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>> No. 33519 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 10:46 am
33519 IT'S WAR
Come on then you Frenchie fuckers, let's fight!
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>> No. 33520 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 11:34 am
33520 spacer
>Fishers were intent on ensuring the protest was peaceful, and shortly after 7am cleared the exit from the harbour to allow a freight vessel out.
I think the warships are just posturing. We don't need to unload a barrage of anti-ship missiles on them just yet.
>> No. 33521 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 12:25 pm
33521 spacer
Given that we lost three similar conflicts against a country that didn't even have a fucking navy, I think this might not go well for us.

>> No. 33522 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 12:41 pm
33522 spacer

On the one hand, good point. On the other ...
>> No. 33523 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 12:52 pm
33523 spacer
>Concerns a similar fishing dispute could occur in Guernsey have been expressed by a representative of the local fishing industry.

>The vice president of Guernsey Fisherman's Association, Dougal Lane, said the French extended the limits they were allowed to fish from their shores from 30km (19 miles) to 50km (31 miles) in 2020. He explained under Guernsey's upcoming fishing licencing scheme French fisherman "might be expecting to come into our waters" but could be prevented from doing so. "There might well be problems," Mr Lane added.

>The States of Guernsey is currently in the process of setting up its own licensing scheme.

>> No. 33524 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 1:41 pm
33524 spacer
If we need to invade what are the conscription rules?
>> No. 33525 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 2:15 pm
33525 spacer
Why is it always the navy? It's not a fucking invasion. Don't the police or border force have their own boats to sort this out?
>> No. 33526 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 2:32 pm
33526 spacer
We will all get drafted as Bevin Boys only instead of going down a coal mine we'll have to go back into the office. Good luck in the Pret Offensive.

You probably can't send a UK police boat into Jersey waters. Not to actually do anything anyway.
>> No. 33527 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 2:35 pm
33527 spacer
If Jersey can't defend their waters against French fishermen by themselves how are they going to defend them against UK police?
>> No. 33528 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 2:45 pm
33528 spacer
It's only a short trip over from Pompey, fuel savings innit. If plod had any boats they'll be on the Thames.
>> No. 33529 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 4:10 pm
33529 spacer
It's just a River class, it's not like we're steaming a frigate over. They're literally for offshore patrol.
>> No. 33530 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 5:24 pm
33530 spacer
Firstly, there is an upper limit of 2000 fags and 10 litres of wine duty free for when you come back. Second, all able people under thirty are eligible for the draft. Boris is going to announce it tonight.
>> No. 33531 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 5:37 pm
33531 spacer

If Boris is serious about Brexit he would take action; this would all be over very quickly if one of these surfaced in the middle of the Frog boats, rather than sending something that looks like it rescues drowning africans.
>> No. 33532 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 6:15 pm
33532 spacer
The entire point of having a £1,600,000,000 submarine is that they don't surface. An aircraft carrier would be more appropriate.
>> No. 33533 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 6:20 pm
33533 spacer
What if we want the French to take them off our hands though. Imagine all the corporation tax we could at last collect.
>> No. 33534 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 8:08 pm
33534 spacer

SD Tempest guiding HMS Queen Elizabeth back to por.jpg
We have a very capable Navy
>> No. 33535 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 8:28 pm
33535 spacer

A dozen bootnecks in a paddle boat would be a better navy than Iceland's, I wish people wouldn't talk about the Cod Wars like they were an actual military conflict.
>> No. 33536 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 9:59 pm
33536 spacer

Never forget the Fourth Cod War.
>> No. 33537 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 11:21 pm
33537 spacer
We have so few ships to operate in support of HMS Queen Elizabeth that if the French fishing fleet were retooled as fast attack boats they could probably sink the damned thing.
>> No. 33538 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 11:23 pm
33538 spacer

The planes'd sort it.
>> No. 33539 Anonymous
6th May 2021
Thursday 11:45 pm
33539 spacer

Indeed remember that time that we just decided it was too important for us to not to control Iceland and we just took it over in a morning, and by the evening the Icelandic government had just accepted British rule.

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