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>> No. 4822 Anonymous
28th August 2019
Wednesday 11:14 am
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High reps or low reps? What do you prefer?

I'm a high rep guy. I usually train all exercises for 1 or 2 sets of 20.

High reps sets are much more stimulating and demanding than low reps. If I do less than 12 reps it doesn't feel like I've worked the muscle at all. High reps are generally safer and kinder to the joints too.
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>> No. 4823 Anonymous
28th August 2019
Wednesday 1:05 pm
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Variety is probably best. Right now I've settled into five sets of five on the big three, then doing higher reps for most other exercises.

I used to go balls to the wall on everything, but repeated bouts (i.e. more frequent sessions) might be the most important thing when you're not taking any gear. I look far better now doing pump-y work three or four days a week than I ever did going in and smashing myself once or twice a week.
>> No. 4826 Anonymous
28th August 2019
Wednesday 2:38 pm
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There's something to be said for consistency, forgive the Rogan link but it's worth a listen:

I'm not sure how well it works with lifting, but having tried it myself for a good few months now, from a bodyweight exercise perspective, I'm sold.
>> No. 4827 Anonymous
28th August 2019
Wednesday 2:38 pm
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Can't get this to work right now so just

>> No. 4828 Anonymous
31st August 2019
Saturday 1:44 am
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30 rep squats

>> No. 4829 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 11:21 am
4829 spacer

Normally I avoid Joe Rogan's podcast like the plague but this lad's actually quite insightful.

The weird thing is as well, it's only really western folk that work out knocking their pan in once or thrice a week.

I spent a good few months training with Indonesian lads and they're at it every day, because it's fun to them and not work. Changed my mindset about exercise, it did.
>> No. 4830 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 1:35 pm
4830 spacer
Besides training every day, what else was different about their approach?
>> No. 4831 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 2:00 pm
4831 spacer

It was a very small gym, only 1 room, so it was more social as well, they would egg each other on to get one more set in, or do races on the treadmill, things like that.

I think that's down to a cultural thing more than 'intensity vs consistency', though.
>> No. 4832 Anonymous
1st September 2019
Sunday 2:40 pm
4832 spacer

I think training consistently will act as a self-limiter on your intensity. Going in and smashing yourself every day isn't sustainable.
>> No. 4840 Anonymous
2nd September 2019
Monday 6:54 am
4840 spacer

I think so, there's definitely been days where I've skipped the gym due to soreness from going too hard a the day or a couple of days before. I can only speak for myself, but I'm quite all-or-nothing, and one missed day can quickly spiral into a missed week, so being consistent has worked out way better for me than being more intense in my work outs.

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