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>> No. 5828 Anonymous
23rd September 2018
Sunday 7:02 pm
5828 spacer
Do non-iron shirts actually work?
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>> No. 5836 Anonymous
24th September 2018
Monday 7:44 pm
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>> No. 5837 Anonymous
24th September 2018
Monday 10:04 pm
5837 spacer
Does .gs support markdown?

>> No. 5838 Anonymous
24th September 2018
Monday 10:59 pm
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>> No. 5839 Anonymous
24th September 2018
Monday 11:03 pm
5839 spacer
Just thinking out loud really. It's been many moons since I perused the funky gibbon page and somehow I never noticed the size modifiers.
>> No. 5840 Anonymous
25th September 2018
Tuesday 8:45 pm
5840 spacer
Yes, perfectly every time if you hang-dry them properly on a wide-shouldered hanger. Bloomin magical.

best advice.jpg
>> No. 5793 Anonymous
18th September 2018
Tuesday 3:03 pm
5793 Getting me, and yourself laid more: a case study of James Hawver
I couldn't decide if this belonged here, but I think this board is underused and you should be the change you want to see in the world.

Essentially I want to discover the secret to online dating and what if anything men can do to improve their numbers.

James Hawver the most popular heterosexual man in New York in 2014 on okcupid when asked for his secret he said 'just never swipe left' utterly fucking vapid. This is the wisdom of a man who according to the article " In the three and a half hours we spend talking, the phone will ping 47 times: On Tinder, 35 women will match with him; 12 women on ­OKCupid­ will either ­message or favorite him." Clearly James doesn't know why he was so popular, or wasn't telling. It all points to cliché for male online dating advice "step 1: Be attractive, Step 2: don't be unattractive" essentially a statement about how the odds are already stacked but are they? what makes someone more and less attractive and can we change it? and what is the difference between what men want, men think women want, what women think they want and what they actually want. Given the absurd numbers I think James is the objective ideal to measure from Somewhere hidden in his profile is the secret to dating and I want to crack it


First of all the obvious raw numbers.

Height: He is 5'8 and lists his height as 5'9

Slightly surprising I mean he isn't a dwarf but if height really matters and taller = better you'd presume someone else taller to be doing better than him.

Money: real-estate agent (never mentioned on the profile)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 5823 Anonymous
19th September 2018
Wednesday 9:00 pm
5823 spacer
>if you're not, then getting your dick wet is likely not the remedy

This is such a crucial point. I had a mate who got himself sorted out and finally landed a proper girlfriend at the grand old age of 27 only to immediately destroy the relationship with all the insecurities and misery he had refused to deal with thus far because just hitting the gym for about a year was enough for him to superficially seem more 'normal'.

He wound up dropping out of uni (for the third time) and getting sectioned when it all fell apart because he simply wasn't equipped to deal with it emotionally.
>> No. 5824 Anonymous
19th September 2018
Wednesday 10:25 pm
5824 spacer
Wow, so there is someone in my socio-economic demographic worse off than me.
>> No. 5825 Anonymous
20th September 2018
Thursday 6:20 pm
5825 spacer
It's been done to death, but unless you're just looking for a bit of action, the best advice is going to be just be yourself. Exaggerate a little in the profile, and put a half-decent picture on it. If you're not that interesting, work on becoming more interesting, if only because you'll probably enjoy life a bit more in general. If you'rea bit of a cunt, work on being less of a cunt.

If you are just looking for some quick action, it may be easier to just pay a professional.

If you just fancy a laugh, go look up Super Seducer 2 on YouTube for some obvious advice, like don't say you'll cut her family into tiny pieces of she won't sleep with you. If you want to see the fragility of the PUA ego, I can heartily recommend the "call Mahmud" option.
>> No. 5826 Anonymous
21st September 2018
Friday 10:25 am
5826 spacer
> If you want to see the fragility of the PUA ego, I can heartily recommend the "call Mahmud" option.
Can you elaborate on that? I can't even try to figure out what you're onto here.
>> No. 5827 Anonymous
21st September 2018
Friday 12:26 pm
5827 spacer

A secret ending of a game series that was widely panned by critics.

