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>> No. 11572 Anonymous
28th July 2017
Friday 1:41 pm
11572 Quitting 2 days in
I've been in-and-out of work this as I've mostly been doing zero hours work such as cleaning and warehousing.

I had a good few solid months of work with a cleaning firm but then that dried up and my hours became very minimal, to help pay my rent I started looking elsewhere because ultimately I am going to need something more permanent that pays better in the long run.

I've just started another cleaning job, basic rate of £7.50 an hour, however next week an agency want me to go to training for a warehousing/drivers mate job which actually offers more money and slightly better hours (40 hours as opposed to constantly fluctuating cleaning hours). They've said you then get interviewed by the actual company after the training, I dislike this premise but it seems to be the standard among agencies and I had a similar experience earlier this year on a similar course.

Basically, I think I'm going to be quitting this new cleaning job only two days in and this is not something I've done before. What's the best way I do this? I checked my contract and I couldn't find anything about a notice period.

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>> No. 11573 Anonymous
28th July 2017
Friday 9:34 pm
11573 spacer
Does the training last longer than a day? Pull a sickie or something. Don't just quit before you even have a confirmed job lined up.
>> No. 11574 Anonymous
29th July 2017
Saturday 10:55 am
11574 spacer

It's four days of training.
>> No. 11575 Anonymous
29th July 2017
Saturday 5:22 pm
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Try to get some time off mate. I don't like the idea of leaving work without having nothing else lined up.

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