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>> No. 5641 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 10:24 pm
5641 Hair loss and what to do
Since hitting my mid-twenties, my hair on top is thinning, which I'm pretty sure is male pattern hair loss. Seems to me there must be plenty of poofs that've gone through this so I thought I'd ask for some advice.

I'm not really that upset about it, I did use finasteride for 4 weeks but there doesn't seem to have been an improvement. So I'm ready to just suck it up and accept the loss.

What I'm unsure about now is how to carry it. Asking for my normal haircut, which I've had for about a decade, is no longer possible. Are there people I could rely on to advise me on how best I should carry it? E.g. full slaphead, number 3 all over, etc. I just don't trust myself to make a good call and once you commit to a drastic haircut like that, you live with the consequences a bit.
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>> No. 5642 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 10:37 pm
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Finasteride has side effects which aren't worth it even if the percentile is as slim as the manufacturers claim.

I'd suggest, in all sincerity, to stop masturbating, there hasn't been a whole lot of research into this specifically but there are numerous studies which link up to show a relationship between orgasm and DHT, and DHT and hair loss. Not to say this'll reverse anything but it may slow it down.

What've you got to lose by not wacking off anyway?
>> No. 5644 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 11:01 pm
5644 spacer
Do nothing. Buy a pair of clippers. Buzz cut all over. Razor sometimes. Man the fucking fuck up. The "consequences" last no more than a month when it all grows back and you look like a long haired fucker with a bald patch. Cut it all off and wear it with pride.
>> No. 5645 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 11:02 pm
5645 spacer
Also, when you do this, you no longer need to "ask for your normal haircut". You do it yourself.
>> No. 5646 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 11:33 pm
5646 spacer

I wonder if I'll be able to grow a beard if I stop masturbating five times a day.
>> No. 5647 Anonymous
21st September 2016
Wednesday 11:53 pm
5647 spacer
Maybe post, well, anything to prove your bollocks?
>> No. 5648 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 12:03 am
5648 spacer

Unless you have a dicky ticker, minoxidil is quite safe. It's not particularly expensive if you buy the generic stuff, but it only works for about 40% of men.

To be honest, I think you're better off just dubbing your head.
>> No. 5649 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 12:41 am
5649 spacer
There's no truth to it. You can be a chronic wanker and still grow a decent beard, if someone who definitely isn't me (honest guv!) is anything to go by. My uncle, 50 and balding, likes to have a go at my facial rug, and I just tell him he must be jealous he can't grow one now.
>> No. 5650 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 5:15 am
5650 spacer

I went to a proper hair salon, first this poncy place in Chiswick and then when I moved up north a Toni & Guy. The head stylist in both places was an older guy who knew exactly how to cut my hair so that my on top thinning really doesn't show us much. I suppose once you get to a certain stage then even this kind of optical illusion won't really work and you'll have to just accept life and buzz the lot.

Personally I made a sort of pact with the devil where he gets my soul if I don't go bald or lose any teeth before 40. Looking back I should have shot for 50.

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