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>> No. 2179 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 6:59 pm
2179 Boiler problem
Please help lads. I'm at my nan's new house and helping her settle in. She set the wireless thermostat on the wall to 28C because it is too cold. Nothing seems to be warming up. I doubt it is a problem with the boiler since the water is hot as hell but the radiators are just not hot enough.

The boilers pic related. What should I change?
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>> No. 2180 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 7:07 pm
2180 spacer
Sorry to ask but have you tried putting the boiler's make and model into Google to see if there's a user manual for it out there? To my eyes it looks as if you could with letting some water into the system to bring the pressure up, but you could also do with checking if her radiators need to be bled (are they making a clicking sound when they turn on?) or if they have their own thermostatic dials on them whether those need to be adjusted.

Also, make sure she has a hot water bottle, a blanket over her lap and a nice cup of tea while you're sorting this out. If she can potter about to keep herself warm gentle movement will keep her circulation going. The human body is not excellent at keeping itself warm when you get to your nan's age.
>> No. 2182 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 7:15 pm
2182 spacer
The boiler is heating the hot taps? And you say it's a boiler problem?

Could be a system with two zone valves (one for CH, one for HW), and the CH one is stuck closed. You can usually force them open with a little lever on the bottom. They can be tough, you need to push them up or down to release it etc.
>> No. 2183 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 7:19 pm
2183 spacer
Wait a minute, the boiler controls everything? There's no separate heating control panel?
>> No. 2184 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 7:45 pm
2184 spacer
Thanks mate. I went and got her a small fan heater from a friend just now.

I turned the middle dial as high as it could go, and it seems to have worked because her bedroom radiator is getting nice and hot. But the radiators in the corridor, bathroom and living room are all just lukewarm. All the radiators have the dial thing at the bottom and I turned them up to the highest they go (two go up to III and the other two go up to 6).

The boiler is called Glow worm 30C. I looked for the manual before posting here, and all I could get was the Installation manual.

Seems like it. The only control panel is the one in my OP pic. There's a wireless thermostat that controls the temperature which is mounted in the living room.

The radiator in the living room is behind a sofa. Would it make any real difference if I moved it?

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