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>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 22130 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 10:41 pm
22130 spacer
>Vampire cat

Whats TeS online like, by the way? I'm considering a new MMO to play. Hopefully its not a WoW clone.
>> No. 22150 Anonymous
29th July 2017
Saturday 10:52 pm
22150 spacer
Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4.

Decent enough follow up to the first reboot, harder to get the camera to look at her tits than the old games.
>> No. 22151 Anonymous
30th July 2017
Sunday 3:03 am
22151 spacer
OP here, still haven't finished Long War.
>> No. 22152 Anonymous
30th July 2017
Sunday 3:20 am
22152 spacer
Anyone played the sequel? Is it any good?
>> No. 22153 Anonymous
30th July 2017
Sunday 9:52 am
22153 spacer
A very long war indeed.
>> No. 22154 Anonymous
30th July 2017
Sunday 2:07 pm
22154 spacer

It's D-Day tonight, the final push. I shall ride upon a pale horse and deal nothing but death to those ayys who stand against humanity.
>> No. 22155 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 1:58 pm
22155 spacer
Is it over Lad?
>> No. 22156 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 4:25 pm
22156 spacer

Well, if you'd studied Operation Overlord as I have, you'd know perfectly well it was delayed for a time due to inclement weather, so... no.
>> No. 22157 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 7:41 pm
22157 spacer
I really really fancies playing Cities Skylines this summer, as a means of procrastinating from writing my thesis, but I'm glad I never got it during the sale. It seems everyone is praising this game, but forgetting about the piss poor value for money the company is offering, as the base game really shines with all the DLC that is at least 10 quid each.
>> No. 22158 Anonymous
2nd August 2017
Wednesday 6:46 pm
22158 spacer
I've been playing a massively-autistic transport game called Logistical. It's basically just an endless grind of delivering various stuff to various towns and industries, without any of the fun of designing the infrastructure like in Transport Tycoon. Having said that, it's strangely satisfying to get the Steam achievements (bloody thousands of them, one per town / industry etc)
>> No. 22160 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 9:26 pm
22160 spacer
I really fancy a bash at Stardew Valley but really dont have the time for it.
>> No. 22167 Anonymous
13th August 2017
Sunday 1:34 pm
22167 spacer
What's the best racing game out these days lads? On PC, I don't have any consoleboxes these days.

I haven't played a good racer in yonks. I like the realistic vibe of Gran Turismo type games; but I don't want one so realistic that I have to spend days practicing my racing line just to get past one track.

Rally ones were always fun too, in fact I think the last actual racing game I played was one of the Colin McRae games that came free with a 7600GT in 2006 or so.
>> No. 22168 Anonymous
13th August 2017
Sunday 5:47 pm
22168 spacer

The Forza franchise is probably the closest thing to Gran Turismo on the PC - loads of cars, loads of tracks and an accessible learning curve from arcade to simulation.
>> No. 22169 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 1:46 am
22169 spacer
Forza Horizon 3 is on PC and is pretty good. Not a track racer as such but you can have a fair bit of fun pottering around fake Australia.
>> No. 22171 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 1:27 pm
22171 spacer
I got the first Dragon Age game for free on XBL a while ago, and decided to give it a try today. I was expecting The Hobbit meets Mass Effect, but then in the first half an hour all the young women are abducted from the Elf ghetto I live in and my cousin is violently gang raped by human aristocrats, who I subsequently murder. That might only be as dark as every other GoT episode, but in a game that looks and sounds more like a Dream Works animation it really knocked me for six.

Also the combat mechanics are awful.
>> No. 22172 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 6:11 pm
22172 spacer

>combat mechanics

Try to remember it's more akin to Baldur's Gate and NWN than your typical hack'n'slash and you'll start enjoying it more. The biggest give away is how the PC version had a top down view which, once I started using it, the whole game made a lot more sense. Pause the battles every five seconds to micromanage, build your characters into strong heal/tank/DPS roles. Very easy to make an utterly broken character in that first one too.
>> No. 22174 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 7:52 pm
22174 spacer

I've never played either of those and I think at this stage in life it's too late for me to adjust. I don't mind RNG, but live action RNG I feel like I have no control over might be a bridge too far.
>> No. 22175 Anonymous
16th August 2017
Wednesday 9:14 am
22175 spacer
I have very fond memories of the first Dragon Age. The mechanics were (purposefully, as it was kind of a last hurrah for a certain era of Bioware RPG) dated even at time of release, though, so I can't imagine they're intuitive now.
>> No. 22182 Anonymous
22nd August 2017
Tuesday 5:48 pm
22182 spacer
Saints Row 3 is a frustrating, glitchy, cut-down and RANDOM XD version of Saints Row 2.

