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>> No. 6235 Anonymous
30th March 2017
Thursday 12:14 am
6235 Quantitative finance/econ or Applied Maths PhD
Hi, I'm an American finishing up my MSc Mathematics. I'm looking to study urban development or quantitative finance (Much of the math is the same tbh so not worried what the title is called).

I was wondering if yall might recommend any universities with a heavily quantitative economics PhD or something called Quantitative Finance. I'm looking for a reputable university in a cool city, got any leads?

Btw I'm wondering do MSc students get funding in your country? In America it's hit or miss. A PhD wouldn't hurt would it.
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>> No. 6237 Anonymous
30th March 2017
Thursday 5:28 am
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For PhDs you pick a research question, not a broad thing like 'Quantative Finance'...
>> No. 6238 Anonymous
30th March 2017
Thursday 7:53 am
6238 spacer


Ohhh is that right?

Yeah if someone could recommend some unis with the relevant programs I'll handle the specifics myself.
>> No. 6239 Anonymous
30th March 2017
Thursday 8:50 am
6239 spacer
Don't post your mucky foreign memes here, thank you.
>> No. 6240 Anonymous
30th March 2017
Thursday 9:35 am
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A PhD is quite a personal thing - you're choosing a supervisor to work under rather than a course of study. The most important thing is that you get on well with your supervisor and your research interests are in simpatico.

Looking at a "league table" of universities can give you a general idea of which institutions have a good reputation for research. From there, you'll want to look up the departments you'd be working in and their faculty. Look through their academic bibliographies and start shortlisting people whose research output is of interest to you. When you've identified some candidates, ring them up, have a chat and see if you get on with them. Ideally, you'd want to fly out and meet people in person.

>> No. 6241 Anonymous
30th March 2017
Thursday 4:36 pm
6241 spacer
I'm familiar with the concept of a PhD.
>> No. 6242 Anonymous
30th March 2017
Thursday 6:10 pm
6242 spacer

You asked for suggestions of "universities with a heavily quantitative economics PhD or something called Quantitative Finance", which belies a fundamental misunderstanding of how postgrad research works.
>> No. 6244 Anonymous
31st March 2017
Friday 9:55 am
6244 spacer
foreign msc's almost never get funding here
>> No. 6245 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 3:54 am
6245 spacer
...so is anyone gonna answer my question or just be irrelevantly pedantic
>> No. 6246 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 8:08 am
6246 spacer
Welcome to Britta.gs.
>> No. 6247 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 8:44 pm
6247 spacer
Astrologers were put on this Earth to make economists look better.
>> No. 6248 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 8:49 pm
6248 spacer
Ah bummer.
My brother had his paid for on some rare fellowship but he's an academic all-star. What's the situation with teaching assistantships? As long as I can get some form of funding I can justify a student loan; math graduate degrees are pretty damn lucrative especially in my field.

Shame. I wanted to go study in Britain because it was a chance for me to be in a country I like and study something I like and do the research I want.
I didn't spell out my dissertation but I need a school with these programs to support the research i want to do. Instead everyone just said "do you know what a PhD is?" God.
>> No. 6249 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 8:54 pm
6249 spacer

Mathematical economists have come up with some great models and contributions to science and math actually. For example linear programming created by Samuelson has a long history of being used in industry.
I also think there's a big gap between micro and macro, which is more vague and hand-wavey.

Also, the economic research I want to do isn't big on economic theory really. It's just "how do we encourage development in this neighborhood?" And there's a lot of scientific support for that. It mostly stems from urban design, logistics and finance. More micro but tbh I don't know a ton about the field of economics, my subject just happens to fall in that department.
Sage for doublepost and my pedantry
>> No. 6250 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 8:57 pm
6250 spacer

This is because you come across as a retard.
>> No. 6251 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 9:10 pm
6251 spacer
If doing a graduate degree in math looks retarded to you, you must be doing some really groundbreaking quantitative research my snaggletoothed friend
>> No. 6252 Anonymous
2nd April 2017
Sunday 9:16 pm
6252 spacer
Go away, do some basic research, and then come back with a thread whereby you don't have to lob insults and rely on bits of paper to give anyone the impression you're not retarded.
>> No. 6253 Anonymous
3rd April 2017
Monday 2:42 pm
6253 spacer
I actually did all that but the userbase felt like pretending I hadn't

If you were hoping it'd make you look smart...
>> No. 6254 Anonymous
4th April 2017
Tuesday 7:37 am
6254 spacer

Jesus Christ. You are the reason America is going down the shitter. All hail our Chinese overlords!

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