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>> No. 4366 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 11:49 am
4366 spacer
Why do my arm pits still stink after I shower?
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>> No. 4367 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 12:59 pm
4367 spacer
You might have some sort of problem. Get them botoxed.
>> No. 4368 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 5:07 pm
4368 spacer
Because of the bacteria which lives on you. When you shower you just deplete it temporarily and it swiftly recolonises.

Baths work a little better and you need something antibacterial like Mitchums.

I have a terrible problem with this unless I'm incredibly careful and what I use on my underarms is this:

Layer 1: a clearasil pad (kills germs)
Layer 2: antibacterial hand gel (ditto)
Layer 3: mitchums roll on
Layer 4: garnier mineral roll on
layer 5: garnier mineral spray

This combination's been working on me for a year and counting. I get used to any normal deodorant in a fortnight tops.

I had a pretty decent run with Pitrok but developed a sensitivity to it. There's also a pretty good Spanish one called Byly but I had to get it as an international order from Amazon which was expensive.
>> No. 4369 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 5:09 pm
4369 spacer

I should mention I don't sweat under my arms at all now so I produce prodigious amounts of groin sweat. I look like I've pissed myself if I have to sit on a plastic chair.
>> No. 4771 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 1:59 pm
4771 spacer
what's the best way to shave your pits?
>> No. 4772 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 2:40 pm
4772 spacer
nivea do a great silver protection range which has silver ions in it or summin.. known antibacterial properties or something

I use the shower gel and deoderant (which says it protects for 72 hours)

also dont just rub the shower gel on actually use a flannel or a sponge and scrub

also i shave my armpits... ugh im such a fag
>> No. 4773 Anonymous
5th January 2014
Sunday 2:41 pm
4773 spacer

same way you shave your face.. i use the disposable mach 3's. You might wanna trim it with some scissors the first time
>> No. 5276 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 7:30 am
5276 spacer
Can I still use roll-ons with hairy pits? Is it worse for the body because of those aluminum compounds they contain?

Is there an alternative to using deodorant? Something like baby/talcum powder? If memory serves it doesn't work too well.
>> No. 5277 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 7:02 pm
5277 spacer
Rolls ons work fine for me with hairy pits.
However roll-ons and sprays both have aluminium in, although I feel safer with roll-ons because you're not inhaling a load of it.

On the subject, does anyone know any half-decent aluminium free deodorants? I'm not overly paranoid about it, but there's enough doubt about it's link to alzheimer's that I'd rather be safe than sorry.
>> No. 5278 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 7:33 pm
5278 spacer
I don't think you should worry, mate. What are you counting as "enough doubt"? No study so far has conclusively found evidence that it impacts your health. Here's a somewhat recent review paper on Aluminium and environmental risk: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25233067

But if you want to go aluminium free anyway, Old Spice High Endurance is pretty good.
>> No. 5279 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 7:46 pm
5279 spacer
You're right about Nivea's Silver Protect range being pretty good, but your lack of capitalisation and punctuation undermine your good advice by making you look like an illeterate fool.
>> No. 5280 Anonymous
30th August 2015
Sunday 10:29 am
5280 spacer
Does anyone on the high street do Old Spice High Endurance?
>> No. 5281 Anonymous
30th August 2015
Sunday 12:23 pm
5281 spacer
Antiperspirants never work for me. The only one that I have found that actually functions is Triple Dry which is a bloody fiver for 50mL. I always keep a bottle handy for days when I need it rather than using it every day. Interviews, client meets, going out, things like that. Realistically it can only be used ten times or so before running out.
>> No. 5301 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 9:29 pm
5301 spacer
Any good rollons for lassmates? Or is the Nivea Silver protection the way to go?
>> No. 5302 Anonymous
25th September 2015
Friday 2:48 pm
5302 spacer

I'd say Garnier Mineral or Mitchum or both layered. It's not normally terribly noticeable if you use a male one either.
>> No. 5303 Anonymous
25th September 2015
Friday 7:53 pm
5303 spacer
You're not a girl, Steve, we've been through this.
>> No. 5311 Anonymous
26th September 2015
Saturday 2:35 pm
5311 spacer
I've found a lot of Nivea ones are pretty good. I've used both the "men's" Silver one and their 48h Invisible for Black/White, I was quite impressed that they seem to live up to their claims of keeping pit stink at bay for well over a day.
>> No. 5780 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 2:24 pm
5780 spacer

So guess what Garnier have just discontinued?


Ugh. I couldn't find it in Sainsbury's yesterday and hadn't looked for it for a few weeks because I'd stocked up. I haven't run out yet but am not looking forward to it. I've been used to my deodorant working perfectly for years.
>> No. 5781 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 3:56 pm
5781 spacer
Tesco has it.
>> No. 5782 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 3:57 pm
5782 spacer


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