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>> No. 24313 Anonymous
17th November 2016
Thursday 7:50 pm
24313 spacer
1000 posts in the old one, time for a new one.

/101/ing cockends who park across your drive when there is clearly a car parked in there.
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>> No. 25429 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 12:29 pm
25429 spacer
Here again.

Today it's tractors instead. I saw a couple of dozen go past just while I was out washing my car.
(I think there's a country show on somewhere nearby.)

Another annoyance, what I thought was birdshit on my headlight, is actually where the garage has spilt some oil or brake fluid when they serviced it last week and it's etched a permanent streak into the plastic. It's bad enough to annoy the hell out of me, but on top of the rest of the dents and scratches on the car it's not bad enough that I could keep a straight face if I went back and demanded they replace it.
>> No. 25430 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 5:44 pm
25430 spacer
>>25429 Today it's tractors instead.

Two 15-tonne excavators have just trundled past my house (on their tracks, not a low loader). Seismic.
Got to love the countryside.
>> No. 25431 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 9:02 pm
25431 spacer

Are you in West Yorkshire? Got stuck behind fifteen thousand tractors and horseboxes today because of the Arthington show.

Think there's a modified car meet there next week so enjoy that too
>> No. 25432 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:36 pm
25432 spacer
I've watched three episodes of Glow and I'm still waiting for it to "get going". I should have known better than to watch something the Guardian were raving about solely because it's written by, directed by and predominantly starring women. That should have been a big red flag, to be honest.
>> No. 25433 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:40 pm
25433 spacer

I don't know if it's just because I'm a fan of wrestling, but I really enjoyed it. I actually welled up at one point when they were doing the wrestling and that.

Not sure it has anything to do with the writing or women actors. Maron steals the show anyway, and Alsion Brie is pretty great. And its written by the Orange is the New Black people and I fucking hated that.

Plus Kate Nash gets her tits out in it.
>> No. 25434 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 6:59 am
25434 spacer

I don't think I can get beyond Kate Nash's awful "British" accent.

Also, Alison Brie seems to be slowly morphing into Andy from Cbeebies.
>> No. 25435 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 8:04 am
25435 spacer
I'm still waiting for Better Call Saul to get going.
>> No. 25436 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 5:06 pm
25436 spacer
I don't know if it's because I haven't been for a check up in almost a decade or I've been to see a particularly vicious dentist, but I've just had the most painful scale and polish of my life. The amount of blood I spat out afterwards was ridiculous.
>> No. 25437 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 8:29 pm
25437 spacer

I don't think it is going to "get going".

It's more of a fill in the gaps back story, so you can't really out-do the thing it's based on. It seems like they've gone for a deliberately slower pace, probably working up to one big shocking reveal towards the end that it's all supposed to tie in around.
>> No. 25438 Anonymous
4th July 2017
Tuesday 7:08 pm
25438 spacer
"What do you mean I need to let the pans cool down before putting them under cold water? Wash the underneath of them too? Rinse off all the washing up liquid thoroughly? I don't have to do that in the kitchen where I work!"
>> No. 25439 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 3:45 pm
25439 spacer

Flying Ant Swarm.jpg
Horrible little bastards.
>> No. 25440 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 3:46 pm
25440 spacer
Is it that day already? Should I close the windows?
>> No. 25441 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 4:06 pm
25441 spacer
The warm weather has set them off early. Good chance they will be ruining the weekend too.

>Should I close the windows?

I've never had them come inside aside from the one today that crawled down the back of my shirt. I've heard fair few car alarms though from all the shagging they're doing on peoples cars. The dirty exhibitionists.
>> No. 25442 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 4:14 pm
25442 spacer
I thought they did the deed while in-flight? Isn't every ant queen a member of the Metre High Club?
>> No. 25443 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 6:29 pm
25443 spacer

>> No. 25445 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 10:41 am
25445 spacer
I just got a peculiar feeling throughout my entire body that made me want to cry in a happy way and hug someone. All I'm doing is playing Football Manager and watching Vicky D, so I'm mildly alarmed.

