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>> No. 24267 Cowboy
23rd October 2019
Wednesday 8:39 pm
24267 UK.. I've come back, and I need your help
I am a 24 year old American who has never had a job because I am a socially anxious diagnosed autist with no frens and my father keeps breathing down my neck to get one.. I've tried my hardest to find and get one but no one cares. And I would do other things like go to university but I'm a disorderly idiot at that and I can't do the military either because I don't want to fight for Israel plus I'd fail at that because I'm physically weak. I would create a business but I lack fuck all for that as well.

What do I do, UK? I'm so fucked...
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>> No. 24268 Cockernay
23rd October 2019
Wednesday 9:27 pm
24268 spacer
Put the kettle on, everything will be fine.
>> No. 24269 Gazza
23rd October 2019
Wednesday 9:48 pm
24269 spacer

Don't be so culturally insensitive, lad. The poor savages over there don't have kettles.

OP, I would suggest applying for the lowest grade entry level bullshit you can, lie on your resume if you have to (who am I kidding, you definitely have to, just do it) and stick it out for a year or so until you start looking like an attractive enough option for other, better employers. Nobody likes it, and it feels like an insult if you're already an adult to be working with teenagers, but the first step on the ladder is the bottom rung.

Godspeed to you Yanklad.
>> No. 24270 Fairy
23rd October 2019
Wednesday 10:42 pm
24270 spacer
What do you most want to do in life?
>> No. 24271 Redneck
24th October 2019
Thursday 3:35 am
24271 spacer
What does this mean?

Well, alternatively, I was told by my father that he'd get me NEETbux on account of my condition, he also said it would be easier for me to get a job if I get it. It seems, strangely, that things are going to my favor just when I thought I was going to be doomed.

Nothing really
>> No. 24273 Britfag
24th October 2019
Thursday 5:50 pm
24273 spacer
>he also said it would be easier for me to get a job if I get it
I very much doubt that.
>> No. 24274 Britfag
24th October 2019
Thursday 9:51 pm
24274 spacer

What business would you go into, dear?
>> No. 24275 Dubya
26th October 2019
Saturday 2:03 pm
24275 spacer
Well here the government gives companies some leeway with taxes if they hire disabled people so that would give companies more of an incentive to hire disabled people. Of course, in retrospect, I doubt any company would hire me now, regardless if I had help from Uncle Sam based on my unemployment history for so long (unless I lied as some Briton said here).

>> No. 24276 Raoul
26th October 2019
Saturday 9:47 pm
24276 spacer
If you're serious about getting a job, it will take graft.

Start by making your Resumé (CV). Then put on smart clothes and go door to door to businesses handing them out. First ask if there any vacancies, if they say yes ask to speak to the manager or whoever is in charge of recruitment asking their requirements. If they say no, ask if you can leave them with your CV so if anything comes up they can give you a call.

Look at the big retailers because they hire Xmas temps this time of year and if they like you they'll keep you on. Think of it as a long job interview. But you'll have to be quick because they're probably interviewing about now.

Look on job sites like universal job match, indeed etc and sign up to recruitment agencies like Reed. Look on gumtree (our version of Craigslist) but it might be a bit dodgy.

Good luck.
>> No. 24277 Raoul
26th October 2019
Saturday 10:50 pm
24277 spacer
From my experience, few places take door to door CVs any more. Most will tell you to go online.

If you can drive, OP, look into driving agency work. Some places will only take HGV drivers; the agency I worked for took everyone with a licence and under 6 points. There was a fairly steady supply of work.
>> No. 24278 Wastelander
27th October 2019
Sunday 12:02 am
24278 spacer
Yeah, go online, unless they've got an ad online telling you you can drop a CV off, don't bother with that.
>> No. 24279 Raoul
29th October 2019
Tuesday 7:01 pm
24279 spacer

I dropped my CV off at the door a few years ago. I got a callback for an interview and got the job. This was for a corporate billion pound company.
>> No. 24280 Britfag
29th October 2019
Tuesday 7:46 pm
24280 spacer

Well good for you mate. In 99% of cases it's going to be a waste of time though.

On a good day walking around a big town you might be able to hand out 30 CVs. On the internet you can put in probably a hundred applications in the same amount of time.

If you need a job and you need one sooner rather than later, it's simply not an efficient investment of effort to waste an afternoon giving your CVs to people who are going to put them straight in the bin. It's actively harmful to your prospects, like a hunter wasting more energy chasing his prey than he will gain from catching it.

Last time I was on the dole they told us to do it, and I almost got kicked out for arguing the toss with the Karen looking bint running the course.
>> No. 24282 Britfag
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:02 pm
24282 spacer
Yeah, but handing in CVs you could get an interview for a job that hasn't been advertised or at least one that hasn't been advertised some place where candidates are machine gunning in applications. The competition would be much less stiff.

If you're sending 100 applications a day there's a very good chance you're doing it wrong anyway.
>> No. 24283 Britfag
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:14 pm
24283 spacer

Nah, that's very much doing it right; at least for entry level jobs, which sounds like the sort of advice this thread pertains to. Usually a job that hasn't been advertised is something much more specialised, so while there might be less competition it's less likely you'd actually be qualified for it. That's not just a needle in a haystack, it's a diamond ring of exactly your size in a cornfield.

There's a myth about copy/pasting applications meaning you'll get binned every time. It's got a grain of truth to it, but not quite. Nowadays, applications are scanned by software multiple times before they even make it to a person; if you have the right keywords and structure in there that the software looks for you've won half the battle.

Wasting your time writing up a fresh application from scratch for every shite call centre job is a waste of time thanks to the same principle as the hunter analogy.
>> No. 24284 Cockernay
29th October 2019
Tuesday 8:52 pm
24284 spacer
Not him, but if I got handed a paper CV that someone had brought in in person I'd pay it much more attention that the dozens of electronic applications I had to process that day. You're probably right about the numbers game but I think you hit a point where you've applied to all the potential jobs you can online - pounding the pavements is a perfectly good decision at some stage. Not least to get you out the house for a bit.
>> No. 24285 Fairy
29th October 2019
Tuesday 9:15 pm
24285 spacer
I think if you have a confident personality, and can pitch yourself well in a couple of sentences, turning up in person like that can really work. Most people (particularly those who are jobless) don't have that kind of personality though.
>> No. 24290 Redneck
5th March 2020
Thursday 6:48 pm
24290 spacer
Stay positive and stay productive, you must find the will. your decision this very second affects every second here after.

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