that such interests are rife across the internet and they'll no doubt have a forming influence on our future societies. You just have to notice the shit said to be going on in America to see how it could take hold.

Pictured is the offending message I found in this otherwise innocent looking server.
>> No. 31322 Anonymous
6th December 2021
Monday 9:50 pm
31322 spacer

>It seems otherlad was coming at it from a rather unsavoury angle, one of paedophilia being inevitable and a logical progression from legbuttiyay plus plus.

It's probably only true for a small subset of the community, but it should be noted that during the Sexual Revolution, paedophiles fought side by side for some time with gays for the liberalisation of sexual morals and the law. The lowering of the gay age of consent was not merely a victory for equality, but certain fringes of the gay rights movement were in favour of a far-reaching abolition of ages of consent altogether. And the best way for them towards that end was to piggyback gays and lesbians who really only wanted equal rights and equal ages of consent of 16. It was only when sexual attitudes towards paedophilia changed between the late 80s and early 2000s that gays were forced to take a stand and divorce themselves from the paedo currents within their movement.

I'm not sure where I stand on how to pick all that apart, really. My dad had a friend when we were growing up as kids who was quite obviously into little boys that were about the age of my brother and me. But it was also rumoured that he sought the company of adult men for sex and companionship. This was in the 80s, so everything was still very hush-hush, but there was one (closet) gay man who was both into prepubescent boys and adult men.
>> No. 31324 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 9:34 am
31324 spacer

This is to be expected, in the same way that heterosexuals have also sexualised those same groups throughout history.

I can't imagine it was just attitudes changing form the late 80s, though. If I understand correctly, fighting the stereotype that all gay men were paedophiles was one of the major struggles of the early LGBT movement.
>> No. 31325 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 10:05 am
31325 spacer

Just attitudes in general changed, honestly. I don't think it specifically overlaps with bumders. We became a lot more strict about minors and consent, but as far as the average Joe is concerned, only in a really arbitrary sense that's always just seemed disappointing to me. It's that thing where people get fixated on the letter of the law without thinking about the reasons why whatsoever.

We've got modern movements like me too and all those women coming out to accuse their historical abusers and so on, but the fact is, whether we admit or not, people in the past were just a lot more lenient about it. If a lass was 16-17 but seemed "mature", a lot of people would have just thought "ah, close enough" and let it slide, and it's not only sex that applied to. Buying fags, beer, gambling, the lot of it. Society was just a lot more flexible and permissive in those regards, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

The same reason we had blokes like Fred Dibnah climbing up 200ft tall chimney stacks after 3 pints of beer without any safety gear, is pretty much the same reason all the 60s and 70s rock stars were sleeping with teenage girls. It'd never happen today but back then it just wasn't frowned upon in the same way, and we've become a lot more conscientious nowadays- But of course up until very recently we would still oggle their tits on page 3 the minute they turned 18.

Still, progress is progress I suppose.
>> No. 31326 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 1:34 pm
31326 spacer

What is true enough is that attitudes towards sexual abuse, and sexual abuse of minors in particular, were a lot more cavalier in the 80s and early 90s than they are today. If you look at Jimmy saville, everybody knew that he was fucking 14 year olds left right and centre for decades, but nobody did anything about it. Everybody was like, oh well, you know ARE Jim likes em young.

I think what the sexual revolution and especially the increased openness about sexuality and sexual preference in the last two or three decades has made possible is that you can also talk more openly about sexual abuse. Because sexuality itself is no longer something dirty you do behind closed doors and keep quiet about, it also means there is less stigma attached to coming forward as a victim of sexual abuse.

By contrast, I'm not fundamentally disagreeing with #metoo, I think if you were molested or abused by somebody decades ago and it had a crippling effect on your emotional wellbeing for most of your adult life, then you should be able to confront your abuser and bring them to justice. But as sexual attitudes and laws have changed, it's a slippery slope to reframe sexual behaviour which was a bit of a grey area back in the day and call it abuse, just because it's abuse by today's standards. We're not talking full-on rape or child abuse here, which were clearly illegal even back then, but somebody like Bill Wyman who was bonking an early-blooming Mandy Smith when she was 14 and a willing groupie isn't the same as a Catholic priest who forced an 11 year old altar boy to wank him off.

