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>> No. 35224 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 12:08 am
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>Snippets have trickled out over the years, from suggestions that the prime minister will be alerted by a phone call from a civil servant telling him or her “London Bridge is down,” to reports the death will be announced via a newsflash on the Press Association wire.

>Now the full extent of the preparations undertaken by the royal family and the Cabinet Office’s BRIDGES Secretariat can be revealed for the first time after POLITICO obtained a series of documents laying out in granular detail how Britain will respond when the day comes.
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>> No. 35225 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 12:12 am
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I don't know why this story has reappeared - the whole thing has been well known about for many years.
>> No. 35226 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 7:28 am
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"In a striking assessment of the scenes that could unfold, one memo warns of a worst-case scenario in which London literally becomes “full” for the first time ever as potentially hundreds of thousands of people try to make their way there "

Really? I guess it's good to plan for unlikely cases, but I'd bet pretty hard against this one.
Yeah, Queen's dead, can radio get back to normal programming, please. She's still dead, and I only really need to know if that changes, thanks.
>> No. 35227 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 8:07 am
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I'm really dreading a new coronation ceremony and all the nonsense around it. I'm not some deeply serious monarchist type who knows or cares deeply for convention, but I just know they're going to do some deeply embarrassing nonsense to "modernise" the whole thing.
Not in a vaguely racist "oh no black people are attending and they're not even there as a token gesture to the crown colony of literally just a giant square drawn on the map by some opium addict in the 1800s" kind of way. More in a "fuck off, does there really need to be an iPad and a shoehorned in statement about ""British Values"" which are neither uniquely British nor best embodied by the British shoehorned in here?" way. Doubly so because each little "modernisation" will no doubt be teased in advance and then subject to a mutual masturbation session in the media indefinitely.

At least it's not happening under Blair I suppose. Small mercies.
>> No. 35228 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 9:29 am
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Royalty is a good distraction from things going to shit with coronavirus, Afghanistan or whatever.
>> No. 35229 Anonymous
5th September 2021
Sunday 11:11 am
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You probably won't hear the most obvious song for quite some time on the radio after her passing.


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