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>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 12416 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 8:57 pm
12416 spacer
And the women complained and she hasn't since. Despite them being welcome, there hasn't been a woman in the round of 8 for some time. Unless you count Scarlett.
>> No. 12418 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 9:11 pm
12418 spacer
You can't call it a men's bracket just because the women who play SC aren't good enough to compete against the best men, especially not when trying claim transgender women are forced to favour one bracket over another. If women's StarCraft still existed it would be like chess: an open bracket and a female bracket.

I didn't care to read them but
>> No. 12419 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 10:16 pm
12419 spacer
The women's bracket exists because they were getting stomped, and they complained about Scarlett winning one of their tournaments only to go on and win in the main bracket so they were justified in doing so. They complained for the same reason TROTW complained about Koreans stomping them and then Korea was segregated. She'd have dominated with no competition.

The point was that women don't feel comfortable raising this issue now because of how warped feminist ideology has become, which is a damning indictment of feminisms current agenda which is equality at any cost, regardless of outcome, even if that outcome is women feel marginalised in their own sports events.

Whether or not people with y chromosomes make them better gamers is up for debate, I think it's a matter of men seem to be willing to sleep 4 hours a day and play Starcraft 2 for 20 and women aren't. Which is fine, but they deserve to be matched with people on their level. If Scarlett is training like a top 8 player she shouldn't be going against women who aren't. Regardless, they moaned so much about it she hasn't done it again so it's probably a moot point at this stage. The best women's Volleyball player in the world being trans is an issue though. Equality at any cost, regardless of outcome, will see trans women dominating women's sport eventually and who benefits from that arrangement?
>> No. 12420 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 7:49 am
12420 spacer
Fucked up trannies and narcissist feminists.
>> No. 12421 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 7:58 am
12421 spacer
I saw them play last year, not as good as Throbbing Gristle.
>> No. 12422 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 10:34 am
12422 spacer

>Fucked up trannies
I know, right? It's almost impossible to find decent parts for them.
>> No. 12423 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 3:26 pm
12423 spacer


Tell me about it m8. Germanium transistors are like rocking horse shit these days, the bloody EEC banned them or something.
>> No. 12424 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 3:29 pm
12424 spacer
Lead content I think, it's banned from consumer electronics.
>> No. 12425 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 3:32 pm
12425 spacer

Bloody Brussels bureaucrats. It's my right as a god-fearing Englishman to fill my lungs with lead fumes. It's the toxic precipitate of liberty.
>> No. 12426 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 7:09 pm
12426 spacer

I feel the same way about lead solder. Still have a stockpile of it from my grandad.

It's just so much better to work with. Worth the early death.
>> No. 12427 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 9:55 pm
12427 spacer
Ah, good old 63/37. There's none finer.
>> No. 12428 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 9:00 am
12428 spacer
Germanium transistors are pretty shitty, though. Nice low bandgap which would be handy for low voltage work, if they didn't leak and change so wildly with temperature.

And decent lead free solder (lots of silver, decent flux) is now good enough that I've abandoned SnPb unless I particularly need the lower temperature.
>> No. 12429 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 3:15 pm
12429 spacer

Guitar nerds prefer germanium transistors for some distortion and fuzz effects. It's a subtle difference, but they really do sound nicer. RoHS also killed the cadmium sulphide photoresistor, which is at the heart of some of the best compressors.
>> No. 12473 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 3:49 pm
12473 spacer

Today I had my first experience of Farmhouse Inns; a pub chain run by Greene King, which appears to be a more down-market version in relation their other chains such as Hungry Horse and Flaming Grill.

The first thing that struck me was the clientele. Many were sporting rather questionable tattoos and a lot of the men were wearing baseball caps indoors. Few seemed to be engaged in conversation with their partners, friends or children and were either slumped on their phones or had passed their phones to their offspring in order to keep them quiet; the latter being a strange move considering that the children's play area had at least two PlayStation 4s and two Xbox One's to keep them busy if they weren't interested in the children's versions of the fruit machines or the touch screen games all around the walls of the play area.

I ordered a steak and ale pie, which came to £7.99. The vegetables, carrots on peas, had dried out and looked severely anaemic. The chips were nice and chunky. The gravy reminded me of a nosebleed due to the sheer number of clots and lumps inside it. The pie itself was rather on the stodgy side and the meat was of relatively poor quality when compared with similar establishments. The service was slow and was topped off by the waitress spilling gravy all over the table because she tried carrying far more than she could manage, but at least she had a right prime arse. Laddo had the kids pizza meal, which came to £4.29. This consisted of a microwave pizza which was reminiscent of a supermarket Chicago Town knock-off and a small triangle of garlic bread which was ridiculously dry; it came with a sachet of ketchup which was presumably to provide some moisture for counterbalance. His meal did not come with any form of vegetable or salad.