Likewise, if somebody touched your bum in an uncomfortable way one time in 1983, then I don't think you should be able to claim victimhood under #metoo.
>> No. 31327 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 3:28 pm
31327 spacer
But on the other hand, if you had your life ruined by, say, a handshake, you should still be able to discuss thw fact your life was ruined, even if it wasn't technically a bumming. It's not the acts that matter; it's the effects. It's probably not a crime even now to throw a bucket of spiders over someone, but if it turns out that Graham Norton or Stephen Fry or Professor Brian Cox likes to do that, then surely they should still get in trouble for it, the despicable monsters. Louis CK's only crime was wanking with people in the room, but they didn't like it and therefore he got in trouble.

Generally, a lot of things that men don't mind, some women do mind. When women weren't consulted about the laws, nobody ever thought to ban these things. But now that women are getting involved (and that's a good thing), some acts are being added to the laws because it turns out women are all wimps who can't handle the wanky bants. So society needs to accommodate that.
>> No. 31328 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 4:11 pm
31328 spacer

Chicken and egg sort of situation I think.

This is something I almost touched on in my own post, but I went on a tangent and forgot; but part of the reason women's capacity to consent was never taken as seriously, and seen as a different matter to gays allegedly bumming little boys, is that in essence, in the dark old pre-fisherperson times, women were treated as perpetual children. They didn't have the same expectations made of them as real adults, because they weren't. They were women. In that light you can see how it was never seen as a big deal to bang a particularly up-for-it 15 year old, because from that perspective there really actually isn't a lot of difference between her and a 21 year old, they're women, and therefore child-like, either way.

The hold over from this and the only partial change of attitudes we've had since then is what causes a lot of strife and conflict over fisherfolk and the role of women participating in today's society. There are undoubtedly people out there who want to have their cake and eat it, knowing full well that they're benefiting from a double standard; but then there are also women who would love to escape it who, thanks largely to the former group, are still trapped under the remnants of old gendered expectations. When it comes down it, things like #metoo are trying (unsuccessfully) to walk the line down the middle between those two, instead of taking a harder stance on what responsibilities should go with women's rights- Because you can't have rights with out responsibilities, they are two sides of the same coin.

So it's a struggle, for women, because it's not really their fault they're idiots. But what can you do? Certainly it's not my place as a man to say, is it.
>> No. 31329 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 7:19 pm
31329 spacer

I guess some of it also depends on how far down the red pill rabbit hole you want to go. Certain factions of the manosphere/MRA movement maintain that those evil fisherpersons want to raise the AOC to 18 or whatever other considerably higher age because they don't like adult men shagging barely legal or even barely illegal young lasses. Some of that particular current of manosphere thinking goes along the lines that the only women ever worth shagging are in their early 20s at the most, and often disturbingly younger than that, and that all the women above that age gradually turn into mean old hags who, instead of just accepting the loss of their youth and all their shagability, want to make it illegal for men their own age to keep bonking 17 year olds all their lives. And so they will march through the institutions as they get on in years, and eventually succed at banning sex with underage girls by law.

It's a weird mix of projection, paranoia and repressed sexuality, all of which really make that strain of MRAs nothing more but sad old cunts in my view.
>> No. 31330 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 8:18 pm
31330 spacer
Those people are almost certainly teenagers themselves, or paedophiles. I'm 34. If I met a girl who was born in 2002, say, she'd be entirely legal, but I wouldn't want to because it would be just too weird. 2002 was only three or four years ago, wasn't it? If she was astonishingly beautiful I might consider it, and if she offered I might lose all my backbone immediately, but in neither of those cases am I suddenly deciding she'd be great relationship material for me. I'd be judging her purely on her appearance, and that's bad too, and therefore it is okay to call these people freaks and perverts.
>> No. 31331 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 8:49 pm
31331 spacer
But can you define why it would be weird? I know what you mean but I honestly felt more of that at 24 than I do at 32, now I'm just of the view that I'd be completely straightforward with them and if they were still up for it, c'est bien. I don't know what exactly this change was marked by, though it does coincide with me becoming a lot more comfortable in the dating world and not much else beyond a further 8 years of smoking weed.

