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>> No. 5661 Anonymous
25th October 2016
Tuesday 8:25 pm
5661 Shower gel
I need to find a shower gel that gives me the squeaky clean feeling that soap bars do. It's annoying, but I have tested all these shower gels you find at the supermarket, and they all leave some oily film on my body. While people say that it is good, and "it's moisturising," I don't really care, I just want a cheap shower gel that will dry out my skin and make me feel squeaky clean.

Is that too much to ask?

Help me lads. Please.

I will test the one in the picture tomorrow.
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>> No. 5683 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 1:09 am
5683 spacer
How long does one of the 100g ones last?
>> No. 5685 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 8:45 pm
5685 spacer
Four showers/baths.
>> No. 5686 Anonymous
29th October 2016
Saturday 6:57 pm
5686 spacer
OP, I've been thinking about this over the past few days, and I think the correct answer to your question is that you've misunderstood the problem.

The "oily film" that you feel with a shower gel is not necessarily the result of any oils or moisturisers in the gel.
Ordinary soap (sodium tallowate/sodium stearate etc.), is very very bad at dealing with water hardness. Soap draws the calcium out of the water and forms soap scum. That "squeaky clean" or dry feeling you have after using soap is the film of soap scum left behind on your skin.

Modern shower gels have chealating agents added (commonly some variety of EDTA), this keeps the hardness dissolved in water, which leaves your skin feeling slick after it's cleaned. Even in the "sensitive" gels such as the Sanex which don't have a chelating agent in, the main sufactant (SLS) is much less affected by water hardness than a traditional soap, so it still gives more of an oily feeling than soap.

Try this experiment: Buy a pack of borax substitute. Dissolve a few teaspoons of it in a bowl of water, and then wring your hands in it. You should notice that the water feels weirdly slippery. It's not making your skin oily, it's because it's stopping any of the minerals in the water from sticking to your skin.
>> No. 5687 Anonymous
20th November 2016
Sunday 4:20 pm
5687 spacer
You are awesome. I tried your weird experiment and it was great. Never thought sticking my hand in slippery water would be so therapeutic.

I also went and checked the water hardness of the area I live in, and it is really bad. All in all, I guess you are right Chemistlad. I went back from using soaps to my cheap shower gels, since the slippery feel isn't me just being dirty.
>> No. 5688 Anonymous
21st November 2016
Monday 8:53 pm
5688 spacer
I love posts like this.

>> No. 5617 Anonymous
15th September 2016
Thursday 6:21 pm
5617 Outdoor hats.
I need a hat that I can wear both in the wilderness and when going for a cheeky outdoor pint.

I definitely don't want anything polyester or similar.
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>> No. 5635 Anonymous
16th September 2016
Friday 7:40 pm
5635 spacer
Neither of us did.
>> No. 5636 Anonymous
16th September 2016
Friday 10:23 pm
5636 spacer

A chanologist went over to Nepal for his Buddhist cult. He told everyone he met there to use britfa.gs.
>> No. 5637 Anonymous
17th September 2016
Saturday 1:26 am
5637 spacer


>> No. 5638 Anonymous
17th September 2016
Saturday 9:37 am
5638 spacer


You too could look as dashing as this chap.
>> No. 5639 Anonymous
17th September 2016
Saturday 12:07 pm
5639 spacer


No. He doesn't know the site exists, although he does know of his status as piemaster. He sent me a Timpsons apron and a signed pic of himself. I've not got a pic of the apron at hand, sorry if this is a problem.

Incidentally OP pic is not him, but another fat guy with a smile.


(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 5428 Anonymous
5th June 2016
Sunday 6:53 pm
5428 Tie
Recommend ties that would work well with this attire.
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>> No. 5549 Anonymous
10th July 2016
Sunday 7:05 pm
5549 spacer
This isn't going to end well.
>> No. 5550 Anonymous
10th July 2016
Sunday 7:54 pm
5550 spacer
Is Gilly in the bunny suit?
>> No. 5551 Anonymous
10th July 2016
Sunday 7:55 pm
5551 spacer
It didn't take Columbo to work out that this is the work of some "Master Troll" who has stolen images that, glaringly, are of all different resolutions, sizes and image quality. They've assumed this poor, hapless furry fella's identity and as they have al been uploaded from the same Apple device (hence the image.jpg on every picture) it's not difficult to work out that, yes; OP is a shitehawk.