I honestly feel like the bloke is a lot more self-aware than anyone's giving him credit for. The game is pure cringe but I think he might know that.

>> No. 5783 Anonymous
2nd September 2018
Sunday 7:34 pm
5783 Semi-borderline autist requesting the service of professional poofter.
As wee nipper my haircut alternated between a short-back-and-sides and a bowl. When I turned 16 I tried to be a metalhead but my hair is so thick and just a little wavy that the whole thing was an unmitigated travesty. So then I bought some clippers and chopped it all off again, then I was back to short-back-and-sides.

Because of self-confidence issues I've always been terrified of getting a decent haircut. But I think I've grown out of that now and I'm fed up of blandness. Plus my widows peak combined with having much finer hair at my temples results in a silly floppy thing à la >/fat/4638, which is silly and irritating after about 5 hours of office work defeats the power of L'OREAL 48 HOUR EXTREME TOUGH HAIR SAUCE. Also I think I've forgot how to link across boards, so if this goes terribly wrong I apologise.)

What are all the cool kids wearing nowadays that would suit a late-20s, wannabe metalhead with glasses and a penchant for paisley shirts, who might occasionally need to put on a suit and talk business shite? And also something that isn't too high-maintenance.
In my mind I can see a fohawk suiting me, or does this seem like a terrible idea?

I'm really leaning towards a faux-hawk with fades similar to this, or is there some rule about haircuts I'm missing that would make me a massive knob-head?
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>> No. 5788 Anonymous
3rd September 2018
Monday 6:44 pm
5788 spacer
My last barber was brilliant. She used to be a world class stylist doing the London fashion week and stuff like that, but then had to give it up when she got pregnant, and when she started work again took an easier job as a mens barber. Now I've moved 40 miles away and suddenly decided I want a proper haircut. I might take start going on a 2 hour round trip back to my old town just to save myself the stress of trying to find a decent unisex salon who wont try and talk to me about the x-factor.
>> No. 5789 Anonymous
3rd September 2018
Monday 7:40 pm
5789 spacer
>barbers where everyone has sailor tattoos and elaborate beards
That sounds exactly like the barbers I go to. Twenty quid for a haircut and a beard trim isn't that bad.

Considering I had long hair and never really got my hair cut for 20 years, that first hair cut took nearly 2 hours. It looks a lot better than it used to, because seeing a bloke who is almost 40 with a ponytail is just kind of sad.
>> No. 5790 Anonymous
3rd September 2018
Monday 8:19 pm
5790 spacer
I haven't found a truly decent barber since moving town about four years ago. I usually fit in a haircut now when I go back home to visit my parents.
>> No. 5791 Anonymous
3rd September 2018
Monday 8:33 pm
5791 spacer

It's my experience that finding somewhere that you can ask that question is hard as hell. I've had to book myself into a Toni & Guy's in order to find someone who can look at my bonce and come up with something that doesn't make me look like a ponce. Everyone below that level just asks me what I want done and when I say "give me a cut that's going to look good on me" look at me like I'm talking martian.
>> No. 5792 Anonymous
3rd September 2018
Monday 8:48 pm
5792 spacer
Thanks, and thanks to everyone elses suggestions.

I think I'll try the local toni & guys, but for various reasons I'm sort of set on a high fade faux-hawk or sensible-ish mohawk, so I might go down the route of showing them a few photos and say "something that would suit me similar to these."

