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>> No. 4331 Anonymous
26th June 2013
Wednesday 6:07 pm
4331 spacer
Can you put E45 on your face
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>> No. 4332 Anonymous
26th June 2013
Wednesday 6:29 pm
4332 spacer
Yes, just avoid around the eyes.
Had eczema underneath my eyelids a while back, and the E45 actually made it worse.
Almond oil does wonders for skin though, give it a go.
>> No. 4340 Anonymous
20th July 2013
Saturday 5:40 pm
4340 spacer

I swear by nivea creme. I use it for everything- dry hands in the winter, rashes in summer- it's the best product out there for dry skin ailments. It's also the cheapest.
It's a tad greasy when used on the face, but fine if used sparingly and thoroughly rubbed into the skin.
>> No. 4341 Anonymous
20th July 2013
Saturday 5:56 pm
4341 spacer

Or leave it on overnight. You can gloop it on and it's gone by the morning.
>> No. 4342 Anonymous
20th July 2013
Saturday 5:56 pm
4342 spacer
I use it all the time on my face, keep in mind it hasn't stopped me from being ugly but then again it hasn't melted my face off either.

Just use it sparingly like the Nivea guy above otherwise you will look like a polished turd.

>> No. 4333 Anonymous
3rd July 2013
Wednesday 1:18 pm
4333 spacer
Could we have another 'shit-haircut-now-waiting-for-it-to-grow-out' thread?

I can't even blame any other cunt because I did it myself.

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>> No. 4335 Anonymous
3rd July 2013
Wednesday 9:18 pm
4335 spacer
I do it myself all the time. just a no. 8 all over. Had a professional cut the other day but still had the same. Only difference is they trim the ears and the neck.

Keep meaning to wait for it to get to the length I like then just get it trimmed to keep it like that but I'm terrified what they might end up doing to it.
>> No. 4336 Anonymous
3rd July 2013
Wednesday 9:48 pm
4336 spacer
I'd bet you a tenner you'd look better with the standard short back and sides.

Getting rid of my ridiculous teenager hair was one of the best moves I ever made looks wise.
>> No. 4337 Anonymous
3rd July 2013
Wednesday 9:55 pm
4337 spacer

What is ridiculous teenager hair? One of those floppy everything-brushed-forward cuts?
>> No. 4338 Anonymous
3rd July 2013
Wednesday 10:32 pm
4338 spacer
No need to bet, it costs a few quid short of a tenner to get it done.

Problem with the short back and sides is that it doesn't grow back as well, if I get that I'd end up needing to go back more often.
>> No. 4339 Anonymous
7th July 2013
Sunday 8:46 am
4339 spacer


Something like this maybe?

what the fuck is this about.png
>> No. 4186 Anonymous
30th November 2012
Friday 8:13 pm
4186 Shoes, ugly shoes.
Look at this pair of shoes, look at how fucking hideous they are. I don't understand how no one along the production process took a step back and recoiled at the train wreck they had produced.

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>> No. 4323 Anonymous
2nd June 2013
Sunday 10:00 pm
4323 spacer

Good day ma'am. How is Phillip?
>> No. 4324 Anonymous
2nd June 2013
Sunday 10:01 pm
4324 spacer

Many retailers suffer the same heinous affliction. I believe the technical term for it is the dreaded teenagers.
>> No. 4325 Anonymous
2nd June 2013
Sunday 10:49 pm
4325 spacer
I still don't understand why anyone would hire someone for a customer interaction role who is physically revolting, when attractive people/people who look after themselves well enough that they aren't repellent presumably cost the same.
>> No. 4326 Anonymous
2nd June 2013
Sunday 10:56 pm
4326 spacer

Do discrimination laws cover physical appearance?

I would imagine cutting ugly people out of your minimum wage front line jobs would significantly cut the manpower pool anyway.
>> No. 4327 Anonymous
3rd June 2013
Monday 1:33 am
4327 spacer
I know shops like Abercrombie and Hollister have a very strict hiring process. This is all about picking attractive teens wearing clothing similar to what they sell in store. They also reprimand employees for wearing dark colours, mostly on the sly by reducing hours.

>> No. 4251 Anonymous
12th January 2013
Saturday 11:24 am
4251 spacer
Lads, I lost a jacket a couple of years ago and I'm really starting to miss it. I've nonced around quite a few clothing stores since it happened but never found anything like it. I got it from Primark and have been back numerous times in numerous seasons but no, not happening.

It's kind of like the one in the picture, but with more zips and a less...shiny-smooth plasticy material. Like a leather jacket but not leather. I'm not one for puffy/shiny jackets, and I'm starting to get desperate now because wearing two hoodies all the time makes one look rather silly. I liked being able wear a hoodie and a jacket over it indoors without being twice my original size.