I'm definitely biased in this because at 13 I was diving into the furry scene because people would talk about sex with me and all I had to do was pretend to have a tail. I ended up making friends in some furchat thing with this woman and then pursuing her for a couple of years until mentioning I was actually now 15 and not 22, at which point we didn't talk for a few weeks but I, again, pursued her and ended up having this weird but really nice LDR for a few months.

It does actually make me wonder dangerous thoughts, like "Was this actually a good relationship for me", because frankly she was the most stable of any girlfriends I had around that time, and she didn't hold me back from anything and encouraged me to do so. Like a big sister who also did dirty virtual things. I've got a little theory (based on her initial reluctance) that much like seeking power, relationships with minors should not be 'held' by anyone who actively seeks them.

It's incredibly hard to have a conversation about this online without being accused of enabling carpet-baggerry, which is frustrating because it's just a general sign of the times, in that if you're not firmly against something then you must be in favour. The problem is that I can partially see the problem, because as soon as you start saying "Well hold on a minute", kidfucker13 will hop in to reiterate that we're all pink on the inside. I just want to explore the topic without being mistaken for endorsing the knobbing of toddlers.
>> No. 31332 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 9:45 pm
31332 spacer

I'm more than ten years older than you and even at my ripe old age I don't mind wanking to pictures of 20 year olds and I think nothing of having sexual thoughts when I see a fit one in real life.

But that's where it ends for me. Twenty was an incredibly long time ago for me, and it'd be impossible to pretend that I'm still 20 or even 25, and therefore in the age range that you would have to be to have a meaningful relationship with a 20 year old lass that wouldn't just consist of shagging and you not being able to look yourself in the mirror afterwards every time.

We had our time, and if you didn't get to shag 20 year olds to your heart's content during that time, then that's too bad, but it is something you cannot make up for anymore in middle age. That moment in time is gone.


> which is frustrating because it's just a general sign of the times, in that if you're not firmly against something then you must be in favour.

True. There is a certain kind of orthodoxy that you are forced to comply with or at least acknowledge. I think you absolutely need a word with yourself if you fancy 15 year olds at age 28 or thereabouts, but at the same time, even though the law says sex is illegal with anyone under 16 regardless, it's a different order of magnitude compared to somebody who is into prepubescent girls, for example.

>The problem is that I can partially see the problem, because as soon as you start saying "Well hold on a minute", kidfucker13 will hop in

They can smell that from a mile away. It's always frustrating when a good online debate on a web forum veers off into that and a lot of angry shouting and banning of users ensues.
>> No. 31333 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 10:45 pm
31333 spacer

>> No. 31334 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 11:16 pm
31334 spacer
I'm 29, I broke up with a long term girlfriend of mine a few weeks ago. I met a 19 year old on Tinder and brought her to a mates house, and I got the piss ripped out of me. I didn't think it was that weird, no? I look about 15 myself.
>> No. 31335 Anonymous
7th December 2021
Tuesday 11:45 pm
31335 spacer
>I think you absolutely need a word with yourself if you fancy 15 year olds at age 28 or thereabouts
I don't think I'm in any danger there, I definitely wouldn't seek them out, but I wonder what I'd think if I was on the other end of a similar situation. I don't think I'd do the same thing, but if I was lonely I'd have less conviction about that.
>> No. 31336 Anonymous
8th December 2021
Wednesday 12:27 am
31336 spacer

When I was 29, I met a 19 year old at a party. She looked considerably older and I looked considerably younger, so I guess we both thought that our age gap was less than it really was. Although half of it was that I consciously avoided the age question, having inferred that she had just started uni and her friends that evening also seemed 20ish. It wasn't till our first date two days later that she asked me directly how old I was. I said I was 29, and her reaction was just an "Oh...". It was easy to tell how she meant it, and the rest of that Sunday afternoon was spent between awkward silence and efforts to not be rude and keep rudimentary conversation going.

