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>> No. 11784 Anonymous
26th December 2017
Tuesday 9:51 pm
11784 Escaping Wage Slavery
Binance was the fastest growing exchange of 2017. With their frequent token additions, superior customer support, and the proprietary fee reducing BNB token, they went from a rank 60 exchange to a rank 3 exchange in the course of several months.

The first people to join Binance are essentially retired. They purchased BNB token for a fraction of a dollar. And they were able to spread many referrals as the exchange was up and coming. I know people who are living lavishly off passive income solely from their web of binance. Anyone who takes trading seriously is registered there.

Dividend paying exchanges are going to surpass Binance in 2018. Why would you hold a token that gives you a fee reduction when you can hold a token that gives you a share of the exchange's daily profits? Combined with a lucrative referral program, the user is incentivized to draw traffic to the exchange, further increasing their profits.

Why am I telling you this? Well you probably already know. More referral bullshit yes. What separates an MLM pyramid scheme from a valuable referral program? Legitimacy of the product. If you are peddling essential oils and bullshit makeup products then you are quite literally promoting a scam. If you support cryptocurrency then you have no choice but to get behind Binance.

Currently the exchange is overwhelmed with new user registration. This is increasing daily.
1500 referrals on binance to active traders nets between 50-100k per year passive income (and increasing) for the few people I've seen.

If you believe the crypto market is going to continue growing as a whole in 2018, then this is very valuable.

In exchange for sharing this info with you, all I ask is that you use my referral code upon signup. At the very least sign up so you can buy Ripple in time for the moon this quarter. You lose nothing for signing up with my referral. I will send the first several people who do so 100 XRP.

www .binance. com/? ref = 13196279

Having 50-100 referrals and a modest stack of Ripple will pay passive income rivaling most jobs.
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>> No. 11785 Anonymous
26th December 2017
Tuesday 10:57 pm
11785 spacer
Assuming each person recruits five people, by 'level' 14 of the pyramid, we're at 6.1bn people. It's completely unfeasable unless you're at the top level.
>> No. 11786 Anonymous
26th December 2017
Tuesday 11:15 pm
11786 spacer
I was going to ban him for advertising, but it is such a pathetic pitch, I'm tempted to leave it up. It reeks of the collective delusion that Bitcoin needs to survive.

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