I've little knowledge of fashion, all I know is I want to wear an essentially superfluous jacket so I can have some decoration for my hoodie. Anyone know what kind of jackets I'm trying to refer to?
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>> No. 4252 Anonymous
12th January 2013
Saturday 3:11 pm
4252 spacer
If you're looking for a jacket that shape then you could always just do a Google search for "field jacket" and start shopping around for one that suits your tastes.
>> No. 4259 Anonymous
18th January 2013
Friday 4:25 am
4259 spacer

This too shiny for you?
>> No. 4321 Anonymous
24th May 2013
Friday 5:18 am
4321 spacer

Korean muck, steer clear.

>> No. 4265 Anonymous
21st February 2013
Thursday 7:23 pm
4265 spacer
How can someone with long hair and a beard look smart? Will a tailored suit work, if so are there particular cuts that suit those people?

Do your best poofs.
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>> No. 4296 Anonymous
3rd April 2013
Wednesday 6:23 pm
4296 spacer

How do you feel about loafers with a suit?
>> No. 4297 Anonymous
4th April 2013
Thursday 12:25 am
4297 spacer

No, they're casual shoes. If you've got a very good eye you can get away with it, but obviously if you had a very good eye you wouldn't be asking for fashion advice on an imageboard.

Oxfords or brogues, black with a dark suit, brown with a pale suit. Polish with Kiwi, two brushes (one for putting polish on, the other for buffing it up) and buff to a high shine with a damp Selvyt cloth. If you're gauche enough to wear a belt, always match it to your shoes. Same goes for your watch strap, which should always be leather.

Brown brogues are the most versatile shoe, suitable for everything from a beach picnic to a business meeting and matching anything from pale beige chinos to navy blue flannel. They're only really inappropriate for the most formal of contexts and the darkest of suiting, e.g. black tie or a charcoal pinstriped suit.
>> No. 4298 Anonymous
4th April 2013
Thursday 11:17 am
4298 spacer
>>I'd like to think that this is what most posters here look like.

I suspect most posters here look considerably different from that.
>> No. 4299 Anonymous
4th April 2013
Thursday 11:34 am
4299 spacer
Don't shit on my dreams!
>> No. 4300 Anonymous
4th April 2013
Thursday 5:31 pm
4300 spacer

Your dreams revolve around big, middle-aged and very hairy men? Do you want them to fill your pies with their beefy poz lloads?

Ross Kemp tegjMyma6Hjm.jpg
>> No. 4205 Anonymous
4th December 2012
Tuesday 7:43 pm
4205 spacer
TELLY hardman Ross Kemp is launching his own FASHION label.

The soap star-turned-documentary maker is bringing out a range of clobber for “proper blokes”.

Ross, 48 — famous for shows about street gangs and in war zones — has called his line of clothing Standard Issue.


Are you bloke enough?
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>> No. 4209 Anonymous
4th December 2012
Tuesday 11:31 pm
4209 spacer
>> No. 4210 Anonymous
5th December 2012
Wednesday 12:50 am
4210 spacer
Because this news, unreported in The Sun at the time, insinuates that Kemp is somehow not a 'proper bloke'?
>> No. 4211 Anonymous
5th December 2012
Wednesday 3:29 am
4211 spacer
Might be good if:
- By 'solid' he means well-constructed
- The name 'Standard Issue' means they'll be minimally styled

What it will probably be is another military-inspired high-street fashion brand built to last a season or two.
>> No. 4213 Anonymous
5th December 2012
Wednesday 9:23 am
4213 spacer
Another "proper men's clothes" (aka: clothes for fatties) range like Jacamo?
>> No. 4268 Anonymous
25th February 2013
Monday 1:22 am
4268 spacer

He's covered wars you know.

>> No. 4231 Anonymous
24th December 2012
Monday 4:43 pm
4231 spacer
What aftershave do you guys wear?
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>> No. 4254 Anonymous
12th January 2013
Saturday 6:21 pm
4254 spacer
They're all pretty much the same. If you want SPF then get one with that, of not it doesn't really matter.
>> No. 4255 Anonymous
17th January 2013
Thursday 10:26 pm
4255 spacer

Fragrance free.

Nivea for men sensitive has one many, many awards. It's pretty good.
>> No. 4256 Anonymous
17th January 2013
Thursday 11:15 pm
4256 spacer
I use Abercrombie and Fitch's Fierce, but my mum uses this overpowering strawberry-fragranced detergent that makes all my clothes stink of strawberries and it makes my skin smell like sweet, sickly strawberries.
>> No. 4257 Anonymous
18th January 2013
Friday 3:20 am
4257 spacer
I think you had best start taking your best clothes to the dry cleaners instead.
>> No. 4258 Anonymous
18th January 2013
Friday 4:24 am
4258 spacer

Oh man, you can make text appear in italics and in bold at the same time, it's like magic!