Hope the day past it's best yoghurt I ate hasn't given me brain fungi.
>> No. 25446 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 10:51 am
25446 spacer

Incompetent admin.
>> No. 25447 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 11:13 am
25447 spacer
Who the hell uses Slack anyway.
>> No. 25448 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 11:33 am
25448 spacer
I have no idea, but I wouldn't be surprised if the number of people using Discord has outgrown the number of people using IRC these days. It has zero barrier to running your own.
Look, I just made a .gs one
>> No. 25449 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 11:33 am
25449 spacer

That's discord, you flid.
>> No. 25450 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 12:23 pm
25450 spacer
Oh. It looks almost identical to Slack.

And please try and be a bit less ableist, it's really not that difficult to treat people who are different to you as human beings.
>> No. 25452 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 12:25 pm
25452 spacer

Steady on, lad. You'll fall off your highchair in a minute.
>> No. 25453 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 9:19 pm
25453 spacer
The kids next door were playing (screaming) in the garden until about 10 minutes ago. It appears they've gone in to start jumping on their beds.

I'm not a parenting expert and I can't remember what my bed time was when I was six years old, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't past 9pm on a school night.
>> No. 25454 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 12:29 am
25454 spacer
I was watching this porn scene with an FtM guy getting fisted and had the niggling sense that I'd seen his tattoos before. I realised that he'd done a piss bukkake scene for Kink.com, back when he was still a she. I can't remember where my keys are half the time, but I can remember the tattoos of someone in a fetish porn scene from 2008. My brain can fuck right off.

>> No. 25455 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 2:04 am
25455 spacer
I just wish I really hadn't read that.
>> No. 25456 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 8:14 am
25456 spacer

Well I'm nominating this this for the PotY.
>> No. 25457 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 8:22 am
25457 spacer
>piss bukkake

So is that a load of men pissing on someone or do they all spunk on them first and blast it off with piss afterwards?
>> No. 25458 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 8:50 am
25458 spacer
They seem to be pissing wildly with full erections which is odd.
>> No. 25459 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 12:07 pm
25459 spacer

I will second your nomination before retiring to ponder where my life went wrong.

I once complained about wallpaper stains on a Britchan porn thread.

Ok not saging because I need to see this post later.
>> No. 25460 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 12:22 pm
25460 spacer

Buck up mate, it's the 21st century. Weird fucking is the only thing keeping our economy going. People of indeterminate gender doing weird things to each other is basically the new north sea oil.



Mostly piss, some spunky pissblasting towards the end of part 3. It's a fascinating scene, s/he is clearly super into getting pissed on.
>> No. 25461 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 6:04 pm
25461 spacer
Wow, Wimbledon, Wimbledon, wow, Wimbledon, wow, Wimbledon.

I'd rather flat share with Jeffery Dahmer than hear about that shit any more.
>> No. 25462 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 6:30 pm
25462 spacer

Don't worry mate, Wimbledon wankfest finishes at the end of the week.
>> No. 25463 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 6:41 pm
25463 spacer

>Wimbledon wankfest

Now that I would watch.
>> No. 25464 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 10:32 pm
25464 spacer
Why, no, I don't want to give you my email address for you to send me a receipt, instead of you just giving me the one that you just printed on the fucking receipt printer.
>> No. 25465 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 11:01 pm
25465 spacer
I'd be careful with that attitude, wouldn't want Currys to call security to water-board an address and postcode out of you.

One day I'd love to have a collapse of East Germany situation where I can see all the data that has been collected and traded on me. I realised the Barclays app on my phone the other day has for years held permission to access my texts and microphone like there is any reason for them to ask for that.
>> No. 25466 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 12:01 am
25466 spacer
Tried to call the tax office the other day and couldn't get past the robot because it was talking to me about the most secure way to contact the tax office in the future, which is apparently this "my voice is my password" bollocks. It saves all your info you've just told it so next time you can just get straight through. So you have to that phrase 3-5 times until it saves your voice, but the way it was talking about it I figured it was an opt in/out thing. It wasn't, you have to do it otherwise it doesn't let you through. Fuck that and who is responsible for this?
>> No. 25467 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 12:05 am
25467 spacer
For activating some things they send you a text, and the app reads it automatically, the same way Google does when you set up the phone. If it's like some other banking apps, it lets you dial the bank directly from the app. I'm not suggesting either of these is best practice, but they're plausible uses of those permissions.
>> No. 25468 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 12:06 am
25468 spacer
>Fuck that and who is responsible for this?
Almost certainly the clowns at GDS, because they're fucking clowns.
>> No. 25469 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 3:35 pm
25469 spacer
Fuck off with the "add a capital letter to your password, and a symbol, and a number!" shit. No one cares, or I don't, because I have nothing to steal and having to reset the fucking thing every time I use your shit website is making me want to fire bomb a cunt, you piece of fucking shit. I hope you choke to death in front of your crying mother, you IT shit head fuck.
>> No. 25470 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 3:54 pm
25470 spacer

