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>> No. 5457 Anonymous
12th June 2016
Sunday 2:24 pm
5457 Omnes vero se Britanni vitro inficiunt, quod caeruleum efficit colorem.
I'm curious what the .gs consensus (or lack thereof) is on tattoos.
Do we have the same strangely vehement anti-tattoo lobby found on the other place or are we still the painted peoples Caesar described?
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>> No. 5468 Anonymous
12th June 2016
Sunday 10:12 pm
5468 spacer

Reminds me of all those people still stuck with Lost Prophets tattoos.
>> No. 5469 Anonymous
12th June 2016
Sunday 10:17 pm
5469 spacer
When I was a young lad I really wanted one, but as luck would have it I never got around to it.

To have a symbol/word/image to define you is utterly daft. You can argue it has special meaning or whatever, but it seems that it will be mainly seen by those around you, and people will judge you for whatever you have. There are so many shit tattoos that it makes me sad we life in a society of culture-less proletariat with no real taste or self-respect.

I've noted the following categories:

Neck tattoos: Irredeemable nuckle-dragging chav scum.
Tribal tattoos: Scum
Any tattoos with St. George's cross/flags: See above
Baby names/dates in shitty cursive writing: Same as above
Weird minimal tattoos: Hipsters - very rarely do these look good.
Japanese/Chinese/Indian writing and/or pictures (e.g.: Koi fish): unoriginal and boring - also congrats on robbing ideas from another culture than your own
Weird Ivy/curves on the side of hands and on feet: women get these, and they are chavette-lite, tacky tattoos.
Tramp-stamp: An excellent warning to steer clear of you and your STI buffet between your legs.
Quotes: Just stop. Shit font, shit lettering, shit quote, fuck off.

A mate of mine recently revealed he got a tattoo of a chromatography graph from his scientific research on his back. I asked him why, and he said it marked an important milestone in his masters thesis. I mean, ok whatever - but really put it on your back? Why your back? So others can see it? Do people even know what that is? Also a MSc thesis isn't exactly the loftiest of achievements. I sort of alluded to it being a bit "obscure", and he perceived it as shit, so he got a bit grumpy - but at least he figured my real thoughts on his "ink".

I sound like a massive judgemental cunt, but don't forget that tattoos are there to be seen, and by their very nature are going to judged. It seems like everyone is willing to shell out hundreds of pounds and sit for hours upon hours getting a inky needle stabbed into their flesh, but become a damaged little petal when someone criticises their poor choices.
>> No. 5471 Anonymous
12th June 2016
Sunday 10:20 pm
5471 spacer
Live, not life...
>> No. 5472 Anonymous
12th June 2016
Sunday 10:56 pm
5472 spacer
So you seem to object to those categories, what wouldn't fit into them?
>> No. 5474 Anonymous
13th June 2016
Monday 2:39 am
5474 spacer

Acceptable tattoos:

A screaming clown on the inside of your eyelids.
The entirety of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech (consonants removed).
Diagram four of the assembly instructions for an Ikea Nornäs bookcase.
Someone else's driving license.
All sixteen members of the 1992 British Olympic field hockey squad.
The nutritional information from a tin of Heinz Spaghetti.
A full size image of Keith Chegwin's penis, on your penis.
An Amstrad E-M@iler (original model).
>> No. 5475 Anonymous
13th June 2016
Monday 1:11 pm
5475 spacer

lee n rotty.jpg
urban camouflage to make yourself look like the dog?
>> No. 5476 Anonymous
14th June 2016
Tuesday 11:20 am
5476 spacer
Luckily for me my weird minimal hipster tattoos have lead to more than one chance encounter with a "likeminded person" around a campfire/kitchen table at a houseparty, and the last time it happened we had a one of those lovely two-hour "bonding experience" conversations which finished with a hug and a free tab of 'cid as a parting gift. Considering that most of my tattoos are a result of my pseudo-philosophical spiritual beliefs derived from rampant drug use, it all works out really well for me. Not that any of them are even really on show, it's only the eagle-eyed who even notice them. And those are the people with the free drugs and worthwhile chatter.
>> No. 5478 Anonymous
14th June 2016
Tuesday 6:01 pm
5478 spacer

As a counterpoint to your argument, though, you seem to mainly draw the conclusion that tattoos should be meaningful and somehow valuable; but not in a trite or contrived, in other words, "dumb" way.

One could argue that life is short and you only inhabit this flesh contraption for a fleeting space of time. So who cares if the things you do to it are a bit daft. Tattoos are a hedonist sort of thing, I think, and a large number of the underclass are forced into a desperate sort of hedonism as a basic life choice, because they have literally nothing else.

