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>> No. 3214 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 12:42 am
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Evening lads,

I have myself a graduate job (£24k/year) and after deductions for various things Ill have £1300ish a month to live off. The job is outside London and I'll need access to the M11, so I've been looking at Walthamstow area. Rent seems to be surprisingly cheap at about £110-120 per week, which'd give me around £800 for expenses each month.

How feasible is this? I'll have to run a crappy car to get to work and honestly I have no idea how much that'll cost. I'm not very good at big leaps like this, I just kind of make it work when I get there but given that I'll be responsible for my entire income and expenses I want to be more careful.

Note: I know I can live outside London but I have friends there and I'd kill myself if I had to live in Bishop's Stortford or Harlow.
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>> No. 3215 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 12:51 am
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Stop being an aspirational yuppy.
>> No. 3216 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 12:52 am
3216 spacer
I want to live in London so I can go for some beers with my mates, not because I want to be a banker. Engineering by the way.
>> No. 3217 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 12:55 am
3217 spacer
I don't know how much a car costs to run but you can easily live in London for £500 expenses a month or somewhat less.
>> No. 3218 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 4:43 am
3218 spacer
>£500 expenses a month or somewhat less
Is that if you're sleeping on the street?
>> No. 3219 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 12:35 pm
3219 spacer
I think you need to re-read the thread mate.
>> No. 3220 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 3:18 pm
3220 spacer

Christ, I couldn't even flat share in London for that kind of money 10 years ago.
>> No. 3221 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 3:41 pm
3221 spacer
>£500 expenses
As in "after rent".
>> No. 3222 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 11:09 pm
3222 spacer
Is that a standard definition? In my mind, rent is an expense.
>> No. 3223 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 11:10 pm
3223 spacer
Probably not, but given the context of the OP I assumed you'd be able to figure it out.
>> No. 3224 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 11:51 pm
3224 spacer
The car is the biggest unknown really. As >>3217 says £500 per month is reasonable for most expenses (yes >>3222 rent is technically an expense but as one that dwarfs most other expenses it makes sense to consider it seperately). But with the car, it varies considerably depending on a number of factors.

If you're a new driver the insurance will be a bit of a cunt, though not as bad as if you were 17. Living in London also puts your premiums up a bit because of the increased crime rates. Wherever you live make sure you know what the parking arrangements are because that will affect the insurance too. Apart from that you should be alright, though you should be prepared to tighten your belt for a few weeks if you're struck by any expensive repairs that need doing.
>> No. 3225 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 11:53 pm
3225 spacer
Thanks for reading the thread properly.
>> No. 3226 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 2:21 pm
3226 spacer
Ok I haven't gone anywhere yet a I haven't started work and looking at websites like spareroom and such it doesnt seem like the area around where I'm working is much cheaper either.

I'm beginning to shit myself, I have no idea how I will not run out of money.
>> No. 3227 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 5:20 pm
3227 spacer


The London area is just brutally expensive, hence all the people living in total shitholes. Only you can decide if it's worth paying a premium to be more central.

I'd highly recommend working out a budget ASAP. There's a great tool on Moneysavingexpert.com. It's much easier to make decisions if you've got all the numbers down in black and white.

>> No. 3229 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 2:01 am
3229 spacer
Being more central is of no use to me since I'm working outside London, I just want to be connected so I can go for a pint with people I know from time to time without having to crash at a mate's house just because I wanted two pints. It just worries me how all rents in the area in and around London in that neck of the woods are ~£500/month.
>> No. 3230 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 2:56 am
3230 spacer
£500 per month is pretty reasonable for London, not sure what you were expecting really.

http://media.timeout.com/images/102882214/image.jpg (attaching link because image is too large to post here apparently).
>> No. 3271 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 3:46 pm
3271 spacer
Does everybody in London live in tiny rooms in house shares?
>> No. 3272 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 3:55 pm
3272 spacer
Not everyone. If you're okay with being a few zones out, you can live in a medium room in a shared house.
>> No. 3273 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 5:05 pm
3273 spacer

Some people also live in shared bedrooms, sheds, sheds in people's living rooms, lock-up garages, cargo containers, derelict petrol stations, brothels, bail hostels, biffa bins, cardboard boxes and shop doorways.

I've heard rumours of people who have their own flat, but I'm starting to believe that it's just an urban myth.

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