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>> No. 23449 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 11:00 pm
23449 What are you watching right now?
I suppose we need a /v/ equivalent of the /e/ and /beat/ threads.

I've started watching Life on Mars again, but this time in HD on Netflix, and have only just realised it was filmed on... film. That or transferred to film and re-digitised for Netflix. The version Netflix has is absolutely covered in dust marks.
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>> No. 23450 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 11:23 pm
23450 spacer
No, we don't, telly's shit. If a TV show is worth talking about a thread should be made. It's not a one off thing like a song or a game you tried.
>> No. 23451 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 11:28 pm
23451 spacer
Oh I'm watching that too, so I can then progress to Ashes. I've already read the ending for Ashes on Wikipedia, it's fucking nuts.

Tyler can be a moralising arse at times. He got especially preachy about Hillsborough at the end of that football episode.

Bore off.
>> No. 23452 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 11:53 pm
23452 spacer
New season of The Expanse.
>> No. 23453 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 12:00 am
23453 spacer
Having seen the ending of Ashes To Ashes many times, I have so unbelievably many questions about it. It really does destroy the fiction of the world set up in both Life on Mars AND Ashes to Ashes. It feels to me like the writers were told at the 11th hour that this was their last series and that they had to wrap things up NOW.
>> No. 23454 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 12:04 am
23454 spacer
Expanse is back on. Going by the first episode it's a bit shit this season but I'm curious how they're going to get rid of the Martian Texan given the actor has gotten himself unpersoned.

Other than that I watched the Real Adam Smith documentary series recently. I should read his books at some point.
>> No. 23455 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 1:02 am
23455 spacer
I re-watched Auf Wiedersehen Pet recently. It has held up quite well, which isn't terribly surprising given that it was written by Clement and La Frenais.

I'm not sure if it makes for comforting or disquieting viewing in 2020. It feels completely familiar yet also totally alien, like re-visiting your old primary school as an adult. The eighties were absolutely shit for a lot of people, but they also felt hopeful in a way that seems naive now.

When we talk about it being an "aspirational" decade we tend to think of yuppies in the City, but we forget about all of the working-class people who believed that they could build a better life for themselves through hard work and determination. Those hopes were largely fulfilled through the boom years of the 90s and early 00s, but that kind of hope seems almost childlike today.

Even before COVID, there was a general sense that upward mobility is dead and the best you can manage is to grimly hold on to your rung on the ladder, especially for young people. Life is unarguably better today than it was in the past, but it doesn't feel like it's getting better, which makes all the difference.

Maybe I'm just being sentimental.

>> No. 23456 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 4:05 am
23456 spacer
I like your analysis very much.
>> No. 23457 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 4:31 am
23457 spacer

I'm not fully caught up on the TV version so they might lean on him more, but at least for the books, I think Alex is, serendipitously, the only crewmember you could really replace in the story without taking huge sidesteps around story beats - his only real plot points are that he's really attached to/good at flying the roci, is divorced with a kid and becomes really good friends and resistance co-conspirator with Bobbie - they can easily wave him away as moving back to Mars or MIA and find a new hotshot pilot to easily replace him. You could even shoehorn Filip in there, rather than him just never being mentioned again after being almost the entire point of one whole book, though that might be a bit too complicated.

I'd also not really give a shit if they just shoved some other brown bloke with an accent in there and pretended nothing happened.

You should definitely read the books, they're just as good as the show, if not better, as they get the sense of scale of the whole thing a bit better in text. I also highly recommend going the audiobook route if you're into that, the bloke that reads them is fantastic.
>> No. 23458 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 4:43 am
23458 spacer

Also forgot about Peaches who is/was an accomplished pinnace pilot. Alex is really fucking replaceable, and further supports my real life view that pilots are boring bus drivers.
>> No. 23459 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 12:16 pm
23459 spacer

It's a great show. I watched it when I was younger after I heard it was really funny, and thinking it would be a sitcom like Only Fools and Horses or the like, I found it disappointing.

Watching it as an adult though, it really is great.

I like your analysis, and whilst I can't fully relate as I'm 29 so I wasn't around in the 80s, this show along with others does give off that sense of optimism. Barry's story sums it up the most; grafting away abroad for a bit, being sensible and sending money home each week, to then return, start your own business and buy a fairly large house all by yourself. Seems magical, or maybe I'm a lazy twat who knows.
>> No. 23460 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 1:15 pm
23460 spacer
I'm watching shitloads of South Park at the minute. I need a bit of background noise when I'm working but it has to be something I've seen so many times that I don't have to pay attention to it. Before this I worked my way through Futurama and Malcolm in the Middle, interspersed with films like The Mummy and Big Trouble in Little China for the same reason.
>> No. 23461 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 8:18 pm
23461 spacer
The ending was so disappointing
>> No. 23462 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 10:01 pm
23462 spacer
Can you tell me where the hell I can stream Malcolm in the Middle?
>> No. 23463 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 10:08 pm
23463 spacer
All 4.

>> No. 23464 Anonymous
17th December 2020
Thursday 11:36 pm
23464 spacer
Ladchaps, theres a new series set in that universe on the way.
Will be set across the timelines and involve everyone.

>> No. 23465 Anonymous
18th December 2020
Friday 12:25 am
23465 spacer
No I feel like I'm a timewarp. Or a flipping coma.
>> No. 23466 Anonymous
18th December 2020
Friday 12:39 am
23466 spacer
It'll be interesting if they even try and resolve the stories of the characters, and of course they are all 10-15 years older now, so I wonder how they'll get around that.

That and the "mostly in an alternate present" -- they'll have to do some interesting writing if they want Simm and Hawes in that - they are both dead and in 'heaven' according to the ending of Ashes to Ashes.
>> No. 23467 Anonymous
18th December 2020
Friday 2:38 pm
23467 spacer

South Park is still a really fun watch, even the newer ones (although the format has changed quite a bit and it does suffer from being too topical). There is a really comfy charm to the older episodes though. One of my sort of autistic Winter traditions is to get warm and comfortable and boot up a PS1 emulator and have the first three seasons on in the background as I get good and drunk.

The earlier eps are surprisingly tame looking at them now.
>> No. 23469 Anonymous
21st December 2020
Monday 1:45 am
23469 spacer
Christ I've got fuck all to do.

Just finished Ashes to Ashes, and whilst I could ask dozens of questions about the ending, one thing I missed the first time I watched through was the fact they tried for a Miami Vice moment by using In The Air Tonight over a melancholy scene not once but twice, and it doesn't really work either time.
>> No. 23470 Anonymous
21st December 2020
Monday 2:17 am
23470 spacer

He has a point this shitey bollocks general threads is the lead in our water supply.
>> No. 23471 Anonymous
21st December 2020
Monday 11:54 pm
23471 spacer
No good I'm afraid, I'm watching it with a non-native speaker and need subtitles, and Channel 4's are notoriously pisspoor.
>> No. 23472 Anonymous
22nd December 2020
Tuesday 1:29 am
23472 spacer

Well that's bound to be shit, innit.
>> No. 23473 Anonymous
25th December 2020
Friday 4:33 pm
23473 spacer

I've been binging Parks and Recreation lately. Light-hearted sitcoms have been keeping me going this year and I'm a bureaucrat by profession so it's fun.

Before that it was That 70s Show but I got annoyed when they continued the show after graduation and had to make all kind of dumbass reasons to keep the plot going. If there's one thing Americans can't do it's know when to stop.
>> No. 23474 Anonymous
26th December 2020
Saturday 6:01 am
23474 spacer
I've been watching videos on YouTube of people melting metal stuff down. Particularly BigstackD in Australia.

>> No. 23475 Anonymous
28th December 2020
Monday 3:04 pm
23475 spacer

So I barely even noticed a fifth series of pic related came out earlier this year, but I do seem to remember someone on here saying it was rubbish, which I really don't agree with. I think episode five was pretty rough going, but besides that and a single gag in episode two I enjoyed the whole thing. The whole show's all on iPlayer still if you're interested.

I'd have sworn blind there was already a Inside No. 9 thread on here, but I was clearly mistaken and my tiny review of the series five doesn't warrant one on it's own.
>> No. 23476 Anonymous
28th December 2020
Monday 3:46 pm
23476 spacer
Apart from the Misdirection episode I thought series five was a bit flat and below par. My favourite is probably Zanzibar.
>> No. 23477 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 7:05 pm
23477 spacer
Okay the first couple episodes of WandaVision were fun. Shame they couldn't just stick around for awhile longer in 1950s TVland as it's a fun setting and I hate Marvel capeshit.
>> No. 23478 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 7:30 pm
23478 spacer
>1950s TVland

I have been rewatching the Twilight Zone. Every time I do it's just so jarring to see people chugging on cigs like chimneys and depictions of drinking and driving like nothing's wrong.
>> No. 23479 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 8:02 pm
23479 spacer
It really is a tragically underused setting and I'd happily watch something that's self-aware with an underlying sinister tone. All the doctors being heavy smokers and separate beds for married couples are things that were deadly serious back then but hilarious now.

I'd like a VR game where you play as a 1950s tv family trying to climb to the top of the social totem pole (much of the charm of the original Sims I guess) without getting caught out and lot's of sidequests about savings cats from trees and other forms of non-danger. If you don't play along though the studio lights turn off, the music cuts and
all the townspeople come and rip you to shreds which turns it into a 'how long can I survive' horror with exploration elements.
>> No. 23480 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 8:24 pm
23480 spacer
> I have been rewatching the Twilight Zone. Every time I do it's just so jarring to see people chugging on cigs like chimneys and depictions of drinking and driving like nothing's wrong.

I've been having a similar reaction when watching anything made pre-pandemic. Something in my head goes "no, that's wrong!" whenever someone shares a drink with someone or touches their mouth after picking something up off the floor and not washing their hands in between. We humans are a weird lot.
>> No. 23481 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 8:27 pm
23481 spacer
Also some bastard decided to release the new episodes of Disenchantment on Netflix at around 4am instead of 9am so I almost ended up in a very bad situation. Luckily I was able to turn the telly off after just the first episode otherwise I wouldn't have got any kip at all.
>> No. 23482 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 8:28 pm
23482 spacer

Could it also have a psychobilly influenced soundtrack and be called "And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots"?
>> No. 23483 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 8:50 pm
23483 spacer
There's a brief element of that in the intro to Saints Row IV, and I guess with a less American twinge, We Happy Few.

I would also wager that playing a VR game in B&W would also get very tiring very quickly.

Now I Googled that and all I got was a short-lived thrash band from Leeds. Is it a quote from something or are you just trying to drum up attention to your old band?
>> No. 23484 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 8:57 pm
23484 spacer

No, it was unrelated, I think it might be a song by some other band but it's just a phrase I somehow have stuck in my head knocking around. It's tied to images of like, 1950s housewives from those Trueman Show style adverts, only their eyes go red because they're robots. But they don't know they're robots.

As for psychobilly, it's just because my missus put The Meteors on the other day and I realised it's a genre of music I have a very strong stereotype idea of, mentally, when I think of 50s/60s Americana. But I can't think of any examples of contemporary 1950s music that actually sounds anything like it. I like stuff like that in period settings, kind of anachronistic but fitting.

We Brits are always slightly dour about it when people make un-subtle reductive pastiches of our culture (like We Happy Few) but I'd happily play the 50s American suburbia equivalent of that.
>> No. 23485 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 9:38 pm
23485 spacer

Who's playing the blonde housewife in E2? She's the spitting image of Madeline Kahn.
I just realised she's Anya from Buffy. She really has the mannerisms of Madeline Kahn here, it's bizarre.
>> No. 23486 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 9:57 pm
23486 spacer
My mental image was all the subtle light and lounge that the 1950s had multiple genres of - exactly like the Sims loading screens.

I was thinking back to Fallout 3 where you go into a simulation of the 1950s in a child's body. It's touched upon everywhere but you rarely see anyone go all out on it like Pleasantville did.

>I would also wager that playing a VR game in B&W would also get very tiring very quickly.

Would be funny to see the reaction as people start dreaming and thinking in monochrome though.
>> No. 23487 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 10:09 pm
23487 spacer
Funny you should say that - I played Tranquility Lane in VR when I played Fallout 3 using VorpX. I had to change it to colour because there's also a massive bloom effect with the tranquility lane 'weather' in Fallout 3; it's like your retinas are being stabbed with a poker.

Don't get me started on Vault 112 and what a massive missed opportunity it was. Hell, it could be a game all of itself.
>> No. 23488 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 10:12 pm
23488 spacer
Oh, there's also a 50s american TV pastiche in VR that I can't remember the name of, but it's an on-rails (literally) shooter because your hands are guns and in this world everyone's hands are guns. UpIsNotJump did a review on it.
>> No. 23489 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 10:37 pm
23489 spacer
Clearly either the producer or Groening fucking loves mid-2000s British comedy, since we've got all the voices now. Matt Berry, Noel Fielding, and now Richard Ayoade. I'm just waiting for Mitchell and Webb and Simon Pegg.
>> No. 23490 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 11:15 pm
23490 spacer

It's weird but other than Matt Berry I don't immediately recognise the others' voices despite being very much familiar with their bodies of work.
>> No. 23491 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 11:17 pm
23491 spacer

Maybe pay less attention to their bodies of work and more to their voices of work? Pervert.
>> No. 23492 Anonymous
15th January 2021
Friday 11:18 pm
23492 spacer

How dare you kink-shame me in this way.
>> No. 23493 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 12:26 am
23493 spacer
Just watched this episode. I know attitudes were different back in the early 1960s but.... Christ.

>> No. 23494 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 12:27 am
23494 spacer
The link includes the closing bracket. Thanks brian.
>> No. 23495 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 10:06 am
23495 spacer
Well he's not really an old nonce, he's a dashing young king from another planet, you bigot!.
>> No. 23496 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 10:49 am
23496 spacer
I didn't read any noncery there. Did you think Amidala was a nonce when she meets a boy Anakin Skywalker and ends up shagging him as an adult?
>> No. 23497 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 12:20 pm
23497 spacer
Well I'm just guessing what otherlad was talking about. Maybe there was just lots of smoking.
>> No. 23498 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 1:43 pm
23498 spacer
I've never seen a star war so I don't know.

There's a line at the beginning, though:
>"If you're so magic, why can't you fix my leg?"
"Then you'd be able to get a young boyfriend"

Also, the "handsome man" he's revealed to be is still about 30.
>> No. 23499 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 6:00 pm
23499 spacer

Amidala was meant to be young teens too in the first one wasn't she?

Mind you I suppose it's tradition after the twincest in the originals.
>> No. 23500 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 6:15 pm
23500 spacer
Amidala didn't kidnap Anakin and spend a decade grooming him to become the king of Naboo, in fairness. Indeed from what I recall the two basically seemed incompatible in every way and she was simply the first woman Anakin had seen who wasn't his mum. Why do you think C3PO was so heavily queer coded? Because that robot was literally coded queer. Think about it.
>> No. 23501 Anonymous
16th January 2021
Saturday 6:43 pm
23501 spacer
I'm intrigued by your theory of the prequal trilogy being the story of Anakin's repressed homosexuality and his lashing out at the world. The dots all join up so well from the monastic anti-sexual repression of the Jedi to Palpatine being a bit of a noncey old man.

As for the Twilight Zone episode I just put it down to being a bad episode. There's different attitudes of the time at work but you can also see reflections of classic fairytale themes involving Prince Charming rescuing the Cinderella - and which young girls probably like (not that I would know of course). It might've been a stronger story if the original draft was in a half-hour format as I suspect what we have is two half-formed ideas stuck together.
>> No. 23502 Anonymous
17th January 2021
Sunday 1:49 pm
23502 spacer
>spend a decade grooming him
Neither of which is implied in the plot summary, if you read the same one I did. Maybe you just wish there was noncery in it because that's what they were all like back then. Only a matter of time before fuckin' Rod Serling is exposed as worse than Jim'll eh.
>> No. 23572 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 6:10 pm
23572 spacer
Watching the Amazon show The Man In The High Castle, which has little to do with the original book other than setting and character names (although they don't match their book counterparts).

The most interesting thing is it was clearly edited as in Internet TV Show. Each episode is a) designed to be watched quite closely together -- there are no re-establishing shots, you get about 10 seconds of the last episode usually before it continues completely dry; and b) the intro sequence is the best part of 90 seconds long, which seems to be like it was intended to be skipped.

The intro sequence does need an award for slowest human performance of a song, though. Christ it drags. Also it's the Dad's Army intro, complete with triangle-headed lines moving across a map.
>> No. 23798 Anonymous
23rd June 2021
Wednesday 8:14 pm
23798 spacer
Simpsons quiz show with Nick Frost and some other 90's channel 4 people. It's quite good.

>> No. 23799 Anonymous
23rd June 2021
Wednesday 8:19 pm
23799 spacer

Fuck me, how depressing.
>> No. 23800 Anonymous
23rd June 2021
Wednesday 8:22 pm
23800 spacer

Something about seeing adverts I remember from my youth distinctly gives me the fear.
>> No. 23801 Anonymous
23rd June 2021
Wednesday 9:05 pm
23801 spacer
My favourite part of these uploads is that they leave the adverts in so you can look at life in 2004 and how different things are. I don't remember all the advertising HMV did on albums - I bet we would've had a /101/.
>> No. 23802 Anonymous
23rd June 2021
Wednesday 9:12 pm
23802 spacer

There are whole compilations of old ads on YouTube. I once spent a whole night with my missus going back in time a year at a time to see how far back we remember the adverts.

I think TV ads are a fascinating cultural snapshot, being on the pulse of what people are into at any given moment is what makes the most effective marketing, so they make for a pretty accurate reflection of society at the time. Just look at those ones, digital cameras were still a thing!

Of course due to not owning a TV, I haven't seen an advert since I moved out of my mum and dad's, meaning I have absolutely no idea what the last decade of TV advertising has been like.
>> No. 23803 Anonymous
23rd June 2021
Wednesday 10:27 pm
23803 spacer
>I don't remember all the advertising HMV did on albums

Those Zutons songs weren't half as annoying as I remembered them to be.
>> No. 23804 Anonymous
23rd June 2021
Wednesday 10:42 pm
23804 spacer
The best bit for me is seeing the old prices. Sure you could buy a house back then but white goods took the absolute piss.
>> No. 23805 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 12:12 am
23805 spacer

That reminds me, one of the buildings at my uni could only really be described as a "shit time machine" -- miles of corridors lined with unused lockers. Often I'd go to the nigh-abandoned upper floors and open random lockers. I found this offers pamphlet for a supermarket from 1977.

