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>> No. 4870 Anonymous
17th March 2014
Monday 7:29 pm
4870 spacer
Is there anything I can do or are these just another impulse purchase should be getting ready to toss out?
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>> No. 4878 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 8:45 am
4878 spacer

Just use Google maps to look for a local shoe wizard lad.
>> No. 4879 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 1:24 pm
4879 spacer
>> No. 4880 Anonymous
18th March 2014
Tuesday 1:42 pm
4880 spacer
I watched that yesterday. How strange.
>> No. 4881 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 5:34 am
4881 spacer

I thought gnomes were usually the magical creatures of choice to contract for shoe repair?
>> No. 4882 Anonymous
19th March 2014
Wednesday 8:04 am
4882 spacer

a-wuzza wuzza wuz

>> No. 4865 Anonymous
15th March 2014
Saturday 11:49 pm
4865 British manufacturers
I've been thinking about this for a while, that we should have a sticky thread of British manufacturers. Just an idea. In any case I'll get the ball rolling with some I know of.
Very nice selection of outerwear and personal items, I've got a cord jacket from them
Makes fancy, rather eclectic garments from all-British materials
Vintage clothing, some cut from actual 19th century patterns, fits in surprisingly well with the 21st century it seems
General menswear, rather pricey
Makes casual shirts
Makes original pattern duffel coats
Basic range of menswear
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>> No. 4867 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 10:23 am
4867 spacer
Good thread, thank you for this. Should definitely be stickied. I'll add some of my own bookmarks in time.

>> No. 4860 Anonymous
15th March 2014
Saturday 5:59 pm
4860 spacer
Hi .gs pooflads

I need to start dressing smart casual. I can't see myself in jeans or chinos, especially with shoes. I've no problem with shirts. Any ideas of what to wear? I'm considering wearing DM boots, is this acceptable?

Advice appreciated.
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>> No. 4863 Anonymous
15th March 2014
Saturday 6:56 pm
4863 spacer
Get the basics right and work up from there. A core wardrobe of versatile mainstays can be dressed up or down as required.

Oxford shirts work well with anything less formal than a suit. Oxford cloth has more texture and better opacity than poplin. Stick with the basics of white, blue and pink, and make sure they fit well. Pay particular attention to the sleeve length and cuff width. Off-the-peg shirts tend to err on the side of generosity in this respect, so you'll often need to move the cuff button.

Brown brogues are extremely versatile. A lot of men gravitate to black shoes, which is a mistake with anything other than dark suiting or black tie. Avoid anything remotely trendy, you'll look like a mobile phone salesman or a lower-league footballer. I'd recommend against DMs, they're bulky and inelegant. If you're looking for a casual shoe option to dress down an outfit, I'd suggest loafers or Converse-type basketball shoes.

Having a range of trousers gives you scope in terms of formality. Chinos, cords and woolen trousers all have their place in the smart/casual wardrobe. When choosing fabric, look for texture and opt for medium shades of grey, blue and brown. Again, pay close attention to fit - always buy trousers with surplus length and have them tailored to fit. If you're going for a very slim fit, be wary of bunching in the seat and crotch. Match the leg width to your physique and avoid skinny fits unless you yourself are skinny. If you can stand to wear them, braces are vastly superior to belts, as you get finer control of where the trouser breaks and without bunching at the waistband.

Break (how the hem of a trouser leg rests on the shoe) is something of a fine art. Most men wear overly long trousers with a traditional full break, with fabric pooling on top of the shoe. This looks slouchy and makes your legs look shorter. The easiest break to pull off is the shallow break, where the hem just barely rests on top of the shoe. Very skinny trousers work best with zero break, where the hem is well clear of the shoe.

Cardigans are brilliant garments. They allow for versatile layering during spring and autumn and look much smarter than sweaters. The buttons and deep v of a cardigan lengthen the torso.