Do with this information what you will, lads.
>> No. 5552 Anonymous
10th July 2016
Sunday 8:19 pm
5552 spacer
Furry? He's clearly just on some Chinese excursion. I've visited an Asian Tiger myself and there are loads of people dressed up in animal costumes promoting things in transport hubs.
>> No. 5553 Anonymous
10th July 2016
Sunday 8:22 pm
5553 spacer

If OP is a bellend and /poof/ is a sfw board...

>> No. 5457 Anonymous
12th June 2016
Sunday 2:24 pm
5457 Omnes vero se Britanni vitro inficiunt, quod caeruleum efficit colorem.
I'm curious what the .gs consensus (or lack thereof) is on tattoos.
Do we have the same strangely vehement anti-tattoo lobby found on the other place or are we still the painted peoples Caesar described?
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>> No. 5517 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 5:06 pm
5517 spacer
I had sexual encounters with a woman this year before I found her most hidden tattoo. The word BOWIE on the nape of her neck, usually covered by long hair. I wasn't sure about her already and was even less sure after finding that.
>> No. 5518 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 6:10 pm
5518 spacer

I almost shagged a lass with Pete Steel's face covering her calf. I'm glad I didn't.
>> No. 5519 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 6:21 pm
5519 spacer
>> No. 5520 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 8:04 pm
5520 spacer
>OK, but if you can only find deep social interaction from wearing tattoos that other "likeminded" people deem interesting then you need to work on your own personality and leave the house more often.

You're extrapolating a whole lot from a whole lot ofnothing there. I said they lead to conversations, not that those are the sole kind of conversation I have. And I clearly leave the house loads, or how else would I get invited to all these hedonistic parties all the youths are at? Dear me, you need to work on your mental gymnastics a bit there. 2/10 SEE ME.

Also, I know right, what markets are even open nowadays that haven't run off with everyone's coins or are even slightly trustworthy or coded securely? I've actually gone back to street connections for ketamine, but the quality is hardly consistent so it's lead to me turning down bags from time to time for lack of better sources. Whinge whinge wah bring back SR1.0 etc. etc.
>> No. 5521 Anonymous
16th June 2016
Thursday 8:13 pm
5521 spacer
On a serious note, the back of the ear or lobe would be "invisible when naked" only when you're viewed from the front, so I suggest to you my stealthiest tattoo locations, which are (in order of stealth) insides of the toes or insides of the fingers (the sides facing towards your little finger > the sides facing your thumbs, due to the slight angling of the digits as they extend from the palm, especially when viewed from the front.)

I have a very small tattoo in precisely this location on my hand and no one, to date, has ever noticed it unless I have pointed out to them that it's there. I should probably get it touched up though, sadly there's no good padding in the dermis of the hands so ink tends to fade fast and takes more skill to tattoo there in the first place.

>> No. 5312 Anonymous
2nd October 2015
Friday 4:04 am
5312 spacer
I need to buy new shows.

I last bought a pair of shoes when I was 18 so that makes my current lot around 5 years old bar my work boots that I find myself wearing most days now.

I used to favour skating nikes but I've grown to see them as a bit manchildish, my stepbrothers all wear brogues but they're cunts so I don't want to appear to be immitating them. I work with them sometimes and I see them most weeks.

I really have no clue what I like shoe-wise anymore, could you show me what you wear and what decent 'middle of the road' shoes are nowadays?
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>> No. 5322 Anonymous
2nd October 2015
Friday 7:49 pm
5322 spacer
Felt gets dirty too easily. It will look really old when it isn't as old. It pisses me off.
>> No. 5323 Anonymous
2nd October 2015
Friday 9:06 pm
5323 spacer

Also the white sole will stain fairly quickly over winter. Converse All-Stars seem to be like jeans, in that they look better when they're a bit battered.
>> No. 5324 Anonymous
3rd October 2015
Saturday 12:40 am
5324 spacer

I always find them dreadfully uncomfortable, but Vans Eras are equally muted and presentable. They're essentially the Vans Authentic with some padding around the ankle to make them ten times comfier.
>> No. 5430 Anonymous
5th June 2016
Sunday 7:18 pm
5430 spacer
My feet smell. I guess I need to stop wearing the same pair of socks for a whole week.

Anyway, I've had a pair of Nike Air Force 1s for a year, and I don't think I like them. I wore my older trainers today. They were a pair of those Adidas skater type trainers. Very comfy, light-weight and discreet. The AF1s are heavy and it feels like they suffocate my feet.