At inflation, it works out about a 7x multiplier ok the prices. Could you imagine a chocolate orange costing nearly £4? The cheapest bottle of shit wine being almost £8? The other pages were like that too, I'll post if people are interested. It's mad to think how much mass manufacturing has brought the prices of things down in relative terms.
>> No. 23806 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 12:23 am
23806 spacer

That's chocolate orange(s), plural. The weights of the other stuff seems pretty bulky for the price too, seing as most of it is a quid for a full pound of chocolate. I don't know how much pounds are in weight because I was born in colour, but they don't seem all that bad.

If current economic trends continue I think we're all going to have to get used to paying more for our shit anyway, because everyone is due ten years of backdated payrise and the EU slaves flexible workforce have fucked off.
>> No. 23807 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 12:37 am
23807 spacer

A pound is 453 grams.

£26 for a bottle of Gordons is wild, it's no wonder we're all binge drinking maniacs these days.
>> No. 23808 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 12:56 am
23808 spacer
It being an old-fashioned style shop, do you reckon you could walk in and say "pound and half of chocolate orange, ta", and they'd measure it out for you, breaking one in half to satisfy the request if need be?
>> No. 23809 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 12:43 pm
23809 spacer
>Prices subject to government change

Sign of the times right there.
>> No. 23810 Anonymous
24th June 2021
Thursday 3:14 pm
23810 spacer

Screenshot 2021-06-24 150923.jpg
Here's the rest of it.
Seems things were sold in bigger boxes back in't day.

A kilo of frozen green beans for £3.50 though? Ouch. I've just bought the same for £1. A ham joint is about £2.50/lb these days, and gammon the same.
>> No. 23817 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 6:25 pm
23817 spacer
The American Dream
>> No. 23818 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 7:52 pm
23818 spacer
>>23805 Scotsmac?
That's something I'd never seen. A quick search suggests I've been lucky. Sounds like a fine drink.
>> No. 23819 Anonymous
29th June 2021
Tuesday 11:55 pm
23819 spacer

Top Deck Lemonade & Lager or Lager Shandy at eleven and a half pence per can, definitely brings back memories. Thought I was a proper hard lad at 10 years old (buying and) drinking it. Not that hard to wonder where my functional alcoholism started.
>> No. 23820 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 2:39 pm
23820 spacer

The seam in the middle of this image is upsetting me immensely. I tried to fix it in photoshop, but there is a slight torque in it, so the seam isn't running exactly on the square. There also appears to be a couple of mm missing which is most apparent on the middle Santa.

Why did you do this to me lad?
>> No. 23821 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 3:08 pm
23821 spacer
Oh, it's only the beginning. I've got a few more sneaky surprises for you.
>> No. 23822 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 8:17 pm
23822 spacer
Oh you cunt.
>> No. 23823 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 9:19 pm
23823 spacer

I'm not >>23821, but unfortunately I made that image many a year ago and don't know if I still have the originals. Will have a look later.
>> No. 23824 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 2:00 pm
23824 spacer

Just watched The Tomorrow War, it's fun in a dumb blockbuster sense. You really have to turn your brain off through right from the start with its shots of Theresa May and Gordon Brown plus the infuriating military tactics but the aliens and combat gives it a nice 90s videogame style.

Though I'm not being funny but, fuck me this film has a lot of black people in it. Not in some racialist sense like there's just a wise-cracking black sidekick but almost every character in this movie is played by a black person outside of the protagonist and his family. There's an impossible amount of black people in this movie, no Asians or anything else even in the background, it's like they set an AI to run the diversity at Amazon and it's gone off the rails.
>> No. 23825 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 2:54 pm
23825 spacer
Hang on, we need a conclave to decide something NotARacistButLad just blundered into: is this thread for TV shows only or films as well? I had assumed the former and as of this moment I've never been wrong about anything ever.
>> No. 23826 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 3:30 pm
23826 spacer
If we had a separate movie and tv show thread then it will just get confusing for the hidden gems thread.
>> No. 23827 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 5:30 pm
23827 spacer
Be that as it may, if you'd read my post to its end you'd see I've never been wrong, so it seems we're at an impasse.
>> No. 23828 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 6:15 pm
23828 spacer

It's pretty easy to forget that "black people" are only about 15% of the united states population.

I'm just waiting for the diversified Silmarillion series they're doing. What might be cool would be if they used the space granted by the sparse writing about Harad to explore the meetings of different cultures, considering it'll be about as canon to the setting as my arse they might as well make the most of it, but they'll probably turn half the numenoreans brown or something. Groan.
>> No. 23829 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 7:57 pm
23829 spacer
Maybe the aliens hit the majority-white areas first.
>> No. 23830 Anonymous
4th July 2021
Sunday 10:06 pm
23830 spacer

I remember a small controversy a few months back where it was pointed out the LOTR casting had yet to show any East Asians. I hope it's just mistaken given, yeah, Harad would obviously be a bit of a crossroad with near and far being middle eastern to black by the respective description but would obviously also be more like the Eurasian steppe in my mind.

It actually shows today and the future where the entire old world is gone. It would've been an interesting touch if they showed a subtly more "Latino" future rather the future being a carbon copy of the past but it's not the kind of movie to have detail.

Seriously, someone watch the movie and back me up on this, casting completely forgot what diversity means. Part of me suspects it was a deliberate decision because it was done to capitalise on the climate of last year and now looks outdated as Asians representation has become more vocal.
>> No. 23831 Anonymous
5th July 2021
Monday 9:51 pm
23831 spacer

>> No. 23832 Anonymous
6th July 2021
Tuesday 12:34 am
23832 spacer

I know it's not really the same but the Witcher Netflix adaptation chucked in a few black people who clearly wouldn't have been black in a fictionalised fantasy eastern europe based world, but it felt fine and worked fine. I think if you're not actively looking to complain about it, a black elf isn't really as odd as, well, an elf in the first place.
>> No. 23892 Anonymous
4th August 2021
Wednesday 7:58 pm
23892 spacer

Wait fuck this isn't the 1996 adaptation of the novel this is some American race bullshit. Thandiwe Newton hasn't aged a day in the past twenty years.
>> No. 23893 Anonymous
5th August 2021
Thursday 11:12 pm
23893 spacer

I found a French sci-fi series called Missions on iPlayer. All the episodes are on there with the plot heavily inspired by sci-fi like 2001 about a mission to Mars. It's pretty good so far despite being on a shoe-string budget.
>> No. 23894 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 8:59 am
23894 spacer
"You want me to pin a medal on a guy named Saddam! Give yourself a raise!"
>> No. 23895 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 9:39 am
23895 spacer
I liked that bit of characterisation as it was him who wanted to pin the medal, the other guy was talking him out of it. Well written and well played piece of characterisation.
>> No. 23896 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 1:59 pm
23896 spacer

This show appears to be an Aussie version of The Thick of It. It's definitely better than the American version.
>> No. 23897 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 2:10 pm
23897 spacer
There's a follow-up series to that.

>> No. 23898 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 2:20 pm
23898 spacer

I watched the latest Clarkson/Grand Tour series; during the last episode they used this, reminding me how great it is, and now I have it on repeat all day.
>> No. 23899 Anonymous
6th August 2021
Friday 5:35 pm
23899 spacer
It's the sort of tune that makes you want to pick up a guitar and sing.
>> No. 23950 Anonymous
22nd August 2021
Sunday 3:34 pm
23950 spacer
Makes me want to drive through Las Venturas while listening to K-DST.

People like Jack Thompson decried the violence of the GTA games but they really should've been praising them for cultivating great musical taste in the kids that played them.
>> No. 23951 Anonymous
22nd August 2021
Sunday 6:42 pm
23951 spacer

Yeah if there's one thing the GTA games have always had, it's been an outstanding soundtrack. VC and SA were full of classic hits, but it really impressed me how IV and V had some impressive deep cuts you'd never expect to hear in a videogame.


My jaw dropped when this came on driving around Liberty City the first time.
>> No. 23952 Anonymous
22nd August 2021
Sunday 8:31 pm
23952 spacer
Everyone forgets Chris Conner's original music for the first GTA, which was also exceptional.
>> No. 23953 Anonymous
22nd August 2021
Sunday 8:46 pm
23953 spacer
I can't forget the GTA 1 soundtrack, I used to listen to the CD with it all on including the police radio which, as far as I can tell, is just the full-length recording of police radio that every TV show made since uses clips from in any police scne.

It's on par with that one very specific hinge-creaking sound that every TV show also uses whenever someone opens a door.

5 George K
5 George K
>> No. 23954 Anonymous
22nd August 2021
Sunday 8:47 pm
23954 spacer
Craig Conner.
>> No. 24011 Anonymous
9th October 2021
Saturday 11:57 pm
24011 spacer

Screenshot 2021-10-09 235737.png
Been watching the Sopranos.

One editing thing that REALLY stands out to me is the audio mix - they leave in Tony's laboured, heavy, breathing; the clanking of cutlery on plates, chewing noises.

The shot-shot editing is also really... primitive? I can't really explain it but it feels like there's very little exploration or flair in it, especially for a Prestige Drama .
>> No. 24012 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 4:59 am
24012 spacer
I like it. Especially when his breathing gets heavier, or he starts scarping plates faster as he gets more agitated.
>> No. 24013 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 10:11 am
24013 spacer
I dunno, I really like The Sopranos and it still stands up to being watched multiple times now - the audio is definitely intentional.
>> No. 24014 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 10:21 am
24014 spacer

Oh yeah, I'm not saying it's an oversight; it's clearly intentional.
>> No. 24015 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 6:17 pm
24015 spacer
Don't watch the movie they just put out.
>> No. 24016 Anonymous
10th October 2021
Sunday 7:21 pm
24016 spacer
Fucking bygones is never bygones.
>> No. 24020 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 5:22 pm
24020 spacer

Trailer Park Boys.jpg
On recommendation by some guy in the street, I bought a 6 series box set of [i]Trailer Park Boys[i]. It's awful; bad acting, bad scripting and the characters are loathesome.
The only redeeming feature is it doesn't take itself seriously, but i can't tell if that's intended or simply the cast acting like it's being filmed at the back of someones garden.
The film quality noticably improves over the couse of the entire series and later there are some geuinely funny slapstick humours, but it's watered down by the empty scenes and disconnected dialog.

I have no idea how this was, apparently, so popular.
>> No. 24021 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 6:24 pm
24021 spacer
I binged the first nine seasons a few years ago and loved it. Just easy watching, and a generally likeable cast. Reminds me a lot of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, degenerate dickheads doing dumb things, but it's probably a bit less intelligent. I have tried to watch the later series (I think they're animated nowadays), but I don't know if the jokes just stopped being funny.
>> No. 24022 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 6:35 pm
24022 spacer

Probably has a lot to do with your real life experiences, either you've grown up around dickheads just like that, or you're a posho who doesn't understand what "the joke" really is.

Same reason I can't relate at all to stuff like The Office. Other people insist it's the funniest thing since farts were invented, but I've never had a boss like David Brent or colleagues like those other twats, and all I see in it is shite cringe humour.

I think the most successful sitcoms are the ones that have the most relatable everyman character, and a novel premise, that doesn't tie it to people's personal experiences. Everyone can get into Father Ted, for example.
>> No. 24023 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 7:02 pm
24023 spacer
>I've never had a boss like David Brent or colleagues like those other twat

Plenty of us have though, and the shit cringe humour is literally the point of the show; most of the time you're laughing at Brent because of how uncomfortable he makes you.

Also, as a manager, early on in my career, I probably said or did some very Brent things. It's very well observed, but I accept that if you haven't seen those people/types in the workplace, it's all a bit mystifying.
>> No. 24024 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 7:07 pm
24024 spacer

I mean yeah, that was my entire point. If I had have been forced to endure those people in my working life, it would be far more relatable to me.
>> No. 24025 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 7:15 pm
24025 spacer

My flatmate at the time watched this a lot - I didn't get it at first, but it quite quickly grew on me, I can't really quantify why other than that I started to like the characters.

It was the same with Always Sunny - season 1 was pretty rough and I was taken aback that they were just sort of shouting at each other. But now it's one of my favourite yank shows.
>> No. 24026 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 7:21 pm
24026 spacer
How do you feel about Peepshow?
>> No. 24027 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 7:49 pm
24027 spacer
> Everyone can get into Father Ted, for example.
>> No. 24028 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 7:50 pm
24028 spacer

Peep Show does a good job because the setting is mundane, but the two main characters are opposite ends of the spectrum, and it focused more on absurd and unlikely situations they'd get into than just "Oh you know what it's like working in an office, right? Haha!"

It is still very cringe humour based, so I can only really watch small doses of it, not binge on it, but I do like it.

The film Office Space is an example of one that manages to be pretty much universally relatable too I think. It's about office drudgery on the surface, but the main theme isn't specifically about offices. It's just about having a job you hate and don't want to go to, which everybody, everybody, has had experience of. In a way that film changed my life, actually. I just saw it before I'd ever got to the stage of the main character.
>> No. 24029 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 7:55 pm
24029 spacer

You've got to have appalling taste not to like Father Ted.

[spoilers]Or be a terminally online Twitter wanker who hates it just because it's Linehan maybe, but I'm not going to count that.[/spoilers]
>> No. 24030 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 7:56 pm
24030 spacer


>> No. 24031 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 8:00 pm
24031 spacer
Never got into Father Ted. The performances of the actors were all good, but it just felt a bit artificial to me, whereas I could see the event of a lot of Peep Show episodes actually happening. Same thing as The IT Crowd, I felt like I was watching a sitcom rather than connecting with the events of the story on a deeper level. Also as a terminally online Twitter wank I have the notorious TERF Graham Linehan.
>> No. 24032 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 8:03 pm
24032 spacer
Glinner, you mean Glinner. Graham's not the same man.
>> No. 24033 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 8:07 pm
24033 spacer

I've always thought it's a bit absurd not to like something because of knowledge you have, with the benefit of hindsight, about its creator. Nobody even knew what a TERF was in the early 90s when that show first aired, and I'd argue the guy himself wasn't even one until the worms wriggled in through his ear holes and started munching on his grey matter.

I'd understand why you might not want to watch a new show that he came out with today, but as far as I can tell he's probably never going to work in telly in any serious capacity ever again.
>> No. 24034 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 8:18 pm
24034 spacer

I know what you mean, but I don't think that people suddenly decide the work is bad, just that some people can't tune out the part of their brain that whispers "the bloke who wrote this is a proper cunt now" which probably dampens the fun.

Lostprophets first album is still an absolute banger, but when I listen to it, it's quite hard not to associate it with baby fucking, regardless of whether or not he had fucked any babies at the time of recording.
>> No. 24035 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 8:40 pm
24035 spacer
Art is always subjective, even novels, even screeds, even tweets and the great thing about art is that the interpretation will matter more than the intention.
>> No. 24036 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 9:20 pm
24036 spacer
It's weird because it's only really seemingly an issue if the artist/creator in question is alive today and subject to today's moral standards.

We probably don't know what Michealangelo or Da Vinci's politics were but I doubt they were exactly politically correct by today's standards, yet that's not stopping anyone flocking to see their works as great monuments of man's achievements. We can simply wave our hands and say "Well, it doesn't matter, those were different times, they were bound to have beleived things we'd find absurd today."

So I don't see why it's so much different to say "Ah, Father Ted. One of the best sitcoms ever made. Shame the writer eventually succumbed to crippling mindworms, but what can you do."
>> No. 24037 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 9:44 pm
24037 spacer
I can overlook Chevy Chase being a horrible piece of shit, I can overlook Bowie potentially being a nonce, I can overlook Woody Allen dating his stepdaughter etc. I don't know if it's because Linehan is particularly vocal about his dodgy beliefs, but it really sours me on his work.
>> No. 24038 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 9:58 pm
24038 spacer
People are toppling statues because they don't match today's social standards. Moan ticked because I can separate art and artist.

>I can overlook Bowie potentially being a nonce

I thought this was pretty open knowledge? Honestly for a rockstar of the era I think the game of pretend he used to put on about being a Nazi aristocrat is more odd.
>> No. 24039 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 10:23 pm
24039 spacer
>So I don't see why it's so much different to say "Ah, Father Ted. One of the best sitcoms ever made. Shame the writer eventually succumbed to crippling mindworms, but what can you do."

This is the grown-up view. I never really liked Glinner from his postings and views on various things - the trans stuff has just kind of washed over me a bit (and I'm probably more of a TERF than I want to admit). I don't expect anyone, let alone artists, to be perfect people.

Another great example of this is Eric Gill, creator of the font Gill Sans among other things. He was a proper, actual wrong'un, abusing his daughters, sisters, and dog. Should we cancel everyone who uses that font?
>> No. 24040 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 10:28 pm
24040 spacer
I can overlook Glinner being Glinner when I watch Father Ted but not when I watch the IT Crowd because it hasn't stood the test of time and I don't think it's very good.
>> No. 24041 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 10:33 pm
24041 spacer
Never saw the appeal of The IT Crowd. Even as a cynical "geek" myself, it all felt kind of shit. The equivalent of one of those t-shirts that say "I'm fluent in sarcasm".
>> No. 24042 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 10:37 pm
24042 spacer
Quite. It's not too different to that American "Bazinga" show.
>> No. 24043 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 10:46 pm
24043 spacer
For me it's incredibly hit or miss. Some episodes are genuinely fantastic and have me laughing from start to finish, others are bizarrely awful. I was dumbfounded by how bad the grand finale was. It felt dated by the time of broadcast and on reflection maybe it was an early sign that Linehan was about to become a fullscale social media weirdo.
>> No. 24044 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 10:51 pm
24044 spacer

That one sketch about the smoking area will always stick with me, but other than that... Yeah, struggling to remember anything.

Oh, the Countdown one? That was good.
>> No. 24045 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 10:52 pm
24045 spacer
I've been watching Maid recently, I thought it was a good show. Well written. Quality of acting variable but never below average.

Which ones are particularly good? I'm bored enough to give them a go.
>> No. 24046 Anonymous
12th October 2021
Tuesday 11:20 pm
24046 spacer
"Italian for Beginners" is one that makes me laugh. Not watched it in years don't shout at me if it's not very good.

Also even it's not a great show it's not Big Bang Theory bad, Britain's not done anything that bad since the end of empire.
>> No. 24047 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 1:30 am
24047 spacer
>People are toppling statues because they don't match today's social standards.

This isn't really the thread for it, but I think a more charitable reading is that the statues are being topples because we don't think these people are to be honoured or emulated. I don't think anyone is wanting the people on the statues and their accomplishments to be erased from history, just that they shouldn't be celebrated. Sure it was a different time, but if there is a statue of someone who owned slaves, I can name one group of people who knew slavery was bad and wrong -- the slaves.

On a completely unrelated note, the Trailer Park Boys conversation. The first few seasons are great, because it's so rough and ready, and there are some truly fucking hilarious slapstick bits in there. As the seasons went on, it really did come off the rails a bit and the Netflix seasons are just a bit ridiculous. I watched their newest series called "Jail", which they entirely self-made and is funded by going to their own Swearnet site. IMO it's the closest to capturing the stupidity of the original few series as they've come in a while simply because they have no money but still have to make it work.
>> No. 24048 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 2:11 am
24048 spacer

>I don't think anyone is wanting the people on the statues and their accomplishments to be erased from history

Those people certainly do exist.