>> No. 4366 Anonymous
1st August 2013
Thursday 11:49 am
4366 spacer
Why do my arm pits still stink after I shower?
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>> No. 5303 Anonymous
25th September 2015
Friday 7:53 pm
5303 spacer
You're not a girl, Steve, we've been through this.
>> No. 5311 Anonymous
26th September 2015
Saturday 2:35 pm
5311 spacer
I've found a lot of Nivea ones are pretty good. I've used both the "men's" Silver one and their 48h Invisible for Black/White, I was quite impressed that they seem to live up to their claims of keeping pit stink at bay for well over a day.
>> No. 5780 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 2:24 pm
5780 spacer

So guess what Garnier have just discontinued?


Ugh. I couldn't find it in Sainsbury's yesterday and hadn't looked for it for a few weeks because I'd stocked up. I haven't run out yet but am not looking forward to it. I've been used to my deodorant working perfectly for years.
>> No. 5781 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 3:56 pm
5781 spacer
Tesco has it.
>> No. 5782 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 3:57 pm
5782 spacer


>> No. 5394 Anonymous
20th March 2016
Sunday 10:00 pm
5394 spacer
Can you fa.gs recommend me an electronic shaver?
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>> No. 5611 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 9:08 pm
5611 spacer
I still have residual stubble with a safety razor no matter how many passes I do. Is it because I don't go against the grain?
>> No. 5612 Anonymous
27th August 2016
Saturday 9:19 pm
5612 spacer

Some razors are quite mild and won't give a very close shave without an against-the-grain pass. If you have coarse stubble, you'll probably need an against-the-grain or across-the-grain pass with most razors. A super-aggressive razor like the Muhle R41 will give a very close shave in a single pass, but they'll rip your face to bits if you don't know what you're doing.
>> No. 5746 Anonymous
8th November 2017
Wednesday 9:54 am
5746 spacer
I'm sick of wet shaving. I think I'll buy the Aldi shaver. Is this a bad idea?

>> No. 5747 Anonymous
8th November 2017
Wednesday 12:26 pm
5747 spacer
The Aldi hair clipper I bought was unsatisfying. Technically worked, took ages. Relegated to spare of last resort, with a proper one bought for thrice the price.
>> No. 5779 Anonymous
8th July 2018
Sunday 6:13 pm
5779 spacer
Can I pick these up anywhere on the high street?

syd barrett.jpg
>> No. 5771 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 5:35 pm
5771 spacer
Hey skincare lads, what's the best way to get rid of under eye bags that doesn't involve living a healthy lifestyle and spending time outdoors?
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>> No. 5774 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 5:59 pm
5774 spacer
>> No. 5775 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 6:04 pm
5775 spacer
Arabian Goggles.
>> No. 5776 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 6:11 pm
5776 spacer
Witch hazel. If your eye bags are saggy and wrinkly rather than puffy, moisturise regularly.
>> No. 5777 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 8:03 pm
5777 spacer
Sleep, steam rooms or Clinique.
>> No. 5778 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 8:11 pm
5778 spacer
Jogggg on, you crazzzzzy diamond... doo doo dooo...

>> No. 5768 Anonymous
31st March 2018
Saturday 9:59 am
5768 spacer
I'm guessing it's a sign of getting older, but I keep sprouting patches of hair on my body. On my shoulders, my upper arms, my back. If it was all over then that would be fine, but it's just the odd patch here and there.

What's the best way to get rid of them? Something like Veet? I'd imagine a razor would be a bit of a pain in the arse to keep on top of.
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>> No. 5769 Anonymous
31st March 2018
Saturday 10:06 am
5769 spacer
IPL will remove it permanently in most cases. It'll cost you about £50 for six sessions via Groupon.
>> No. 5770 Anonymous
31st March 2018
Saturday 1:28 pm
5770 spacer
I've been strictly in bear territory since I was in my early 20s, but the shoulder hair only started in the last couple of years. I just shave it whenever I'm in the bath.

Baths are great things for keeping on top of all that. I use it to relax, then trim and shave everything that needs done and cut my finger and toenails. Then a quick shower, wash your hair, you've killed 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. It's a nice little ritual.