Maybe you lads could recommend something discreet, comfy and light.

I hate shopping. All those choices, and the thought of regretting what I buy means I will become frozen and indecisive. A little anxious too. So I usually buy online, but shoes are a cunt to buy online since an Adidas size 8 aren't the same as Nike size 8. Absolute bollocks.
>> No. 5435 Anonymous
5th June 2016
Sunday 7:32 pm
5435 spacer

For a casual shoe, I'd personally always go for the type of vaguely trainer-styled shoes that are sufficiently distanced from actual trainers that you'd never do any actual sport in them and probably wouldn't be barred entry to a club for wearing them. Pic related for example, they're similar to what I wear.

>> No. 5425 Anonymous
30th April 2016
Saturday 2:56 pm
5425 spacer
Alright /poof/s. I have a lot of clothes I like but I rarely utilise everything, so I'm looking for ideas on how to combine basics in nice ways. Once I put together a few solid outfits I intend to give the rest away.

Preferably pictures, not adventurous fashion, just some inspiration on how to match up colours/materials and pull off decent combinations would be lovely. It's surprisingly hard to find, as a lot of 'menswear'-themed sites on the internet are too twee or over-the-top for every day. Professional photos tend toward advertising particular clothing outlets, and conventional 'style' magazines are up their own arses with long articles and artsy photography.

haters gonna hate.jpg
>> No. 5423 Anonymous
18th April 2016
Monday 7:46 pm
5423 spacer
Any tips for finding a tailor/seamstress? How much various alterations should cost, etc.?
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>> No. 5424 Anonymous
18th April 2016
Monday 8:02 pm
5424 spacer
No tips at all, you're just going to have to go outside and find one.

A little old woman that owns an alterations shop isn't going to bend you over, but might make a mess of something more complicated, whereas a minor job at a tailors will cost far more than it would in an alterations shop. It's a trade-off between how well you want the job doing and how much you want to pay for it, really.

What's the job?

Walking Stick.jpg
>> No. 5379 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 11:02 pm
5379 Walking Sticks
I know that poll we did said we were mostly teenage student trannies or something, but I as wondering if any of you lads walked with a stick?

I have a bog standard one from the NHS, but if I could get one that worked just as well and was a little more stylish that would be the ideal for me. I've had a look about and it's difficult to find one which would suit someone in his late 20s. They are, not surprisingly, mostly aimed at old people and polished oak probably wouldn't go with my Adidas Super Colours.

Any tips? Recommendations for sites, etc? There is a website called Cold Steel which sells plain black ones made of polypropylene which I'm leaning towards, but I don't know how naff that would look in a few years. I'm looking to spend about £50, so I'm hoping for it to last a while and I'll be using it every day potentially, and possibly for a bit of walking further afield on camping holidays, etc.
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>> No. 5388 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 1:16 am
5388 spacer


All I would need is for flame shirts and New Rocks to come back into fashion and I'd be knee deep in 18 year old Goth clunge all over again.
>> No. 5389 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 1:43 am
5389 spacer
Get yourself a sword cane. I believe they're illegal, but IIRC you can still buy them if they're an antique.
>> No. 5390 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 1:50 am
5390 spacer

Alternatively, you could get yourself a shillelagh/blackthorn stick.
>> No. 5392 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 2:28 am
5392 spacer


There is one like that here I like the look of, but I reckon the paint might chip off so I'm hesitant. There are other options, although some of them strike me as being penis extensions for emasculated disabled males and might have the problem of form over function which would make it a waste of money.
>> No. 5393 Anonymous
9th March 2016
Wednesday 5:28 am
5393 spacer

Pimping stick?

>> No. 5368 Anonymous
24th January 2016
Sunday 11:27 pm
5368 spacer
Alright lads.

I want to know if an undercut will look good on me and if not what do you suggest. I'm conscious about my widow's peak hairline.
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>> No. 5372 Anonymous
25th January 2016
Monday 12:07 am
5372 spacer
Hitler Youth?
>> No. 5373 Anonymous
25th January 2016
Monday 1:12 am
5373 spacer

*Horny Yodeler.
>> No. 5374 Anonymous
25th January 2016
Monday 8:19 pm
5374 spacer
Number 1 all over lad.
>> No. 5375 Anonymous
25th January 2016
Monday 8:38 pm
5375 spacer
Possibly the only serious reply: yes, shorter sides will lengthen your face, and there's quite a few different parts/styles you could try with a longer top. Don't be self conscious about your hairline. It's low and right for your (presumably young) age.