Blazers are fairly easy to balls up, avoid anything too dark or too shiny. Look for textured fabrics like tweed and corduroy and again pay very close attention to fit. A very traditional garment can look very modern if the cut is right. With your arms by your side, you should have about half an inch of shirt sleeve showing under a blazer. Harrington jackets are excellent if you're looking for something more casual - opt for paler colours and buy quality (Baracuta or Merc).
>> No. 4864 Anonymous
15th March 2014
Saturday 7:02 pm
4864 spacer

Most of my money for clothing goes on technical hill kit (Montane / Rab / Paramo etc) and usually what's left goes on non dpm combats eg Helikon, trail shoes, t/shirt / 3/4 trousers etc. I'm more laid back outdoors than smart casual.
>> No. 4868 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 11:54 am
4868 spacer
OP, a lot of choices also come down to personal taste, which isn't to say that you shouldn't listen to anyone else. In fact it's the opposite, you develop a better wardrobe by paying attention to people and taking an interest in clothes. Posts like >>4863 are helpful and a good starting point, but I'd also say it's worth taking as much time as you can to observe what other people wear. What do you like, what don't you like? What do you value in clothing, what kind of materials? Has there ever been a person dressed in smart casual that you thought, 'yes I like that'?

We can give you broad dos and don'ts and can make suggestions, but it needs to be 50/50 (or in practice probably more like 70/30) what you like versus what others think, otherwise you'll feel like you're wearing a costume. Which is the worst feeling you can have when trying new stuff, I reckon.

Lecture over, then. I'd say going off >>4864 you'd do well with smart but outdoorsy clothing, which definitely exists if you look for it. I'd start with a nice pair of traditional leather boots. Since you don't like jeans or chinos, I'd say wool trousers and cords, or anything in heavier fabrics would suit what you're used to. Agreeing with >>4863 on jackets and blazers. Heavier country/traditional coats might interest you as well, maybe a duffle or an overcoat.
>> No. 4869 Anonymous
16th March 2014
Sunday 12:58 pm
4869 spacer
What age are you? What build are you? Why do you want to change how you dress? Why do you have a problem with jeans and chinos?

I should say at this point that regardless of how you answer, no DMs are not acceptable.

>>4863 pretty much nails the basics, but I'd say that blazers so rarely look passable, let alone good, that it's better to forget about them altogether. They're basically on the same level as fedoras for people who think there's a magical item of clothing they can put on and "class up the joint".
>> No. 4885 Anonymous
24th March 2014
Monday 1:24 pm
4885 spacer
>smart casual

>> No. 4497 Anonymous
17th September 2013
Tuesday 6:06 pm
4497 spacer
I need some new shoes lads.

Nothing too fancy just want them to have good grip and last a long time. Willing to spend up to £40. Need to walk to lectures and everywhere else. (Nothing sporty).

Previously had a pair Deichmann Memphis ones which cost me £20 and lasted half a year. To be fair, I did a lot of walking in them.
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>> No. 4828 Anonymous
10th February 2014
Monday 6:21 pm
4828 spacer
Yeah, the last couple of pairs of shoes I've had from Clarks have been disappointingly shit. No better than the much cheaper competition.
>> No. 4829 Anonymous
10th February 2014
Monday 6:34 pm
4829 spacer
I haven't actually bought anything from there in quite a few years other than desert boots come to think of it. If the quality has declined that much I retract the recommendation.
>> No. 4830 Anonymous
10th February 2014
Monday 7:14 pm
4830 spacer

Well within the bounds of reason - I found a similar pair on Asos, for more a less the same price. Would be a shame if they were fake, but after some heavy use, they're holding very well.

Here is the thing with fake goods, sometimes the fakes are better than the original. Better build, materials, etc... So as long as shit doesn't fall to pieces after a few wears, then I couldn't care less really.

I also doubt TKmaxx, intentionally buys fakes, I'm sure there are consumer watch-dogs and other bodies on the look out for such indescrepencies.
>> No. 4831 Anonymous
10th February 2014
Monday 9:01 pm
4831 spacer
>sometimes the fakes are better than the original. Better build, materials, etc...
You're thinking of counterfeits. These would be authorised fakes ("outlet-grade"), which are most definitely not "better than the original".
>> No. 4832 Anonymous
10th February 2014
Monday 11:17 pm
4832 spacer
I was only really ever planning into Clark's to try on some shoes and get a sizing done, since I can find out my width and the fact Clark's have a relatively standard size.

>> No. 4807 Anonymous
21st January 2014
Tuesday 5:19 pm
4807 Dying Hair
How would I, a male, go about dyeing my hair progressively lighter until I look like my hero, Brian, from Sixteen Candles?

All the dyes in the shops have women on them, which scare me away from them before I can read the back.

And this is for purely investigatory purposes, not to stave off the ever advancing symptoms of my mortality.
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>> No. 4808 Anonymous
21st January 2014
Tuesday 5:21 pm
4808 spacer

You can get hair products "for men" but really they are the same thing as women's stuff but they stick a chisel-jawed or beared bloke on the package to reassure people with fragile egos and sexualities trapped in the closet.

