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>> No. 11350 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 1:51 pm
11350 Overpayment of Universal Credit
Woke up to a weekend ruiner of a £750 overpayment bill. I really need help in working out whether this is enforceable, and why the amount is so...

Between- 26th Sep 16 - 25th Nov 16.

Confirmed Payments During Period 26/09/16 - 25/11/16

------------- PERIOD BEGINS ----------------------------------
30th Sep = £242.40 (legitimate payment during UC claim period)
<----------- "You asked us on 24th Oct to close UC Claim." They said this in the letter.
1st Nov = £256.37 - (SHOULD be legitimate payment - only 9 days later closure)
--------------- PERIOD ENDS--------------------------
1st Dec = £494.17 (overpayment?)
<------------ Immediate Phonecall made questioning Dec payment. Advised payable in small instalments when employment found OR is paid back through benefit payment deductions. Was not aware of information below (Turn2US) at this point, did not question legitimacy of bill.

1st Nov + 1st Dec
£494.17 + 256.37 = 750.54 = the bill given.

" A benefit overpayment is recoverable from you if it is caused by your:
Misrepresentation, or Failure to disclose.
If the benefits office decides that the overpayment was NOT caused by your misrepresentation or failure to disclose, the overpayment will not be recoverable and you cannot be made to repay it.
No civil penalty can be imposed if the overpayment is not recoverable."
However they can ASK for it.

1) Given the turn2us website - Is this payment enforceable? No known cases of misrepresentation or failure to disclose. Regular honest contact made. a) Contact made to close claim, b) Contact made questioning payment of Dec 1st.

2)If no cases of misrep or ftd, is this payment recoverable, can I be made to repay it?

3) If payment is enforceable, why is a seemingly legitimate payment (1st Nov) added to the overpayment bill on 1st Dec - I called 9 days prior to close claim - Universal credit is paid a month from signing off.
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>> No. 11351 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 4:31 pm
11351 spacer
You need specialist advice m8.

>> No. 11352 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 5:40 pm
11352 spacer
What he said - this is too complicated for mongs on a bulletin board. You need the CAB OP.
>> No. 11353 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 8:12 pm
11353 spacer

I like the phrase bulletin board, rather than *chan or imageboard. It makes it sound like we're pinning important messages about topics for other experts in particular fields to see, rather than a bunch of sadacts reposting Kunt and the Gang until the end of time.

Can this be adopted into official board parlance? "The Bulletin Boards of G.S."
>> No. 11354 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 12:21 pm
11354 spacer
I've always wanted this to be like a proper dial-up BBS - they made the internet. Might be time to dig out the modems.
>> No. 11355 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 2:04 pm
11355 spacer

I'd love that. Imagine trying to explain to a BT customer service rep what you're trying to do though.
>> No. 11356 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 2:40 pm
11356 spacer
I got a similar letter the other day saying I owe the DWP £127.49 and it says absolutely nowhere on the letter what it's actually for, I didn't claim anything at all in the last financial year, so I fail to see where they've gotten the figure from. Will give them a ring tomorrow to see if they can itemise anything.

Why must they use an 0345 number?
>> No. 11357 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 2:51 pm
11357 spacer
>Why must they use an 0345 number?
Because it costs around the same as anything else, instead of being extortionate like 0845 numbers are.
>> No. 11456 Anonymous
29th June 2017
Thursday 12:29 pm
11456 spacer
Yeah, don't be fooled lad, it's the 03 you should pay attention to. All 03 numbers are national rate no matter what comes after them.
>> No. 11458 Anonymous
29th June 2017
Thursday 1:47 pm
11458 spacer
Local and national rate haven't really existed for around a decade. 03 numbers cost no more than geographic 01/02 numbers. This includes using bundled minutes if you have them.
>> No. 11460 Anonymous
29th June 2017
Thursday 5:42 pm
11460 spacer
Exactly correct and wholly irrelevant.
>> No. 11462 Anonymous
29th June 2017
Thursday 5:58 pm
11462 spacer
>Why must they use an 0345 number?
That suggests to me someone that thinks it's a shady premium number.
>> No. 11465 Anonymous
29th June 2017
Thursday 6:09 pm
11465 spacer
Don't mind that moron. I have come across plenty of people who think that 03 numbers are like 08 numbers and cost a lot of money. Your sort of post helps people like that.
>> No. 11497 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 11:19 am
11497 spacer
No lad, >>11357 and >>11456 were the helpful posts. >>11458 was merely being pedantic about the meaning of 'national rate'.
>> No. 11498 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 12:09 pm
11498 spacer
Off your meds again, postmaster?
>> No. 11505 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 3:24 pm
11505 spacer
It is still good info. You shouldn't get so defensive because someone corrected you on an anonymouse imageboard. Nobody knows that you are a moron, stop drawing attention to it.
>> No. 11507 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 5:01 pm
11507 spacer
You misunderstand; by drawing attention to it my intentions were altruistic. I was attempting to prevent him from wasting his time on unnecessary posts in future. I can see why you would have thought otherwise though, so no worries, I forgive you.
>> No. 11516 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 6:52 pm
11516 spacer
Why are you lot so passive-aggressive?

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