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>> No. 3896 Anonymous
16th August 2016
Tuesday 11:53 pm
3896 Where the fuck does this go?

Does anyone know anything about allergies?

Basically I sweat a lot. The only antiperspirant I've found that stops me having gigantic sweat patches in an hour is an alcohol based antiperspirant called Perspirex. Its mildly irritating when I apply it but it leaves me with big allergic marks in a very specific part of my armpit, on the transition from 'armpit' to 'back'. It's matched on the other side as well. Any idea why this happens? I'm not so concerned about the fact it happens, more curious. The red patch is sensitive but not painful.

Pic in the next post because I don't want to see pictures of my underarm every time I load up. gs.
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>> No. 3897 Anonymous
16th August 2016
Tuesday 11:58 pm
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>> No. 3898 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 1:41 am
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Looks like a fairly standard rash probably caused from chemical irritation. I wouldn't put it down to the alcohol content just yet (almost all antiperspirants use alcohol).

Usually its fragrance or if you're using a spray its because you're using a spray. By the looks of things it could also be that you shave your underarms. Either way stop using Perspirex and see if it improves, if it does then stop using it entirely and no I don't care if it hurts.
>> No. 3899 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 1:55 am
3899 spacer
I trimmed it all for reasons I've since forgotten. It's a roll on by the way.

I'm going to keep using it anyway. It does go away after a couple of days (this was applied yesterday) Im going to keep using it if I can't find a substitute because I'm willing to take an allergic reaction in exchange for getting rid of the confidence sapping pits.
>> No. 3900 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 8:54 am
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You know where it says 'discontinue use if rash appears' - that's not just to stop you getting a rash. Sensitise yourself enough, and you can get a proper allergic reaction if you're unlucky.
Or it might not, and it's just an annoying rash. But be aware that you're rolling the dice on something that you could regret.
>> No. 3901 Anonymous
17th August 2016
Wednesday 4:01 pm
3901 spacer

If you sweat a lot and aren't overweight, you could have a symptom of a medication.

Opiates are known to make people sweat more, for example.

I was about to suggest shaving your armpits, but you've done that; it helps. I'm also a profuse sweater and Nivea for Men Sensitive Invisible helps me. So does having 'just the other side of cold' showers just to cool you down and get your core body temp down.

I also wear exclusively cotton underwear and if I go anywhere casual I just wear a plain cotton tank top and cotton jogging bottoms.
>> No. 3904 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 9:14 pm
3904 spacer
If you start sweating uncontrollably because of heat, and not because you went dogging and looked up to see your dad peering through your car window, then run your wrists under a cold tap for 30 seconds to a minute. It cools your blood, which cools your whole body down. It's a nanna's trick which works really well, really quickly, and you've probably already aware of it. But I found out from a friend because my family are all high functioning autistic and never talk about anything but the weather or things that they hate.
>> No. 3917 Anonymous
29th September 2016
Thursday 10:42 pm
3917 spacer
>I was about to suggest shaving your armpits, but you've done that; it helps.

This thread kind of inspired me to shave my armpits weeks later. No particular need for it, I was shaving my balls and the idea just sort of happened.

My armpits smell really nice now, a subtle sweet that makes me worry I have diabetes but I'm sure its fine. I recommend you lads try it.

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