To top off the journey and really put the icing on the cake, I went back to my car and noticed that the people parked in the adjacent spaces on either side had both managed to open their car doors into mine and damage the paintwork.
>> No. 12474 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 4:31 pm
12474 spacer

I honestly don't know if I could still get into bother for saying some of this so let's just assume the following is a creative work of fiction.

I worked for Greene King under a different brand (not mentioned) and was bribed into afforded the opportunity to do a bit of gentle prodding/consulting for their team. I was told by more than one actual executive that the brand identity was 'Harvester for chavs' and when they asked me to look at their menu a bit they made it very clear that I was not, under any circumstances, to remove or reduce the amount of black pudding on the menu or in the dishes, and that the Big Cheesy Nachos would similarly need preserved. The impression I got was that there'd be significant property damage if their patrons discovered these favourites molested. I also didn't even know you could buy frozen mashed potato, so at least I learned something.

It was honestly a very weird atmosphere working with that lot, and really did feel like I was a sixth former being asked to look after the bottom set Year 9s. It was almost like even those charged with running these brands and GK itself treated it as a joke, something that would inevitably fail. I've never seen anything like it and was one of the factors that made me not want to work under their banner anymore.

This was a couple of years ago now, but I still feel partially responsible for your experience, I probably could have done more if I'd cared enough/been brave enough to step out of my advisory role, I'm sorry. Did they still have the 'black pudding tower' on the menu?
>> No. 12475 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 4:32 pm
12475 spacer

>The gravy reminded me of a nosebleed due to the sheer number of clots and lumps inside it

That was vivid enough to make me wretch a bit, well done.
>> No. 12476 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 4:45 pm
12476 spacer
At least it wasn't a Toby Carvery.
>> No. 12477 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 4:45 pm
12477 spacer
>Harvester for chavs

If that's what they were aiming to cater for then they've certainly delivered it. It seemed like the venue of choice for dads who were having their day of custody with their offspring and decided the best thing to do with them was to spend it drinking beer and playing on their phone whilst the kids run feral around a pub.

You're welcome. One thing I forgot to mention was that every single menu I saw was sticky and smeared in old gravy.
>> No. 12478 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 4:52 pm
12478 spacer
Oh, and the only instances of black pudding I can remember on the menu were in the all day breakfast and as part of the mixed grill. They still had the cheesy nachos.

I went to a Toby Carvery once as it was included in the paid expenses on a business trip. Never again. Even worse than Farmhouse Inns.
>> No. 12479 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 5:00 pm
12479 spacer


This was what I was on about. It was apparently a big seller. I suppose it's not a bad concept but it's definitely a bit council.

The food is only in these sorts of places to get more people in to buy the beer, it sometimes isn't even planned to turn a profit, so there's very little attention put on the hiring and running of the kitchens (I suspect Wetherspoons model is to break even on food as the beer makes up for it) That's how most single brewery pubs work I guess.
>> No. 12480 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 1:05 pm
12480 spacer

Spoons food is alright though. I mean it's not exactly Michelin star but if I'm out of an aft and feel a little peckish, I often feel I could do far worse than a Spoons burger and one of those combo platter things full of onion rings and chicken wings. Why eo other similar pubs struggle with this when it's basically all pre-made anyway?
>> No. 12481 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 2:15 pm
12481 spacer

Seconded. It's nothing special, but it's cheap and satisfactory. Where else can you get a full English and a mug of tea with free refills for less than a fiver?
>> No. 12482 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 6:13 pm
12482 spacer
> Why eo other similar pubs struggle with this when it's basically all pre-made anyway?

Marston's are alright. That's about it for decent pub chain alternatives to Spoons.
>> No. 12483 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 8:02 pm
12483 spacer
>I could do far worse than a Spoons burger
Not really. It's McDonald's and then that's it.
>> No. 12484 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 8:33 pm
12484 spacer
What say you of black pudding as a burger topping?
>> No. 12485 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 8:43 pm
12485 spacer

>Why eo other similar pubs struggle with this when it's basically all pre-made anyway?

It comes down to the fact that even in bulk, food is not that profitable. You need pub food prices to be low or nobody will touch it anyway - yet even proper restaurants selling you a burger for 15 quid aren't making massive profit.

