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>> No. 11347 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 3:32 pm
11347 spacer
I hate the place I work, I don't interact with my colleagues, nobody knows who I am and I'm not interested in knowing them, the guy I primarily work with is an utter cunt and I hate him. I don't like what I do (quality engineering, non software), it's dull and I don't feel like I contribute to anything. I hate where I live, it's an utter shithole and I don't know anyone here. All my m8s are in London and I've had the most forgettable year of my life, I just go to work then come home and masturbate I don't speak to anyone outside of work and barely anyone inside it. The only job with a salary higher than what I I've got now (which is enough but not impressive, 24k) which I've been approached about is basically the same role as I have now but in somewhere different and equally unappealing. Jobsites only list business development, recruitment, sales or IT, none of which I have an interest in or am qualified to do. I don't have any hard skills, I'm not an engineer. I feel trapped and I hate the situation.
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>> No. 11348 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 4:11 pm
11348 spacer
Apply for loads of jobs, go to loads of interviews and take a job where you feel at home. If you have to take a pay cut, so be it - a good job will make you much happier than an extra couple of grand a year. In the long run it'll probably pay off, because you'll have much better opportunities for development and promotion. Apply for stuff that appeals, even if you don't think that you're fully qualified. Job requirements are often wish-lists rather than hard requirements. If you don't ask, you don't get.

Do some stuff outside of work. Do an evening course or join a club. It doesn't really matter what, anything that takes your fancy, just something to get you out and meeting likeminded people.

Take a punt on things. Jobs and hobbies and friends are temporary. If it doesn't work out then you can just try something else, but you won't find something good if you don't go out and try things.
>> No. 11349 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 4:14 pm
11349 spacer
I can't take a pay cut, I have a masters loan to pay off.
>> No. 11358 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 7:45 pm
11358 spacer
cried after work

went driving for three hours

Don't know where I am. At a pub.
>> No. 11359 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 7:53 pm
11359 spacer
Mate you really need to take some sort of action, even if it is taking a pay cut and putting off paying your masters, this is just making you miserable.
>> No. 11360 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 7:54 pm
11360 spacer
discovered where I am,.

Wiltshire. I live in Essex.

It's nice here.
>> No. 11361 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 8:07 pm
11361 spacer

Move up north. The rent is cheap and the girls are dirty.
>> No. 11362 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 8:09 pm
11362 spacer
what are girls
>> No. 11363 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 8:10 pm
11363 spacer
You can't drunk drive back from there, if you're already drinking. That would be insane. What options do you have? Can you take tomorrow off?
>> No. 11364 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 8:28 pm
11364 spacer
Only on my second.

I should be at home applying for jobs but I can't.

What the fuck do I say if I get an interview? Why are you leaving - I'm fucking broken and going insane.
>> No. 11365 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 8:42 pm
11365 spacer
Yes, you can say something along the lines of being dissatisfied with your job and needing more of a challenge. Anything really.
>> No. 11366 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 9:17 pm
11366 spacer
Fuck me mate. Anything is better than this. Anything.
>> No. 11367 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 7:17 am
11367 spacer
Get some help. Go to London, see your mates, see if they know any jobs going.
>> No. 11370 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 10:30 pm
11370 spacer
Hope you're alright lad. As others have said sounds like it's probably time to seek some serious help. Best of luck.
>> No. 11371 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 11:21 pm
11371 spacer
Just that - you don't need a long and detailed explanation of why you want to leave somewhere.
>> No. 11372 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 1:32 pm
11372 spacer
How do you find jobs? There's nothing on jobsites except sales and recruitment. Big firms only takes cunts with PhDs or are hiring 'managers'. Who the hell they manage nobody knows.
>> No. 11377 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 8:13 pm
11377 spacer
You're looking on the wrong job sites then - there will probably be a specific one or two for the industry you want to work in.
>> No. 11382 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 10:57 pm
11382 spacer
i dont fucking know what industry i want to work in, what fucking difference does it make

im going to a doctor this week, hopefully they give me some pills i can overdose on
>> No. 11383 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 11:32 pm
11383 spacer
Stop being a twat and man up. If you want a shoulder to cry on, go to /emo/. Twat. Most people go through existential crisis you are going through right now. You aren't special.

Are you five years old? What do you mean you don't know what you want? Stupid lad.
>> No. 11384 Anonymous
20th June 2017
Tuesday 1:14 pm
11384 spacer

The fuck is your problem cuntballs?
>> No. 11385 Anonymous
20th June 2017
Tuesday 1:28 pm
11385 spacer
Calm down mate.
>> No. 11386 Anonymous
20th June 2017
Tuesday 1:48 pm
11386 spacer

Don't tell me to calm down tell cuntballs to calm down. I'm not even the person he was talking to he just pissed me off with his cunty comment.
>> No. 11387 Anonymous
20th June 2017
Tuesday 3:42 pm
11387 spacer
Look mate, it's a bit warm so we are all on edge. Deep breaths mate.
>> No. 11388 Anonymous
20th June 2017
Tuesday 5:13 pm
11388 spacer
Not him but I agree if he needs calming down then so bloody does >>11383.
>> No. 11389 Anonymous
20th June 2017
Tuesday 5:29 pm
11389 spacer
They should both go cuddle in the fridge.
>> No. 11390 Anonymous
20th June 2017
Tuesday 5:45 pm
11390 spacer
Maybe it's the lack of tone through the keyboard. But I think your message has the opposite effect from what was intended. I get what you are trying to do, but you shouldn't attempt to defuse anger by telling a person what to do, (even to calm down) it has the opposite effect. It feels like you reprimanding me because of my naughty language, whilst letting >>11383 'get away with it' who more importantly than using naughty language was entirely dismissive really of any kind of emotional turmoil or need of >>11382. Which to me is much less constructive antisocial behaviour and worth highlighting as bad behaviour.
>> No. 11391 Anonymous
20th June 2017
Tuesday 7:15 pm
11391 spacer

>Maybe it's the lack of tone through the keyboard.

I've said this for a long time now. People need to analyze what's said and then decide to fly off the handle.
>> No. 11392 Anonymous
20th June 2017
Tuesday 7:20 pm
11392 spacer
Lads I apologise. OP pissed me off a bit. I will excuse myself from this thread now since there isn't much I can contribute. I still maintain that OP is a twat and deserves the predicament he is in.
>> No. 11397 Anonymous
22nd June 2017
Thursday 11:18 am
11397 spacer

How did it go with the doctor OP? Hope you're alright.

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