A poor example, maybe, but you have a similar hair colour and facial structure to someone like David Beckham. A cut like his might suit you pretty well.
>> No. 5376 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 9:25 am
5376 spacer
thanks desu
just have to get over my /emo/ and go to a hair dressers

(A good day to you Sir!)

a bad example but rooney is cute af.jpg
>> No. 5349 Anonymous
9th January 2016
Saturday 8:38 pm
5349 spacer
How do celebrities manage to have perfect skin?

I know it sounds like a question you would read in a women's magazine but I'm curious as to what tips you lads would have. My skin is by no means bad and I probably put more care into it than is normal for a heterosexual male but it could be better and today the appearance of a painful zit left me wondering if there existed a solution to those horrible red spots you get occasionally or just general days where your skin looks like shit. Seriously, tell me about your skincare and what things you have picked up over the years.

So far my routine revolves around using Bulldog face-wash and Nivea moisturiser (which I highly recommend) for my dry skin along with ensuring I use plenty of conditioner in my beard bum-fluff to keep the hair soft on my face.

I'm careful to eat reasonably balanced meals and have fruit (apples, bananas, raisins in my muesli) plus orange juice so I don't get scurvy. I drink copious amounts of tea if that counts for hydration but I must confess that chocolate is a problem for me where I will happily snaffle a whole share bag of the stuff if its in the house so I'm wondering if you guys can offer any suggestions for something I can treat myself with that won't turn me into the elephant man (I've tried compromising with dark chocolate but its like having to eat vegetarian food at a barbecue).

Other lifestyle problems involve my smoking as well as the dry air of an office and lack of sunlight caused by my schedule of working nights. I'm not sure I can immediately solve those but maybe there is something out there to soften the impact they have.
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>> No. 5362 Anonymous
10th January 2016
Sunday 10:19 pm
5362 spacer
>Barrett plays the world-weary cynic very well
Ah but that's just because all his characters are world-weary cynics and all of Heap's have been weirdos. Come on, just imagine Tim knocking on Brian's door, and when it opens it's Julian Barrett's face that appears and delivers the awkward pause and stilted lines. It fits him like a glove.
>> No. 5363 Anonymous
11th January 2016
Monday 9:56 am
5363 spacer

>> No. 5364 Anonymous
11th January 2016
Monday 1:55 pm
5364 spacer
After a beauty tip from lolcow I looked into eating Ceylon Cinnamon powder and came accross this. Not sure how acurate and scientific this website is though:- http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/information/nutrition/cinnamon-good-for-skin.htm

>> No. 5365 Anonymous
11th January 2016
Monday 2:33 pm
5365 spacer
There's no difference between any of these branded moisturisers is there? I currently use some cheap own-brand Boots stuff. If I was to switch to some L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Anti-Fatigue bollocks that costs a hundred pounds a squirt I really wouldn't see any difference would I?
>> No. 5366 Anonymous
11th January 2016
Monday 6:52 pm
5366 spacer

There's no difference between any of these foods is there? I currently eat Heinz Spaghetti Hoops. If I was to eat some Shrimp Fra Diavlo bollocks that costs a hundred quid a plate I wouldn't really see any difference would I?

>> No. 5337 Anonymous
25th December 2015
Friday 9:17 pm
5337 spacer
Would I look like a knobhead if I bought an Opposuit, assuming they have a sale after Christmas, for next year? I think I like the Snowflake one best. It'd probably get brought out on Christmas Day and going out on the lash during the festive period.

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>> No. 5343 Anonymous
26th December 2015
Saturday 4:01 am
5343 spacer

I'd love you for it. But you understand it is an incredibly niche product that you wear once a year if you are lucky right? I own a navy blue tuxedo with black trimming, with complementing waist coat and cravat, there is a finite number of events I can wear that to a year (weddings, black tie events where I don't give a shit about being a bit too flamboyant, and the odd special event) but for the most part it is just something pretty in my wardrobe, and that suit would be even more niche. You have to ask yourself the question, when the time comes that you have the chance to wear that suit, would you? or would you lose your bottle because you are afraid of looking like a cock? If the cock element is overpowering, it isn't for you.
>> No. 5344 Anonymous
26th December 2015
Saturday 12:34 pm
5344 spacer
Stop encouraging this shite.
>> No. 5345 Anonymous
26th December 2015
Saturday 12:50 pm
5345 spacer

>> No. 5346 Anonymous
26th December 2015
Saturday 3:33 pm
5346 spacer

It's a fine line between eccentricity and being a twunt. A very fine line.
>> No. 5347 Anonymous
26th December 2015
Saturday 3:47 pm
5347 spacer

I don't think the line you imagine here is significant.