I guess my point is, a lot of lasses that age simply can't see themselves with a lad who is ten years older. It's a huge gap when you're only 19 yourself. It's something to think about for lads who think they can still pull teenagers when they are getting close to 30. With most lasses, even youthful looks that belie your true age won't save you.
>> No. 31337 Anonymous
8th December 2021
Wednesday 1:01 am
31337 spacer

>I wonder what I'd think if I was on the other end of a similar situation.

As the (other) resident furry-lad, that's something that I've honestly found myself having to be quite careful of. The anonymity of going into those sorts of spaces and identifying solely through your 'sona is at once liberating, but not without its hazards.

Like you, I got into that scene much younger than I ever should have, and I was having the sorts of conversations with people that would give your average Mail reader a heart attack. So I'm very conscious that there are a lot of kids out there today in exactly the same situation; and unwittingly, my filthy late night coked up eRP sessions could end up being with someone much younger than I would like, and I'm really not sure where the law or even my own morality stands on that.

But I am forced to consider that I was doing it at that age, and I wanted it, and as far as I was concerned at that point, all the 18+ warnings and shit were just adults trying to spoil the fun. That, of course, has implications most people really don't like or want to consider.

I've resolved to just refuse people who don't seem to type very well or who otherwise seem a bit dim. My reasoning is that, frankly, you don't tend to get very many thick people in this kind of extremely online social niche; therefore I take any indication along those lines as evidence that they are either very young, or boomer tier old.

There have been a couple of Black Mirror episodes that resonated profoundly with me because they hinted at concepts like this. I suspect Are Charlie might be one of us.
>> No. 31338 Anonymous
8th December 2021
Wednesday 8:15 am
31338 spacer
>I am forced to consider that I was doing it at that age, and I wanted it, and as far as I was concerned at that point, all the 18+ warnings and shit were just adults trying to spoil the fun.

MSN chat rooms for me. I'd just turned 15 when they shut them down, but I'd definitely got a couple of years of use out of them by that point. I can see why they got rid of them, but I didn't knowingly cyber with anyone much older than me.

I joined FaceParty about the same age and when I changed my sexuality to bisexual I had so many grown men getting in touch with me. I looked young for my age as well. I didn't do anything with those creeps, although I did watch one of them online fuck a sex toy he'd made by wrapping a towel around balloons filled with warm water because of how absurd it was.

Teenagers are dumb and horny. I wouldn't look to exploit that. I already knew you lads were weirdos from that discussion the other day about it being fine to be the creepy older guy preying on drunken 18 year olds during freshers because "they need an older man to show them the ropes."
>> No. 31339 Anonymous
8th December 2021
Wednesday 7:59 pm
31339 spacer
>and as far as I was concerned at that point, all the 18+ warnings and shit were just adults trying to spoil the fun.
I see it a bit differently, going through my horny mid-teen stages in the mid 00's the internet was a different place yeah there were the MSN chat rooms and forums where I sometimes interacted with adults a bit, for the most part communities were smaller and all of my adventures into ignoring +18 warnings were entirely private and anonymous. Contrast that to today where everything is social, with telegram and twitter and every other platform not only putting the adult content in easy reach of young people but also putting them a click away from interacting with the people creating and sharing adult content in a way that didn't exist when I was underage myself and it really does disgust me (but then even as a lad with bisexual tendencies I never did see the appeal in getting bummed by a fat hairy 50 year old unlike a lot of my peers seemed to).

Anecdotally a lot of adult performs on twitter just have massive long block lists of all the underage kids who've tried DMing them.
>> No. 31340 Anonymous
8th December 2021
Wednesday 10:43 pm
31340 spacer
I never went on specific MSN chat rooms, I don't think, but I went on IRC and met a few people whom I then added on MSN. One was a woman in her 40s, who was fully aware that I was 14 or 15 or whatever age I was. It only occurred to me many years later that this was really quite a strange thing to happen. Was she grooming me? Because it didn't work. Does she just have the world's most depressing life, where pursuing friendships with children is the only interaction she gets? That sounds awful if so. I really can't understand why she would want to speak to me more than just in passing.

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