Your next problem is competent staff. It's a challenge to find cooks that keep the place legal, that's still a lot of responsibility even if you're reheating stuff, and if they fuck anything up (burning bread, not rotating stuff properly, etc) then your already tight margins are even less realistic. Finding people willing to do all that (plus keeping the place clean - EHO is tough) for seven quid an hour is a major weak point, and paying more for better people is right back to square one.

The next issue is designing a menu that caters to a wide variety of people - majority of people eat in groups, even in pubs. So if you don't have a good veggie option, healthy option, few burgers, salad, sharing platters, nachos, a curry, fish and chips, a pie, etc etc etc, then you'll lose trade simply by people going somewhere else to eat because Fiona needs a gluten free veggie thing and so on. - But a broad menu means more space required, better operating procedures, the problem of wastage is still there - not everything can be frozen indefinitely, especially if you want fast service. So you lose money every week just by offering items people don't order. And with a chain it's even worse - your menu is the same everywhere, but your pubs will always be serving different people. London customers as a whole want something different to Yorkshire ones, and so on, so the entire thing becomes an exercise in risk mitigation.

There aren't many pubs that make money from food, if any. It's there to bring people in, and the alcohol is very profitable so it makes up for it. Wetherspoons does well with food, and their massive menu, because they can afford to make losses, as the bar is making money hand over fist, plus the economies of scale add up for such a juggernaut. They make up such a large portion of trade for industrial food manufacturers that they can play them against each other and potentially drive costs up for the rest of the industry.
>> No. 12486 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 8:58 pm
12486 spacer
>The next issue is designing a menu that caters to a wide variety of people

I reckon the reason is simple; kids. Whilst Spoons has a children's menu you'll never go to a pub with a soft play area inside whereas most other chains seem to be aimed squarely at families.

The simple fact is that kids ruin everything. Spoons may have its fair share of no-hopers who have been drinking quietly since 10am on a weekday, but they're not going to ruin the ambience in the same way as a swarm of screaming snotbags.
>> No. 12487 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 12:53 pm
12487 spacer
So what you're saying is, every time I go to Spoons for food and don't order any alcohol, they are making a loss? Excellent.
>> No. 12488 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 1:17 pm
12488 spacer
You need to not order any drinks at all. The soft stuff in particular is probably the most profitable item they sell. £2 a pint at a cost of pennies.
>> No. 12489 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 4:43 pm
12489 spacer

If anyone is making profit from food, it's Spoons. I bet their best sellers are engineered to make money.

You'd have to buy about 30 fish and chips to offset the profit they make from five or six pints, mind.
>> No. 12490 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 5:35 pm
12490 spacer

Most pubs use booze as a loss-leader for food sales, yet Wetherspoons still manage to undercut them on both. Their economies of scale must be incredible.
>> No. 12491 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 5:46 pm
12491 spacer

I know they have their own warehouses and distribution network, so they can buy product whenever it's the cheapest and store it for considerable amounts of times.

I sort of want to work for them just to see it from the inside.
>> No. 12492 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 8:11 pm
12492 spacer
One other thing I've remembered about Farmhouse Inns, most of the kids (at least the ones being shouted at by their parents), had double-barrelled names like Lexi-Mae or Kacey-Jo.
>> No. 12493 Anonymous
11th April 2018
Wednesday 9:44 pm
12493 spacer
>> No. 12494 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 1:49 am
12494 spacer
> There aren't many pubs that make money from food, if any. It's there to bring people in, and the alcohol is very profitable so it makes up for it.

Well I'm a total prat because I've been telling people for years that it's the opposite; you can get a 4 person family fed and watered (1 meal and 2 drinks each) and back out the door and the table clear in an hour while an old mooch like me will take up an entire table for eight hours and only do eight pints.

Then again I was always told that pubs were barely breaking even on the booze, so - again - who knows. Bloke who told me this worked for Punch Taverns if that means anything.
>> No. 12495 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 1:10 pm
12495 spacer
Wetherspoons buys all it’s alcohol just as it is about to “expire” at a reduced rate because they know they’ll shift it quick.
>> No. 12496 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 1:20 pm
12496 spacer

If this connected to why sometimes you'll go in on a Sunday morning / lunch and all they'll have on tap is fucking Carling? They've bought the whole weekend's lot short dated and run out a bit quicker than they expected?
>> No. 12498 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 1:32 pm
12498 spacer

Tied and tenanted publicans have been complaining for years that they can't make a profit on their beer sales, hence the massive number of pub closures and the huge shift towards food sales.