It's not like the hedonism a rich person can have, where it's all about blowing ten grand on a watch and arriving to a cocktail party in a helicopter and a tailored navy blue suit with no tie. It's about having a story to tell- Even if your tattoo is shit, it at least sparks up the conversation that "Oh yeah mate I know, but I was well into them when I was 17, what a dickhead eh? Hahaha".

Overall I have more taste than that, of course. My tattoos are probably exactly the sort of cliche crap that you describe (I'm a greasy long hair type with goats skulls and pagan nonsense all over my forearms) but I like them, they suit me, and it's only a tattoo.

I think that if the sorts of people who have shit tattoos are prole scum, then the sorts of people who strongly oppose tattoos, are probably actually deeply insecure about who they are and how they are perceived by others; and so would prefer not to give people anything to draw conclusions from. Would you say that's a fair hypothesis?
>> No. 5479 Anonymous
14th June 2016
Tuesday 11:45 pm
5479 spacer
>it's only a tattoo
Thank you for saying this. "What does this one mean, then?" is the bane of my life.
>> No. 5480 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 12:20 am
5480 spacer
Hopefully you realise you and you alone made that the bane of your life by getting a pointless tattoo?
>> No. 5481 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 12:21 am
5481 spacer
"You shouldn't have worn that if you didn't want to get raped"
>> No. 5482 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 12:26 am
5482 spacer
Because rape is totally comparable to asking someone about a tattoo right.
>> No. 5483 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 12:26 am
5483 spacer
OK, but if you can only find deep social interaction from wearing tattoos that other "likeminded" people deem interesting then you need to work on your own personality and leave the house more often. Also you once could get 5 tabs of acid for £20 on research chemical sites, but now we can't, bugger. I still have 3 on me.

>tattoos should be meaningful and somehow valuable
That's exactly what I was going to write. There was a period in history that tattoos were almost exclusively worn by sailors, prisoners, circus freaks, basically anyone that would be involved in hard-labour. It seemed like an earned piece, not some silly shite conjured up by a fool.

Anyway, I don't have a problem with someone dedicating their time and effort into something intricate and requiring plenty of skill. Like picture a businessman, with an entire body suit of tattoos under his clothes. I can respect that. I also respect those people who cover their hands and faces in tattoos. They've cashed in the notion they will be anything else than what they've chosen (usually fully tattooed people have no allusions they'll stay being a tattoo artist/musician/gangster/circus performer).

What irks me as I mentioned, is this horrible deluge of marked sloths that inhabit this already aesthetically challenged island. It's maddening to know there is no thought put into something that is permanent, (although you have that tattoo laser removal service these days).

You seem like a decent bloke, and I have many friends like yourself that have dragons/fairies/demons and other shite tattooed on them. They are still very decent people and I cherish their friendship, but I guess they take the view that you have one life and filling it with interesting stories and inspirational moments is worth it.

I might have mentioned that I wanted a tattoo badly sometime when I was 18/19, something to do with the band TOOL or whatever. Then it shifted to the minimalist stuff, which can look cool - now lately I am vehemently opposed to any marks on my body. It's simply to do with how your mind shifts it's perception of things you once liked. Any tattoo, whatever it is, funnels a person's perception of you from what they've seen on your body. I am insecure to an extent. That fear and constant need to make an effort is what gives me a bit of an edge I think. Again, massive twat thing to say, but it works.
I've ditched my black van slip-ons, ditched my band-tshirts, ditched the cargo pants, and instead have focused on ironed shirts, good shoes (whether sensible runners or good boots), and a decent overall look. The results have been immeasurably good; my boss and co-workers treat me with respect and esteem, girls actually pay attention to me and generally I feel needed and valued. I cannot begin to think how that perception would shift if I decided to tattoo myself in any significant way, and later sorely regretted it daily.