Just man up and buy what you need (plenty guides online for the ladies) or go to a unisex hairdresser and they will do whatever you ask them to do to your hair, no matter how fruity.
>> No. 4811 Anonymous
21st January 2014
Tuesday 5:43 pm
4811 spacer

My ego's fine thank you. And you were probably just fishing with the closet thing, but being lucky requires no skill so nothing in that first line was of any worth, whatsoever. Of course, this is all just faux-arrogance, not justified by anything in your entirely reasonable post.

I'm mostly just after guides on how to slowly lighten it, because (a) I might look like a moron (b) people will assume I've had a manic episode.
>> No. 4812 Anonymous
21st January 2014
Tuesday 5:45 pm
4812 spacer

You are far too sensitive.
>> No. 4813 Anonymous
21st January 2014
Tuesday 5:54 pm
4813 spacer

>Of course, this is all just faux-arrogance, not justified by anything
in your entirely reasonable post.

Nuh-uh! I was being unduly sarcastic.

it only matters when it affects me.jpg
>> No. 4796 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 1:39 pm
4796 spacer
Ralph Lauren have 40% off sale prices with the code: RLFF14

You can get Ralph Lauren polos for £30 or so a the minute.
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>> No. 4802 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 4:24 pm
4802 spacer
Love polo mints, but always wondered what they did with the bit in the middle. £30 seems a bit much. I'm pretty sure I could get a whole packet of them for 10p back in the day.
>> No. 4803 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 4:28 pm
4803 spacer
They stockpile them until they're ready to sell them, forgetfulm8.
>> No. 4804 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 4:37 pm
4804 spacer

Alternative answer: they export them to PIGS who can't afford the real deal.
>> No. 4805 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 4:50 pm
4805 spacer
They don't look deep enough to fit into a Polo.

Then again I probably haven't eaten a Polo in a decade and a half, fuck knows what shape they are these days.
>> No. 4806 Anonymous
15th January 2014
Wednesday 6:13 pm
4806 spacer
Seems their website has crapped itself and died.

>> No. 4784 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 8:50 pm
4784 Suits without matching trousers...
So I was in TK Maxx today and saw a nice looking light blueygrey French Connection suit jacket on sale for £23 (apparently RRP £225), probably because it was lacking an accompanying pair of trousers. I liked the style so I picked it up anyway along with a Feraud herringbone blazer for the same price. I tried tracking down the trousers online to no avail, so I'm wondering if it would be acceptable to wear trousers of different colours and/or materials with it? If so, are there any colours which would complement a light blueygrey jacket? Pic related, it looks similar to this but more blue.
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>> No. 4791 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 9:28 pm
4791 spacer

Yeah it's not the best fit, but that's to be expected with an off the peg suit, I guess. I'll try taking a better picture tomorrow when I'm in formal attire. If it's unusable I'll probably return it or try selling it on.
>> No. 4792 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 10:00 pm
4792 spacer
It doesn't, the armscyes are falling beyond his shoulders.
>> No. 4793 Anonymous
13th January 2014
Monday 5:52 pm
4793 spacer

After trying it on in formal wear I could see how bad a fit it is for me.

>> No. 4794 Anonymous
13th January 2014
Monday 7:14 pm
4794 spacer
Why are you always in blackface?
>> No. 4795 Anonymous
13th January 2014
Monday 7:23 pm
4795 spacer

I think it suits me.

>> No. 4774 Anonymous
6th January 2014
Monday 10:16 pm
4774 spacer
Why does vanity sizing exist in jeans?

Today I did my biannual shop for jeans and the waist size variance for what is purportedly the same measurement was ridiculous. 34" should be 34". I should be able to pick up a pair of 34R jeans off the rack and take them home without having to try them beforehand on just to make sure I don't need a 32R pair instead.
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>> No. 4779 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 12:26 pm
4779 spacer

I see what you're saying, as technically the waist should be worn at the waist, which is usually different to a hip measurement. However I agree with the OP, a simple waistband measurement in inches would be more useful than any estimates on behalf of the manufacturer.

OP, it's possible they were using Euro sizing, which also often doesn't make much sense.
>> No. 4780 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 5:23 pm
4780 spacer
Inches are different on the mainland?
>> No. 4781 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 5:34 pm
4781 spacer
You think people use inches in Europe?
>> No. 4782 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 6:14 pm
4782 spacer
Just because they use the metric system doesn't mean that they don't know what an inch is and can't have their own definition of it.
>> No. 4783 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 7:23 pm
4783 spacer


It's more that they use a different measurement entirely. I'm not sure what the numbers could mean, as they're not cm, and don't seem right as a leg length/inseam.