But that's really a different thing. The statues are active declarations that this was a great person, someone worthy of respect and remembrance- And, of course, a testament to the fact they were wealthy and influential enough in life to secure that kind of legacy for themselves. Removing the statues is simply saying "Nah, we've changed our minds about the level of renown this person should have."

Of course there's another conversation about whom the statue was of, and what, exactly, their historical wrongdoings were; during last year's statue-topple fever there were one or two instances of people jumping the gun a bit and going for otherwise pretty respectable people on the basis that durr muh white patriarchy bla bla bla, but like anything you're going to have a bit of stupidity bleed in around the edges.

Okay I'm being a bit more lenient than how I really feel here, in complete honesty I think most of it was stupid, but I do want to believe there was a decent and earnestly respectable idea behind some of it, at least.

Who knows though, the important thing to keep in mind to me is that values are relative, morals are social consensus, there is no true right or wrong. Some people thing that's hogwash but in my view those people are mentally deficient. It's plainly and obviously true. Some day in five hundred years after the climate apocalypse, humanity might think slavery is great again because it's the only way we can power our post-post-industrial survival economy, and put all those statues back up.

Swings and roundabouts in the end.
>> No. 24049 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 3:24 am
24049 spacer

I think the intent and the outcomes are at odds with each other. A statue of a slave trader is an opportunity to discuss, learn and teach in a way that an empty plinth isn't.

I've said this before, but of all the cities in Britain, Liverpool has by far the most visible legacy of slavery and by far the greatest understanding of slavery.

Many of the most prominent streets in Liverpool are named after slave traders and most of the locals know at least a few of them. After the summer of statue toppling, the City Council decided not to rename those streets, but to erect plaques explaining who those people are and what they did. Notably, that decision was made in close collaboration with both the Liverpool black community and the International Slavery Museum; the plaques will be named in honour of Eric Lynch, a local historian who for decades provided slavery walking tours.

Whether the people responsible realise it or not, toppling statues just serves to brush history under the carpet and perpetuate a false and simplistic understanding of the transatlantic slave trade. I'm reminded of how poppywashing has gradually replaced the horrors of the First World War with trite cliches about valour and sacrifice; denouncing slavery is just empty rhetoric if we don't actually understand and engage with the history.
>> No. 24050 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 8:10 am
24050 spacer
>But that's really a different thing. The statues are active declarations that this was a great person, someone worthy of respect and remembrance- And, of course, a testament to the fact they were wealthy and influential enough in life to secure that kind of legacy for themselves. Removing the statues is simply saying "Nah, we've changed our minds about the level of renown this person should have."

I'm not sure about that, I don't think there's an overt link to worship and I think people perceiving ones are simple. The monuments of a culture are reflective of the values of that culture, and these things change over time. They're not active worship, they're incidental references. It's kind of you to give the benefit of the doubt, but the people tearing these things down can't conceive of the idea that someone can look at this and go "I wonder what this piece of history is about" rather than "Wow, that person must have been good and I should emulate them". Fuck, I hate those people.

Right so the thing here is, has Bridgerton got it right? I'd really prefer it if it hadn't, but it's only fair to consider the idea that pretending everyone got along and Nothing Ever Happened might actually lead to more harmony?
>> No. 24051 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 8:51 am
24051 spacer
>the people tearing these things down can't conceive of the idea that someone can look at this and go "I wonder what this piece of history is about" rather than "Wow, that person must have been good and I should emulate them".
I don't think many people think either of those things when they look at statues, 99% of the time they're just objects in the landscape, street furniture. But they're still going to make the place feel actively hostile to the people whose family and ancestors were raped, murdered, enslaved or generally exploited by them. How many statues of Thatcher are there up north? Pretending statues are there for educational purposes is just pretending.
>> No. 24052 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 12:28 pm
24052 spacer
What's Bridgerton got to do with anything? Its alternate universe where racism faded out amongst the Regency gentry is not to pretend it didn't exist in reality, but to open the casting of gentry characters to people of colour. It's fiction. There was no Bridgerton family or Lady Whistledown either, y'know, but that doesn't seem to be as important when suspending your disbelief?
>> No. 24053 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 12:30 pm
24053 spacer

>has Bridgerton got it right?

I don't think it has, no. The real history is just too interesting and too enlightening.

The facile "slavery is bad" narrative imagines that Africa was a place of peace and harmony until the Bad Awful Europeans showed up and tricked the naive natives onto boats with beads and trinkets. This is, on reflection, quite obviously based on racist tropes.

The truth is that long before the Europeans turned up, most of Africa was ruled by an assortment of powerful African empires. By some accounts, Mansa Musa (ruler of the Mali Empire from 1312 to 1337) was the wealthiest man ever to have lived. These empires had an established trade in slaves, mainly of people captured in war. When European explorers arrived in Africa, they found existing slave markets. African empires traded slaves with the Europeans for useful and valuable goods - primarily steel, guns, cloth and rum.

There was a significant slave trade in the opposite direction, led by the Berbers of North Africa. They used their powerful navies to raid coastal cities and capture slaves from as far north as Scandinavia and as far west as America. This trade led to the Barbary Wars of 1801 and 1815, fought between America and the Ottoman Empire in an effort to end attacks by Berber pirates.

Africa hasn't existed in a permanent state of victimhood, it was a competitive global power until African empires were undermined by European military and naval technology in the latter part of the industrial revolution. European empires that colonised Africa were brutal and exploitative, but that was pretty much par for the course. Africa suffered a humiliating couple of centuries, but it is rapidly catching up and the European-American dominance of the current global order is being rapidly brought to an end by a resurgent China.

In short: we're all bastards, all of our forefathers have got someone's blood on their hands, nobody stays at the top for long and every dog has his day.
>> No. 24054 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 12:45 pm
24054 spacer

We can take down all our statues of Mansa Musa too if that's important.
>> No. 24055 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 1:08 pm
24055 spacer

My point is that we should be adding rather than subtracting, learning rather than forgetting. Nobody learns anything from an empty plinth, but people can learn from a plaque or a memorial or a museum.
>> No. 24056 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 1:17 pm
24056 spacer

I don't think any of the people who want to take the statues down have objected to them being relocated to museums. They've even been suggesting it. Putting up plaques that explain who the person was and why they're no longer celebrated has also been accepted as a compromise in some places.
>> No. 24057 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 1:40 pm
24057 spacer
Rome isn't taking down its statues to appease the Jews. At some point you need to write these things off and move on. America has a huge problem with this as it's basically unique, being a 400 year old nation and a 250 year old state, almost exclusively built off slave labour of a specific ethnicity (forgetting the Irish and the Ities for the moment). Its entire context has been based on exploitation and segregation of race, whereas we can all look back a few thousand years and see everyone murdering and enslaving everyone else in an equal opportunity conquest.

Because it's /v/, and let's consider why someone might have raised a show which presents a sanitised version of history where everyone was chummy regardless of race. Considering the damage that Baz Luhrmann did with his masterpiece R+J, it's quite clear that for the average punter, the most popular adaptation of something (regardless of whether or not it's real) is basically how it happened.

I second this, it's the Mein Kampf approach. Don't censor it from circulation or make it a black market thing, flood the market with annotated copies that break down the content and turn it into a learning tool *against* the views espoused, so the content exists entwined with a rebuttal. Then you just need a good enough education system so people can understand the rebuttals.

We could go the Roman route instead, and pretend these people never existed by recarving statues and repurposing monuments, but then the rebuttal is lost with the content.

If people are uncomfortable with the fact that modern society was built on thousands of years of bloody conquest and enslavement, to the extent that they try to deny it happened by pretending we never held these figures up, then their opinion isn't worth much. While there are a sizeable amount who want to put these things in museums, as we've seen with Edward Colston, there's also a sizeable contingent who simply want to erase this stuff.
>> No. 24058 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 1:44 pm
24058 spacer
>Rome isn't taking down its statues to appease the Jews.
Nah but Germany did.
>> No. 24059 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 1:48 pm
24059 spacer

Surprised we've not had a cunt-off over this yet. Why did you do it, lads, Gordon was good boy who just wanted to tear down Blair's legacy and paralyse government with indecision.

I hate how this conversation automatically goes to the slavery issue. Like >>24050 statues have a permeance that often leads to them being pulled down by changing circumstances - with the former Soviet Bloc being instead probably the biggest example in history. I've seen it theorised that statues are one of the key things that has led to permeance of groups and with the printing press propped up the formation of nationalism, in Europe we went from tribal confederations that lasted a generation or two at the fall of Rome to nation states that are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Obviously that didn't work for communism but the pyramids are a focal point of Egyptian identity even if they were periodically robbed and restored across dynasties much as we will bury and unearth old VHS tapes of Father Ted in future.

Anyway, unlike stories, statues can't just be changed when they clash with our modern circumstances which infuriates people. Media is like this as well as it's a permanent narrative but unlike statues we can care more about the sculptor behind it. And for Star Wars, the sculptor tore all the statues down and replaced them with slightly worse versions.
>> No. 24060 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 10:37 pm
24060 spacer

Father Ted in my mind does feel artificial but also a bit uncanny in it's surreal reflection of rural life, which is why I find to so funny. Just a lot of characters you could imagine finding in a rural community cranked up to 11.
Probably helps that I live in Ireland too.
>> No. 24061 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 10:46 pm
24061 spacer
The documentary hasn't bothered me as much as I expected (I suspect because it omits rather than misrepresents most of what I care deeply about), but I suddenly noticed why Labour is completely and utterly doomed while watching it: It's mostly old men reminiscing about when they were young and thought they were cool, or how cool they thought other people were. The bulk of the media landscape is set up in a way that supports them in doing this, plenty of publications are full of people who are themselves sad old nostalgists or who were brought up under the tutelage of sad old nostalgists and wish they could've been there and felt the buzz to see scary grin man point out that dawn had broken. Even those who don't tend to be incurious politics knowers who've never bothered to look much before 1992 when skimreading the Wikipedia articles about general elections. So we're trapped going back over Blair/Brown again and again and again. It's like if Labour were still obsessing over learning the lessons of Wilson c. 1974 in 1990. Worse, it's like if Marcia Williams and Bernard Donoughue were still regularly giving advice to the leadership in 1990. Advice with a quality like: What is Labour's way out of the crisis? the last time we won an election, it was because we offered a better way out of the crisis...
>> No. 24062 Anonymous
13th October 2021
Wednesday 10:55 pm
24062 spacer

I'm going to watch The Man Who Wasn't There in a bit. A friend recommended it, supposed to be some kind of film noir thriller. And it's by the Coen Brothers, so it should be good.
>> No. 24063 Anonymous
14th October 2021
Thursday 12:16 am
24063 spacer
It is. Make sure you don't watch the colour version, it's not that kind of movie.
>> No. 24064 Anonymous
14th October 2021
Thursday 1:21 am
24064 spacer

I'm about halfway in now, and I'm kind of struggling to like the movie. I'm a fan of classic film noir and of the Coen brothers as well, but this feels more like a pastiche of the genre where someone has ticked off a list of the usual elements but missed the mark and essentially created a colour-desaturated period piece instead of a kind of film that is on par with some of classic noir's legendary films.
>> No. 24065 Anonymous
14th October 2021
Thursday 7:58 am
24065 spacer

That said, having watched the whole of it now, the aliens in Fargo series 2 kind of make more sense now. As does Lorne Malvo's hook knife in series 1.
>> No. 24066 Anonymous
18th October 2021
Monday 1:22 am
24066 spacer
I have really been fascinated by the parallels drawn to the current situation. Everyone thought Labour would win in 1992, then somehow they didn't. Then, the party had internal battles that seem to have been identical to the ones currently being had. All in all, this series seems to be very pro-Keir Starmer, explaining how plenty of people didn't want Tony Blair to do what Keir Starmer's doing now, but he was totally right and it worked. I've said a few times that Keir Starmer is going to win the next election, and I really can't see how he is going to do that from his current position, but the New Labour BBC documentary feels like it agrees with me.
>> No. 24067 Anonymous
18th October 2021
Monday 2:31 am
24067 spacer

I think the documentary has that sort of slant as well, but the parallels seem tenuous to me. Starmer feels closer to Kinnock in 1987-92 than to Blair in 94. Blair made a big show of "taking on" the party in the 1990s, but it was more showmanship than serious. (For example, the "Clause IV" moment. Very stylish, but what substance? It's not like Blair and Brown would've been committed nationalisers had it not gone through.) The real fighting was in the 1980s and by the 1988 leadership election the left was well and truly cowed. Little things like that tend to be omitted, or in the case of Black Wednesday be glossed over, but they make all the analogies quite confusing when you throw them back into the mix.
If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend "Labour - the Wilderness Years", which is up on YouTube. It's from the mid 1990s when it was reasonably clear Blair was going to win the next election and gives the pretty standard story on Labour in the 1980s and early 1990s, but because the 1997 landslide hadn't happened yet a lot was still in contention and you get dissenting voices and hints of the long forgotten paths Labour could've taken beyond Bennism and Blairism.
>> No. 24100 Anonymous
18th November 2021
Thursday 5:19 pm
24100 spacer

Been watching Columbo from start to finish.

Despite its absolutely unchanging formula, and the reduction in stakes that provides, the 70s ones have an undeniable charm. I don't know how they do it, though - episodes can run up to 90 minutes in length, but it feels like there still wasn't enough time. They end so abruptly.

Nonetheless, the 70s ones were very very very tame. They never showed so much as a drop of blood, and despite the parade of grimy middle aged men with models for wives/girlfriends, the most you saw was a kiss, and that was only for a couple of episodes. Many of them had some interesting setup.

I've now got to the second run, set up by Falk himself in 1989. The budget and tech are clearly leagues ahead (it's in widescreen on what I think is 35mm film which for a TV show in 89 is pretty forward-thinking, meaning it's almost HD even now, the camera shots are much less static, and the lighting etc is much more 'luxurious'). It's just... so much more 80s. Sure there's a little more violence shown, but not much; the real centre is the sex. Pretty much every episide revolves around some grimy man constantly shagging models, and every plot is something to do with that. So, despite all the nicer filming, it feels distinctly cheaper because it feels like it's more about showing as many Fit Birds as it can.
>> No. 24101 Anonymous
20th November 2021
Saturday 1:11 am
24101 spacer

It's happening
>> No. 24102 Anonymous
20th November 2021
Saturday 9:04 am
24102 spacer
Well, they kept Tank! at least (and a few other bits of the OST). It's a bit more happy go lucky than noir but as adaptations go it's not terrible.
>> No. 24103 Anonymous
20th November 2021
Saturday 12:36 pm
24103 spacer
Is Edward in it? The only episode of Cowboy Bebop I've seen was the one where they trip on mushrooms. I didn't like Edward.
>> No. 24104 Anonymous
20th November 2021
Saturday 3:02 pm
24104 spacer

It's better than I thought it would be, and quite frustrating, in that it looks great (other than the main characters costuming looking a bit too cosplay), the fight scenes are well done, the cg is good, the atmosphere is pretty much on point. But the dialogue is pretty fucking bad for the most part. They've gone a different direction with the main bad guy too, which doesn't feel as interesting as the anime version. He's sort of pathetic, where he's supposed to be mysterious and scary.

All in all if the anime didn't exist, I'd have enjoyed this as schlocky sci fi, but either way the dialogue and story beats need a lot of work. Mind you I'm only 4 or 5 episodes in.


Yes, they appear at the end of the last episode. I won't post the clip here but....fucking hell, a 1:1 adaptation was not a good idea. If you didn't like them in the original you will certainly not enjoy them here.
>> No. 24105 Anonymous
28th November 2021
Sunday 6:54 pm
24105 spacer

Disappointed in Stephen Merchant with this. I don't know how it's possible to have such a great cast for such a pedestrian, forgettable script.

>Writer Stephen Merchant has stated the idea for the show ... about how having people from different walks of life placed into the same situation would make an interesting plot line.
That was probably true the first time it was done.

It's not terrible. It's fine. I mean, it's okay. Why bother?
>> No. 24106 Anonymous
28th November 2021
Sunday 8:24 pm
24106 spacer

Has Stephen Merchant ever been anything but pedestrian and forgettable?
>> No. 24107 Anonymous
28th November 2021
Sunday 8:29 pm
24107 spacer

His (intentionally) incredibly uncomfortable performance in Hello Ladies made me think he was the reason The Office was any good, considering how unfunny Gervais is on his own.
>> No. 24108 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 1:21 pm
24108 spacer
Fuck me but he was plugging the hell out of this a few weeks ago. I think he was on three channels' primetime chat shows simultaneously at one point.
>> No. 24109 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 2:12 pm
24109 spacer
They record them at different times. He's not running live from one studio to the next.

I watched the first episode of The Outlaws and thought it was shit so gave up.
>> No. 24110 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 3:00 pm
24110 spacer
Oh, I thought perhaps he was using clones.
>> No. 24111 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 3:13 pm
24111 spacer
Nah, he just has that kind of look about him.
>> No. 24112 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 3:20 pm
24112 spacer
Did he share the same wacky fun anecdotes each time? I saw Hugh Jackman do that on a few programmes within the same week about eleven years ago, and I completely lost faith in the journalistic integrity of Graham Norton.
>> No. 24113 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 3:41 pm
24113 spacer
I had something similar about the same time with Frankie Boyle recycling the same material in his stand-up.
>> No. 24114 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 4:52 pm
24114 spacer


I always thought this was pretty cheap:

According to one of the reddit pages that came up when I was looking for the image, this urban legend has been going around Finland for decades. I don't know if that's better or worse than Jack stealing it from what looks like /int/.
>> No. 24115 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 4:59 pm
24115 spacer
>I don't know if that's better or worse than Jack stealing it from what looks like /int/.

He's been caught out stealing material from Stewart Lee and other comedians before.
>> No. 24116 Anonymous
29th November 2021
Monday 11:46 pm
24116 spacer

I really can't think of a joke from are stew that he would be capable of delivering.
>> No. 24117 Anonymous
30th November 2021
Tuesday 4:10 am
24117 spacer
>He shows a touch of naivety in places – at one point repeating, almost verbatim, a very old Stewart Lee sketch about walking on the moon

https://The Metro is owned by the Daily Mail./2009/08/24/jack-whitehall-is-a-comic-on-the-rise-363267/

Whitehall's response to was to delete all evidence of his routine from the internet.
>> No. 24118 Anonymous
30th November 2021
Tuesday 4:20 am
24118 spacer

90s Stew was a different beast. He had actual jokes back then, instead of just two hour long self-satirising monologues.