>> No. 4235 Anonymous
25th December 2012
Tuesday 11:21 am
4235 spacer
Are you /poof/ters hitting the sales?

I've ordered this jacket from Debenhams, but there seems to be slim pickings on offer. I'll probably get a few shirts for work and some jeans when I can be bothered to trudge through it all.
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>> No. 4236 Anonymous
25th December 2012
Tuesday 6:46 pm
4236 spacer
All I really need is a few pairs of trousers, I was going to get some slim Dockers in a couple of colours. I've been thinking about replacing my old bowling shoes (I'm the mod cunt that haunts all the threads here) for a few years now so I might shop around for some of those. Could maybe do with shirts. If anything I have too many clothes already.
>> No. 4246 Anonymous
2nd January 2013
Wednesday 6:22 pm
4246 spacer
Picked up a Mars selection box in Sainsburys today for 70p. Have also got my Christmas cards sorted for this year.

>> No. 4247 Anonymous
3rd January 2013
Thursday 12:50 am
4247 spacer
I might go skiing after I have signed on, but don't know whether I can be arsed. Should lassitude lose, I suppose I will have to go to some woeful light industrial unit in search of new nylon.

>> No. 4127 Anonymous
24th October 2012
Wednesday 8:09 pm
4127 spacer
winter outfits?
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>> No. 4139 Anonymous
2nd November 2012
Friday 4:45 pm
4139 spacer

Is that a Barbour? Good man. I've got my tatty old Border jacket for the really stormy weather.
>> No. 4143 Anonymous
2nd November 2012
Friday 5:00 pm
4143 spacer
Indeed it is (a Beaufort), wouldn't trade it for the world though it's due a re-wax.
>> No. 4168 Anonymous
26th November 2012
Monday 6:27 pm
4168 spacer

I rather like this.

>> No. 4169 Anonymous
26th November 2012
Monday 11:41 pm
4169 spacer

Primark for a couple quid for the conductive gloves.
>> No. 4245 Anonymous
31st December 2012
Monday 10:28 am
4245 spacer
>have £500 phone
>go to primark for gloves

>> No. 4170 Anonymous
28th November 2012
Wednesday 2:15 pm
4170 Grey Hair
I didn't mind it at first because it was only on the sides and I thought I'd look like Reed Richards, now it's spreading everywhere and I just look old.

Anyone know if there are any reliable ways to stop/reverse it without resorting to Just For Men or dodgy 'cures' peddeled from dodgy internet sites?
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>> No. 4228 Anonymous
19th December 2012
Wednesday 3:22 pm
4228 spacer


Just get a better hair-cut.
>> No. 4239 Anonymous
29th December 2012
Saturday 12:58 pm
4239 spacer

I've got a decent one at the minute, it hides the grey on top but highlights it at the sides.
>> No. 4240 Anonymous
29th December 2012
Saturday 1:06 pm
4240 spacer
I'm early twenties and terrified I'll go bald at some point. I think my mum's dad started balding in his twenties, poor sod. I don't mind greys or thinning or a receding hairline, just let me keep it growing from my bonce forever. It's would be like losing an ear or your toes.
>> No. 4242 Anonymous
30th December 2012
Sunday 3:24 pm
4242 spacer

Apparently the rule of thumb is your grandfather. Not sure which one though.
>> No. 4243 Anonymous
30th December 2012
Sunday 6:05 pm
4243 spacer

Maternal. But that could be utter bollocks. I've certainly never understood who this would work genetically...

>> No. 4044 Anonymous
14th August 2012
Tuesday 6:18 pm
4044 spacer
Alright lads/lassies, how to you go about shaving your cock/vagina? I normally just use a clipper on the whole lot then carefully use a razor on my shaft. The blending between shaft and the rest looks a bit bizarre for a few days but it seems to work for me. I'm wondering if any guys have a better way of going about this?

General discussion about pubic hair grooming I guess. Opinions on how you like your partners to wear their hair? It doesn't bother me that much to be honest, my preference would probably be just for her to be neatly trimmed. Definitely no diamontes or whatever some mongs stick on there thanks to the media. I don't want to be picking sequins out of my teeth for a week.

Picture came up when I googled "Pubic Hair"
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>> No. 4174 Anonymous
29th November 2012
Thursday 10:43 am
4174 spacer
I shave my balls, just because it feels much more comfortable. But everywhere else around the zone is hairy as fuck (as in thick hair, I trim my pubes) It looks rather strange.
>> No. 4217 Anonymous
6th December 2012
Thursday 1:29 pm
4217 spacer
I just neatly trim with scissors all over. As soon as a I get down to BIC territory it starts feeling prickly and uncomfortable.