How did they fuck it up?
>> No. 22183 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 9:02 pm
22183 spacer
I have asked myself that for years.
Honestly a rebbot where they start it off with "the Boss" waking up from a bad dream which constitutes the events or SR3 & 4 would be great.
>> No. 22184 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 9:59 pm
22184 spacer
I'll get to 4 eventually (bought it in the recent Steam sale) but I've heard it's 'the best superhero game ever made'. Is it as much a pile of wank as 3 though?
>> No. 22185 Anonymous
26th August 2017
Saturday 7:59 pm
22185 spacer
No. It's more grounded, which considering it's ALIENS is quite an achievement. It's also a lot more fun. Cars very soon become redundant mind.
>> No. 22186 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 9:06 pm
22186 spacer

I have no friends.
>> No. 22187 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 9:09 pm
22187 spacer
I'm just about to buy it too - mostly for my kids who absolutely loved version 1.
>> No. 22188 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 9:39 pm
22188 spacer

I'm rather enjoying it.

I'm playing on Xbox. I'd like a britfa clan if there's a few of us.
>> No. 22189 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 9:45 pm
22189 spacer
Drop me your gamertag

>> No. 22190 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 9:48 pm
22190 spacer
That's a splendid idea, but I'm PS4 master-race.
>> No. 22191 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 1:55 am
22191 spacer
Bought Fifa 12 for 99p from a charity shop. It's quite good, but also this is part of a long term plan to just buy, or pinch from a torrent site, old(er) games I overlooked at the time of their release. Partly that's out of disdain for the copious inclusion of microtransactions, or DLC that's confirmed from day one so I end up waiting twelve months before I know I'm playing the full game, but also because I'm a bit skint and if I never played Fifa 12 again it's only 99p and I spent that much on Poppets today.
>> No. 22192 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 2:39 am
22192 spacer
I've been doing similar with £2 purchases from Amazon. It is amazing what you can get shipped from China for two quid.
>> No. 22194 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 4:46 pm
22194 spacer
>>22191 I do something similar. I waited ages for Witcher 3 to go on sale and then forgot long enough for the GOTY edition to hit £17 on Steam. It's a fantastic game and I've put over a hundred hours into it.
>> No. 22195 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 11:11 pm
22195 spacer

Type:Rider. It's a relatively simple gravity platformer interspersed with little entries about the history of printing and the evolution of how text is presented. If you've ever rolled your eyes at Comic Sans or got all pedantic about how fonts aren't fonts, they're typefaces, which I have a suspicion applies to one or even both of you, then get this game when it's on sale or whatever. The platformer bits are fun and the history is fascinating. My only complaint would be that it's slightly jarring for the play part to be regularly interrupted by the text, but it's worthwhile nonetheless.
>> No. 22212 Anonymous
20th October 2017
Friday 6:41 pm
22212 spacer

I must have sunk days into King of Dragon Pass already and I'm not even close to scratching the surface. It's an rpg/strategy game where you control a clan and handle various facets like cattle affairs, raiding neighbours, and sending people out on exploratory missions but you also get issues popping up all the time that you have to rule on. I advise you be nice to the duck people.

£1.61 for the (newer) Steam version till the 23rd and apparently they're releasing a spiritual successor in 2018.
>> No. 22213 Anonymous
20th October 2017
Friday 7:43 pm
22213 spacer
*Portal Stories: Mel* . Pretty good Portal 2 mod thingy. (Need to own Portal 2 on steam, but not necessarily have it installed). Free too.
>> No. 22215 Anonymous
20th October 2017
Friday 7:54 pm
22215 spacer
Thanks for reminding me about this game. I'm glad to hear it's on Steam, maybe this time it'll actually work on my system.
speaking of old games on Steam, where can I find them in the store? I've scrolled to the end of a few genre lists but the selection always seems pretty modern (and poor, to be honest).
>> No. 22216 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 9:55 pm
22216 spacer
Definately good, though I ended up cheating a bit as it went on because of ridiculously hard puzzles and instadeath laser turrets,
>> No. 22217 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 11:57 pm
22217 There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.
I bought The Flame in the Flood for the Switch and now understand what people mean when they say a game is comfy. Sitting in bed listening to dystopian Country & Western while I navigate the ruins of a fallen civilisation on a makeshift raft with my loyal pooch is, indeed, comfy.