Interestingly though you can see the formula starting to take shape, even in his really early stuff. I wonder what he'd be like now if he hadn't gone off on that whole detour doing Jerry Springer: The Opera.
>> No. 24119 Anonymous
30th November 2021
Tuesday 10:02 am
24119 spacer
I get very wary of anything that looks like it has a cast member who's essentially been stunt casted. Maybe I'm just tainted because I've know Walken to be a meme as much as a movie star.
>> No. 24120 Anonymous
30th November 2021
Tuesday 10:21 am
24120 spacer
There's one scene with him in that looks as though it was deliberately put there in hopes it'll be made into a meme. Then at the end he paints over a real Banksy, which has no relevance to the plot whatsoever, it's purely there so they can say it happened.
>> No. 24121 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 3:40 am
24121 spacer

Surprised to see Gazza in this.
>> No. 24122 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 8:46 pm
24122 spacer

I'm re-watching series 3 of Fargo at the moment. Maybe with the exception of series 4, the Fargo TV series is one of the best TV crime drama franchises of the last 20 years. If you haven't watched it, I can only recommend it very highly. Especially if you like the Coen Brothers' body of work, because references to their movies abound throughout, and not just the 1996 film of the same name.

My only real niggle with series 3 is, why do British actors playing British characters in American productions always pander to the expectations of clueless American viewers and either put on a dodgy upper class public school accent, or they go for an exaggerated "Oi mate!" working class sociolect that's all over the map, geographically.

In series 3 of Fargo, David Thewlis plays a vaguely British-born international mastermind heading a billion-dollar organised financial crime syndicate, who use Ewan McGregor's real estate firm to stage a bankruptcy bleedout (worth noting that McGregor himself pulls off a very convincing Minnnesota/Upper Midwest accent). Anyway, Thewlis's watered-down working class accent in that role seems almost deliberately lazy, meandering somewhere between Bristol, Blackpool and South London, if that, but I'm sure it was entirely flying under the radar of most Americans.
>> No. 24123 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 10:15 pm
24123 spacer

The darkest joke out of this film isn't actually in the film, it's the people who only respond to it with criticisms of the medium, repeating the exact same behaviour as the people in the film. Some of them have to be trolling but they can't all be. Astonishing lack of self-awareness.
"You need media training".
>> No. 24124 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 12:22 am
24124 spacer

For me the weirdest parts of the film are that they made the President an obvious stand in for Hilary Clinton and the Tech Billionaire a stand in for Joe Biden.

This film is fucking tremendous. I've seen heard a bunch of people draw comparisons to Idiocracy.

The genre is listed as Comedy but really it should be Horror, because nothing is more terrifying than the thought that a group of wealthy narcissistic morons could wield enough power to pose an existential threat to the vitality of the human race...
>> No. 24125 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 1:28 pm
24125 spacer
I'll be totally honest and say I don't understand your point. My take away, after an hour of the film, was that not one joke had landed and the director was a ponce who thought his constant cutaways to random objects was injecting some pathos into the meandering scenes.
>> No. 24126 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 1:38 pm
24126 spacer
Yes, exactly like that. Well done.
>> No. 24127 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 4:22 pm
24127 spacer
What? Because I recognised the great mind behind films like Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and Step Brothers isn't a brilliant mind, I'm the dafty? Stunt casting Arianna Grande isn't impressive nor is having the Oglethorpe character do a 180 degree turn to be invested in Grande's relationship drama for no reason, but the brain-genius responsible for Get Hard wanted to cut to a gag so it had to happen, even though it undermines everything we've learnt about Oglethorpe up to that point. The Oval Office scene went on for much too long, as it quickly stopped characterising anyone, moving the plot forward or being funny, in fact it never even started on the last one. I'm not a pillock for no sitting through a mediocre film. Once I got to Rylance's character I was basically done, because almost nobody in the film was acting like a human being, even a really self-absorbed and narrowminded one.
>> No. 24128 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 4:37 pm
24128 spacer
If you're a dafty it's because you've just watched a satire of how people fixate on the medium rather than the message and your only reaction to it is to fixate on the medium.
>> No. 24129 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 4:57 pm
24129 spacer
He's watching a film, he's entitled to criticise the medium. I should make a two hour film of myself crapping into a bucket, claim it's about climate change and then use your same argument to deflect criticism.
>> No. 24130 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 5:00 pm
24130 spacer
I'm not deflecting criticism, it's not an amazing piece of film by any of the metrics he's talking about. Nobody's saying it is. But you and he are doing exactly the thing it satirises.
>> No. 24131 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 5:18 pm
24131 spacer
Fucking hell, that's genius. All you have to do is make a satire about people criticising the medium instead of the message, and instantly anyone who dislikes your filmmaking has themselves become the object of satire! 4D chess at its finest, well-played indeed.
>> No. 24132 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 5:20 pm
24132 spacer

Being deliberately shit so people complain about it to make your satire seem more accurate, is still being shit.
>> No. 24133 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 5:30 pm
24133 spacer

I'm not a fan of the whole "accusing the other person of being upset as a way to win the argument" but wow.
>> No. 24134 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 5:37 pm
24134 spacer
Nobody accused you of being upset.
>> No. 24135 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 5:37 pm
24135 spacer

I promise you I'm not upset, your point is just silly.
>> No. 24136 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 5:40 pm
24136 spacer
He who denied it, is actually having a massive teary.
>> No. 24137 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 5:52 pm
24137 spacer

If you say so. You must be fun to watch films with, I can see you now, complaining about the camera angles in The Muppet Christmas Carol, how they don't even look like real animals and if that one's supposed to be a bear why is it talking instead of eating people?
>> No. 24138 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 6:34 pm
24138 spacer

I'm not the person you think I am, never seen this film, I just think you're a cunt.
>> No. 24139 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 7:14 pm
24139 spacer
I am actually really upset right now.

I have not posted in this thread previously, so am neither of the lads embroiled in the cunt-off but my man here is besmirching the good name of the Muppet Christmas Carol, and this, I find to be repugnant.
>> No. 24140 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 7:22 pm
24140 spacer

I bet anyone who doesn't like Muppets Christmas Carol is the same sort of person who pretends they don't still remember the name of every Harry Potter professor, and denies that they were ever into Pokemon.

I don't care what you say, if you're between a certain age (which I assume to be the primary .gs demographic), you were into those things, and if you weren't, you must be some kind of undercover agent or cyborg impostor.
>> No. 24141 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 8:47 pm
24141 spacer
>What? Because I recognised the great mind behind films like Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and Step Brothers isn't a brilliant mind, I'm the dafty? Stunt casting Arianna Grande isn't impressive nor is having the Oglethorpe character do a 180 degree turn to be invested in Grande's relationship drama for no reason, but the brain-genius responsible for Get Hard wanted to cut to a gag so it had to happen, even though it undermines everything we've learnt about Oglethorpe up to that point. The Oval Office scene went on for much too long, as it quickly stopped characterising anyone, moving the plot forward or being funny, in fact it never even started on the last one. I'm not a pillock for no sitting through a mediocre film. Once I got to Rylance's character I was basically done, because almost nobody in the film was acting like a human being, even a really self-absorbed and narrowminded one.

What? Because I recognised the great mind behind films like The Honky Problem and Frog Baseball isn't a brilliant mind, I'm the dafty? Stunt casting Terry Crews isn't impressive nor is having the a prostitute get picked up for a top level military experiment for no reason other than a gratuitous emotional setpiece, but the brain-genius responsible for Beavis and Butthead Do America wanted a running gag so it had to happen, even though it undermines everything we've learnt about your mum up to that point.

Wait, I'm just saying why I didn't like it and why I'd already decided I probably wasn't going to like it.

>The Oval Office scene went on for much too long, as it quickly stopped characterising anyone, moving the plot forward or being funny, in fact it never even started on the last one. I'm not a pillock for no sitting through a mediocre film.

This is the one legitimate criticism in your post. Yeah, but I suppose that was to help set the tone that it wasn't going to be serious. I agree though. Not sure what you're talking about with the rest of it though.

>Once I got to cubism I was basically done, because almost nobody in the image looked like a human being, even a really colourful and weird one.
>> No. 24142 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 8:54 pm
24142 spacer
I just realised I forgot to make a point - it is heavy handed, it doesn't hide that. I thought some of it was stupid, some of it hamfisted, and some of it masturbatory. But I knew nothing going into it other than Leo was playing someone mildly nerdy. I think you dislike the style/medium.
>> No. 24143 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 9:24 pm
24143 spacer

I've never seen The Muppet Christmas Carol either.
>> No. 24144 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 9:43 pm
24144 spacer
It's pretty good. Better than the Patrick Stewart one, but not quite as good as the Alistair Sim one. It should certainly be on TV every Christmas along with Wallace & Gromit and World's Strongest Man.
>> No. 24145 Anonymous
30th December 2021
Thursday 12:12 am
24145 spacer
Except the medium is cinema. I'm not criticising all cinema, I'm saying this film is naff and felt like watching a piss-weak The Thick of It knock-off with a message I understood after half-an-hour. "The medium" isn't the problem when Jonah Hill has orders to play his character like he's got an IQ on par with a Jack Russell or Mark Rylance looks like another victim of Liverpool F.C.'s infamous club dentist, for no particular reason. These are bad filmmaking decisions that undermine the tone of the film.
>> No. 24146 Anonymous
30th December 2021
Thursday 3:46 am
24146 spacer
The medium is this piece of cinema in particular. You could criticise the medium of this post by complaining about the word choice I've used, you wouldn't have to criticise all written language in general. The message is the meaning it conveys.
>> No. 24147 Anonymous
30th December 2021
Thursday 6:29 am
24147 spacer
I for one don't even have a cinema.
>> No. 24159 Anonymous
7th January 2022
Friday 2:06 am
24159 spacer

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-07 at 1.57.44 AM.jpg
Been making my way through Star Trek.

Started with DS9, then TNG, then Voyager, and now on Enterprise.

DS9 was surprisingly good; my only knowledge of Star Trek before that was the few episodes of TNG I saw as a very young kid. TNG I had my reservations about but it was nice and campy and generally a fun watch. Voyager had the darker tone of DS9, but I don't know, it just wasn't as good IMO.

Enterprise is not very good, but is still watchable. It's completely humourless and the one visual gag I've seen up to the third season is what made me post this. I get that it was made in 2004 at the height of George Dubya Bush-ism and so there's always going to be this unspoken Military undertone as everything made at that time period in the USA did, but I feel it betrays the camp hammy utopia.

From what my trekky mates tell me, if I didn't like Enterprise then I'll hate Discovery and Picard.

I'll watch TOS next, I suppose, then the films.

Next I'
>> No. 24160 Anonymous
7th January 2022
Friday 9:41 am
24160 spacer

I haven't seen much else; TNG, the reboot movies and three-quarters of the first episode of Picard before turning it off. I just saw the first three seasons of Discovery and while it's not the most amazing thing ever, it's not humourless or militaristic. Maybe a little militaristic in places but the main characters actively complain about it when it happens, internal conflict in the Federation about how they're not supposed to be soldiers is a whole thing.
>> No. 24161 Anonymous
7th January 2022
Friday 9:55 pm
24161 spacer

I rewatched the first episode of pic related. Going in I was slightly nervous it might be awful upon revisiting it, but no, it's really, really good. I'm actually so amazed by how good it is I can't quite believe it.
>> No. 24162 Anonymous
8th January 2022
Saturday 10:10 am
24162 spacer
What We Do in the Shadows series three has at least one good joke per episode but I wish they'd stop putting Kristen Schaal into things.
>> No. 24163 Anonymous
8th January 2022
Saturday 10:16 am
24163 spacer
I've only brought myself to watch three episodes of the new series so far. It feels like a massive drop off from the previous two.
>> No. 24164 Anonymous
9th January 2022
Sunday 3:37 am
24164 spacer
Toast of Tinseltown is okay. Its very Hollywood with all the cameos and it feels weird without any songs but I liked how surreal it got.

It must be an odd life he leads, perpetually living in 1975.

>> No. 24165 Anonymous
9th January 2022
Sunday 11:05 pm
24165 spacer
I found the low effort cameos really off-putting. Firstly, they kept reminding me about the pandemic and secondly Paul Rudd in a cheap wig isn’t funny, nor do I believe they’d let Larry David live in Dallas.
>> No. 24167 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 12:45 pm
24167 spacer
The special effects in the TNG films are weird. One minute they are smooth and competent, the next they look worse than the show. I have a feeling they ran up against deadlines.
>> No. 24168 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 6:06 pm
24168 spacer
DS9 is fucking ridiculous.
>> No. 24169 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 6:25 pm
24169 spacer

Ridiculously good, you mean? It's the only Trek series to actually engage with meaty moral issues. The first series takes a while to get going and there are some slightly frivolous filler episodes, but on the whole it's the best Star Trek series by some margin.

In the Pale Moonlight and Far Beyond the Stars are amongst the best episodes of any TV drama.
>> No. 24170 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 6:34 pm
24170 spacer


It's been entertaining so far but sex pest Bashir, the Nagus, this fucking guy?
>> No. 24171 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 6:53 pm
24171 spacer
That fucking guy was class. Love a return to the old camp stuff.

And DS9 is stellar. I have a ST playlist on shuffle with all the Treks up to/including ENT, I've watched them all through a couple of times. I initially disliked the palette of DS9 and the ever present Dominion plots, but I recently caught S7E19 or something and just turned off shuffle and watched the rest of the season. It's fantastic storytelling and great drama.

How's Bashir a sex pest?
>> No. 24172 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 7:02 pm
24172 spacer

Bashir hit on what seemed like every female character he interacted with in the first ten episodes despite some of them (Dax) telling him to go away repeatedly. He reminds me a bit of Gaius Baltar.
I'm not really complaining, "fucking ridiculous" is still entertaining.
>> No. 24173 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 7:05 pm
24173 spacer

Not sure I like DS9 more than TNG, but once you check out VOY that "sex pest" Bashir will pale in comparison to the walking red flag himself, Neelix. He alone was a big reason I stopped watching and If I'd been captain I'd probably have transported him into space while everyone else slept and said no more about it.
>> No. 24174 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 7:18 pm
24174 spacer

Isn't wrong. Even Neelix's nose looks like a bellend.
>> No. 24175 Anonymous
12th January 2022
Wednesday 9:39 pm
24175 spacer
There's something so fucking irritating about him. It's a combination of his keenness and self importance, I reckon. Bit of a Nice Guy and far to thirsty for Kes, who is admittedly wonderful and one of my favourite characters in VOY.

He's great as the Nagus though, more of that please. Or just sack him off entirely and have two Doctors. Yes, that's the way.
>> No. 24176 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 12:31 am
24176 spacer
His character improves somewhat until the last season when he's revealed to be illegally genetically enhanced.. After that, that's all most of his plots are about and the other characters treat him differently.

I think they were really struggling to know what to do with Neelix after the first couple of seasons, and especially after Kes (eeeee now then) becomes yet another Star Trek God Alien and fucks off. Despite not even being Starfleet, and whilst other crewmen remain unpromoted, he's given loads of important tasks to do just to keep his stories going.

I've just done a fag packet calculation, and since November I've watched about 450 hours of Star Trek material. It'll be a bit weird now I've exhausted everything but a couple of the films and all the new ones.
>> No. 24177 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 12:32 am
24177 spacer

I meant to attach this image.
>> No. 24178 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 12:53 pm
24178 spacer

Neelix is like jar jar binks. He is also a nonce, because Kes is only 7 years old.
>> No. 24179 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 9:20 pm
24179 spacer

Speaking of aliens, I've started watching Farscape. It's not bad, but every bad guy is a moustache twirling bastard of the highest order and it's really tedious, it's making me miss the problem solving aspect Star Trek has. I'm only on series 1, it could well pick up.
>> No. 24180 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 9:30 pm
24180 spacer
I'm going to watch the Grand Tour. It won't quite be the old Top Gear but fuck it, I need some easily digestible light hearted material that isn't in any way mentally taxing, yet isn't 100% fictional.

Plus it's just the sort of thing my recent ex would have made a snotty comment about because it's a laddish program and she had deep seated penis envy. So now I'm going to enjoy it judgement free.
>> No. 24181 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 9:37 pm
24181 spacer

But plus side it has scorpius, and he ends up as a kind of well developed antagonist towards the end.

I think farscape was really let down by the main character human guy who was so generic and 2D that I can't remember his name.

I love the show mostly just for the character and set designs, I think it all holds up remarkably well even against modern state of the art CGI, and they all have a real alien-ness that most other franchises don't ever reach.
>> No. 24182 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 10:33 pm
24182 spacer

Most of the main bad guys in season 1 develop as the series goes on.


The costumes, prosthetics and puppets are what really sell Farscape for me, so much so that I can overlook the excessive horniness of the characters and overall absolute silliness, although past Moya a lot of the set design can be very vintage Star Trek levels of shoddy.
Scorpius (and Harvey) are some all-time great villains.

I wouldn't mind the series rebooted with more modern day polish. Any combat in the series is comical for the most part which is a shame when D'Argo is meant to be a competent warrior, and the character development and writing can be inconsistent, to say the least.
>> No. 24183 Anonymous
13th January 2022
Thursday 10:42 pm
24183 spacer
He's not rocked up yet, but I rememeber him from the episodes I saw when I snuck out of bed as a wee'un to watch TV. It's hard to forget the grey skinned space gimp, especially at such a formative age. I also recall being really impressed when I saw him take the tube thing out of the side of his head.

I agree it holds up, visually and otherwise. There's a bit of wonky CGI, but nothing Babylon 5 bad. John Q. Everyman is a bit of a blank slate, I guess, he is literally called John after all. I'd probably describe him, so far, as a homeopathically watered down Han Solo.

It does rankle a niche issue of mine though, which is too many alien races. Just flesh out a few properly rather than having a million puddle deep ones. Complete none issue really, I'd just like it that way.
>> No. 24184 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 5:34 am
24184 spacer

It's pretty enjoyable, it's mostly a more polished version of that era of Top Gear. As a car saddo, I felt they paid more attention to the actual motors, but without becoming boring for 99% of normal people who don't really care how many cylinders car x has.
>> No. 24185 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 9:25 am
24185 spacer

There's a Canadian YouTube lad with a channel called FortNine that essentially does a version of those 10 minute classic Top Gear segments, but for motorcycles.

It sounds like it should be awful, but the production value is through the roof and they really do their research. Their genuine interest in bikes really shines through, would highly recommend it.
>> No. 24186 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 6:20 pm
24186 spacer

271593114_2563657297097834_1664285678140230925_n (.png
Picard is shit. I've just watched the first three episodes and I'd swear the writers have only watched a 5-minute precis of TNG before writing a generic modern sci-fi story and aesthetic. Where's the campy aesthetic? The first thing I thought was that this is Blade Runner 2049 without the pollution -- the cyberpunk wireframe holograms for everything and ships that look like nightclubs.

