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>> No. 4540 Anonymous
23rd June 2018
Saturday 9:48 pm
4540 working in the sun
I'm about to have to spend a few days working like a bastard in the sun. Last year, doing the same job, I gave myself quite annoying heatstroke - stopped sweating, started shivering, brain went a bit squiffy and had very annoying muscle cramps the following nights. This happened both days we baled.
So, this year, I'll be drinking much more, but other than that, I can't really see how to make things much better. I can't sanely take breaks or sit under air-con. (Chasing a tractor, making hay while the sun shines, so a lot of throwing bales around, and generally jogging along, doing manual stuff, fixing things that break). I plan to start earlier in the day this time, but that involves getting the other person to get their arse in gear. It's not a given.
So - any hints on avoiding the pain that is heat stroke / heat exhaustion? I'm easily fit enough to do what needs doing, but the heat is a fucker.
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>> No. 4541 Anonymous
23rd June 2018
Saturday 9:50 pm
4541 spacer
Buy a wide brimmed straw hat, if you don't have one already. It'll make a bigger difference than you probably think.
>> No. 4542 Anonymous
23rd June 2018
Saturday 10:05 pm
4542 spacer
Good call, thanks. Last year, I had a baseball cap, which was foul. This year I'm rocking a bucket hat, which should be better. Might well try to find a straw hat as well - but horses will probably eat it, Bastards already tend to nibble at the bucket hat. Probably tastes like a salt lick...
>> No. 4543 Anonymous
23rd June 2018
Saturday 10:19 pm
4543 spacer
Obligatory "not a doctor" warning.

You might also consider buying some decent mineral/electrolyte tablets (with sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium): https://m.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/electrolytes-plus/10529467.html
>> No. 4544 Anonymous
23rd June 2018
Saturday 10:32 pm
4544 spacer
Avoid caffeine, as it significantly increases your risk of heat exhaustion. Wear a bandana and neckerchief, stick a jerry can full of cold water in the tractor and keep yourself soaking wet. If you're not used to working in the heat, your body won't produce enough sweat to regulate your body temperature. If you can, try and spend a day or two in the heat before you start the job, as it'll give you more chance to acclimatise. Try and pace your effort as much as possible - you'll produce less heat working at a steady rate than in bursts of hard effort.
>> No. 4545 Anonymous
24th June 2018
Sunday 7:02 am
4545 spacer
Sound advice, but at the very least just adding a pinch of table salt to every bottle of water is a really good idea.
>> No. 4546 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 9:57 pm
4546 spacer

Thanks, lads. Looks like I got away without heat exhaustion this year - a bit of cramping but nothing too annoying, and today's run was as close to painless as a day of brutal exercise in the sun can get. This bird was with me pretty much all day, hovering and dropping in to murder wounded creatures.
>> No. 4547 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 10:01 pm
4547 spacer
Also, the advice against caffeinated drinks. Probably good for people without a raging coffee / tea / diet coke habit - but that's not me. Going back on the diet coke was an improvement.
>> No. 4548 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 10:16 pm
4548 spacer
Keep us posted, Skeptam8.
>> No. 4549 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 10:35 pm
4549 spacer

I recommend High5 zero tabs, they make water 'more water' . Water is a fucking bastard to carry (1L = 1Kg) and I find the electrolyte tabs make up for more water carried without.
>> No. 4550 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 11:04 pm
4550 spacer


Evans Cycles are selling the Powerbar versions of these for less than a quid a tube at the moment. Certainly worth it.
>> No. 4551 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 11:16 pm
4551 spacer

Just looked, out of stock.
>> No. 4552 Anonymous
2nd July 2018
Monday 12:36 am
4552 spacer

Ah, sorry.

Not surprising, I bought about 8 tubes when I saw the price.

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