I find for my personal comfort a 1-2cm trim is just fine.
>> No. 4227 Anonymous
19th December 2012
Wednesday 3:07 pm
4227 spacer

Balls, shaft and crack with a Phillips Bodygroom - a fucking excellent piece of kit that works wet and dry and does no damage if you're clumsy with it. Neatened triangle.
I get no stubble irritation or anything like that but my ex gf used to strum on a lyre made of my pulled taut hair whilst singing "silken pubes" so I guess they're not the thick wiry short and curlies that many of you are afflicted with.
Crack hair removal is for hygiene. Bald balls for pleasure. As for women: all or nothing; I don't go for pube styles.
>> No. 4229 Anonymous
19th December 2012
Wednesday 10:48 pm
4229 spacer

'Strum on a lyre...silken pubes...'

Good God man, you live like a decadent French duke. What a marvellous image - and one which ought to grace this page should anyone deign to immortalise it in MSPaint.
>> No. 4230 Anonymous
24th December 2012
Monday 2:39 pm
4230 spacer

Well it would just be a bit forced now.

>> No. 4175 Anonymous
29th November 2012
Thursday 10:51 am
4175 spacer
I've had my eye on these bad boys for a while now. I love the look of them and the price isn't too bad for my liking.

My only problem is, i'm a scrawny 5'9 guy who still looks 15 years old and the big sole/heel might make it look like I have a Napoleon Complex and are trying to seem taller than I really am. There's a place in my town that sells Redwings, but they don't have the 877s yet (even though they've said they get them in) I've tried the 875s on but they look clunky as shit on me, the 877s are a sleeker design though. Thoughts?
14 posts and 4 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 4221 Anonymous
7th December 2012
Friday 11:28 pm
4221 spacer


I think they're alright.
>> No. 4222 Anonymous
8th December 2012
Saturday 12:14 am
4222 spacer

This is an odd question, but was that photo taken in flat that is part if a converted mansion in Leeds? It looks exactly like the hallway of my old place.
>> No. 4223 Anonymous
8th December 2012
Saturday 5:32 pm
4223 spacer

Nope. My parents' house in Northumberland.
>> No. 4224 Anonymous
12th December 2012
Wednesday 6:47 pm
4224 spacer
They'll love lovely once they get bashed up and browned a bit mate. Although personally I dislike light coloured souls.
>> No. 4226 Anonymous
12th December 2012
Wednesday 7:24 pm
4226 spacer
Why don't you fuck off back to your own country, then?

>> No. 4147 Anonymous
7th November 2012
Wednesday 11:13 pm
4147 spacer
Sorry to make another fucking shoe thread but, wallabees, aye or no?

and what alternatives exist other than boots.
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 4153 Anonymous
16th November 2012
Friday 7:20 pm
4153 spacer
Lad, those boots like utter shite - the unnecessary buckle on the side and the cheap looking leather. It's as if a dress shoe and a hiking boot had a child and spawned this. I hope it wasn't too expensive of a mistake.
>> No. 4154 Anonymous
16th November 2012
Friday 9:05 pm
4154 spacer
£65, by the looks of it: http://www.riverisland.com/men/shoes--boots/boots/black-military-boots--264703 .
>> No. 4160 Anonymous
18th November 2012
Sunday 12:32 am
4160 spacer
Ghostface Killah only wears Wallabees.

An emphatic Aye.
>> No. 4166 Anonymous
18th November 2012
Sunday 11:35 pm
4166 spacer
Fuck me, River Island.

Don't get me wrong, the rest of their clothing is alright, but never buy shoes from there - they're always a joke.
>> No. 4218 Anonymous
6th December 2012
Thursday 1:45 pm
4218 spacer
And Vybz Kartel only wears Clarks.


Winter is already here.jpg
>> No. 4161 Anonymous
18th November 2012
Sunday 5:38 pm
4161 spacer
Proper winter is on its way soon and with that comes ice and snow. What do you guys recommend for someone who has an outright aversion to slipping on his arse?

I'm presently looking at a pair of these:

but I doubt I'd look stylish in them
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>> No. 4162 Anonymous
18th November 2012
Sunday 6:12 pm
4162 spacer

Wrap your shoes in chains.
>> No. 4163 Anonymous
18th November 2012
Sunday 6:19 pm
4163 spacer
I'm not sure if you were kidding, but those things are really quite useful when it's icy out. I wouldn't go full-on scandinavian like the gear in the picture, but even a cheap pair of ice treads can make a world of difference. Best part: no need to invest in new shoes.
>> No. 4164 Anonymous
18th November 2012
Sunday 6:50 pm
4164 spacer
get a pair of old boots and gorilla glue bottle caps to the bottom of them. Works a treat.
>> No. 4165 Anonymous
18th November 2012
Sunday 11:34 pm
4165 spacer
>Bottlecaps, that isn't even a bad idea...

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