Also because it's a Modern Sci-Fi Story it's got to be Dark and Moody and Brooding; everyone's got a dark and troubled past, there are millions of clandestine conversations in dimly-lit rooms set to tense music. All the fun has been drained out of it and it just feels like a generic Dark Sci-Fi/Superhero Story you'd see out of the streaming services.
>> No. 24187 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 7:14 pm
24187 spacer

>Picard is shit. I've just watched the first three episodes
See you in seven hours, neophyte.
>> No. 24188 Anonymous
14th January 2022
Friday 9:58 pm
24188 spacer

I'm not a car saddo, but I am a general purpose saddo, so I never minded the nerdy detail about cars. However I can't help but feel the lads themselves are right about modern cars being more gizmo than vehicle, and it really makes it difficult to care about most of them- Plus, it's different as an adult, where I know I'll never own the flashy supercar, than it was as a teenlad, when I still thought one day I might. Much of the magic is lost without the childish naivete to fantasize, I suppose, but I guess that's why they call it car porn.

The recent Madagascar episode was probably my favourite.
>> No. 24189 Anonymous
16th January 2022
Sunday 6:30 pm
24189 spacer

I agree with your tonal and aesthetic points, but Picard is also shit because it misses the entire point of Star Trek, which is to depict a future worth aspiring to (with varying degrees of campness). It's bloody cynical.
>> No. 24190 Anonymous
16th January 2022
Sunday 6:44 pm
24190 spacer
I can see why you were surprised I called Bashir a sex-pest, he's toned it down completely since. But for the first few episodes it was relentless.
>> No. 24191 Anonymous
16th January 2022
Sunday 7:26 pm
24191 spacer
That's what I meant when referencing BR49.
I hear the same is also true for Discovery -- everything is a bit dystopic and shit.

Not sure where you're up to, but don't think you're out of the woods completely -- there are a couple of episodes where the sex pestery re-emerges.
>> No. 24192 Anonymous
16th January 2022
Sunday 9:33 pm
24192 spacer

There are some great episodes, but there's a comment on one of the youtube videos about Alamarain
>The plot of most first season DS9 episodes is "We've discovered a new and deeply annoying culture"
every now and then it proves itself very true.
>> No. 24193 Anonymous
16th January 2022
Sunday 11:48 pm
24193 spacer
There's an episode in the first season -- Move Along Home if I remember the title correctly -- which is just that but in my opinion truly dire.

I'd say the average episode-to-episode quality of DS9 is higher than that of any other Star Trek, but there still are some bombs.

That said, it does turn into a bit of a soap at times (there are several episodes that use the phrase '...I'm dying' before cutting to the intro), but I suppose that's a consequence of the writers being allowed to write in interpersonal conflicts/romance following Roddenberry's death.
>> No. 24194 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 1:26 pm
24194 spacer
Where's a good place to start with Star Trek? I'm watching TNG at the moment and enjoying it. It is for some reason an incredibly relaxing and comforting programme.
>> No. 24195 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 2:07 pm
24195 spacer
I did a breakdown somewhere in the Star Trek thread but basically if you go from TNG and pay attention to broadcast order you can't go wrong and it's what is recommended anyway. TOS can be revisited.

And then Babylon 5, Farscape and X-Files. Made for television sci-fi from the era is incredibly good.
>> No. 24196 Anonymous
17th January 2022
Monday 5:12 pm
24196 spacer
Is there any reason you excluded Stargate? I've not seen them since the first season originally aired but it's surely part of that bracket? And BSG for that matter although I found it quite hard to get into.
>> No. 24197 Anonymous
18th January 2022
Tuesday 10:43 pm
24197 spacer
Started watching Farscape on the advice of this thread. Absolutely fucking lost it when I heard the first Space Australians talk.

Despite it being an Aus/American co-production it seems the majority of the actors are Australian, and few of them are doing aussie accents -- there's the main lass who sounds liek Big Suze, and the episode-to-episode characters are often Australians doing American accents, but end up being betrayed by their vowels.

Also, I didn't know it was possible to have sillier hand-to-hand fighting than in Star Trek, but here we are.
>> No. 24198 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 3:25 pm
24198 spacer
Are you lads sincerely talking about Farscape? What a dream come true, my long-dead thread has been vindicated.
>> No. 24199 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 3:40 pm
24199 spacer
Assuming you’re the resident Farscape head, were the writers into A Song of Ice and Fire? Because John and Aeryn seemed like a coincidence but then that Stark fellow turned up and I convinced myself there was something to it.
>> No. 24200 Anonymous
20th January 2022
Thursday 8:17 pm
24200 spacer
Talking about Farscape, but Fraggle Rock's back. Fuck Yeah!
>> No. 24201 Anonymous
22nd January 2022
Saturday 7:40 pm
24201 spacer

I figured out what it was Odo's make-up reminded me of.
>> No. 24202 Anonymous
24th January 2022
Monday 5:21 pm
24202 spacer

What horrors that poor woman had to endure at the hands of Travis the Chimp.
>> No. 24203 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 12:41 am
24203 spacer

jump you fuckers.jpg
BBC1 had a documentary earlier called "The Decade The Rich Won", all about how the 2008 credit crunch is directly responsible for the rich getting richer and the poor eating shit as a consequence of government policy. It was undeniably telling me what I wanted to hear, but I definitely learnt from it and I'm sure you will all love it too. Get it watched. It's episode 1 of 2, so there'll be another one next week as well.

>> No. 24204 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 9:29 am
24204 spacer

I wonder what the BBC News were reporting on in 2008? They only seem capable of recognising any injustice with about a decade of distance.
>> No. 24205 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 10:09 am
24205 spacer

Cheers lad, I will give it a go. It'll be interesting to watch a documentary about a significant historical event I lived through first hand actually, there haven't been too many of those in my lifetime yet.

I'd probably like it better if it was Adam Curtis mind you.

Likewise it will certainly be a hell of a thing to watch documentaries about covid when I'm 45. Well, that's if it isn't still bloody going by then anyway.
>> No. 24206 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 10:26 am
24206 spacer
From what I remember, lots of vox pop. Question Time was an endless loop of "THE BANKERS! THE BONUSES!"
>> No. 24207 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 11:33 am
24207 spacer
They were reporting about queues outside banks, particularly Northern Rock - it made things worse.
>> No. 24208 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 2:08 pm
24208 spacer

Cointelpro class war.jpg
Reminds me of these inforgraphs.
>> No. 24209 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 2:09 pm
24209 spacer

Cointelpro social justice.jpg
>> No. 24210 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 2:23 pm
24210 spacer

These are absolute bangers.
>> No. 24211 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 2:29 pm
24211 spacer
2008 was the year Shannon Matthews was abducted. A simpler time. I did think it was also the year Nick Griffin went on Question Time, but upon checking see that was 2009.
>> No. 24212 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 2:31 pm
24212 spacer
It feels like we're overdue a Shannon Matthews or a Moaty. I'd settle for an old woman putting a cat in a bin.
>> No. 24213 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 2:45 pm
24213 spacer
The person who made this is right.
>> No. 24214 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 3:36 pm
24214 spacer
>Adam Curtis
I did think that towards the end as I was watching it. I thought it would feel a lot more incendiary if it was artier and narrated over Handel's Sarabande but otherwise identical.
>> No. 24215 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 3:36 pm
24215 spacer
The implied narrative of this graphic instantly falls apart if you change the search terms to "billionaires" and "income inequality". Like no shit the media only referred to "OWS" while it existed.
>> No. 24216 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 4:50 pm
24216 spacer
I bet "gay marriage" doesn't come up as much as it used to either. It's also very funny to imagine the kind of beautiful mind that seems think the New Work Times was in the can for class warfare before being subvert by nefarious means, though in reality it's probably some nudge-nudge "redpill" bollocks from a /pol/fag.
>> No. 24217 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 6:06 pm
24217 spacer
My recollection is that these are from 8chan-era /leftypol/. As the devil's advocate I'll point out that the NYT doesn't have to support class war to talk about it, or to choke off growing momentum by not talking about it and playing up some other nonsense.
Though for my own part, a more likely culprit for the growth of social justice topics is the growing 'efficiency' of social media etc at generating 'engagement', which culture war issues are very effective at, rather than any conscious plan to distract people from class war. Sanders and Corbyn would even suggest that if social justice was just a ploy to crush the left, it didn't work considering they both came up pretty strong in 2016-17 and were put back in their box c.2019-20 using much more conventional means.
>> No. 24218 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 8:18 pm
24218 spacer
>The implied narrative of this graphic instantly falls apart if you change the search terms to "billionaires" and "income inequality".

Using hyperbolic language like 'instantly falls apart' because you found an example of a fairly doesn't do much to undermine, or explain away, the correlation - it just shows either bias or weak knees on your part.

Can you clarify what the implied narrative is? Because I'm failing to see how the prevalence of the terms in the bottom graphs have not simply been a way of focusing attention towards arbitrary distinctions of race and gender and away from the very tangible distinctions of wealth and it's more wooly kin, class.

I'm surprised at the disdain these graphs have invoked, and why there's no reasoning being offered to explain the sustained uptick in the terms referenced, just examples of how it's not a 100% correlation.

Obviously outrage drives sales, but why is all the outrage being directed towards arbitrary social constructs rather than very real material factors?
>> No. 24219 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 8:27 pm
24219 spacer
You have to wonder what the effects are of the growth of online news media over similar timespans. I'm struggling to find any decent data, but the raw number of "news outlets" is surely only going up every year, and the internet now looks nothing like it did even only a decade ago.

It would be a very difficult thing to normalise for, but I'm sure a not-insubstantial amount of those hits for those search terms can be explained by the growing number bullshit news websites that just scour and repost other news outlets and masquerade themselves as journalism. Especially since - as you say - outrage sells, and those newsfeeds are mostly just advertisement cash-ins.
>> No. 24220 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 9:11 pm
24220 spacer
>My recollection is that these are from 8chan-era /leftypol/.
Wow, stop posting.
>> No. 24221 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 9:16 pm
24221 spacer
I have wondered in the past if there is any correlation between the huge rise in social justice activism throughout the 2010s and the economic issues faced by the millennial generation, and I'm sure there are plenty of other factors that can explain it rather than "CIA conspiracy".

For one thing, I have seen a lot of desperation to belong. Look at all the shibboleths they have; their invented words and abbreviations that seemingly exist only to confuse and exclude anyone who isn't part of the Kool Kidz Klub. Someone on Twitter can make up a term like "Latinx" and suddenly people actively relish in its use. Now that opponents have made it enormously clear that Hispanic languages do not work that way, and this act of supposed inclusivity is actually a huge act of disrespect towards the people it's describing, I have recently seen someone use the term "Latine". That's still absurd, but you have to have a new word. And if everyone wants to discuss new sexual orientations and gender identities at every opportunity, why can't they ever be bothered to type the words out in full? I admit I despise abbreviations like this, but when someone tells me they're a pan, they don't get to roll their eyes at me when I ask if they're chip or frying.

On top of this, I know I've said this before, but because a lot of it is new and people are discovering they've been inadvertently committing hate crimes their whole lives, it's easy to overcorrect and just go along with it whenever some absolute nutter tells you it's transphobic to be bisexual. When the entire narrative is around how wrong it was that these people have spent their whole lives being told to shut up and get out of normal people's society, suddenly you can't tell them to shut up no matter how mental they're being, because you were wrong before and what if you're wrong again?

I also think there was an element of control in a lot of these movements. Because people couldn't control their economic futures, they instead decided to control something they did have influence over, namely how many black Oscar nominees there were and whether or not it was okay to call someone a bender. Once these things started working, desperate people with no ability to control anything else seized upon them. And while a lot of the more mental bollocks is undeniably obscure in normal society, there are still enough people who are willing to tell you all about what it's like to be a woman or a Mexican or a cross-dresser. Everyone wants to be the smartest guy in the room, and if you can make your identity a topic of conversation, well, who knows more about you than you? This is why there was so much, "As a woman, I often get in trouble at work for putting teabags in the dishwasher, and this is part of a conspiracy against all women", even though most women don't do that. People kept appointing themselves ambassadors for their entire demographic of choice. Because again, it's a position of power, and it's the only one you're going to get when you can't afford a house and your rent is whatever number your landlord picks out of the air.

None of those explanations for the popularity of SJWism would be affected in any way by deliberate MKULTRA mind control, because they were natural reactions to the circumstances that were present at the time (and still are, which is why Midget Gems were renamed Mini Gems less than two weeks ago).
>> No. 24222 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 9:35 pm
24222 spacer

I realise that when the person you're pretending to be, is in fact an alternate version of you from another reality, it might seem a bit less clear cut, but you're not actually the same person, any more than twins are. You have different lived experiences and different relationships with others. Having sex with someone who thinks you're someone else, who thinks you're the you from their dimension that they're in a relationship with, is very definitely rape. Fading out to romantic music does not make this less uncomfortable viewing.
>> No. 24223 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 9:42 pm
24223 spacer

>I'm surprised at the disdain these graphs have invoked

Well, you see, Thatcherlad and his mates simply don't want to believe SJWs are basically a CIA psyop, because they'd much rather believe they are the real and sincere manifestation of the modern "hard left". I mean, it's certainly easier to poke fun and criticise a bunch of blue haired mentalists who spend all day banging on about fat acceptance and whatever bollocks.

For them it's sort of win/win to go along with it even if they suspect it to be true.

But not only that, nobody likes being told their arch-nemesis isn't actually real, and that they've actually just fallen for a massive media propaganda campaign. Just like a lot of SJWs themselves never liked being told it back when they were still relevant. The feeling that you've been a played for a mug is one of the most instinctually revolting sensations I can think of, and we'll do anything to avoid it- That's what con artists often rely on to keep their mark invested.

Undoubtedly there are a lot of other factors involved, and I am personally quite convinced that were it not for social media, identity politics as we know it today would never have taken hold fully. The broader culture of narcissism social media has fostered is what enabled it to flourish. But at the end of the day, that's just what good social engineering looks like, you take advantage of a trend, you sow the seeds, and if you're onto a winner it flourishes on it's own. That's exactly what they did with intersectional idpol- They just released it, like a virus, into the wild; and thanks to social media it spread like the bad bends on an tube train.

Anyway, because I know exactly what you lads like, here's a nice young lady with very ample bosoms to talk about it.


She lets them properly wobble about in some videos, she knows what she's packing.
>> No. 24224 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 9:46 pm
24224 spacer

I like Angie but something about the way she talks or the way her videos are edited makes it hard to concentrate on what she's saying. Or maybe I'm just doing a racism I don't know.
>> No. 24225 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 9:48 pm
24225 spacer
It could be worse, it could be TNG series 1.

Don't take this personally, but I think you should be permenantly banned for posting that thumbnail, you massive prat.
>> No. 24226 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 10:14 pm
24226 spacer

This stupid headband looks as though it's made of tinfoil. I get the impression he's going to rape her too.
>> No. 24227 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 10:16 pm
24227 spacer

Yes, but she does have very wobbly baps.


>you should be permenantly banned for posting that thumbnail, you massive prat.

... Eh?

Not that I'm taking it personally, I'm just not sure what you find so offensive about lovely Angie.
>> No. 24228 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 10:26 pm
24228 spacer
It's probably the soyjak. If you only post here and not in more contentious places, perhaps you have never seen a soyjak before, but please believe me when I tell you they are the most offensive cancer to ever blight online culture.
>> No. 24229 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 10:41 pm
24229 spacer

... Are you one of our newcomers? I've noticed a few posts like this that don't seem to have the measure of the place.

>if you only post here and not in more contentious places, perhaps you have never seen a soyjak before

Seems like a very odd thing to say of a .gs user. Especially considering the context of the conversation, and a clearly deliberately ironic, provocative video thumbnail.

You're also formatting your posts the way 4channers do in reaction to what they call "reddit spacing", which makes me suspect. Correct me if I'm wrong of course but I've got a nose for these things and been proven correct before.
>> No. 24230 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 10:46 pm
24230 spacer
>Fading out to romantic music does not make this less uncomfortable viewing.
Sort yourself out. You must have some sort of worrying preoccupation with this sort of thing if that occurred in your head in the moment. You're just making rape sound laughable and not traumatic.

I thought it was anticlassladlad rather than Thatcherlad, unless they're the same person and we're being s*fagged again.

Start strong, finish strong - Tabula Raper cannot go unmentioned.
>> No. 24231 Anonymous
26th January 2022
Wednesday 10:50 pm
24231 spacer
I can't be arsed to get into the "political" cunt off that's currently unfolding in this thread coz it's dull and I've read it a thousand times already.

Having said that didn't the original "wojack" image come from either kraut or brit chan? Something about a Polish lad writing a love poem to a church lads sister or something? Or have I completely made that up?

I feel like it's forgotten history as it doesn't really show up on any of those knowyourmeme type pages but I've been lurking long enough to vaguely recall it's actual origins. Or as I say, I've just made it up in my head or had a weird dream or something.
>> No. 24232 Anonymous
27th January 2022
Thursday 12:13 am
24232 spacer
Yes, I believe the original Wojak came from a lonely Krautchan poster. This was his poem.
I must admit, soijaks are my guilty pleasure. With the endless variations, pretty much the only common meme to always make me chuckle.
>> No. 24233 Anonymous
27th January 2022
Thursday 12:33 am
24233 spacer
If you see that thumbnail and press it you have no self-respect or you're incredibly thick.
>> No. 24234 Anonymous
27th January 2022
Thursday 12:49 am
24234 spacer

What, exactly, is your issue lad? The video is a really very thoughtful and thorough examination of how social media has exacerbated the rise of shallow and divisive politics online. I can only imagine you are presuming it to be something else without even bothering to check.
>> No. 24235 Anonymous
27th January 2022
Thursday 1:28 am
24235 spacer
I've been here for nearly a year. Don't take pride in spotting that I also post on 4chan; it's pretty obvious. How else would I know what a soyjak is, for one thing? But yes, your phenomenal sleuthing has served you well once again.
>> No. 24236 Anonymous
27th January 2022
Thursday 6:05 am
24236 spacer

If you're reading it, you are the intended audience.

I am Thatcherlad and I don't give a toss about identity politics. I'm not on Twitter, I don't read The Mail or watch GB News, so none of it has any impact on me. If a bunch of knobheads want to spend their time shouting at a different bunch of knobheads on the internet, then all power to them - at least it's keeping them busy.

The CIA have better things to do.
>> No. 24237 Anonymous
27th January 2022
Thursday 6:33 am
24237 spacer

>If a bunch of knobheads want to spend their time shouting at a different bunch of knobheads on the internet, then all power to them - at least it's keeping them busy.

Exactly, you're fine with it because by and large, it means nobody's focussing on your politics, which are what's ruining the world.