Fuck me, David Gandy lets himself go during the holiday season.

>> No. 5325 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 12:36 am
5325 spacer
Lately I have been seeing 'Jack Wills' hoodies almost as often as Superdry anythings. Why?
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>> No. 5332 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 7:26 am
5332 spacer
I've been seeing lots of girls carrying 'Morgan' bags here in 2003.
>> No. 5333 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 11:05 am
5333 spacer
I've been seeing a lot of lasses with Ugg boots and "Jesus Rocks" belts, why?
>> No. 5334 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 11:30 am
5334 spacer

You live on a council estate.
>> No. 5335 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 5:39 pm
5335 spacer
In Germany wearing moon boots is code for "I'm a prostitute" maybe all these people are also some form of prostitute?
>> No. 5336 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 6:30 pm
5336 spacer
In Germany it's considered common sense to invite any cunt to come and mooch off of your welfare, so I wouldn't take what they have to say too seriously.

>> No. 5282 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 6:49 pm
5282 spacer
I need some underwear. It turns out that it's harder than I anticipated.

I got a pack of Next boxers, working out at £4 each, but it turns out there's a major design flaw in that my knob, which is overwhelmingly average, keeps escaping through the air fold bit in the middle, like a phallic Harry Houdini. All I want is a decent pair of undercrackers at a reasonable price, I didn't realise I was asking for much.
13 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 5296 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 8:50 am
5296 spacer
For what it's worth, I often rely on Uniqlo for underwear. I often tend to go for the tight, seamless versions, but there are many other types that I have had good previous experience with.

One of my favorite things about them is that they don't say "URBAN SPIRIT" or anything fuck silly over them.
>> No. 5297 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 9:00 am
5297 spacer
Armani actually make really comfortable boxer-briefs or whatever you'd call them. Finding out how much better slightly higher quality underwear feels was a revelation for me.
>> No. 5298 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 9:14 am
5298 spacer
>Finding out how much better slightly higher quality underwear feels

Slightly better?
>> No. 5299 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 9:18 am
5299 spacer
More than slightly. Significantly.
>> No. 5300 Anonymous
12th September 2015
Saturday 9:27 am
5300 spacer
Good quality underwear feels great, but I have had supposedly good quality underwear (pringle & bench) which even after mostly washing at lower temperatures, they haven't shrunk as such but have lost a lot of stretch and become less comfortable very quickly.

Linen boxers are also lovely, but due to the loose fit they're not really a good match for jeans or close-fitting trousers as they tend to bunch up.

In theory, I completely agree with you, in practice I'll wear anything because no one ever sees it. I think those obnoxious logos go hand-in-hand with the trend of jeans getting lower and lower.

>> No. 5239 Anonymous
23rd July 2015
Thursday 3:04 am
5239 spacer
Look at that fucking scar. Has he had a Fleming-Mayer flap?
17 posts and 8 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 5271 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 12:19 am
5271 spacer

I suppose it might work if you're really tall.
>> No. 5272 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 1:35 am
5272 spacer
FUE seems really impressive, but won't you just go bald again? Shame my beard texture is like a Congolese and my hair is thin, wispy and straight. How is that even possible? I don't know.
>> No. 5273 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 3:26 pm
5273 spacer
I assume that when they pull the flap of skin over, they also bring with it the blood vessels which are supplying it, and if I remember correctly male-pattern baldness is driven by the fact that the forehead and top of head get too little blood to flush out the chemicals which kill follicles.
>> No. 5274 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 4:06 pm
5274 spacer
My response to you was originally scoffing about the idea that surgeons can reattach all the microscopic blood vessels needed to do that but someone would probably respond pointing out how wrong I am.
Regardless, I am heavily sceptical of your reasoning.
>> No. 5275 Anonymous
8th August 2015
Saturday 6:52 pm
5275 spacer
So... would a topical viagra work?

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