The working world and society in general plays a game - if you'd like to be treated with respect and value, you need to avoid putting labels on yourself and instead appear as open and approachable.
>> No. 5484 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 12:37 am
5484 spacer
It's the same logical process of apportioning blame, yes.
>> No. 5485 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 12:41 am
5485 spacer
>you need to avoid putting labels on yourself
>ironed shirts, good shoes (whether sensible runners or good boots), and a decent overall look
You seem a smart enough lad that when I point out that the way you present yourself now is simply yet another label, if a more commonly acceptable one, you'll realise you already knew that.
>> No. 5486 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 1:04 am
5486 spacer
And what label is that? If it's "not looking like a scruffy cunt" then I'll take it.
>> No. 5488 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 1:13 am
5488 spacer
Obviously all these labels are complex and have a great number of connotations, but some of yours could be said to be unimaginative, cowardly, unadventurous conformist. Safe, boring. All these things can be spun to be positive traits from the right perspective, but it's food for thought.
>> No. 5489 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 1:29 am
5489 spacer
You say blame, I say personal responsibility. Obviously it's unfair to say someone deserves to suffer a crime as serious as rape, or any other form of bodily harm, for something as minor as how they dress or how they tattoo themselves. But as we're not talking about that, we're talking about people asking a reasonable question that only sounds tedious from your perspective because you personally have heard it many times and still haven't figured out a good answer for it. I think it's fair to say that comes under the category of personal responsibility, not being a 'victim' of anything.
>> No. 5490 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 1:32 am
5490 spacer
Or, you know, he's just not an edgy teenlad any more.
>> No. 5491 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 1:44 am
5491 spacer

Most teenagers are relentless conformists.
>> No. 5492 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 1:53 am
5492 spacer
We're talking about people being blamed for the reactions of others to how they present themselves. Feel free to continue to hide behind your "omfg rape isn't the same!" emotive shield.
>> No. 5493 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 2:59 am
5493 spacer
Of course people are going to react to how you present yourself, there wouldn't be any point to it otherwise.
>> No. 5494 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 3:35 am
5494 spacer
>I like seeing an elderly man with a faded anchor or swallow peeking out from his shirt sleeve. A middle-aged woman with a dolphin on her ankle is just depressingly basic.
I can't identify any inherent difference between the two things you described; just a mild undertone of misogyny.
>> No. 5495 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 9:14 am
5495 spacer
I just identified an inherent case of you being a sad cunt.
>> No. 5496 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 11:20 am
5496 spacer
>said to be unimaginative, cowardly, unadventurous conformist. Safe, boring.

I can't give a solitary fuck if some tattooed scrote puts that on me. I might get the impression they're envious of the shit choices I didn't make and I look like a respectable member of society.

As for boring and unimaginative, well that's up for debate because since when does having to look oh so unique and kooky relate to creativity? If anything, the more shit tattoos, the sadder the cunt because it merely tries to replace your boring non-existent personality.
>> No. 5497 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 11:51 am
5497 spacer
When does dressing like Mr. Rogers make you a better person? You seem remarkably judgemental.
>> No. 5498 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 12:04 pm
5498 spacer
Eh, not him but tattoos were traditionally a masculine thing and still kind of are in a way, a man might not immediately be judged a dickhead by a tattoo if it's in a discreet place but a woman will be thought of something of a slapper if she any kind of tattoo anywhere.
>> No. 5499 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 12:30 pm
5499 spacer
I don't dress as Mr. Rogers to be fair, but I am judgemental. As I've mentioned earlier in this thread. The mere mention of tattoos looking silly to someone with tattoos makes them quiver and shake with bottled up upset. It seems as if tattoos are a sacred cow because they are a permanent mark on your body, so criticizing them is somehow frowned upon.

The whole "you're so judgemental" thing gets tiring, because it reduces an argument down to "you're a cunt for daring to point out the differences". Humans by nature are judgemental, and I wish I had all the time in the world to meet and great everyone and assess them as people, but I can't. I know for a fact that my tattooed friends are great, I had the time to talk to them, I know people who don't have tattoos are bellends, I avoid them. But at face value, if I see someone with a visible, chavy, shit-stained on their skin - I assume they have poor judgement and don't really think far ahead. This assertion has to date been unchallenged otherwise.
>> No. 5500 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 12:46 pm
5500 spacer
>it reduces an argument down to "you're a cunt for daring to point out the differences"
But not "You're making large assumptions based on superficial differences"?
>> No. 5501 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 1:00 pm
5501 spacer

The problem is not that you and others are judgmental. But that you are yourself acutely aware and afraid of that judgement.

That's why you go out wearing jeans, a light coloured shirt and plimsolls. You have a short back and sides, and never grow a beard. You drink pints of Carling. You go for an Indian with the lads, but never have anything too hot. You drive a Passat.
>> No. 5502 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 2:58 pm
5502 spacer
Not who you are replying to, but I like how you have somehow extrapolated from
>ironed shirts, good shoes ... and decent overall look

to be all the things you list. I get that you're attempting hyperbole but really you just sound overly defensive. You're making out that anyone who dresses well in a conventional sense is automatically the dullest of dull cunts in order to justify your own life choices, which is pretty ironic given that you are accusing others of being afraid of judgement.
>> No. 5503 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 3:09 pm
5503 spacer
Those lads sound exactly the type to have some brainless tattoos.
>> No. 5504 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 3:18 pm
5504 spacer
A beard in 2016 is now a more reliable marker of timid and restrained conventionality than a shaven face.

