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>> No. 3755 Anonymous
28th February 2016
Sunday 7:19 pm
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Hello /nhs/,

My gums are fucked, lads. Woke up one day and they're just not there any more. In typical fashion, I've scared myself shitless by reading up about it on the internet and apparently the actual bones that support the tissue that holds my teeth in are disappearing. I've got a dentist appointment in April and I'm really hoping that the issue can be fixed with a deep clean and some tablets because I move to the US shortly, where I'll probably get my teeth deep cleaned and gold-plated at a drive-through dentist once a month or something.

The internet also informs me that receding gums are very common, so have any of you lot had any issues with yours in the past?

General teeth thread, I suppose.
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>> No. 3902 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 1:41 pm
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Two questions.

First one. I have a number of fillings in my teeth. I know that their (the fillings') lifespan is sort of limited and that I will have to replace them after some time. But does this mean that eventually I am condemned to crowns and whatever worse things there are?

Second. I've heard that sugar is harmful for teeth. But how much is too much? I have a guilty pleasure of downing a cuppa of that wonky 3-in-1 Nescafe instant coffee twice or thrice a week. Each time I do so or eat a lolly, I have this anxiety about caries.

>> No. 3903 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 8:52 pm
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I have an implanted bridge, three teeth at the front. I managed to get it free at the local university dental hospital, although I had to wait a lot. If you guys ever lose a tooth and you want a free implant, wait until the start of the financial year and apply at a university dental hospital, the students are supervised by consultants and any surgery you need is done by professionals. As of a couple of years ago, policy changed that if they thought you were smoking, no matter how far into the treatment you were they would cancel the whole thing. They implemented this on my 4th treatment out of 5, when the consultant noticed tobacco stains on my fingers and sent me home. But I was then told that because they'd introduced that policy after I started, it was okay for me to carry on. Of course, I told them on the application that I didn't smoke, because then they won't even consider you. You have to have your implants replaced every 15 years or so, but if you smoke they'll probably fail after 3-5 years. And smoking will cause your gums to recede more than anything, especially if you've had trauma to the gum.

I had those teeth knocked out, and I stopped smoking for a week but then started again, and my gums receded, like, a lot. To the point that when I went to a private dentist for a quote, and he was examining me and saying dentist-speak to the nurse, the measurement he used for the recession of my gums actually made her gasp. And they told me that when I'd get my implants there'd be a pink section at the top, to match the line of my gum. There wasn't though, and if I lift my lip I have huge beaver teeth. Thankfully though when I smile you can't see my gums anyway so you can't tell unless I lift my lip up.

But yeah, it's common, but if you use mouthwash you'll be fine. Something I noticed is that if you do have any pain or bleeding gums, using interdents or floss with a knot tied in it works a treat, but a warm saltwater mouthwash twice a day for a week seems to work far better than corsodyl or any store bought mouthwashes.

Just take care of your teeth, if you have a single tooth with a lot of recession, a dentist can perform a cosmetic procedure to correct it. Once your whole gum line starts going, you'll eventually get loose teeth, and you want to delay that as long as possible. It starts with gingivitis, and develops into periodontitis. It's just hassle that can be avoiding by using e-cigs if you smoke, and following regular oral hygiene.

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