>The CIA have better things to do.

This is such a droll line of argument. They don't, this literally is their job. It's not conspiracy, it has verifiably happened on more than enough occasions throughout modern history.


Do you realise that everything on 4chan is pretty much mainstream these days? You're talking about it as if it's still the secret internet club it was in 2006. I see literal normies posting 4chan screenshots on facebook.

It's depressing I know, but that's why we try conduct ourselves better here.
>> No. 24238 Anonymous
27th January 2022
Thursday 9:34 pm
24238 spacer

>I found the low effort cameos really off-putting
I'm wondering if it's similar to Ricky Gervais and Extras; desperate to further their career and gain the recognition they feel deserving of, they make their own series casting higher profile actors, thus pay to get A-list(?) names associated with their own.

Considering the general tone of Berry's DVD commentary for Toast of London, not to mention the use of his own music (among other works), interviews and strange 'in character' appearances, it's argueable that the work is autobiographical - at least enough to suggest a similar intention to Gervais.
>> No. 24239 Anonymous
27th January 2022
Thursday 10:02 pm
24239 spacer

I suspect some sort of funny business with the commissioning. It's rather unusual for a series with fairly weak viewing figures to get recommissioned on a different channel after a seven year hiatus. Adding a load of American celebs makes it easier to sell to streaming services over there, which might have been a key financial consideration for both Channel 4 and the BBC.
>> No. 24240 Anonymous
30th January 2022
Sunday 9:53 pm
24240 spacer
Farscape's doing my fucking nut in. They had Marvel Syndrome 15 years before it was a thing -- no character ever fucking dies.

Scorpius is the worst offender for this, it must be well over a dozen times he's "died" now, but at this point I simply know he's not dead whenever they show him dying. As a result it feels like the story is going nowhere. I wouldn't be surprised if they bring Zhan back.
>> No. 24241 Anonymous
30th January 2022
Sunday 10:15 pm
24241 spacer
I don't really mind our main cast of characters in a serialised TV show being a bit less mortal than they otherwise would be. However, I've recently hit series 4 and the waters are getting choppy, so to speak.
>> No. 24242 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 12:34 am
24242 spacer

I'm working my way through the Book of Boba Fett. I don't think I can properly articulate how daft the space Quadrophenia gang are.
>> No. 24243 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 1:18 am
24243 spacer

Apparently the next two episodes are absolutely ace but I've had trouble motivating myself. The worst part was how this gang of kids have perfectly clean space-mopeds and robot parts but for some reason it's the space waterboy and a society that won't find them a job that is the problem. They all have really unsettling superpowers as well like the girl who has super-pocketknife ability and Blackman whose power is, of course, handgun.

Not that the show was any good before of course.
>> No. 24244 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 2:16 am
24244 spacer


Nobody has to be killed for someone to die on the inside.
>> No. 24245 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 6:47 pm
24245 spacer
>Apparently the next two episodes are absolutely ace

I watched them today. They're really not. Nothing really happens in either of them although the latest one was a standalone Mando episode, in which nothing really happens.
>> No. 24246 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 12:50 pm
24246 spacer
The 1 second super-strength reminds me of the satirical BDSM comic Empowered, about the superheroine with a suit that gives her the strength of ten men, as long as it remains completely undamaged. Inevitably she gets a tiny rip in it while fighting crime and then ends up powerless and tied up.
>> No. 24247 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 1:00 pm
24247 spacer
You know everyone else can see your posts, yeah?
>> No. 24248 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 1:17 pm
24248 spacer

Who pissed in your huel lad? That's not an especially egregious post for this place.
>> No. 24249 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 1:58 pm
24249 spacer
He said it was satirical. Clearly he wasn't wanking to it.
>> No. 24250 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 2:36 pm
24250 spacer
Are you sure you're in the right shed?

Post ironic wanking, it's a gateway tug.
>> No. 24251 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 2:39 pm
24251 spacer
I think you’ve inferred hostility where there was none. I was just poking fun, not having a go at you.
>> No. 24252 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 2:44 pm
24252 spacer
Come on mate, calm down.
>> No. 24253 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 2:47 pm
24253 spacer
These are the calmest posts I’ve made on here. Unless we introduce mandatory heart rate monitors I can’t do much else besides telling you what I meant.
>> No. 24254 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 3:51 pm
24254 spacer

Good grief lad, just chill out alright? It ain't worf it.
>> No. 24255 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 5:40 pm
24255 spacer
Well, I could have, but I kept reading it because I found it mildly amusing.

As is the cunt-off that has ensued from my post.
>> No. 24256 Anonymous
3rd February 2022
Thursday 12:43 am
24256 spacer
Finished Farscape.

Eh. It was alright. Don't think I'll watch it again.

Next, Babylon 5.
>> No. 24257 Anonymous
3rd February 2022
Thursday 1:31 am
24257 spacer
I don't play League of Legends (more of a DotA player) and I know very little about "The Lore". My closest brush with it was playing the Mechs & Minions boardgame, but Arcane is pretty damn good. If you've never played a MOBA you'll likely enjoy it even more because you won't waste time trying to guess who is a character in game and what move set they're trying to emulate. It's genuinely a story well told in a steam-punkish kind of way.
>> No. 24258 Anonymous
3rd February 2022
Thursday 3:37 am
24258 spacer
Made in Abyss

It's an anime, but it's just sufficiently darling and bleak that one of you two may like it. Unless animated features are just generally unwelcome.

>> No. 24259 Anonymous
3rd February 2022
Thursday 7:49 am
24259 spacer
Including Peacekeeper Wars?
>> No. 24260 Anonymous
3rd February 2022
Thursday 10:20 am
24260 spacer
Latest Boba Fett was pretty good, but it's still a very patchy series overall.
>> No. 24261 Anonymous
3rd February 2022
Thursday 10:12 pm
24261 spacer

Yes, on Amazon they are simply marked up as the last two episodes.

Overall, everything felt under-developed and surface level. In four seasons, I don't really feel like I learned much about the world, the characters, their motivations and histories. There are occasional tidbits of lore scattered about but it's so light. The story felt unfocussed and at times repetitive. There are plenty of changes that are simply never explained. Many of the big moments feel anticlimactic and the timing in general is really odd.

The ending felt just as undercooked -- John and Aeryn are the only characters really even given any sort of closure, and even that felt trite and rushed.

The constant references date the show -- in one of the later episodes it's confirmed he left Earth in 1999 yet will occasionally reference media released after that, but even so the dozens of references he makes every episode not only cheapen it, he might as well look at the camera and wink every time, since it's clearly for the audience.

The puppet design is obviously excellent as you'd expect from the Hensons, but them constantly subtituting more interesting characters for titty women got tiring by the end. As a soap opera set in space to mong out to it's not bad, but Star Trek fills that void so much better.
>> No. 24262 Anonymous
3rd February 2022
Thursday 11:25 pm
24262 spacer
Can't believe you're complaining about the titty women. No taste.
>> No. 24263 Anonymous
3rd February 2022
Thursday 11:46 pm
24263 spacer
To be fair, the second ginger lass they bring in (not the screaming one) is fit as, but their characters are far less interesting on account of the, you know, tits.
>> No. 24264 Anonymous
4th February 2022
Friday 12:19 am
24264 spacer
Spoiler tags, please. Not everyone's finished Farscape.
>> No. 24265 Anonymous
4th February 2022
Friday 5:34 pm
24265 spacer
DS9 S4 they seem to have stopped taking themselves quite as seriously.
>> No. 24266 Anonymous
4th February 2022
Friday 5:43 pm
24266 spacer

For me, it's Nebari.
>> No. 24270 Anonymous
6th February 2022
Sunday 7:39 pm
24270 spacer

This isn't the worst thing you could watch. It has a lot of tropes but doesn't seem to expect you to be impressed by them. There's also a developing theme I'm not too keen on but this early on (e4) it could turn out to be a red ichthus.
You could do worse.
>> No. 24271 Anonymous
6th February 2022
Sunday 7:43 pm
24271 spacer
I forgot why I wanted to post about it (>>24270) in the first place: it does a great job of portraying the '90s. They get the make-up and hairstyles right, it looks authentic. Most importantly, the female protagonist has the same sort of lop-sided face as Shannen Doherty, that alone makes it convincing.
>> No. 24272 Anonymous
8th February 2022
Tuesday 3:32 am
24272 spacer
Is anyone watching The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window on Netflix?

I'm amazed Netflix went ahead with this. It's a spoof of the thriller-mystery-horror type movies, in the vein of Scary Movie or Touch of Cloth, except it's just... not funny. It's not that there's jokes there that aren't landing, either, they're just barely trying to be funny at all despite billing themselves as a comedy and certainly not being serious enough to be anything else.

It's a bit shit, but also that's sort of the point, and I keep watching it to see where the big joke is going to eventually be.
>> No. 24273 Anonymous
8th February 2022
Tuesday 1:21 pm
24273 spacer
I assumed it was going to be parody or lightly comic from the title, but I watched the trailer and it comes off as being played really straight?
>> No. 24274 Anonymous
8th February 2022
Tuesday 6:37 pm
24274 spacer

Is it at least "smell the fart"-tier stuff?
>> No. 24275 Anonymous
8th February 2022
Tuesday 7:57 pm
24275 spacer
Yes, they play it really straight beginning to end, regardless how absurd the plot gets. Kristen Bell deserves some credit in that regard.

Yes and that's almost the only joke throughout.

There were a few parts that were genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, but they only come once you've fully bought into the format of the show, which I could definitely appreciate some people might not want to given it's a total of 4ish hours of your life.
>> No. 24312 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 6:22 pm
24312 spacer
Finished Boba Fett. It was enteraining enough but entirely forgettable (read: poorly written). I think a lot of the problems stem from the fact that he's now a crime lord, but it being on Disney+ means they can't actually show anything to do with being a crime lord.
>> No. 24313 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 7:08 pm
24313 spacer
I tried watching The Curse. It's the "People just do nothing" cast trying to do some sort of Guy Ritchie comedy. It's shite.

"This is going to hurt" is good, best BBC drama thing I've seen in a long time.
>> No. 24314 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 7:23 pm
24314 spacer
>"This is going to hurt" is good, best BBC drama thing I've seen in a long time.

I didn't think much of it, it seemed rather... loose to me. Disjointed and incoherent, but in a very superficial, scratching the surface kind of way, rather than capturing the chaos of being a doctor.

It didn't help that Ben Wishaw seems to be about 20 years too old for the role he's playing.
>> No. 24315 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 7:29 pm
24315 spacer

I'm not sure that contradicts what I said about it being the best BBC drama in a long time but hey. The reviews on imdb seem split between tens and ones, very few mid-range.
>> No. 24316 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 7:41 pm
24316 spacer

I realise I'm judging it off one episode alone, but I was comparing it against Bodies as it's very similar subject matter and it didn't stack up very well.
>> No. 24317 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 7:45 pm
24317 spacer

It's based on the diaries of an actual doctor, keep in mind. I wonder if this might be that thing where a true story seems unbelievable because it's simply not as dramatic as we'd like to imagine it to be?
>> No. 24318 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 8:04 pm
24318 spacer

See above. It wasn't that it seemed unrealistic, more that (based purely on the first episode) it felt poorly executed.
>> No. 24319 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 9:25 pm
24319 spacer
>The reviews on imdb seem split between tens and ones, very few mid-range.
In fairness that is most IMDb reviews.
>> No. 24320 Anonymous
13th February 2022
Sunday 9:35 pm
24320 spacer

Jed Mercurio was also a doctor; his debut series Cardiac Arrest was the first properly realistic medical drama.
>> No. 24321 Anonymous
14th February 2022
Monday 12:52 am
24321 spacer
I'd be really nervous being treated by a "Doctor Mercurio" because you know any day now he's becoming a supervillain.
>> No. 24324 Anonymous
14th February 2022
Monday 12:17 pm
24324 spacer
I haven't seen it yet, but I was planning on giving it a go. To me, it sounds like it will be almost identical to Scrubs. Am I close?
>> No. 24334 Anonymous
14th February 2022
Monday 5:38 pm
24334 spacer

Or a magician.

Scenario: Your ring finger suddenly goes floppy, and he produces a Proximal Phalanx from behind your ear. He swallows it, and your finger returns to normal. You are so impressed that you don't realise his Nurse assistant has pinched your wedding ring.
>> No. 24339 Anonymous
15th February 2022
Tuesday 12:35 pm
24339 spacer
To answer my own question: yes, it is very much like Scrubs.
>> No. 24342 Anonymous
16th February 2022
Wednesday 12:33 am
24342 spacer
Do not bother with episode 1 of Louis Theroux's Forbidden America. It sounded interesting but it was terrible. Apparently there will be more episodes, so maybe those will be better, but the one where he hangs out with terminally online alt-right frogposters is terrible. They're all thick twats and they still run absolute rings around poor gormless Louis. They're perfectly nice to him a lot of the time, and those times, he asks rubbish questions. I'm willing to accept that I probably know more about obscure online communities than the average 70-year-old BBC viewer, but if that's an excuse for the shoddiness of his interviewing then it's enough to make me lose faith in all documentaries forever, because Louis Theroux came across as utterly clueless and inept.
>> No. 24346 Anonymous
16th February 2022
Wednesday 3:26 pm
24346 spacer

Louis Theroux's shtick always relied on being a charmingly polite and (apparently) naive geek type, to disarm the people he interviews and bait them into opening up a bit more than they might with a more conventional interviewer.

I think the problem here is that that doesn't work on these kinds of people. They're a step ahead of him in terms of self awareness and irony, and besides they almost certainly know who he is and what he does. Alt right goons might be thick but they know what they're getting in for if they're agreeing to talk to a mainstream BBC documentary crew, in ways that his past subjects simply haven't.

I think he went into this thinking it would be much the same as when he did the southern redneck neo-nazis, but he underestimated them.
>> No. 24347 Anonymous
16th February 2022
Wednesday 4:23 pm
24347 spacer
The new Louis Theroux thing just seemed to boil down to
>You are a White Nationalist in everything but name
>No, I'm not
>Yes, you are
Ad infinitum. No real new insight offered.
>> No. 24361 Anonymous
18th February 2022
Friday 6:58 pm
24361 spacer
Onto season 3 of The Wire and I can't figure out why Avon is the boss of his gang. Idries Elba runs the entire thing and always has, Avon is totally superfluous except maybe as a fall-guy but it's not presented that way.
>> No. 24362 Anonymous
18th February 2022
Friday 7:32 pm
24362 spacer

Avon has a level of street cred that Stringer lacks. He's the kind of gangster that the corner boys look up to. It suits Stringer to stay out of the public eye. Avon couldn't run the organisation without Stringer, but Stringer wouldn't want to run the organisation as the figurehead. Avon is too hot-headed to run things without someone keeping him in check, but Stringer is too soft to dominate the streets, too wrapped up in the idea of being a businessman to remember that he's still a gangster. Stringer is the brains, Avon is the heart.

Marlo would be better if he had a Stringer and Prop Joe would be better if he had an Avon.
>> No. 24364 Anonymous
18th February 2022
Friday 10:30 pm
24364 spacer

Started watching Severance, it's a series that as a genre sits firmly in the late 90s mindfuck territory where the employees of an office can't remember their personal life at work and vice versa. So they come into work in the morning and the next thing they know they're leaving, or on the opposite side they leave the office and then next thing they know they're coming into work again.

It reminds me of the Five-Hundred Million Years for One Million Yen Button video

>> No. 24365 Anonymous
1st March 2022
Tuesday 5:53 pm
24365 spacer

Confusingly there are a few recent pieces of media called The Afterparty but this one's the one pictured.
Okay, so the plot is pointless and the characters, humour, all extremely tepid but each episode tells a different character's perspective on the same events of one evening. It's an interesting experiment in writing and the rest of it holds together well enough to watch it for that sake. All their understandings of the events are different but not so much it seems like a stretch, they fit together as a whole. At least, in the parts I've seen so far.
>> No. 24367 Anonymous
3rd March 2022
Thursday 1:20 am
24367 spacer
Anyone planning on watching This Is Going To Hurt, but who hasn't watched it yet, I strongly advise against watching it on iPlayer, at least for episode six. There is a trigger warning at the start which warns of a shocking and harrowing plot twist, and in doing so, gives away the shocking and harrowing plot twist. It really harmed my enjoyment of that episode, looking at each character and thinking, "I wonder if they will have to deal with the impending issue", and of course when it happened, I wasn't even remotely shocked or harrowed. I think episode five will be on BBC1 on Monday; you can watch up to there, but then you'll have to wait a week or risk the spoiler.
>> No. 24368 Anonymous
3rd March 2022
Thursday 8:40 am
24368 spacer
I, for one, don't even have a TV licence.
>> No. 24369 Anonymous
3rd March 2022
Thursday 8:49 am
24369 spacer
Am I right in thinking that character isn't in the books and they completely made them up for the TV series?
>> No. 24370 Anonymous
3rd March 2022
Thursday 9:04 am
24370 spacer
I took a quick ctrl-F through the epub and can't find anything relating to them.
>> No. 24371 Anonymous
3rd March 2022
Thursday 9:40 am
24371 spacer

>Okay, so the plot is pointless and the characters, humour, all extremely tepid but each episode tells a different character's perspective on the same events of one evening.
>All their understandings of the events are different but not so much it seems like a stretch, they fit together as a whole.

This is also the premise of one of the best films of all time, Rashomon. The acting is highly theatrical, and it has a less-than-perfect framing device, but I would highly recommend it if you enjoy this concept.
>> No. 24372 Anonymous
7th March 2022
Monday 1:26 pm
24372 spacer

If Helly genuinely wants to leave, why doesn't she just cut the shit out of her inner thighs? That applies retroactively to all of the staff who it seems implied have tried to quit in the past. I don't know if the "message detector" would pick up on them or not but they'd have a hell of a time explaining away even light and easily healed sexual mutilation.
>> No. 24373 Anonymous
7th March 2022
Monday 3:06 pm
24373 spacer

Dear Outie Helly: No, you dozy bitch, what YOU fail to realise, regardless of your obviously stupid definition of personhood, is that I'm functionally trying to kill myself. You can either let me do it this way or I take the both of us and there's a sum total of fuckall you can do about it. Peace out.
>> No. 24374 Anonymous
8th March 2022
Tuesday 11:33 pm
24374 spacer
I imagine the threat inherent to being caught from what appear to be ruthless captors puts them in line along with no knowledge of the outside world. Helly forced the issue because she's suicidal, she didn't trust her outie to act once she'd already betrayed her.