Chart is just an example I quickly pulled off Google.

>> No. 4736 Anonymous
25th November 2013
Monday 8:06 pm
4736 Trousers
I am 6 ft and of a normal skinny build but I find that when I buy black trousers for work I always feel that the crotch is way too low and looks weird.

I don't have this problem with jeans.

If you look at the attached picture the trousers in the top row seem strange to me. The bottom left seems a little more acceptable but still slightly too low for my liking.

Does anyone know of a specific brand of trouser or shop that would sell something with a decent crotch level?

Or am I just obsessing too much?
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>> No. 4761 Anonymous
27th November 2013
Wednesday 4:32 pm
4761 spacer
It seems more reasonable that he'd be suggesting the opposite.
>> No. 4767 Anonymous
1st January 2014
Wednesday 4:30 am
4767 spacer
That is correct. I'm not him, but I've heard that as you get more rotund, the fatty tissue around the base of the penis can expand to the point where your John Thomas is smaller in practice, if not in theory.

"I've heard".
>> No. 4768 Anonymous
1st January 2014
Wednesday 5:52 am
4768 spacer
The distance from waistband to crotch is called the rise. Trousers cut to be worn at the waist will have a considerably greater rise than those worn at the hip. If you're after low rise trousers, you want to be shopping somewhere young and trendy - H&M, Topman, Zara et al.

Also, black is a faux pas if you're not a waiter or a funeral director. Unless your work dress code strictly requires black trousers, go for navy or charcoal instead.
>> No. 4769 Anonymous
1st January 2014
Wednesday 4:54 pm
4769 spacer
Unless you are personal friends with Jordan I doubt the sample size is statistically significant

>n=3, subject was sampled 3 times
>> No. 4770 Anonymous
2nd January 2014
Thursday 9:23 am
4770 spacer

>Also, black is a faux pas if you're not a waiter or a funeral director.

Funny that so many people who work wear black trousers. I do, only because virtually every male I have worked with does. I am trying to branch out though.

>> No. 3611 Anonymous
23rd February 2012
Thursday 8:01 pm
3611 spacer
As a 19 year old male would it be considered suitable (pun not intended) to wear a suit in less formal situations, such as lectures or casual social situations? Or would it just be a case of overdressing?

The reason I ask this is because the only time I've been complemented on my dress sense is when I've suited up. It feels nice to wear suits and increases my confidence.

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>> No. 4731 Anonymous
20th November 2013
Wednesday 8:00 pm
4731 spacer
Look, I don't really care what people wear, and I haven't attended a uni lecture in years, maybe all the lads are suiting up these days, fucked if I know. I'm just saying that there's a point beyond which you aren't just dressing how you like, you're making a statement, and for me the full suit and tie regalia in an informal context is past that point.

Anyway, we've been around the argument a few times now, apparently long enough for you to say I "can't stop talking" about clothing, which is a fair sign that it's time for me to drop it.
>> No. 4732 Anonymous
20th November 2013
Wednesday 10:20 pm
4732 spacer
OP here. I've since realised what a terrible question this was to ask and I am suitably embarrassed. You can all stop trying to convince me how bad an idea this was.
>> No. 4733 Anonymous
20th November 2013
Wednesday 10:27 pm
4733 spacer

There's nothing wrong with dressing smart, it just takes a bit of observation to know what's appropriate and what messages certain clothing puts across. Don't beat yourself up lad.

If you are wanting to look a bit smarter for lectures, then focus on getting casual clothes that fit well. A button-up shirt goes a long way, too.
>> No. 4734 Anonymous
20th November 2013
Wednesday 10:56 pm
4734 spacer
>suitably embarrassed
Wry smile, you wag.
>> No. 4735 Anonymous
21st November 2013
Thursday 8:08 am
4735 spacer

I've actually since graduated university. Cheers anyway.

