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>> No. 3997 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 7:18 pm
3997 Wisdom teeth.
I'm practically a wee babe, but I've got a wisdom tooth that's come out all wonky and it's prone to rubbing against my cheek and causing irritation. How willing is my dentist likely to be when it comes to yanking the damnable thing out?

I'm on my phone so pay no mind to the attached Scotchman.
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>> No. 3998 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 7:24 pm
3998 spacer
If you pay, they'll pull it out. Wisdom tooth extraction is extremely common.
>> No. 3999 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 7:27 pm
3999 spacer

Tut, pay? Why isn't my mouth covered by the NHS? All my other orifices are.
>> No. 4000 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 8:05 pm
4000 spacer
He'll be very willing. I think I paid £45 for two of mine to be pulled (including the checkup fee).

Be prepared to feel a bit weird for a few days, although maybe it was just me.
>> No. 4001 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 8:14 pm
4001 spacer
It is. If you have it done electively, it's a Level 2 procedure, and you'll pay that fee for the extraction and any (unlikely) followup. Alternatively, you can wait until it becomes a problem, at which point it'll be an emergency, which is equivalent to Level 1, though good luck finding a dentist that'll do it at that price. You will, however, get the satisfaction of reporting them all for refusing you later.
>> No. 4002 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 8:35 pm
4002 spacer
Your dentist will need to take a look at it and go from there. Not much else to be said, when you have a medical problem you go to see a drugs man. NHS policy is to normally avoid surgery because of the risk of complications but in this case there is a problem so you might be send to A+E.

Because we needed money to fight the Korean War. Same reason glasses aren't normally covered.
>> No. 4003 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 10:11 pm
4003 spacer
If you ever need serious dental work doing, find your nearest dental hospital sometime shortly after April (new financial year, they'll have a full budget), and have the work done by trainees who are watched over by consultants. I had thousands of pounds worth of implants done for free that way. It took a lot longer than it would if I'd have paid for it, but I didn't have any other option, and the whole thing turned out fine.
>> No. 4004 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 10:20 pm
4004 spacer

This is relevant to my interests, because my teeth are absolutely buggered. I reckon the appointments would cost me about £400 alone, nevermind the extra charges for fillings, crowns, and dentures I probably need.

Do you just walk in and go "Look my teeth are fucked, let your students sort me out"?
>> No. 4005 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 11:43 am
4005 spacer
I was referred by a dentist, but I think you can walk in and make your case, and they'll give you application forms to fill out. Just do not fucking tell them that you smoke, if you do. I had 4 procedures, and on the the third the consultant spotted tobacco stains on my fingers and wanting to cancel the whole thing, but they'd only made that policy after I'd started the treatments so they let me finish it. If not, I'd have had a metal peg instead of a tooth.
>> No. 4006 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 3:31 pm
4006 spacer
Why don't they take idiots smokers? If they are student dentists they can't pretend they won't be working on smokers when they graduate? Or are smokers' teeth considered hard mode or something?
>> No. 4008 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 7:36 pm
4008 spacer
Not him but smoking increases the risk of complications after surgery mostly to do with dry socket occurrence. Of course such complications can be avoided by abstaining for a few days but even dentists know that nobody listens to them at the best of times.
>> No. 4010 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 7:49 pm
4010 spacer
Is that why Dentists have such high suicide rates?
>> No. 4011 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 8:12 pm
4011 spacer

Do you think they'd count vaping as smoking?
>> No. 4012 Anonymous
31st October 2016
Monday 8:46 pm
4012 spacer

I do, and I consider myself to have primacy over any and all dentists.

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