It's nearly always management that impose those policies, usually to comply with some bullshit certification requirement. If we had the choice, we'd abandon passwords entirely and switch everything over to 2FA with biometrics and secure tokens.
>> No. 25471 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 4:10 pm
25471 spacer

That sounds even more annoying. Just let me do this shit over the phone or something, I fucking hate the 21st century, which fucking mental given I was in single digits when the last one ended.
>> No. 25472 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 4:57 pm
25472 spacer
I'd rather a shitty password get hack rather than my biometric data, phone, or anything personal to me.


>> No. 25473 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:11 pm
25473 spacer

Can't eat my fucking cheese and crackers in peace without having to constantly move so the cat doesn't jump up and snatch them.
>> No. 25491 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 4:12 pm
25491 spacer
I've been asked by a specialist to collect some piss. She told me I needed to do this twice, and gave me two request forms. I didn't have time to pick up the sample bottles on the way out so today I went back to the hospital to pick them up. It's a bit awkward to get to, so I figured I'd save myself a journey and take two, since while I can only reliably pick up from the hospital, I can drop off at my local surgery.

Arrived on the bus, and had 30 minutes before the return leg. Reception directed me towards phlebs, where I wait around 15 minutes before anyone turns up. The phleb finally opens the door, and calls for a number, I politely interrupt and wave my forms at her. "Excuse me, I just need a couple of sample bottles. I've been asked to do two of these." She looks blankly at them, before telling me to sit down while she goes to find a nurse. 5 minutes later she comes back with a nurse, who then immediately disappears to find and prepare the bottles. "Great," I thought. "I'll be out of here in no time." I hear the clacking of plastic bottles and get ready to leave, but then I overhear the nurse saying "Thats odd though how they're both the same with the same date and everything." Remember, this is after I'd already told her colleague that I'd been asked to do two collections. I watch both disappear into an office. I look at my watch, a little over 5 minutes left. That's easy. Right around the corner, straight out the door, and the bus stop is right opposite. But she's not coming out. There's clearly some heated discussion going on behind the door. I'm summoned into office. The nurse in charge starts speaking softly. "Would you mind closing the door, luv?" I oblige. Then there's some awkward questioning. "Is everything okay down there? Do you go a lot? Do you pass a lot of fluid? Is that why she's asked for two of these?" I then have to explain, as I'd already told one of the people now standing in the room, that the reason the doctor has asked for "two of these" is that she wants me to collect two lots of piss in the four months before my next appointment.

With all that fuss over, I get out of the front door in time to watch the bus home fly past. The next one isn't for an hour.
>> No. 25497 Anonymous
20th July 2017
Thursday 11:42 am
25497 spacer
My right index finger will not stop twitching, some times just a little, and then intermittently it looks like I'm sending a telegraph.
>> No. 25498 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 8:07 am
25498 spacer
My other half has bought presents for my childrens' teachers. I'm not entirely sure when this became a thing but I don't like it.
>> No. 25499 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 3:49 pm
25499 spacer
I've been constipated for the last few days and I can tell I'm going to have an arse explosion of that piss-thin diarrhoea you usually get afterwards tonight.

I wish I was still a teenager. I'm not adapting well to the slow degradation of age.
>> No. 25500 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 6:15 pm
25500 spacer

The All Bran is beckoning, m8. You've got to look after your arse.
>> No. 25501 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 6:48 pm
25501 spacer
Found a way around this. Either put on a stupid voice or make sure there's a lot of background noise, it gives up and says they'll try to get you to do it next time.
>> No. 25502 Anonymous
22nd July 2017
Saturday 7:00 pm
25502 spacer
I need to replace my toilet seat, and as it's a close-quarters unit it needs to be a top-fix. I foolishly assumed there would be some sort of standard, so bought one that "fits most UK toilets", only even with the fittings at their narrowest they're still about two inches too fucking far apart.

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