>> No. 4620 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 1:53 pm
4620 spacer
What clothing websites are there? I need new clothes and I've totally drawn a blank. Asos, ARK...?
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>> No. 4665 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 1:20 am
4665 spacer
New technologies like fracking, gasification and tar-sands will ensure we use carbon for many more decades to come. I don't care about the floods, fires and hurricanes because they don't happen anywhere near me. It is in my best interest to live as best and comfortable as I can, so the rest can sod off. I don't see why I should change myself, place burdens on my shoulders for nowt.
>> No. 4666 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 1:22 am
4666 spacer

The big worry isn't really America, it's India and China. The new middle-class there aspire to western lifestyles, which will inevitably lead to a vast increase in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It's up to us to demonstrate moral leadership by reducing our energy use, rather than hypocritically demanding that India and China keep down their emissions to much lower per-capita levels than ours.
>> No. 4667 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 1:26 am
4667 spacer
The whole thing smells of neo-imperialism to me any way. Capping developing nations' consumption, to make sure they never reach our standards. I'm not complaining, but let's just call a spade a spade.
>> No. 4668 Anonymous
15th November 2013
Friday 1:27 am
4668 spacer
That is a point but both of them have space programs now and they aspire to go to other celestial worlds. Both with successful missions.

We can stay here and roll around in the filth.
>> No. 4738 Anonymous
25th November 2013
Monday 8:17 pm
4738 spacer
Resources exist to be consumed. And consumed they will be, if not by this generation then by some future. By what right does this forgotten future seek to deny us our birthright? None I say! Let us take what is ours, chew and eat our fill.

>> No. 3918 Anonymous
25th June 2012
Monday 8:34 pm
3918 spacer
I'm about to buy this watch.
Seiko SNDA65, £195.
My mate reckons is ridiculous to spend 200 squid on a watch.

what do you chaps think?
do you wear a watch?
if so, what watch?
how much would you spend on a watch?
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>> No. 4614 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 9:16 am
4614 spacer

Not unless you live in the Sahara and spend all day outdoors. There's just not enough available surface area.
>> No. 4615 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 12:13 pm
4615 spacer

I bought myself one a few weeks ago. The design is great, but the mechanism is just too loud. I have to put it in a drawer if I don't want the incessant tick-tick-ticking keeping me awake at night.
>> No. 4616 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 10:59 pm
4616 spacer

Casio Mens Gold Digital Watch(1).jpg
This watch really tickles my fancy, you can find it for 40 quid on any high street jewler. Not bad.
>> No. 4617 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 11:07 pm
4617 spacer

Tacky as fuck, it looks like it came out of one of those plastic egg vending machines.
>> No. 4618 Anonymous
4th November 2013
Monday 11:18 pm
4618 spacer


I quite like it, m8. Rock on.

>> No. 4589 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 10:59 pm
4589 Jamjars
Greetings, /bum/.

My five-year old frames and the lenses they carry are starting to show their age, so I'm getting some new ones with a bang-up-to-date prescription. I've been giving some thought to thick rims à la Harry Palmer. The trouble is that, despite my jovial manner and rapier wit, I get the feeling they might make me look like a bit of a meeja prick. I've a bit of a big bonce, and a teensy tiny little bit of chub. OK, maybe more than a teensy tiny little bit. Thoughts?

Arbitrary sample photo scrounged from t'interwebs for reference.
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>> No. 4590 Anonymous
21st October 2013
Monday 11:03 pm
4590 spacer


>> No. 4560 Anonymous
24th September 2013
Tuesday 10:42 pm
4560 spacer
I am a guy. What is appropriate to wear to dinner with a friend who is also a guy? I am worried about either appearing inappropriately casual or formal.
11 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 4573 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 1:43 am
4573 spacer


That's why I suggested dark red, like this, and perhaps even bordering on purple. If you've got the personality to pull it off (confident without being cocky), it can be very convincing. I mean, a safe bet would be a grey-blue, or if it's something that requires you to be particularly technically minded a sharper blue. Purple without being glaring can also work, such as Royal Purple.

Green and yellow would make you seem like a bit of a joker, unless it's a very pale yellow or very dark green.
>> No. 4574 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 1:51 am
4574 spacer
>> No. 4575 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 1:52 am
4575 spacer


Wear a tux bruv.
>> No. 4576 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 7:10 am
4576 spacer
There's nowt wrong with a black tie. I've been successful in my last two job interviews wearing a grey shirt and black tie.

Ignore all the HR shite that is churned out in an effort to justify their non-jobs. It's all about your personality and how you'd fit in their workplace as they already know about your abilities and qualifications. A nice pair of shoes help, mind.
>> No. 4577 Anonymous
25th September 2013
Wednesday 11:17 am
4577 spacer

It's got nothing to do with having a non-job, and everything about your appearance making you look suitable for the position.

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