I'd also like to appreciate the physics mod intro:

What Helly failed to calculate is that she's the same person inside and out she'd rather die than go to work.
>> No. 24375 Anonymous
9th March 2022
Wednesday 7:27 am
24375 spacer
I'd like to see some nerd describe that shot-for-shot on Wikipedia.
>> No. 24377 Anonymous
13th March 2022
Sunday 10:38 pm
24377 spacer
I've finally got round to watching the latest series of It's Always Sunny. It has its moments, but it simply wasn't that funny. The episodes in Ireland in particular were quite dull.

My girlfriend keeps watching ITV dramas and I swear they're all variations of "woman is gaslit into thinking she's losing her mind, but it turns out her husband is behind an elaborate plot all along."
>> No. 24378 Anonymous
13th March 2022
Sunday 11:31 pm
24378 spacer

Longstanding issues and all that, yeah yeah, but the sort of shite birds like to watch is really revealing of their psyche.

Most normal lasses judt like a but of gossip and drama sure, harmless. But you judt know when you get those ALL MEN ARE BASTARDS type that they practically flick their bean over this sort of stuff because it indulges all their prejudices about men in general.

Just imagine if there was a massive market for TV shows that feature women being cheating whores all the time aimed at the chronic market. Actually I'm surprised nobody has done that yet
>> No. 24379 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 12:29 am
24379 spacer
I’m afraid this post says much more about your psyche than anything otherlad’s girlfriend has watched says about her’s.
>> No. 24380 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 8:12 am
24380 spacer

Maybe, but otherlad's observation that there's no equivalent "women are bad in every episode" show seems a valid one. I can't think of anything like that to reach television off the top of my head.

It's something you'd find a lot more in older spy and detective films.
>> No. 24381 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 8:27 am
24381 spacer
I think it says more about ITV than anything, to be honest. They had that show about five years ago where you didn't know if Ioan Gruffudd was a rapist or not and have since decided that the winning formula is 'everyone thinks a woman is crazy because they don't believe her' so they keep churning them out. ITV don't know what the public actually want, otherwise Phillip Schofield wouldn't be on almost all of their shows.
>> No. 24382 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 10:09 am
24382 spacer
All it says is that he's aware that these kinds of women exist, which isn't exactly a surprise when you've got 8 billion people and a lot of them post on the internet.

Adding more words to 'no u' doesn't make this vapid point any more compelling. Just like the lads in the /map/ dating post, your urge to trip someone up rather than contribute to the discussion in any meaningful way is VERY TELLING.
>> No. 24383 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 3:43 pm
24383 spacer
Fatal Attraction has a woman being crazy and evil. Knocked Up, with Seth Rogen, was criticised for the female character being a dull stereotype who gets all hormonal because bitches be cray. Lawrence of Arabia has no women at all, in an utterly sprawling epic that goes on for hours and hours.

There aren't many woman-hating drama series because that would feel uncomfortable to watch when real life is so full of rapists getting away with it and fathers throwing acid on their daughters in India. I think there was one where the woman turned out to be the scheming evil one a couple of years ago, but I didn't watch that and I certainly wouldn't want to watch something specifically to pwn the libs in such a way.
>> No. 24384 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 4:57 pm
24384 spacer
I can list a lot of evil women, but I can list many serial killers have either sex because I'm one of those guys.
>> No. 24385 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 5:07 pm
24385 spacer

I don't follow you, here. It seems as though you're touching on a few big questions but not thinking them through.

The first is the idea that real life immorality (like violence) influences fictional portrayals of immorality. Probably true to an extent, but I don't think it pans out in the way you're implying. Atrocities happen to men in reality, as well, some of them perpetrated by women. It doesn't seem to affect our appetite for producing or consuming media where men are fodder for violence and suffering at all. The relationship seems unclear at best.

The second is the assumption that we have a good cultural understanding of violence and immorality, who perpetrates it, and who bears the brunt of it. This is demonstrably untrue. Media is deeply skewed by a whole range of factors. For example, our news coverage of crime is nowhere near proportionate to what statistics or sociological studies show. I suspect this is prevalent in journalism because editors believe certain victims are more sympathetic to a general audience.

The film you're thinking about is Gone Girl. I don't think it's meant to 'pwn the libs' or that it had any political angle, it was just a decently produced thriller about a character that exploits stereotypes about her perceived vulnerability to get away with a horrible, vindictive act.
>> No. 24386 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 5:39 pm
24386 spacer
There are cultural ideas that people don't really want to see challenged, and one of those is "punching up". You don't want a film, even fictionally, to pile onto someone who probably gets bullied already. There are films like Mississippi Burning and 12 Years A Slave where racism is depicted as bad, but nobody ever interrupts them to say, "Maybe they're bastards who deserved to be lynched and enslaved. " Statistically, some black people almost certainly are, but using your platform as a filmmaker to point that out feels a bit like you have a malicious agenda, because those ones are vastly outnumbered by the black.people who.are perfectly fine and innocent people. Similarly, you wouldn't feel comfortable watching a film where a gang of antifa types kicked the shit out of that 8chan guy in the electric wheelchair. Once you start looking for messages in media and counting how many baddies are male versus female, you are effectively already making a broader message about society with the film, and you can't just have one awful woman in that case or it really will seem like you hate women, which is a silly thing to do.

American History X handled this very well, but even that film ultimately decided that prejudice is bad.
>> No. 24387 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 5:53 pm
24387 spacer

>There are cultural ideas that people don't really want to see challenged, and one of those is "punching up".

The irony that this necessarily requires seeing certain people as beneath you is lost on the self-declared cultural elite. The current dogma is every bit as "problematic" as the one it replaced, just in more covert ways.

Blaming all of the world's problems on white people is white supremacy, just with hair shirts rather than hoods and robes. Assigning someone the absolute status of victim denies the possibility that they have agency.
>> No. 24388 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 6:10 pm
24388 spacer
So why does it upset you when the baddie is always a man? We're all equal, after all.
>> No. 24389 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 6:22 pm
24389 spacer

Women have the right to be baddies too.
>> No. 24390 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 6:56 pm
24390 spacer
>black.people who.are
Is there a reason for the alternative spacing? Trying to avoid search engines or word filters? Seems a stretch to call it a simple typo.
>> No. 24391 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 7:02 pm
24391 spacer
Is the overrepresentation of men as villains in media a significant factor in the modern attitude towards the dangers of men? Now I've said it it must pale in comparison to being bombarded by stories of male abusers from around the globe/anglosphere, giving the impression it's all happening right outside their door.

Now I'd quite like to have seen Nightcrawler with a woman instead. I bet that part of the reason we don't see many of these things is that, beyond the concept getting tossed out, if it does make it through then American test audiences would probably be incredibly uncomfortable with it, like they often are with interesting filmmaking (see: happy endings, closure).
>> No. 24392 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 7:03 pm
24392 spacer
>There are films like Mississippi Burning and 12 Years A Slave where racism is depicted as bad, but nobody ever interrupts them to say, "Maybe they're bastards who deserved to be lynched and enslaved. "

This is done a bit better in written fiction. Uncle Tom's Cabin is all about collaborators and all the shades of morality that happens in an immoral system like slavery.

If it were done as bluntly as you're saying, though, I agree. It would be unwarranted because there was an overwhelming majority of basically innocent people that suffered massively under that system.

The same can't be said about modern gender relations, and the idea that it's "punching down" is apparently predicated on the idea that women are in an innately inferior or more vulnerable position. Again, this is demonstrably untrue along many axis, one of which is direct acts of violence. If we had any integrity with regards to what's "punching up" and what's "punching down", we'd be absolutely repulsed by the idea of depicting young man being violently killed on screen because they are exactly the demographic that gets murdered and assaulted most often in reality.
>> No. 24393 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 7:23 pm
24393 spacer

Not him, but: phone keyboards add a full stop if you press space twice. It's basically impossible to see your .gs posts on mobile, let alone edit them. If you accidentally type two spaces then backspace one, you'll get a full stop but no space.
>> No. 24394 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 9:31 pm
24394 spacer
>Similarly, you wouldn't feel comfortable watching a film where a gang of antifa types kicked the shit out of that 8chan guy in the electric wheelchair.
Not really relevant to your point but Fred has very thoroughly renounced all that. He spent a huge amount of time working to fuck with the people who he enabled back in the day. They did try to have him killed at one point.
>> No. 24395 Anonymous
14th March 2022
Monday 9:34 pm
24395 spacer
>It's basically impossible to see your .gs posts on mobile, let alone edit them.


Luddite mode.
>> No. 24396 Anonymous
15th March 2022
Tuesday 12:35 pm
24396 spacer
Mainly, >>24393 was right, but also I have downloaded a different keyboard on my phone so Google can't steal my thoughts, and this keyboard does that a lot more. I try to fix it whenever it happens, but sometimes I miss one. On this occasion, I missed two in a row and I'm very sorry.

Thank you. I will look into that.
>> No. 24397 Anonymous
15th March 2022
Tuesday 5:44 pm
24397 spacer

>In the Earth
I think Ben Wheatley and Reece Shearsmith had (another) bad trip, this time after reading The Secret Life of Trees.
>> No. 24398 Anonymous
21st March 2022
Monday 5:13 pm
24398 spacer
I watched this today and I don't really see why Theroux comes in for such criticism. These are by far the most irritating people he has ever grappled with and if they refuse to engage in any meaningful way what's he supposed to do? How would you get to the core of a thirty-something man who bobs up and down on a couch to his own song about how "Twitter is gay"? Personally I'd blast him with a flamethrower, but the BBC frowns on that sort of thing. Ultimately the subjects do wind up feeling very familar in terms of Theroux's canon; the outwardly charming, to a point, who can not or will not admit to what anybody with eyes can and will see. Specifically I'm recalling the incarcerated paedophiles and the Las Vegas fixers who facilitate people's gambling addictions, I don't recall either having a Damascene conversion or even admitting the reality of their situations, but they revealed themselves all the same. I think he could have tried to get someone to explaint he differences between white nationalism and the myriad terms these cretins hide behind, but it seems impossible when they have a meltdown at even the most obvious of queries.
>> No. 24399 Anonymous
21st March 2022
Monday 8:18 pm
24399 spacer
>if they refuse to engage in any meaningful way what's he supposed to do?
>disarm the people he interviews and bait them into opening up a bit more than they might with a more conventional interviewer.

I'll admit I didn't watch any of the other episodes. Maybe those episodes were fine. But, for example, why didn't he ask any of them if they could see themselves falling with a different group if that group had welcomed them instead? It would be fascinating to see someone who loves Donald Trump admit that they could just as easily have supported Bernie Sanders. Or if they weren't willing to accept that they could just as easily have turned into communists, why not? Or militant atheists? Atheists can also be obnoxious trolls who offend the traditional American establishment, but instead several of his interviewees have embraced "tradcath" religious fundamentalism, which is honestly not that iconoclastic in a lot of America. If all someone wants to do is upset people with their edginess, ask about the Black Panthers. Ask about horseshoe theory. Ask about rare Pepes and the cult of Kek. My problem with the whole programme was that I don't think Louis Theroux has bothered to learn what any of those last three even are. He approached these people with such a surface-level understanding that they didn't need to strop out for me not to get answers to my own questions; my own questions never even came close to being asked.
>> No. 24400 Anonymous
21st March 2022
Monday 8:49 pm
24400 spacer
I thought it was interesting to see Brittany Venti on there. She's a good bullshitter but I suspect Theroux would have seen through it if she'd been doing it then.
>> No. 24401 Anonymous
21st March 2022
Monday 9:21 pm
24401 spacer
That's not an unfair position. The problem is, with the exception of Baked Alaska, all of these people appeared to be wholly committed to the far-right and showed no signs of just being BS merchants or lost souls swept up in the first group who'd take them. The latter part may well apply to some of their followers, but I don't know why you would ask people who don't think women should be legally allowed to vote "but did you ever think about being a social democrat"? It's not a one-for-one comparison, but you wouldn't ask a marxist-leninist "how come you aren't just a Tory though?" It's self-evident why not, because it's antithetical to their core beliefs.

From her interview, which is all I've ever seen of her, she might have been one of those "lost souls". However, you have to be bewilderingly naive to think these apes are joking. Then again when I was in school just over ten years ago "Jew" became a default pejorative amongst some, so perhaps more people than I'd readily imagine would be able to stand in a crowd of screeching Nazis and think it was a lark.
>> No. 24402 Anonymous
21st March 2022
Monday 10:01 pm
24402 spacer
From what I can tell, she got treated horrendously for being a girl gamer, coming online right at the wrong time and leaned heavily into playing it up ironically as a defence mechanism, to the point she can't really stop as it's how she makes a living. I can easily imagine someone as stuck in an irony poisoned role like that finding camaraderie with others who also delude themselves about the line between jokes and what they actually believe. They're pretty basic survival mentalities; sucking up to and/or playing a role for your bullies.
>> No. 24403 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 12:09 am
24403 spacer

She's 25, you can talk about her tits if you want to.
>> No. 24404 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 8:58 am
24404 spacer

I reckon your problem here is one of perspective, you're simply not who the show was aimed at. You know more than Louis already, and you're the type of person who knows you can learn more about these people than he ever will just by visiting the right parts of Rudgwick and The Other Place. The mainstream TV audience would be bewildered if he approached this program like somebody as terminally online as you and I, who already knows far more about the rapidly accelerating culture of politics on the internet.

Just think though. One day we'll be the boomers. The kids will be on about something totally new, for them it will be all about libertarian post-mod revival anti-sex VR culture, and we'll still be referring to our political opponents as frog memers and SJWs. We will be hopelessly lost to understand them, because we will still be stuck thinking in terms of r/politicalcompassmemes.


>Then again when I was in school just over ten years ago "Jew" became a default pejorative amongst some

When I was at school just over fifteen years ago, it was pretty much literally anything goes. Today's culture is shocking and difficult to cope with even to me, because the odd no-no word will slip out that I sincerely don't mean in a nasty way, it's just a lingering habit. If there was some minor irritation, the mildest thing you could possibly say was "that's gay", but it wasn't uncommon to hear people refer to someone stealing things as "jewing", "Anon jew'd my best Parker Pen off me!" for instance. Perhaps worth noting that as a Sarf Leeds lad there were a lot (I mean a lot) of Asian kids at my school, but nobody ever seemed to care about racism. I distinctly remember a load of us yelling at a man wearing a turban as the bus drove by and calling him Bin Laden, just after 9/11.

This is perhaps what has solidified my view that the people who are the most sensitive over issues like that, are the ones who have never directly been exposed much to other cultures, or environments where these groups actually mix. They didn't have a lad at school everybody called laplander Shop because he was brown and his parents owned a shop, but were good mates with regardless.

I dunno. It's interesting how quickly times change I suppose, it's not like I was at school in the 70s when Bernard Manning was still on telly, things might have felt different then. But still.
>> No. 24405 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 9:19 am
24405 spacer
>This is perhaps what has solidified my view that the people who are the most sensitive over issues like that, are the ones who have never directly been exposed much to other cultures, or environments where these groups actually mix. They didn't have a lad at school everybody called laplander Shop because he was brown and his parents owned a shop, but were good mates with regardless.

I dunno, lad. I grew up in Hull in the 90s, which was almost exclusively white at the time, and I definitely remember a lot of casually racist jokes, e.g. "what do you call a constipated laplander? Mustafa Babba". There certainly wasn't any malice there, we just thought they were funny. I think back then it was a lot easier to be oblivious about why something could be deemed offensive. Context definitely matters, someone I work with is Asian and he's the most racist person I know so we're always saying racist things to one another that you wouldn't say to someone you'd just met but that goes for a lot of things really.

I don't now why it's stuck with me, but about five years ago I was at Brimham Rocks and I overheard a man saying to his son "don't be a puff". The kid looked about six or seven. I couldn't believe it because of how dated it sounded. Not that it was offensive, just how old-fashioned it felt to hear it. I've always assumed using gay to mean lame or Jew to mean cheap was from growing up with South Park, but I could be wrong.
>> No. 24406 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 11:08 am
24406 spacer
The thing is that I had the same experience in a school of about 1,000, and the neighbouring schools had similar cultures. But everyone in my group was voting left wing as soon as our first election came round, our sixth form politics class was a blend of needs, seizure socialists, and utter toffs. We all laughed at the same edgy, naughty words though. So why didn't we all grow up to be ladding about at nazi rallies?

You're kind of showing how worryingly polarised things are now, and how brainworms have infected discourse nowadays. I wonder if it's a product of the same school of thought that insists on "with us or against us", but instead expressed as "if you use language deriding x then you actively hate x" as a way to make more enemies through perspective rather than anything substantial.

It's like with how huge the horn effect seems to be online - oh someone did/said something bad? They must be capable of doing every bad thing.

Not to segue too wildly away, but I think normal people without enough knowledge being exposed to statistics seem to live through the lens of big data, assuming that if there's a 60/40 split in behaviours or proclivities between two demographics, then that obviously means that everyone in the first demographic can be assumed to engage in that behaviour and everyone in the second can be assumed to not be like that.
>> No. 24407 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 11:10 am
24407 spacer

In pictured /pol/ meet, it seems a big chunk of the attendees are also not white. Don't know if it's some sort of internalised racism, or if it reveals the true face of the typical /pol/chud being POC LARPing as whites.
>> No. 24408 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 11:23 am
24408 spacer

I only see asians and latinos there. They're not valourised by identity politics, so if you view the "alt right" as more or less entirely a reactionary response to contemporary "woke" race and gender politics (because that's what it is), it makes perfect sense. The opposite side treats them no better than it does whites.

I see this attitude as quite naive to start with though honestly. Like when people act confused or surprised that working class people or immigrants voted conservative or UKIP or what have you. They have agency, they're not mindless ants. They might well be dafties voting against their interest, but you're an even bigger daftie if you think they're a hivemind which will automatically align with the side that says it supports them.
>> No. 24409 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 11:32 am
24409 spacer

>We all laughed at the same edgy, naughty words though. So why didn't we all grow up to be ladding about at nazi rallies?

I have noticed that, at some point, the type of lad I went to school with who posts bad taste jokes on Facebook has inevitably had an argument with someone who has found their material offensive because they pull no punches and take a pop at everyone.

I can see how that could make people reactionary and end up supporting the alt-right as it's almost always some "lefty snowflake" whom they've managed to upset. A bit like when Suzanne Moore, or whichever lefty journalist of your choice, has a massive teary about being silenced over their views on trans-rights and decides to become a regular columnist for The Telegraph instead.
>> No. 24410 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 12:08 pm
24410 spacer
>I have noticed that, at some point, the type of lad I went to school with who posts bad taste jokes on Facebook has inevitably had an argument with someone who has found their material offensive because they pull no punches and take a pop at everyone.

I suppose the question we can ask is how we managed to keep those people so under the wraps in the 00s that we could even make edgy jokes about dead babies. Do we not have the same lads that we used to?
>> No. 24411 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 12:37 pm
24411 spacer

Because if you made a joke in the 90s along the lines of "Did you know Princess Diana had dandruff? They found her head and shoulders in the dashboard." that would pretty much be the end of it. You'd say it to your mates, laugh and move on.

