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>> No. 6711 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:09 pm
6711 Non-fiction adventure, exploration, science biography
After being impressed by the biographies of astronauts Scott Parazynski, Chris Hadfield and Scott Kelly, I'm searching for more biographies of adventurous and high-achieving people.

To narrow that down a bit, I'm especially interested in those who travel to unique or unusual places, and are driven more by science and desire for knowledge rather than military or diplomatic careers (though I can accept those line blurs depending on context).

Historical and contemporary examples welcome.
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>> No. 6712 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:14 pm
6712 spacer
Why the fuck is that thumbnail so big?
>> No. 6714 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 3:54 pm
6714 spacer

What’s Phil Collins doing in space?
>> No. 6715 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 4:13 pm
6715 spacer
What isn't he doing?
>> No. 6716 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 6:17 pm
6716 spacer

Sucking less.
>> No. 6717 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 7:39 pm
6717 spacer
He is in the air tonight?
>> No. 6718 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 10:25 am
6718 spacer
Well, this thread went a bit Phil Collinsy so I'll just mention I decided to pick up 'Endurance', the book about Shackleton's Antarctic expedition and the namesake of Scott Kelly's book. It's very well written.
>> No. 6719 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 11:50 am
6719 spacer
He can hardly suck more for being a vacuum.
>> No. 6720 Anonymous
19th December 2017
Tuesday 8:39 pm
6720 spacer

How about the life of a Victorian adventurer, Mr. Darcy lookalike, shirt lifter (possibly a eunuch) and all round smashing chap who failed terribly at legitimate business, so instead took up that classic 19th century calling of knocking the savages into shape and creating his own jungle kingdom while fighting armies of pirates from a steam ship?
>> No. 6721 Anonymous
19th December 2017
Tuesday 8:54 pm
6721 spacer

I am enjoying this very much. Marshall was the US Army's chief
of staff during World War 2 and went on to create the European Recovery Act also known as the Marshall Plan. He is highlighted as one of these very successful people who eschewed promotions and never sought the limelight.
>> No. 6741 Anonymous
12th March 2018
Monday 11:46 am
6741 spacer

This wasn't bad: "Race to Dakar" by Charley Boorman, the rich, obnoxious twat who accompanied Ewan McGregor on his motorbike trip in "Long Way Round". The book chronicles his attempt to run the Dakar Rally with a small support team and a cameraman, with the idea of making a TV series about it later.

I've always enjoyed watching the Rally, but details about the rules, day-to-day life, etc. are hard to come by. The book gives more of an inside perspective that you don't see on Eurosport or the Youtube channel. I was worried that Boorman's cuntishness would ruin it, but this doesn't really come through in the book.
>> No. 6742 Anonymous
13th March 2018
Tuesday 2:58 am
6742 spacer

Is Boorman that bad? I enjoyed some of Long Way Round.
>> No. 6743 Anonymous
13th March 2018
Tuesday 4:55 am
6743 spacer
Mate, he's rich. That means he's practically Satan.
>> No. 6755 Anonymous
16th April 2018
Monday 9:25 pm
6755 spacer

The "rich and obnoxious" part is by his own admission. He actually comes across as pretty chill and interesting.

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