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>> No. 36505 Anonymous
26th December 2021
Sunday 11:46 pm
36505 Royal Navy @ .GS
Couldn't help but love this story. HMS Protector, the Royal Navy, are rescuing penguins from South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, our spiritual home.

I'm hoping that climate change means the place warms up a bit, and all three of us can retire there, soon.

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>> No. 36506 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 12:01 am
36506 spacer

It's about time we embraced hairy birds again. I think yellow-fever was giving anti-racism lad an aneurism.
>> No. 36507 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 12:13 am
36507 spacer
I'm a huge fan of hairy birds.
>> No. 36508 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 1:20 am
36508 spacer
>South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, our spiritual home.
This warms my heart enormously for some reason, the idea that we are all, in a way, linked to those islands, and that the islands almost make up a part of us, even though none of us ever go there.
>> No. 36509 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 1:24 am
36509 spacer

Can you go there? Assuming I knew someone with a boat, could I have him sail us there, or would we be torpedoed by submarines?
>> No. 36510 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 10:27 am
36510 spacer

Pwnguin pelt.jpg
My mate reported a penguin washed up on our shores the other year. I'll be the only one around here to own a penguin pelt, I thought. Got there and it was a fucking Egret.
>> No. 36511 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 10:28 am
36511 spacer

You can - I understand bits of South Georgia are inhabited, and cruise ships do visit from time to time. It's British territory, so you're allowed to visit - King Edward Point is the main port of entry and there is a permanent Antarctic survey base there.


Picture is from a a few minutes ago - it's 10C there today, so actually quite balmy warm.
>> No. 36512 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 10:35 am
36512 spacer

I would very much like to make a pilgrimage before I/this place dies. Maybe a selfie next to a sign, with my cock in a cup of tea.
>> No. 36513 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 10:45 am
36513 spacer

I would very much like a real flag. I wish I knew someone at the BAS - there used to be an army base there, but not any more. I do have a radio contact on the Falkland Islands, where the SGSSI "government" is based. Might just write a random email and see where it gets to.
>> No. 36514 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 10:48 am
36514 spacer


Cheapest cruise I can find is 8 grand. Looks great though.
>> No. 36680 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 11:51 pm
36680 spacer
We're in the news again, sort of: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60010608

>South Georgia: The museum at the end of the world reopens for business

>On the icy, southern edge of the Atlantic Ocean, just above the Antarctic circle, is a British island, a ghost town, and a museum.
A British island, a ghost town and a museum? I guess you could say we're like that.

>The island is a tough place to work. The nearest airport is a four-day boat ride away. Fresh food is rare, the internet is "poor to non-existent" and, at times, the wind is strong enough to tip over helicopters.
Your mum is poor to non-existent m8

>There are no permanent residents on South Georgia, just 20 or so workers, from scientists to maintenance staff.
Okay now this is getting creepy. I'd better stop.
>> No. 36681 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 11:54 pm
36681 spacer
Order of magnitude over-estimation of the population.

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