>> No. 12527 Anonymous
22nd May 2018
Tuesday 7:50 pm
12527 spacer
This evening I had my first experience of Frankie and Benny's in well over a year.

The first thing that struck me was the music. Instead of the usual Motown and Rat Pack hits that you associate with Frankie and Benny's they were playing the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran. The second thing that struck me was how empty it was inside. When we arrived there was only one other party eating and a couple of men propping up the bar; why you'd spend hours drinking in a Frankie and Benny's when there's a number of decent pubs within walking distance is absolutely beyond me. There were more staff than customers. The third thing that struck me was that they've changed the menu. They've taken off the two things that I actually didn't mind eating there; the bacon steaks, i.e. gammon, and the Cajun burger.

I went for their fixed price menu, which offers two courses for £9.99. For the starter I went for 'Meatballs Italiano' which consisted of five meatballs of the strangest density I've ever encountered; if I'd thrown them on the floor then I'm almost certain they'd have bounced up to the ceiling. They were served in a 'Neapolitan tomato sauce' which had been nuked to the point of crusting to the sides of the bowl it was served in. I didn't even know it was possible to burn a sauce but they'd pulled it off.

For the main course I went for their cheeseburger. The meat itself was actually nice but would have considerably benefitted from being grilled. However that's a largely moot point to make because it was drowned in so much barbecue sauce to the point of being almost inedible. The cheese was 'Monterey Jack', which is one of those American cheeses which don't really melt, don't really taste of anything and are vaguely reminiscent of plastic. The chips were alright, though, even if some were served in mugs for whatever reason; I'd imagine that the wonks in charge have decided to start following a trend several years after everyone else has grown tired of it.
>> No. 12528 Anonymous
22nd May 2018
Tuesday 9:22 pm
12528 spacer
Greene King are meant to be one of the worst for putting a huge markup on their tied pubs. Their beer's not even that great either.
>> No. 12529 Anonymous
22nd May 2018
Tuesday 9:24 pm
12529 spacer
Last time I went to Frankie and Benny's I had their maccaroni-cheese calzone. Total carb overload, couldn't finish it but at least it was memorable.
>> No. 12530 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 4:17 am
12530 spacer

The last time I went to Frankie and Benny's the server forgot to put our order in for over an hour while we just sat there like fucking melons. I was only there because the local 'spoons had been shut down by the progressive Labour council and the only place serving pints within walking distance was this fucking shithole F&B. Fucking London.
>> No. 12531 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 7:02 am
12531 spacer
Did you at least get the meal for free because of it?
>> No. 12532 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 10:24 am
12532 spacer
I doubt there's a single place in London where there aren't at least five pubs within walking distance, you fat lump.
>> No. 12533 Anonymous
23rd May 2018
Wednesday 12:06 pm
12533 spacer

You don't know London that well then. There's a whole stretch of the Finchley Road where there are no pubs from the North Star almost at swiss cottage all the way up to the Garden Gate in Golders Green. Nearby West Hampstead is devoid of pubs and full of poxy wine bars and Restaurants where you can oxymoronically buy mediocre "Street Food", but you need to venture down to Kilburn to really find a decent set of pubs.
>> No. 12534 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 6:46 pm
12534 spacer
Cineworld has changed their partner restaurants for Unlimited subscribers, so now I can't get 25% off F&B and Pizza Hut any more and they're changing it to 6 restaurants that don't exist in my town. However, Nandos apparently honour it despite not being officially affiliated so I'll probably start eating there and I'm not sure how I feel about it.
>> No. 12535 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 7:02 pm
12535 spacer

Nandos is certainly a lot better than Frankie and Benny's.

Haven't ever had Pizza Hut so I can't comment on that, but even a shite pizza is pretty good so perhaps that's a shame.
>> No. 12536 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 7:24 pm
12536 spacer
Pizza Hut have a free salad bar, so you can fill up on salad and ask for your pizza to be boxed up. Two meals for the price of one.
>> No. 12537 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 10:49 pm
12537 spacer
Pizza Hut has an obnoxious menu, but the free salad bar and the topping selections makes up for it. The Vegi Hot One with chicken is a cracking pizza.

F&B wont be to much of a loss, I suppose. I'll give Nandos a try.
>> No. 12538 Anonymous
25th May 2018
Friday 11:10 pm
12538 spacer

As grim as Nandos is as a venue, there's really nothing wrong with chicken and rice, it's a solid meal for sure.

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