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>> No. 5661 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 8:25 pm
5661 Shower gel
I need to find a shower gel that gives me the squeaky clean feeling that soap bars do. It's annoying, but I have tested all these shower gels you find at the supermarket, and they all leave some oily film on my body. While people say that it is good, and "it's moisturising," I don't really care, I just want a cheap shower gel that will dry out my skin and make me feel squeaky clean.

Is that too much to ask?

Help me lads. Please.

I will test the one in the picture tomorrow.
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>> No. 5662 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 8:36 pm
5662 spacer
How about something from Imperial Leather? Maybe they've transferred some of their soap know-how to shower gels.
>> No. 5663 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 8:43 pm
5663 spacer
Rub some of that XXX Mint shit on your balls and the last thing you'll be worried about is oily film.
>> No. 5665 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 9:06 pm
5665 spacer

I've started using this recently, and so far so good.
I started using it a while ago due to regularly getting big sore pimples on my back and legs. This gel is the bare minimum of ingredients that's practical*, so doesn't have whatever ingredients were presumably causing the spots.

It's quite cheap at wilkinsons at the minute too.

You could also try just plain soap. I've tried soap from this place in the past and love it, but it is a bit pricey, and much less convenient to use than a gel.

*Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Lactate, Lactic Acid, Parfum, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Salicylate, Caprylyl Glycol, Zinc Sulfate
>> No. 5666 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 9:12 pm
5666 spacer
I've been using Sanex 0% for years now, it's good.
>> No. 5667 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 9:34 pm
5667 spacer
Thanks lads, but when something has Sensitive on it, it usually is meant for people who want moisturised skin, that is, some oily film covering you. Also, those products usually have low levels of surfactants and alcohol, while having loads of oils, fats and hygroscopic chemicals. Things I don't want.

I thought the same thing. I used to love, and still love Imperial Leather soaps because of how great they are at cleaning while leaving nothing oily behind. Sadly though, their shower gels suffer from the fatty, oily nonsense I hate.
>> No. 5668 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 9:38 pm
5668 spacer

No lad, "Sensitive" means it does not have fragrances added to it. I have psoriasis, my doctor advised me to use Sanex or various other things. No oily layer on my skin, thank you very much.
>> No. 5670 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 9:46 pm
5670 spacer
Why don't you just use, I don't know, soap?
>> No. 5671 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 9:47 pm
5671 spacer
Hence why I also listed the ingredients.
Aside from the glycerine, it isn't a particularly moisturising gel.

"Sensitive" can mean more or less anything. A manufacturer if it wants to can slap the label on absolutely anything if it can justify that it's missing one or two particular things.
>> No. 5672 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 10:46 pm
5672 spacer
Original Source ones are good - they do a minty one that is very nice in the morning (though be careful when applying near ones ring piece).
>> No. 5673 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 4:56 am
5673 spacer

Sorry, /i was referring specifically to Sanex.

Zerobase is also a damn good moisturiser.
>> No. 5674 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 7:26 pm
5674 spacer
Sanex is very good.
>> No. 5675 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 7:41 pm
5675 spacer
Thanks lads, I tested the one in my OP pic, and I also tested Sanex today. Sanex was good, but it still felt slippery. The Dettol one was just oily like the rest of them.

I suppose I will take this smarmy >>5670 cunt's advice and start using soap.

What do you lot use to scrub?
>> No. 5676 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 8:10 pm
5676 spacer
Your body isn't supposed to feel dry, and you associate dryness with cleanliness because you've been using shite products on your body.
>> No. 5677 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 8:35 pm
5677 spacer
That may be the case, but I don't care.
>> No. 5678 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 9:15 pm
5678 spacer
Nail brush.
>> No. 5679 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 9:17 pm
5679 spacer
>> No. 5680 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 9:42 pm
5680 spacer
Your mum's chest hair
>> No. 5681 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 10:01 pm
5681 spacer
These guys have stores all over the UK, I was doubtful when I was bought this shower-jelly thing for Christmas last year, but it's great. It's a hand-made gel like blob, about the size of a tennis ball, that you can either use whole or break little pieces off. It keeps you clean, smells nice, and does wonderful things for your skin.

This is the particular shower jelly I was bought, but there's loads of stuff on their website:
https://uk.lush.com/products/I need a humour transplant
>> No. 5682 Anonymous
26th October 2016
Wednesday 10:38 pm
5682 spacer
I'm going to break the habit of a lifetime and take a word filter off for you, mostly because I love Lush too.

>> No. 5683 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:09 am
5683 spacer
How long does one of the 100g ones last?
>> No. 5685 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 8:45 pm
5685 spacer
Four showers/baths.
>> No. 5686 Anonymous
29th October 2016
Saturday 6:57 pm
5686 spacer
OP, I've been thinking about this over the past few days, and I think the correct answer to your question is that you've misunderstood the problem.

The "oily film" that you feel with a shower gel is not necessarily the result of any oils or moisturisers in the gel.
Ordinary soap (sodium tallowate/sodium stearate etc.), is very very bad at dealing with water hardness. Soap draws the calcium out of the water and forms soap scum. That "squeaky clean" or dry feeling you have after using soap is the film of soap scum left behind on your skin.

Modern shower gels have chealating agents added (commonly some variety of EDTA), this keeps the hardness dissolved in water, which leaves your skin feeling slick after it's cleaned. Even in the "sensitive" gels such as the Sanex which don't have a chelating agent in, the main sufactant (SLS) is much less affected by water hardness than a traditional soap, so it still gives more of an oily feeling than soap.

Try this experiment: Buy a pack of borax substitute. Dissolve a few teaspoons of it in a bowl of water, and then wring your hands in it. You should notice that the water feels weirdly slippery. It's not making your skin oily, it's because it's stopping any of the minerals in the water from sticking to your skin.
>> No. 5687 Anonymous
20th November 2016
Sunday 4:20 pm
5687 spacer
You are awesome. I tried your weird experiment and it was great. Never thought sticking my hand in slippery water would be so therapeutic.

I also went and checked the water hardness of the area I live in, and it is really bad. All in all, I guess you are right Chemistlad. I went back from using soaps to my cheap shower gels, since the slippery feel isn't me just being dirty.
>> No. 5688 Anonymous
21st November 2016
Monday 8:53 pm
5688 spacer
I love posts like this.

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