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>> No. 11723 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 6:58 pm
11723 spacer
How long is your commute to and from work lads?
Just curious since I have an interview for a full time job which is 1 hour give or take on the bus or 2 trains, not counting for traffic and any other delays that might get in the way.
My current commute time is 20-25 minutes to my part time job including walking to the bus stop, waiting, getting on and getting off, etc
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>> No. 11724 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 7:13 pm
11724 spacer
I live, as the crow flies, just over 2 miles from work. As I have a bit of flexibility over my hours so I can get in before rush hour I think my record is just under seven minutes.
>> No. 11725 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 7:17 pm
11725 spacer
An hour, but I drive, so I don't really mind.

Personally I enjoy the time, especially coming home, as it's a chance to decompress a bit. It's really up to you to decide if that's too much or not, if the job is worth it.
>> No. 11727 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 7:24 pm
11727 spacer
About 45 to an hour. I take the bus and like >>11725 I enjoy the time to decompress, reading a good book on the bus can be the highlight of my day.

At one point I was working a job that took up 2 hours everyday commuting and it didn't bother me at all.
>> No. 11728 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 7:30 pm
11728 spacer
I live about 5-10 minutes drive from work (should cycle really) and I really miss the 40 minute drive I used to have.
>> No. 11729 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 7:59 pm
11729 spacer
I wish I could read on the bus, only takes 1-2 minutes of reading on one before I get a splitting headache with dizziness.
>> No. 11731 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 8:17 pm
11731 spacer
My walk to work takes about 200 seconds but it's maybe twice that distance when I swing through Waitrose.
>> No. 11732 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 9:00 pm
11732 spacer
I live about a 10-15 minute drive away.

Problem is that most of the distance is along a 70mph limit stretch of road, which makes it far enough that cycling or walking isn't really practical.

I could probably move closer, but that would mean living in Burton-upon-trent, so I'll stick with driving.
>> No. 11733 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 9:18 pm
11733 spacer

Get on yer bike. You'll get a massive aerodynamic tow from all of the fast traffic. Once you're used to the sensation, it's exhilarating to feel yourself being pushed forwards by a wall of air.
>> No. 11734 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 9:23 pm
11734 spacer
Amateur. He'll want to grab onto the back of a HGV as it enters the slip road.
>> No. 11737 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 9:52 pm
11737 spacer

Handy YouTube how to guide for exact this:
>> No. 11738 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 10:15 pm
11738 spacer
5-10 minute drive depending on the traffic but sometimes I walk, sometimes I run.
>> No. 11748 Anonymous
1st December 2017
Friday 10:45 am
11748 spacer
10 minutes.

On foot.
>> No. 11752 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 2:21 pm
11752 spacer
I've been doing an hour commute (2 hr round trip) for a year. I'm quite sick of it. The worst day was where there was a fatality on the A1 which made the journey 3 hours. At least I have the sense, to check the traffic report in the mornings now.

To make it a bit more palatable I listen to podcasts, but I'm running out of my back catalogue with good enough sound quality to listen to in the car. Guess I'll move onto Chris Morris's stuff soon.

I get that too.

>>11731 >>11748
The dream.

It's a gateway to the national forest!
>> No. 11753 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 3:05 pm
11753 spacer
After years of w**king from home, I've got a contract that needs me to drive 1h30 each way , if traffic is good.
It's quite annoying. That's 1/8 of each day just pissed away. How do people do that, and more?
Sure, the pay means I'm getting a decent rate for sitting in the car, but I feel my life ebbing away. Built-in radio in the car makes it tricky to play stuff from the phone, but it's tempting to try harder, radio just gets annoying and I can' face juggling CDs. What wanker ever thought that CD player in cars were a better idea than a 3.5mm jack socket?
>> No. 11754 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 3:25 pm
11754 spacer
Put a better radio in. Alternatively, if you're poor get a small FM transmitter.
>> No. 11755 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 3:27 pm
11755 spacer

You can buy FM transmitters that you plug into your phone and tune the radio into. They're pretty effective.

I stock up on audiobooks and I never feel my driving time is a waste. It's more like leisure time to me. But I do enjoy driving a lot.
>> No. 11756 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 4:50 pm
11756 spacer
Modern cars have stuff to allow you to play from your phone, like Bluetooth. It would be silly to expect an older car to have facilities ahead of their time, so how old is the car?
>> No. 11757 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 5:00 pm
11757 spacer

Check out Overdrive. Using your library card, you can "borrow" ebooks and audiobooks on an app. Depending on your library, you might have access to hundreds of free titles.



A replacement head unit with DAB and Bluetooth costs about £100. If you only need an aux socket, you can pay as little as £40. They're not difficult to fit as long as you get the right harness and fascia adapter.
>> No. 11758 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 5:57 pm
11758 spacer
>>11756 It's an '09 Astra - 3.5mm jacks have been a sane way to move audio around for decades.
I thought that, because the stereo uses controls on the steering wheel, and displays stuff on the dash, it would be a plumbed-in nightmare, but this:
makes it sound tolerable to replace. I worry that it'll not play nice with my Parrot bluetooth phone thingy, though. I just can't find any great enthusiasm for keeping trying various options.

I've used FM transmitters, but never been really happy with the quality (of the cheap crap I bought). Nokia phones had decent FM transmitters, mind. Maybe I should just dig something out of the drawer and load it with audiobooks...
>> No. 11759 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 6:42 pm
11759 spacer

Car stereos are pretty much built to a standard, and you might not even lose the steering wheel control. Can be a bit fiddly for someone not used to it, depending.

The FM transmitter Belkin makes is exceptional quality, but then the car radio I was using it on was very good anyway (Bose)
>> No. 11760 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 8:21 pm
11760 spacer
I just removed my stalk connector. The wheel controls are now useless but it doesn't make any difference. I replaced all my car music shit earlier in the year, it sounds complex but its simple as hell.
>> No. 11761 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 9:06 pm
11761 spacer

If your car is new enough to have ISO standard connectors it's literally plug and play.

I fiddle with electronics all the time so the hardest part I find is often removing the OEM radio. They can be an arse sometimes, even with the correct removal keys.
>> No. 11762 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 10:45 pm
11762 spacer
>>11760 The wheel controls are now useless but it doesn't make any difference.
Except that I'd really like to keep my wheel controls... That youtube video linked to a source of adapters - 2 connectors and a bit of wire, £50. Bastards.
Also, if I do replace the CD30 with a DIN unit, scope-creep probably means I want one with satnav, in a dual DIN, and I'll never make my bloody mind up, until I install it 2 weeks before the car dies.
>> No. 11763 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 11:44 pm
11763 spacer
Seconded. When I changed mine, getting the original unit out was a pain, but the replacement was pretty easy to put in.
>> No. 11764 Anonymous
3rd December 2017
Sunday 12:57 am
11764 spacer

The double DIN android units you can get are pricey (£200+) but they're fantastic if you're a nerd. Mine has GPS, two cameras plugged into it, that record like dashcams, a 4G SIM card in it, and it's connected to my ECU. It's a lot of fun. I could also wire it in to the standard car controls, but it's android so I can Google Voice everything.

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