>> No. 5763 Anonymous
26th March 2018
Monday 8:31 pm
5763 spacer
I've been using this for a couple of years and been largely satisfied by it. Lately it's been giving me a burning sensation in my pits.

Can you recommend me a roll-on, preferably one less likely to cause irritation. Don't care if it is a perspirant either.
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>> No. 5764 Anonymous
26th March 2018
Monday 9:06 pm
5764 spacer
I have sensitive skin and a raft of allergies, but Dove Men+Care roll-on seems fine. Unlike a lot of antiperspirants I've tried, it doesn't leave claggy stains on my undershirts.
>> No. 5765 Anonymous
26th March 2018
Monday 9:16 pm
5765 spacer
+1 Dove is good for that.
>> No. 5766 Anonymous
26th March 2018
Monday 9:17 pm
5766 spacer
Mitchum advanced might be worth a try too.
Otherwise dove as the lad above said, and sanex both have versions for sensitive skin.
>> No. 5767 Anonymous
26th March 2018
Monday 10:45 pm
5767 spacer
I use Mitchum, it's very good. Never stink.

>> No. 5751 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 5:18 pm
5751 spacer
I've lifted weights for about 8 years. I'm tired of off the rack suits and want to invest in something that'll last me a good few weddings, interviews and funerals.

I've been told a good bespoke suit will cost about £600. Is this right? Where would you lads recommend I go?
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>> No. 5752 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 5:44 pm
5752 spacer
To a tailor, preferably multiple tailors, for a quote. You've not bothered your arse to give us an area so how can we recommend a place? Slaters don't make custom stuff, so you'll have to google it. It's not like there is convenient chain of tailors you can pop in and have a chat with, it's a high-end luxury market where only the very, very skilled survive as they are the only people who can justify charging more than an off-the-rack Lambretta suit that cost £200 and fits fine for most people's needs.
>> No. 5753 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 6:07 pm
5753 spacer
Genuine bespoke will cost you £2,000 minimum. £600 will get you something made-to-measure from the far east. A local tailor will take your measurements, your suit will be made up in some foreign sweatshop, then a couple of months later you'll have a final fitting and the option of minor alterations. Several high-street brands offer a made-to-measure service including Reiss and Massimo Dutti.
>> No. 5754 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 6:29 pm
5754 spacer

I live in South Wales. It's a shame that there doesn't seem to be any local tailors around like in my granddad's day.

>Genuine bespoke will cost you £2,000 minimum.

Aye, fuck that. Alterations to off-the-rack suits don't really cut it (I've tried). A made-to-measure will solve my problem just fine.

>Several high-street brands offer a made-to-measure service including Reiss and Massimo Dutti.

Great. Any of you lads have personal experience of using a made-to-measure service anywhere?
>> No. 5755 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 7:00 pm
5755 spacer
We used to have a good guide to buying suits from a few people who were knowledgeable in the area.

I've skimmed the catalogue and found >>4711 but I'm sure we had more than this.
>> No. 5756 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 11:38 am
5756 spacer
These are in Cardiff.


I can't speak for how good they are, but I'm also looking for a suit and was thinking of giving them a go.

"2 piece suit £699.99

3 piece suit £849.99"


>> No. 5748 Anonymous
7th December 2017
Thursday 11:53 pm
5748 Beard maintenance?
I've had a short beard for a decade or so but I've never given much thought to maintenance. Since I've been growing it out I've started realising I should probably be more aware, but most of the stuff I read online seems to want to sell me something rather than be helpful and informative.

Beard brushes? Beard oil/wax/whatever? Are these just marketing gimmicks? Any other advice?
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>> No. 5749 Anonymous
8th December 2017
Friday 7:55 am
5749 spacer
I will just put a bit of shampoo and conditioner in my beard the same time as washing my hair. I also just use a normal comb to brush through a few drops of this stuff, once my beeard has dried. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bulldog-Original-Beard-Oil-30/dp/B01M1A2498 .
>> No. 5750 Anonymous
9th December 2017
Saturday 3:31 pm
5750 spacer
If your beard is puffy, a bit of beard oil really helps to just settle it down and stop you looking like a tramp. Beard shampoo and moisturiser doesn't seem to do much in my opinion.