>> No. 22218 Anonymous
26th October 2017
Thursday 12:00 am
22218 spacer

Shit, wrong picture.
>> No. 22236 Anonymous
4th December 2017
Monday 12:08 am
22236 spacer

Lately I've been spending a lot of time getting drunk and playing Rainbow Six 3. It's a fun combination but the beer is taking its toll on my operatives. They often get injured because of my shit drunken plans, and a few of them have died in the line of duty because I was too impatient to click the retry button. RIP Arkadi Novikov.

It's a bit depressing to play games from the 90s/early 2000s. You're reminded of how much videogames have regressed: graphics have been consistently getting better but almost everything else has gotten worse.
>> No. 22237 Anonymous
4th December 2017
Monday 2:30 pm
22237 spacer
Eurgh. I didn't think I'd see a screenshot that would actually make me appreciate bump mapping.
>> No. 22239 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 2:02 pm
22239 spacer

I bought a Switch and I'm playing Breath of the Wild. I'm about 7 hours in and I can comfortably say its going to be one of my favourite games. The Switch too is incredible, lots of cwtchy ways to play the thing, (none of which are on the adverts). A great library already. Very pleased. I never thought anything could sway me from PC gaming and my GTX1080 and your refresh rate and yada yada.
>> No. 22240 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 7:20 pm
22240 spacer

I'm waiting for the switch to drop in price for now, but I'm absolutely buying one down the line. Even just for Mario, because Nintendo always seem to pull some magic out with Mario and I love them for it.
>> No. 22241 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 7:45 pm
22241 spacer
But what about

>> No. 22242 Anonymous
7th December 2017
Thursday 1:45 am
22242 spacer
It’s a mass produced electronic, did you think there wouldn’t be videos of it malfunctioning? Mine is fine. And if it wasn’t I’d just take it back.
>> No. 22243 Anonymous
7th December 2017
Thursday 11:23 am
22243 spacer
Yeah that red ring of death thing was totally overblown.
>> No. 22244 Anonymous
7th December 2017
Thursday 11:33 pm
22244 spacer
The RRoD debacle cost Microsoft a billion dollars. It wasn't the regular 1-5% failure rate that you tend to get with mass-produced electronics, the design itself was defective and most 360's from that era that ever saw real use are either dead or have been reflowed/have had the stress-inducing heatsink swapped out.

To my knowledge there's nothing akin to that with the Nintendo Switch. Or any other Nintendo product, really - for all their weird, boneheaded business decisions, they've always produced solid and reliable hardware.
>> No. 22245 Anonymous
8th December 2017
Friday 12:00 am
22245 spacer
Well roughly 100% of the devices in the video are exhibiting failure.
>> No. 22246 Anonymous
8th December 2017
Friday 12:50 am
22246 spacer
From the video's description:
>Switch users experiencing a wide range of different issues from day one. Obviously that doesn't mean all switches are defective, this is a "painful launch" for those consumers featured in the video only.

So what exactly are you getting at here?
>> No. 22247 Anonymous
9th December 2017
Saturday 1:33 pm
22247 spacer
Had the Switch since launch. BotW is good but not amazing, would have preferred a more traditional Zelda. Odyssey is fun, but could have done with having twice as many worlds. Only took me like 10 hours to beat the main story. Mario + Rabbids is a brilliant X-COM style game, just a lovely game. Splatoon 2 is one of the more fun multiplayer shooters out there. And going to start Xenoblade Chronicles 2 this evening which looks to be lengthy and interesting. Probably the best launch year for a console, and the next few months look good too with the Bayonetta 1 and 2 remasters and Kirby and Yoshi to look forward to.

Well done Nintendo on finding success after the relative failure of the Wii U.
>> No. 22248 Anonymous
9th December 2017
Saturday 4:45 pm
22248 spacer

85 hours in I have only unlocked half the rare blades and I'm not even half way through the game. It's difficult to comprehend Xenoblade 2's scope, I've burnt out. I need a couple of days break.
>> No. 22250 Anonymous
10th December 2017
Sunday 6:56 pm
22250 spacer
Back to the Anno series for me.

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