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>> No. 36349 Anonymous
17th December 2021
Friday 5:34 pm
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>A kindhearted Indian man was hailed as a hero on social media after a video of him attempting to save a monkey by giving it cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) went viral.

>M Prabhu, 38, a car driver from Perambalur in Tamil Nadu, said that he had found the monkey injured and unconscious on a tree on 9 December, reported The New Indian Express. Mr Prabhu said that the monkey had been chased by dogs and had managed to escape by climbing a nearby tree. He said he chased away the dogs and rescued the monkey from the tree.


>After a few dogs allegedly killed a monkey infant, troops of the area have been on a rampage killing pups. In the past month, monkeys were said to have killed around 250 pups by throwing them down from heights.

>This strange incident took place in Majalgaon in Beed district. The moment a troop of monkeys in the area see a pup, it catches the pup and takes it to a place of considerable height and throws it down.


I don't want to alarm you lads, but a war between monkeys and dogs has begun.
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>> No. 36355 Anonymous
17th December 2021
Friday 10:17 pm
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I'd really quite like to give that 'rescue a stray' thing a go, but as far as I'm aware we don't really have a problem with feral animals in the UK - though I did encounter a very thin cat last night, assumed lost from home.
>> No. 36356 Anonymous
17th December 2021
Friday 10:30 pm
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Why have we sided with the monkeys on this?

> though I did encounter a very thin cat last night

It just has cat aids. Or that thyroid problem they get.
>> No. 36368 Anonymous
18th December 2021
Saturday 4:35 pm
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>A troop of revenge-driven monkeys has killed at least 250 puppies by throwing them to the ground from high places. The motivation for such fury is said to have stemmed from an incident in which a pack of dogs mauled a baby monkey to death.

What would happen if one of these revenge driven monkeys bit a human?
>> No. 36372 Anonymous
18th December 2021
Saturday 5:26 pm
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