>> No. 5718 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 1:59 pm
5718 spacer
I'm looking for some decent but not too expensive aftershaves.

Wilko are selling Brut for £2.50 but is it old fashioned?
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>> No. 5730 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 6:46 pm
5730 spacer
Personally I always go with Joop! Homme but I'd trust anything under the brand. The ladies certainly seem to like it without it being the aftershave equivalent of Lynx Africa.

Sage ticked because OP has already gone out and bought some but I still want to add my voice to the choir for any lads looking in future.
>> No. 5731 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 8:13 pm
5731 spacer

While you're there, see if they've got any Denim.

>> No. 5740 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 7:28 pm
5740 spacer

>> No. 5741 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 10:10 pm
5741 spacer
Old spice
>> No. 5742 Anonymous
23rd July 2017
Sunday 11:19 pm
5742 spacer

Thanks, grandad.

>> No. 5705 Anonymous
14th April 2017
Friday 9:52 pm
5705 spacer
Anyone recommend some breathable smart shoes?

It's so my feet don't end up in a sweaty mess at day's end.
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>> No. 5732 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 8:02 pm
5732 spacer
Can you recommend any specific shoes or shops?

The only shoe shop (selling formal shoes) I know is Clarkes and their range is poo.
>> No. 5733 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 8:30 pm
5733 spacer
What's your budget? The last pair of decent smart shoes I bought were about £80 from Harvey Nichols.
>> No. 5736 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 9:26 pm
5736 spacer
If you use shoe polish on Crocs it looks leather.
>> No. 5737 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 9:31 pm
5737 spacer
I spent around that on my last pair
>> No. 5739 Anonymous
1st July 2017
Saturday 3:56 pm
5739 spacer
So I suppose this would fit the bill right?


>> No. 5734 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 8:36 pm
5734 spacer
Evening, lads.

Daft question, but how do I maintain my heard at a certain length? My beard trimmer only goes up to 18mm, which is shorter than I'm wanting but I don't know how else to maintain a neat and even look. I'm not got at this sort of thing.
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>> No. 5735 Anonymous
30th June 2017
Friday 9:02 pm
5735 spacer
Get a different beard trimmer? A lot of them have detachable heads so you can probably just buy a slightly longer blade protection thingy.
>> No. 5738 Anonymous
1st July 2017
Saturday 5:19 am
5738 spacer
Get it trimmed by a barber.

>> No. 5712 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 2:30 pm
5712 Cobblers!
I've gone and worn the heels right down on my Hush Puppies oxfords. At £150+ a pop for a shiny new pair is it worth getting them repaired and fixed up or should I bite the bullet and look around for a new pair?

They have rubber soles with a polished leather upper if that helps.

Pic unrelated. It's all I had.
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>> No. 5713 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 3:14 pm
5713 spacer

Pop down to your nearest Brantanos before they close for good. You might find something.
>> No. 5714 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 5:37 pm
5714 spacer
You couldn't press "ctrl+t" and type "shoe" into your browser? I find it hard to believe you wear clothes.
>> No. 5715 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 6:42 pm
5715 spacer

Last time I checked it's about £20-25 for new heels at Timpsons. If you can find an independent cobbler near you it might be a little cheaper.

As long as the uppers aren't falling apart, it's definitely worth it, you're doubling the life of the shoe.
>> No. 5716 Anonymous
12th May 2017
Friday 8:41 am
5716 spacer
Thanks lads. Apart from you, >>5714. You're a wrong 'un.
>> No. 5717 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 11:23 am
5717 spacer
Plus one for Timpsons - they're actually very sound.

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