If you do something similar on Facebook it lingers long after the post is made. You'll also be sending it to a much wider audience than when you're cracking the joke with your mates, some of whom you may not know that well beyond having in common you went to the same school so may take it very differently.

If one of them posted this, for example, I'd know they're not being racist but I can see how people could interpret it that way. I'd just think they were being edgy.
>> No. 24412 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 12:41 pm
24412 spacer
I didn't realise bringing up the Louise Theroux documentary again would out everyone else here as a thicky-thick-brains from Thickton-upon-Dim.
>> No. 24413 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 12:50 pm
24413 spacer
Hallo chum, what's the problem here?

I do hope that you're not about to prove us all right, but please share. Be a shame if you didn't actually have any counterpoint to contribute. Why not just say what you think on the topic instead of typing in twitterese?
>> No. 24414 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 1:15 pm
24414 spacer
See I don't know about this, the whole mess seemed to start around 2012 but Myspace long predates it and Web 2.0 really took off around 2007. People still get their lives ruined by posts they made nearly 20 years ago that weren't too outrageous at the time. Then there's of course other cultures that get along fine even today.

Maybe people are just wise to the permeance of social media but it seems like all this is being driven by a certain type of person - the over-socialised, all too eager to play moral superiority in a webspace we all now live-in that's defined by moral norms controlled by corporations. This naturally reaching the point that merely associating or not-challenging a jokester is a moral failing on your part and which we all forgot that the person piping up is a quisling and the whole structure can just be ignored if we really wanted to.
>> No. 24415 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 1:34 pm
24415 spacer
First off, I haven't had a Twitter account since 2012, you big shit. As for the rest of this thread, the fact everyone here seems to be stuck in 2016 regarding their understanding of the far-right is the problem, combined with "my mate's dead racist" lad thinking anyone cares.
>> No. 24416 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 2:12 pm
24416 spacer
So you're behind the times and frustrated that we all understand what's meant by 'alt right' in modern discourse while you don't? You must have an awful time with 'socialism' then.
>> No. 24417 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 2:26 pm
24417 spacer

It would be interesting to see some solid data but it feels like there was a fairly major demographic shift around the early 2010s. Before then the Internet's population was mostly technical hobbyist types, creative people who saw it as a way to share their work with the world and disparate subcultures. It also seemed to skew more towards nerdy and/or creative teenagers and students with lots of free time who wanted to hang around with similar people in a time when nerds were "sad" and creativity was "gay" IRL.

I think a combination of smartphones and social media were mostly responsible for this. Smartphones allowed the borderline computer illiterate types (many of whom were busy shitting on "sad computer nerds" a year or two before) to post stuff online easily with minimal effort and social media gave them the platform to do so. In the 2000s there were sites which were essentially what we now call social media, but they were either subject specific (eg. Flickr and Deviantart) or dominated by a specific demographic (Myspace). It wasn't until "general use" social media like Twitter and Facebook came along that
>a certain type of person - the over-socialised, all too eager to play moral superiority
had a platform.
>> No. 24418 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 2:53 pm
24418 spacer

>> No. 24419 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 3:29 pm
24419 spacer
Normies ruined the internet - that's one of our slogans, isn't it?

Some other aspects of this I don't see mentioned often - the dumbing down of end user tech. Yeah it's great we don't have to fuck around with the hardware whenever we want to run a different program, but this is a bit far. SaaS is a poverty trap in action and also just bad for consumers in general, especially those who aren't neurotypical, and this one's a bit iffy but it *must* be doing some damage that information is so accessible now and no longer requires reading around a topic, or risking reading contrary views - you can just find the information, decontexualised, with whatever assumed knowledge on behalf of the author omitted because they didn't anticipate having to pad everything they say with a priori assumptions to account for people just cherry picking the bare facts to be used any which way they choose.
>> No. 24420 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 4:09 pm
24420 spacer
The fact you think having a Twitter account keeps you informed on anything tells me all I need to know about you and the barely functioning flesh-lump you call a brain.
>> No. 24421 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 4:35 pm
24421 spacer
I think it's an error to blame people. It's not difficult to look through geocities and find all sorts of idiots and bores, but it takes on a different light because to be idiots, bores, and boring idiots they had to sit down with notepad and cobble together some HTML, and because they were writing mostly for the sake of themselves or for a small group of friends, rather than to be spread around widely. More important than being general use, I think the big shift between older sites and Facebook, Twitter, etc, is how effectively they've gamed human psychology. Deviantart is fundamentally a website for sharing images and stories, Facebook and Twitter are fundamentally websites for "maximising engagement" - it just so happens that the most effective way to do that is by providing a general-purpose discussion platform.
I take a very "the medium is the message" view - websites shape their userbase more than the userbase shapes the website. The people I dislike the most online today are probably people who I'd have found perfectly agreeable in 2004. In the case of celebrities and public figures, a lot of them are people I found perfectly agreeable in 2004, driven mad by the internet and in particular by Twitter. Even certifiable geniuses and computer nerds turn into absolute dickheads on Twitter, while even some pretty boring people could occasionally put together a nice Geocities page. Smartphones themselves go a long way to facilitating this sort of change, but people forget the period where most of the country was online but smartphone penetration was low, where most people went online with a computer - even if for many of them it was an underpowered EeePC and Internet Explorer 6. Ironically with sort of view, arrogant computer nerds become the villains and not the heroes. They're the ones who go off to work at Google or Facebook or Twitter because it gives them exciting changes to work with fancy new technology at a good wage, even if the purpose of that technology is to bugger us all.

I can't give you solid demographic data, but I can give you inferences: By 2000 about 50% of American adults were online, for Britain that took until about 2004. By 2009 it was 70% of households. Unless we've a far more IT-centric economy than I'd expected, it seems unlikely to me that these people were hobbyists or computer nerds. More instructively, if you look at what websites were founded before 1995, alongside scientific or "nerd" projects you'll find things like the BBC, the Economist, Airline websites, and the Daily Telegraph, which gestures at some pretty unexciting 90s businessmen cohabiting with all of those exciting Wired hackers jumped up on their Californian ideology illusions that they're going to become anything but the next generation of suits, and of course with a small number of genuinely creative and funny people messing about. If you want to go back even further, we can look at the Eternal September - Usenet users thought that AOL users in 1993 constitued a great unwashed coming to ruin their fun. Now the age ruled by that great unwashed is looked back on as the golden era before they started letting the riff-raff in.
>> No. 24422 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 5:09 pm
24422 spacer
>I can't give you solid demographic data, but I can give you inferences: By 2000 about 50% of American adults were online, for Britain that took until about 2004. By 2009 it was 70% of households. Unless we've a far more IT-centric economy than I'd expected, it seems unlikely to me that these people were hobbyists or computer nerds.

How is 'online' defined here? I'd not be surprised if it were just email usage and shopping, but 50% of American adults being active contributors to the internet even in the most trivial of ways like bbs etc?

It was bait, thicko. Try to contribute something to the conversation next time and you might not get so easily riled.
>> No. 24423 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 7:39 pm
24423 spacer

This is what I meant about solid data, We can easily say stuff like "the majority of of English speaking households had an internet connection in the mid 2000s", but it doesn't say how they were using it. I'd guess the majority of adults with internet access were using it to read websites send email and maybe buy stuff if they were feeling brave, but not really contributing much to online communities.
>> No. 24424 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 8:35 pm
24424 spacer

Allegedly, 2007 was the start of the badness. Since then, people have completely lost the ability to make readable images.
>> No. 24425 Anonymous
23rd March 2022
Wednesday 12:40 am
24425 spacer
I'd take even such basic uses as evidence for my case that it's more about the technology than the people - even if we say that some people are inherently awful, if they can be online without interacting too actively, then the problem is primarily the interactive sites and not the individual having access to a computer.
And though I believe in a much stronger form of the idea - that the right website could make almost anyone interesting - I'd be quite interested to see someone take that version and run with it, with an argument along the lines of "The problem isn't that your mum uses Twitter on her phone, the problem is all the normal-ish-but-not-too-normal people stopped using forums and started using Twitter too. If Twitter was just your mum and people like her, you could just ignore it like it was broadcast televison or scented candles."

I feel a little ripped off that we never got to see another generation raised with computers as their main means of internet use rather than smartphones. It would be interesting to see how well people picked up awareness of how to use a computer over time, and compare that to whether the dumbing down of user interfaces that Smartphones brought genuinely made things more accessible, or whether they made devices less useful in the long-run to gain a temporary advantage with some less prepared users in the short run.
>> No. 24427 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 11:32 pm
24427 spacer

Screenshot 2022-03-30 233107.jpg
Finished Babylon 5. I haven't looked this up but I got the distinct impression the fifth series was not part of the Grand Arc that the creators had at the beginning; it felt like the fourth finished in a good place, but the fifth just meandered a bit and left far more open questions than answers.

It was alright, I'd recommend watching it, but I don't think I'll ever re-watch it.

I'd also recommend the first series of Au Service de la France/A Very Secret Service. The first series' visual design and comedic timing is spot on; the second leans too heavily into drama for me, and gets a bit ridiculous.
>> No. 24428 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 11:32 pm
24428 spacer

Severance has a free companion book set in the same universe.

I wish my quarterly bonus involved an orgy
>> No. 24429 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 5:40 pm
24429 spacer
The most recent episode had quite a cliffhanger.
I'm still not sure if the black guy's arse is really that big or if they've padded it out for some reason.
>> No. 24430 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 12:20 am
24430 spacer
That image is all over the place. What 12-year-olds were watching Fox News?
>> No. 24431 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 1:23 am
24431 spacer
It specifies "Fox" rather than "Fox News", so maybe it was a TV documentary or something like that. Although I must admit I don't especially trust that image; I agree that letting people join Facebook from anywhere rather than just universities brought in lots of thick twats, boomers, and zoomers, but I don't see how that would have ruined absolutely everything. Nor do I think "geek culture" can be blamed on The Big Bang Theory. I'm not even entirely sure geek culture is a bad thing, even though I personally don't like it. It certainly promotes secondary-level education, which would surely have cancelled out any influxes of thick twats anywhere else. It's like someone had two or three good points to make, and padded them out with a dozen instances of idiotic bollocks to make a full infographic.
>> No. 24432 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 10:07 pm
24432 spacer

Been getting into the Ricky Gervais Show again, there's loads of episodes on youtube.
>> No. 24433 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 8:19 am
24433 spacer
The notorious news story was from a local news station affiliated to the Fox TV network, which is separate from the Fox News Channel.
>> No. 24434 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 9:02 pm
24434 spacer
Severance S1 was very good. Almost good enough that it makes up for the fact it's not got anything interesting to say.
>> No. 24435 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 10:41 pm
24435 spacer

It seems like an episode of Black Mirror stretched out for cash. I like the concept of this and much of BM's output, but many of the latter's ideas were as ephemeral as others were portentious. I may watch Severance at some point, and I will most certainly enjoy the ride, but I don't see Paul Verhoeven involved in this, so it will wait.
>> No. 24436 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 8:01 pm
24436 spacer
It's the infamous "Hackers On Steroids" fox news piece about 4chan. It's from around the time the mainstream media was starting to notice internet culture and either didn't have a clue and/or didn't care about representing it accurately since it wasn't mainstream enough for too many people to notice.

I don't think it had as much of an effect as the chans vs scientology thing a year later though, since the fox news report mostly got passed around people who were already knew exactly what 4chan and anon were and found it hilarious.

>It's like someone had two or three good points to make, and padded them out with a dozen instances of idiotic bollocks to make a full infographic.

True, I only watched a few episodes of The big bang theory but it always seemed to be taking the piss out of geek culture rather than promoting it. As far as I remember Tumblr was very much internet culture back then as well, but the "furries gays and artists" kind that anon loved to bully (presumably while secretly wanking themselves raw to finely illustrated gay furry porn if 4chan was anything to go by).
>> No. 24437 Anonymous
17th April 2022
Sunday 2:19 am
24437 spacer

I watched Northman last night. It was an odd film, half-norse saga and half-movie where part of the fun is I guess looking at how those two mesh awkwardly together which it manages well enough imo. I'll warn you that it gets pretty brutal and the guts and gore isn't what shocks you at all, the plot feels very similar to Vinland Saga but instead of anime its a bit like a holocaust movie.

Did Vikings really burn the young and old alive in some historical precursor to Come and See? Those scenes were rather intense and it felt a bit ridiculous that they had to go with the protagonist merely being an innocent bystander. I'd also question why there was so little focus on actually trying to stay alive in Medieval Iceland.
>> No. 24438 Anonymous
19th April 2022
Tuesday 9:27 pm
24438 spacer

The ITV drama about John and Anne Darwin is a bit shit.
>> No. 24439 Anonymous
20th April 2022
Wednesday 4:44 pm
24439 spacer

That's Robert Eggers' third film, right? If The Witch is anything to go by, he takes historical accuracy (in terms of representing what people really believed) fairly seriously.

I could be wrong but I think The Northman was another one written alongside historians, archaeologists, and various others that know their stuff. It wouldn't surprise me if he also chose to focus on the most brutal elements of that society, given his preoccupation with horror and the sinister side of human culture.
>> No. 24440 Anonymous
20th April 2022
Wednesday 10:43 pm
24440 spacer

I really enjoyed The Vvitch. My ex wanted me to watch it and I wasn't too interested, but I think I liked it more than she did. I think she was just disappointed because she was hoping it'd have some sort of fisherperson undercurrent to annoy me with, though.

Really not sure how I felt about The Lighthouse mind. I feel like it was definitely a good film, perhaps even a great one, but I'm not entirely convinced I enjoyed it.
>> No. 24442 Anonymous
23rd April 2022
Saturday 11:20 pm
24442 spacer
I know it's old hack but I'm sick of reddit and I'm drunk and I just finished watching The Hidden Fortress which is pretty fucking brilliant and has a lot of special moments. Although I would recommend against watching it on Prime because the translation's shit and it ruins a few moments.
>> No. 24448 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 2:41 pm
24448 spacer
I've just watched the first episode of the new series of Derry Girls. It's the funniest sitcom I've watched in a while, but I don't know if that's partially because there's a dearth of alternatives these days.
>> No. 24449 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 3:21 pm
24449 spacer
I feel like I should watch Better Call Saul but I don't remember what episode I was up to and I cancelled my Netflix last month.
>> No. 24450 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 10:38 pm
24450 spacer
Inside No.9 increasingly has a written-for-theatre feel to it.
>> No. 24452 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 12:43 am
24452 spacer

I enjoyed this and it made me tear up a little. It's quite genre bending but I'd call it an absurdist take on Jet Li's the One where kung-fu crosses with comedy and trying to find meaning in your life. It even subtly crosses the fourth wall at points.

Watch it with your Asian bird.
>> No. 24455 Anonymous
2nd June 2022
Thursday 11:55 pm
24455 spacer
Finally finished Derry Girls, it turns out that most of the humour in the final series was concentrated in the first episode of it.
>> No. 24456 Anonymous
3rd June 2022
Friday 12:57 am
24456 spacer
I enjoyed the film enormously myself. I wept quite profusely at moments, fortunately I had a black t-shirt on to wipe away the tears with. Some of the humour fell flat for me, but I did appriciate how everything came back around and factored into the finale somehow. Also I was shocked to find out Waymond was played by Short Round from Temple of Doom, in his first film for twenty years no less.

I might go to see it again next week.
>> No. 24457 Anonymous
3rd June 2022
Friday 1:26 am
24457 spacer

Mixed feelings about the last series. Clearly less funny than the previous ones, but IMO clearly better as a piece of drama. The last episode in particular was incredibly powerful and timely, without being too heavy-handed.
>> No. 24458 Anonymous
3rd June 2022
Friday 9:39 pm
24458 spacer
Episode of Here We Go was just on. Usual twee dialogue and one-dimensional characters, but was watchable by modern sitcom standards.
>> No. 24459 Anonymous
4th June 2022
Saturday 11:35 pm
24459 spacer
I've decided to watch the mid-80s political thriller Edge of Darkness. Mostly because I wanted to see what Bob Peck did other than say "clever girl" and get eaten by velociraptors before his untimely (real) death to cancer. This is barely a spoiler because I'm only half way through episode one but Mr Peck's uni aged daughter is shot and killed. In the immediate hours after this he's wandering the house, grieving her death and rooting around in her room, playing some of her music, finding her geiger counter, the usual. Then he opens her bedside draw, finds her vibrator and gives it a little kiss. I do not recall ever having this viceral a reaction to anything I've ever watched before. I paused the episode about 15 minutes ago now and I'm typing this because I just have to tell someone, I simply must express these feelings to someone else, despite my inability to actually do so. This might well mean it's some of the best writing I've ever seen, but I can't handle it.
>> No. 24460 Anonymous
6th June 2022
Monday 9:57 pm
24460 spacer
My girlfriend's decided she wants to binge through all of Inside No. 9. I know it's very hit and miss but there's a lot more dross than I remember. Anyway, my favourite is Zanzibar.
>> No. 24461 Anonymous
7th June 2022
Tuesday 1:02 pm
24461 spacer
Rewatching The Young Ones for the millionth time. Used to hate Mike as a kid, thought he was boring. But now I appreciate the humour surrounding him. (P)Rick is possibly the best comedy character of all time.
>> No. 24472 Anonymous
13th June 2022
Monday 10:39 pm
24472 spacer
The Boys is pretty good this season. It started off well in the first series, but felt a bit aimless for most of the second, but this one is a lot faster paced it feels like.
>> No. 24475 Anonymous
30th June 2022
Thursday 9:14 am
24475 spacer
Been watching Ellie & Natasia on BBC Three. It's reasonably amusing, but also quite sexually intimidating.

>> No. 24476 Anonymous
30th June 2022
Thursday 3:06 pm
24476 spacer
Won't watch as comedy isn't funny, but I'd give anything for Natasia Demetriou to piss on me.
>> No. 24477 Anonymous
30th June 2022
Thursday 5:50 pm
24477 spacer

Pretty much everything Rik Mayall has done has aged magnificently. I mean, who else could be the Sod in an adaptation of "How to Be a Little Sod"? He was born for the part.

I miss him Lads.
>> No. 24478 Anonymous
30th June 2022
Thursday 10:41 pm
24478 spacer

johan vagn.jpg
Watching Channel 4's Space Cadets. It's a great shame that current geopolitical landscape makes such scientific collaboration impossible.
>> No. 24479 Anonymous
30th June 2022
Thursday 11:03 pm
24479 spacer
I just watched the first episode of The Undeclared War on Channel 4. I think they've put a lot of effort into certain parts of it, getting the technical stuff right and making sure everything is plausible, but they haven't put a lot of effort into making the programme even remotely good.

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