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>> No. 6255 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:42 pm
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Hey, I just flee abroad after doing my studies, I never have to pay any of those maintenance or tuition loans back, do I?
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>> No. 6256 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:50 pm
6256 spacer
Nobody actually pays back their student loans.
>> No. 6257 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 8:10 pm
6257 spacer
Yes they do, Torylad.
>> No. 6258 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 8:27 pm
6258 spacer
How is that a Tory opinion?
>> No. 6259 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 10:38 pm
6259 spacer
Neither of you are helping me.
>> No. 6260 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 10:56 pm
6260 spacer
Well why are you bothering asking a question you already know the answer to? You're evidently aware that:

a) You'd be doing something that is technically wrong and illegal and
b) You'd probably get away with it.

Beyond that, do your own bloody research, you know how don't you? Or is that expecting too much from a graduate?
>> No. 6261 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 11:02 pm
6261 spacer

I'm just depressed about how much money is involved in getting a degree, it's angering me and overwhelming in equal measure.
>> No. 6262 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 11:09 pm
6262 spacer

He was expecting a speedy response. He probably thinks he's on Yahoo Answers or Mumsnet or something.
>> No. 6263 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 11:25 pm
6263 spacer

Forget about the actual sum of money. For all practical purposes, it's irrelevant.

Effectively, you'll be paying a small amount of extra tax for the next 30 years. If you earn more than £21,000, HMRC will automatically deduct 9% of everything over that. If you're earning £30,000, that means you'll take home £440 per week instead of £455. If you're earning £40,000, you'll take home £553 a week instead of £586. £50,000 of debt looks really scary, but the reality for most people is about £15 a week in extra tax, which isn't scary at all.

There has been a lot of hysteria about the student loans system, but it really isn't anything to worry about. It'd be nice if everyone got a free education, but the current system is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. If you're not earning more than £21k, you don't have to pay a sausage. If you're earning more, your repayments are a fraction of what you're paying anyway in tax and national insurance. Either way, the debt is completely forgiven after 30 years.

If you move abroad then you'll probably dodge your student loan repayments, but you may well be worse off. Most developed countries have higher taxes than the UK, which is why they can afford to make university education free. If you move to France, you'll pay a lot more tax than in the UK. If you move to Germany, you'll pay more tax and you'll have to pay for your own health insurance.
>> No. 6264 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 1:04 am
6264 spacer

I'm just so poor and depressed, these numbers are overwhelming.
>> No. 6265 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 2:38 am
6265 spacer

Here's a non-overwhelming number: zero. That's how much you'll have to pay until you earn over £21,000 a year. Nothing. Nowt. Nada. Jack shit. Bupkis. A big fat fuck-all. If you don't get a well-paying job after graduation, then your degree is free. If you're on the dole, you pay nothing. If you're on minimum wage, you pay nothing.

You don't ever have to think about your student loan. Put it totally out of your mind, it makes no difference. If and when you start earning over £21k, your repayments will be automatically deducted from your salary at a rate that you'll barely even notice. It's not something that deserves your attention, let alone worry.
>> No. 6266 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 3:51 am
6266 spacer

Whatever, they only even want me on the course because it's so undersubscribed, and to be honest I can't even handle the UCAS shit. 47 lines of what? I have no other options and I was too despondent to apply myself earlier in the year.

Fuck everything, everything's shit and all I want is to fucking die.
>> No. 6267 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 6:06 am
6267 spacer

You need to talk to your GP mate.
>> No. 6268 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 6:16 am
6268 spacer
You're too thick to go to university, and thats saying something.
>> No. 6269 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:02 am
6269 spacer

"Do some exercise, and here's a prescription for some tenner a pop pills, but only if you beg and repeatedly state how suicidal you are. We don't want to be helping you before you're absolutely, positively, irreversibly at rock bottom."


No, I'm plainly too angry to apply for university. It's a totally different set of circumstances, idiot.
>> No. 6270 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:47 am
6270 spacer

Go back and keep going back until you get the treatment you need. GPs aren't psychic - if they prescribe something and don't see from you again, they assume that the prescription worked.
>> No. 6271 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 7:29 pm
6271 spacer
May have gotten a bit wound up last night, my mistake.

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