I have two tattoos on my biceps which I am glad only lovers usually get to see. I don't regret them at all but have no desire for more - ostentatious displays of tattoos are almost always ugly and disfiguring from a strictly aesthetic point of view - people's bodies generally look interesting and pleasant enough without them.
>> No. 5505 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 5:40 pm
5505 spacer
Being different is so passée, standing out is just for try-hards who will never really be cool. Why stand out when you could blend in? Boring is the new interesting.
>> No. 5506 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 7:28 pm
5506 spacer
I've always wanted Kyuzo Mifune's "Freedom in continuous change" bit done as a tattoo in the original kanji, but I don't speak Japanese well enough and I also can't find an original Japanese copy of the book to find the original characters. My the time I figure it all out I'll be too old anyway and they can just engrave it on my coffin instead.
>> No. 5507 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 7:32 pm
5507 spacer
I want to get a tattoo on somewhere nobody can see even if I were naked. The only place I got so far is the back of my earlobe. Any ideas lads?
>> No. 5508 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 7:35 pm
5508 spacer

Inner buttock cleft.
Roof of your mouth.
Sole of your foot.
>> No. 5509 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 7:37 pm
5509 spacer
Those are silly places to have it.

>Sole of your foot.
This is the silliest. Does that mean I can never lie down without wearing socks?

Come on mate, think harder.
>> No. 5510 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 7:40 pm
5510 spacer

Just lie down on your side with the soles of your feet towards the wall you mong. Are you even trying?
>> No. 5511 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 7:42 pm
5511 spacer

>> No. 5512 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 7:42 pm
5512 spacer
What about if I were on a beach?
>> No. 5513 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 7:44 pm
5513 spacer
Somewhere respectable. Getting a tattoo is a bad thing according to some cunts in this thread, so come on mate, at least think of a respectable place.
>> No. 5514 Anonymous
15th June 2016
Wednesday 7:55 pm
5514 spacer
Stay stood up.
>> No. 5515 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 4:17 am
5515 spacer
I can see the back of your earlobe from here, lad. Under your eyelid is the only choice.
>> No. 5516 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 10:39 am
5516 spacer
Getting a shit tattoo is a bad thing you jizz cock. And most likely you'll get one.
>> No. 5517 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 5:06 pm
5517 spacer
I had sexual encounters with a woman this year before I found her most hidden tattoo. The word BOWIE on the nape of her neck, usually covered by long hair. I wasn't sure about her already and was even less sure after finding that.
>> No. 5518 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 6:10 pm
5518 spacer

I almost shagged a lass with Pete Steel's face covering her calf. I'm glad I didn't.
>> No. 5519 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 6:21 pm
5519 spacer
>> No. 5520 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 8:04 pm
5520 spacer
>OK, but if you can only find deep social interaction from wearing tattoos that other "likeminded" people deem interesting then you need to work on your own personality and leave the house more often.

You're extrapolating a whole lot from a whole lot ofnothing there. I said they lead to conversations, not that those are the sole kind of conversation I have. And I clearly leave the house loads, or how else would I get invited to all these hedonistic parties all the youths are at? Dear me, you need to work on your mental gymnastics a bit there. 2/10 SEE ME.

Also, I know right, what markets are even open nowadays that haven't run off with everyone's coins or are even slightly trustworthy or coded securely? I've actually gone back to street connections for ketamine, but the quality is hardly consistent so it's lead to me turning down bags from time to time for lack of better sources. Whinge whinge wah bring back SR1.0 etc. etc.
>> No. 5521 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 8:13 pm
5521 spacer
On a serious note, the back of the ear or lobe would be "invisible when naked" only when you're viewed from the front, so I suggest to you my stealthiest tattoo locations, which are (in order of stealth) insides of the toes or insides of the fingers (the sides facing towards your little finger > the sides facing your thumbs, due to the slight angling of the digits as they extend from the palm, especially when viewed from the front.)

I have a very small tattoo in precisely this location on my hand and no one, to date, has ever noticed it unless I have pointed out to them that it's there. I should probably get it touched up though, sadly there's no good padding in the dermis of the hands so ink tends to fade fast and takes more skill to tattoo there in the first place.

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